Daddy Draco

Draco groaned as a wailing cry disturbed his beauty sleep. The bed shifted and Max, who was lying beside him, rolled over and stuffed his head under the pillow.

"Nas! It's your turn." He whined as the crying didn't stop or lessen.

"No it's not. I did the midnight feed, get up and feed him!" Nasta replied tiredly.

Max groaned and buried himself further into the bed, all the while Leolin cried his tiny lungs out. Harry stirred, somewhere on the far side of the bed and his messy head popped out of the duvet.

"Leolin." He exclaimed, his voice so tired that Draco sat up.

"I've got him love, get back to sleep."

Draco forced himself out of the warm bed, snatched his wand off the bedside table and scooped Leolin up gently, carrying him down the stairs and into the living room cum kitchenette. It was so cold that he worriedly tucked the blanket around the delicate, vulnerable Leolin tighter.

He boiled the kettle, used to the Muggle equipment now after so long using it, and tried to settle Leolin down as his little face, flushed bright red, screwed up tightly as he cried.

"Forget you being Nasta's baby; you have the appetite of Max." Draco told him seriously.

Draco held Leolin tightly in the crook of his left arm as he set up the bottle and formula powder one handed, which had taken him a month to do without knocking anything over or spilling anything, shivering in the cold air as he poured the boiling water into the bottle and a small wave of his wand cooled it down to an acceptable temperature.

He tested it against his forearm, just in case, before trying to get the teat of the bottle into Leolin's tiny mouth. He did this carefully after the tongue lashing Harry had given him when he had accidentally pushed the bottle teat up Leolin's nose when he had tried to feed him half asleep.

He held him, leaning against the counter top, trying to stay awake as Leolin fed. It was almost four in the morning and he was very tired. Though to be fair, they all were.

Leolin finished his feed, leaving just a small amount of milk in the bottom of the bottle. Draco hefted him over his shoulder and patted his back gently and carefully. He never knew how much force to use, so he started off very gently and got increasingly harder until a little burp had him pulling the tiny boy off of his shoulder and wrapping him back up tighter in his cellular blanket which had come loose.

He got a tea towel and wetted the corner under the tap, using it to wipe the spill of milk on Leolin's chin, using a dry corner to then wipe away the dampness.

"Come on love, let's get you back up into your bed so you can sleep some more." He said softly, smiling indulgently as Leolin yawned, his tiny mouth stretched open to its fullest, his little nose scrunching up adorably.

He wrapped the blanket around him once more, as Leolin's yawn and wriggling had dislodged it. It was too cold for him to be unwrapped; he worried so much that he would get sick that he was almost obsessive about him being wrapped up, although Nasta always told him with an adoring smile that he could be unwrapped sometimes without consequence, Draco didn't want to take that chance. He was sure with Leolin he'd get worry wrinkles before he was thirty. Then, he wasn't much better with his other children either.

Draco climbed back up to the platform, seeing the other four were fast asleep again, he settled Leolin back into the bassinet, meticulously placing him so that his feet were at the bottom so the blanket couldn't slip over his head. He tucked him in, folding the blanket under his chin, making sure his feet and hands were tucked in, before pressing a soft kiss to his pale pink cheek.

"I love you kid, sleep well." He whispered softly, before turning to the bed and slipping back in, actually moaning at the wash of warmth that Max's body brought and he snuggled up tight to that large back.

Max huffed at the press of cold skin against him and rolled over, throwing a huge, muscled arm around him, pulling him in tighter to his boiling hot chest, Draco settled down and pressed his hands against Max's stomach, making the larger man groan in sleep again at the uncomfortable coldness, but Draco smirked lightly as his body warmed up again. Max made the best heater.

Draco tried dressing Regan and was getting more and more frustrated as the little boy wriggled and screamed as he tried to get the little shirt onto him. He'd never known a baby like him, what four month old knew enough to not want to be dressed?

"Regan, stay still!" He tried, using his best authoritative voice.

Of course it didn't deter the boy, who threw his head back into his shoulder, the crack it made had Draco abandoning the shirt and standing up quickly, placing Regan on the table.

"Max!" He called out, calling the one mate who knew the most about first aid.

Max appeared at his shoulder. "What's the matter? Can't get the little rascal dressed?"

"He threw his head against my shoulder; it made a hell of a crack."

Max sobered immediately and took out his wand, he cast a spell on Regan.

"Don't use magic on him!" Harry cried out from the settee, where he was expertly undressing a thrashing Tegan with ease.

"It's an emergency Harry." Max said as he read through the parchment he had printed the magical scan read out on. "Magic can be used in emergencies, or very sparingly, though it is frowned on if it isn't an emergency."

"How is he?" Draco asked concernedly, holding Regan's hands gently, trying not to work himself up over something that could turn out to be nothing.

"Absolutely fine." Max told him, using a huge hand to pull his head into a kiss. "You worry so much Draco, he's fine."

"He stopped crying so suddenly after he hit his head though." Draco said.

"Yeah, because you stopped trying to dress him." Max pointed out with a laugh.

