Nasta Tabrien Delericey sighed as he looked at the young sixteen year old girl standing with her boastful parents. He had only just turned thirty-three the day before and he'd rather be anywhere else but here. He could tell right away that this girl was not the one for him.

He guessed that she was nice to look at, dark hair, dark doe-eyes and a tiny, lithe body, but the fact that she was wearing more make-up than a cosmetics shop, her skirt was more like a wide belt and her top was made from a sheer lace made it difficult for him to judge her natural beauty and seriously made him consider what this girl had been thinking when she had dressed for this meeting.

"Elsie would like to review your names and ages with her parents and then reconvene here." Elder Midate told them in his deep, booming voice.

Nasta, unlike many of the other dominants, liked Elder Midate, who took absolutely no shit from any of the dominants. Elsie was in good hands with the Elder, he wouldn't let any dominant near her and if one did do something that she didn't like, the furious Elder would most likely beat them to a pulp. He was a serious weight lifter and made sure his body was strong and supple to better protect the submissives delegated to his care.

"This is where she boots out anyone over the age of eighteen." A voice said from behind him.

Nasta was smiling before he turned around, a good looking man coming closer to him, picking his way through the other dominants, who scowled at him as he forced his way past them.

"I thought you weren't coming?" He asked the slender man.

The man huffed. "You know damn well I had to come once the call went out. I doubt I'll be staying long though Nasta, that submissive looks dog rough."

Nasta's smile widened. "Did you see how short the skirt was?"

"I think it takes the record for the shortest one we've seen."

Nasta nodded. "How are things on the Arvidsjaur reserve?"

"Those Swedish Short-snouts are getting agitated; they always do this time of year. It's like they know or they've learned that the annual broom race is coming up. I hate that they pass through the reserve just for sport, completely disregarding the Dragons welfare."

"I'm so glad the Welsh reserve doesn't have to put up with anything like that. I don't know how I'd react if they distressed the dragons."

"Still got your favourite girl?"

Nasta grinned. "Of course I have, every handler needs his favourite girl, Sixten, how's yours?"

Sixten snorted. "She's still a bitchy, broody mare if you ask me, but there's just something about her. Oh, she hatched three nestlings last month, I expected her to eat them again, like her last clutch, but she's doing well so far, or at least they're still alive, they might even make it to fledglings."

"I'll keep them in my thoughts; you never know she might surprise you and rear them to juveniles."

Sixten snorted. "If she does that I'll give you one of the survivors. She's got two females and the one male, though I'm sure you and your reserve would rather one of the females."

Nasta nodded. "Females are always more sought after than the males, this meeting makes me wonder why."

Sixten choked back his laughter as the submissive came back into the room with her parents and the chatting dominants quietened down.

"I'd never let my daughter dress like that." Nasta hissed in a growl as he watched the girl's Father look at her proudly.

"Me either, though I'm still hoping for all boys. A girl would end up hating me for life because I'm never going to let her wear make-up, I'm never going to let her dress the way she wants to and god help any dominant that wants her."

"Male submissives are few and far between though and that's your best bet for all-male children."

"If a male submissive pops up I'll eat my left hand, they're extinct Nas."

"I don't think so. There just hasn't been one in a long while." Nasta responded easily before Elder Midate cleared his throat loudly.

"Now Elsie would like to make a…controversial request." Elder Midate looked as uncomfortable as Nasta had ever seen him and wondered what the hell this submissive wanted them to do, he thought he had heard the worst when that submissive in America had ordered a gladiator style battle to the death until one dominant remained.

"I want to see your bodies." Elsie practically squeaked in excitement. "All of it. You need to have good bodies if you want a shot at me."

"She can't be serious." Sixten demanded as the roar of noise from the dominants rose up around them. "She wants us to strip down to absolutely nothing just for her to tug and play with us? What am I, a Barbie doll?"

"Barbie was female." Nasta corrected as he watched some baby doms rush to strip out of their clothes, eager to show off what they had, absolutely all dignity gone and no thought to the humiliation to come as Elsie rushed to fondle them, ignoring that more than half the room had not rushed to strip for her.

"Besides the point!" Sixten hissed as he tugged his shirt down pointedly.

"This is ridiculous." Nasta huffed, turning away as Elsie dismissed the first two dominants 'for not being big enough' "She's sixteen and supposed to be a virgin, how does she know what 'big' is?"

"It's certainly not you." Sixten ribbed with a grin.

Nasta gave him a knowing smirk. "It's not how big you are, but how you use it and I think you'll agree that I use mine very well."

"You've got your movements down to a fine art and you know just where to hit."

"Is that so? Fucking other dominants now are you Delericey, never would have pegged you for being that desperate."

Nasta let out a heavy breath and wondered when the Maddison clan had snuck up on him.

"What's it to you who I sleep with?" He asked Sandor Maddison coolly, not rising to the bait.

"Because he wants a go at what you had." Cassander Maddison laughed, digging an elbow into his younger brother. "I wouldn't say no to getting on top of Sixten."

"In your dreams old man!" Sixten hissed.

"Watch what you say to my Uncle! Remember who you're speaking to!" The formidable form of Maximilius Diadesen Maddison threatened. Nasta was disgruntled, and a little disgusted, to see that the twenty-six year old had grown at least another two inches since he had last seen him.

"You Maddisons are all the same! You're all stuck up each other's asses and expect everyone to kneel down and lick your feet!"

"You can lick my feet if you want to." Cassander winked at a riled Sixten. "I'd much prefer you to lick something else from your knees though."

Nasta groaned and held Sixten back easily. "Stop it Sixten, you're making a scene, Elsie will notice you."

"Oh hell no." Sixten grumbled as he stopped fighting and rounded his shoulders.

"She's still too busy fondling the baby doms." Max snorted. "What a load of shit this meeting is."

Nasta stood between his two friends, keeping the Maddisons and Sixten separated and nodded in response to Max's statement.

"How can the Elder just let her do this? It's disgusting; her hands are all over his cock. It's coerced molestation."

"Midate needs the stick removed from his arse." Cassander grinned. "If my siblings weren't so proud I'd be right there getting a quick squeeze, it can't be molestation if you want it to happen."

"You're not going Cass." Kyra growled. "None of us are. The Maddison name demands more respect than stripping nude and letting a submissive fondle us like cattle."

"You might look like a cow under your trousers but I don't." Nicodemus put in affronted.

"None of us are going forward!" Kyra hissed deeply and threateningly. "Dad would lose his head if he found out any of us went forward and Myron would slaughter us if we let his baby boy humiliate himself."

"Are you saying my body isn't good enough Aunt Kyra?" Max asked in a faked hurt tone.

"No one's body is good enough for her Maxie, can't you see that? She wants to touch as much flesh as possible, nothing else. She's probably been exposed to pornography and is hooked on the image of the 'perfect' male body that doesn't exist."

Nasta had to agree with Kyra, the submissive wasn't asking any questions, wasn't doing anything other than touching, and sometimes licking, the dominants before her. It made his stomach turn.

"Are there any more of you willing to come forward?" Elder Midate asked, pale under his dark skin and Nasta reckoned he wouldn't be forgetting this meeting for a while.

"I want them all to come forward! Every single one of them!" Elsie stomped her foot and Nasta rolled his eyes automatically. Definitely not the one for him.

"We can't force the dominants to undress." Elder Midate explained. "I told you before Elsie, it's against the laws."

"But I want them to. Daddy make them do what I want!"

"That's it, I'm leaving." Sixten told them shaking his head. "Any dominant who wants her is crazy."

"Or desperate." Max scoffed. "I'm going. I can't wait to tell Dad about this, he's going to piss himself."

"Language Maximilius!" Kyra chastised, to which Max rolled his eyes.

"You are so much like Dad it's unreal. You should have been twins."

"She already has a twin." Cassander pointed out. "How is Kyrie doing with Joseph?"

"Fine." Kyra answered. "I saw her the day before yesterday, she still thinks about Carl often, especially with Joe looking so much like him, but she's getting better. Joe is about to graduate University, you should know this, you were there when I told Dad."

"It's harrowing to know that he's been dead for longer than I've been alive and Aunt Kyrie is only now just getting over his death." Max frowned.

"Oh that's right, you never met Carl did you? Right fucking wanker." Cassander said.

"Cass!" Kyra smacked him upside the head, hard.

"You cannot force the dominants to strip naked!" Elder Midate's voice roared over them and they all turned curiously to see him shouting into Elsie's Father's face.

"Oh, this could get good!" Cassander chuckled. "Midate is a tough fucker."

"If my daughter wants them to strip they'll damn well strip!" The man spat, not backing away from Elder Midate.

"Your daughter is under my protection as her chaperone, but so are these dominants! You cannot force them to strip!"

"That submissive made the dominants fight to the death and you're saying that's better than stripping?"

"The laws have been changed because of that meeting, no submissive can force a dominant to do anything they don't want to do! They have a right not to strip if they don't want to."

"My daughter wants to sample them before she picks, there's nothing wrong with that."

"It's not happening!" Midate ground out furiously.

The man didn't bother with responding, he threw a fast right hand at Midate, who reacted instinctually and moved out of the way, gripping the thrown hand and twisting it, forcing the man to writhe on the floor and cry out in pain as he wrenched his shoulder joint, just this side of dislocating it.

Cassander roared with laughter and he wasn't the only one as Elsie hopped around in her tiny skirt, showing that she had chosen not to wear any underwear underneath it, calling for someone to help her Daddy.

Nasta shook his head at the display. It turned his stomach and he silently agreed with Sixten, no daughter of his was ever going to get away with this sort of behaviour or dress code. He would not allow it, not ever.

"I'm leaving." One dominant called out loudly from near the middle of the group. "This is pathetic, that submissive thing is pathetic and if the Counsel doesn't step in and handle submissive rearing more closely and more strictly, then you're going to end up with submissives being rejected from now on. They're getting worse and no decent dominant is ever going to want the likes of that."

There was actual applause as the dominant made good on his word and turned and left the room, leaving the meeting and it set off a chain reaction as nearly every dominant left the room, leaving Midate with a stern pride in his dark eyes and Elsie in tears as all who remained were older, more desperate dominants who wouldn't make good matches and definitely didn't have the youthful body she had been looking for.

Nasta breathed a sigh as he stepped into the cool February air. He said goodbye to Sixten, who Apparated away almost immediately to work out his frustrations with his dragons. He was about to do the same when a voice called out to him and he stopped and turned.

"Hey, Delericey."

Nasta looked at Max and raised a single eyebrow questioningly.

"It was your birthday yesterday right?"

He nodded curtly. "You know it was."

"Here, I got you something."

Max threw the wrapped present at him and Nasta grinned ruefully as he tore it open and found a Muggle electric razor. His hand automatically rose to rub at the short growth of scruff on his chin even though he had shaved that morning and he looked questioningly at Max, who shrugged with a wide grin.

"It has to work better than the charms you're using; you still look like a bear."

"Thank you Max."

"Happy birthday Nas, tell Sanex that Caesar wants to meet up."

"Why wasn't Caesar here today?"

"He's sick, Dad adamantly refused to let him come, he's going to be pissed he missed the fight between Midate and that twit though."

Nasta snorted and nodded and Max was gone. Nasta rudely dropped the paper from his gift onto the front garden path of Elsie's home before he Apparated away himself, he went home first to drop off his gift and changed into better work wear before Apparating to the Welsh reserve. He wished once again that he would find the perfect submissive for him some when soon, his one bedroomed apartment was getting stifling and lonely and he wasn't getting any younger.

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