Draco sighed in relief at knowing nothing was wrong with his son. The guilt of being the one to injure him would have eaten away at him. He dressed Regan on the kitchen table, feeling his heart breaking at the screams and thrashing.

Once done, he let Regan squirm for a bit to get used to the new clothes on his body, before he picked him up and kissed his head, brushing his fingers through the black hair he was growing in.

"I love you Regan, please do try not to injure yourself too much, okay?" He told him softly, before Harry called to him and he moved into the living room, carrying a gurgling Regan with him.

Draco wrapped an arm around Farren and pulled him back more securely against his stomach, letting him sit up and look around lazily.

Draco loved how calm and laidback Farren was; he could just sit there quietly and look around curiously. He only cried if he was wet or startled, because what he did when he wanted food could not be considered crying, not by a long shot. Draco had heard dying animals that were quieter than Farren's screaming for food.

Draco shifted into the corner of the settee, pulling Farren with him. He picked up the current novel he was reading and reclined himself and Farren back against the cushions. He started reading aloud quietly, just loud enough for Farren to hear him over the screaming of the children Harry and Blaise were playing with on the floor. Farren wasn't really interested in toys that he couldn't eat.

It made Draco wonder if there were educational toys that had flavours or could be eaten, because he didn't like that Farren was left out of the games and playing that the other four got to be involved with.

Farren would play sometimes, but it was a rare occurrence, he was much more likely to sit reclined somewhere, just watching and observing until food time came around.

But still, Draco absolutely loved sitting here with Farren in his lap, leaning against his chest and listening to him reading aloud, sometimes cooing softly if he paused for too long or when he hit the page with his chubby hand when he turned it over in an attempt to help him.

Harry boiled the kettle and asked him if he wanted a cup of tea, he turned to look over the back of the settee.

"Yes, thank you Harry."

"Ah!" Farren burst out unhappily, smacking both his hands against the pages of the open book.

Draco chuckled. "Alright, alright, I'm reading."

Draco started reading once again and Farren settled himself down to listen to him reading once again. Not stopping even when a grinning Harry handed him his cup of tea, he managed to say 'Thank you Harry' in between his sentence, which Farren didn't notice as he didn't actually understand what was being said, he just liked the soothing, rhythmic tone he was using as he read.

"It's almost time for a feed." Max said an hour or so later. "What's the bet he realises and starts crying before we're finished?"

"I'm not taking that bet." Blaise snorted. "He cries at the mere thought of getting food."

Draco rolled his eyes and kissed the top of Farren's head, his dark brown hair soft under his lips.

"Don't listen to them love. You cry all you want for your food, that's how you get noticed. You can rule the world one day Farren and I'm going to teach you how." Draco swore as he squeezed Farren's middle, nuzzling the top of his head.

Draco pulled Tegan back in between his legs, her beautiful little white and pale pink dress that he had bought especially for her, along with matching tights and lacy nappy cover, pristine and perfectly in place.

He sat her between his legs and gave her a teething ring to play with. Her gorgeous black hair was just about long enough now to justify using a soft bristled brush on it, he argued with the others that she needed it brushed daily, when in reality it probably just needed combing through a few times with the fingers. He loved his daily bonding time with her, where he would brush her hair into perfection, he didn't always dress her up, but his Mother had asked for some photographs so he was dressing all of the kids up and taking photos for her.

He'd done the boys with no problems, but he wanted his little girl to be just perfect. He'd roped the others into keeping the boys clean while he got Tegan ready, he held her gently under the chin and smoothed the brush through her silky, baby fine hair and smiled automatically at her happy gurgling and squirming as the brush tickled the top of her head.

He laughed along with her. "Do you like that sweetheart? I told your Mummy and your other Dads' that you'd like having your hair done, but they didn't believe me." He huffed. "Shows what they know, right baby girl?"

Draco finished off her outfit with a white, lacy headband with a pale pink flower on it. He turned her around and looked at her with a smile.

"You look absolutely beautiful Tegan. Truly the cream of the crop. Now, let's get some photos of you and then we can sit you with your brothers and get a group photo, though we may have to shrink Leolin's beanbag and get him in the photo on that, because he's too little to sit up on his own yet."

Draco carried her out into the living room and found his lovers all trying to keep the boys from scruffing up their outfits.

"Can we hurry this up Draco? I don't think they like being dressed up smart and Braiden keeps trying to tug his clothes off." Harry told him.

"Look at Tegan and it'll all be worth it." Draco told them surely, holding Tegan out for them to see her. Harry actually teared up.

"Oh she looks gorgeous!" He sniffed. "Well done Draco."

"Hey, you should be saying thanks to Nasta, he made her." Max grinned.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Ignore him Draco; you've done so much work for this photo shoot, thank you."

Draco smirked at the praise, trying not to show how pleased he was at Harry's words. He got Tegan into a pose on the settee and Nasta and Blaise both started taking photos, with the both of them there was a bigger chance of capturing a brilliant photograph of her.

After that, they posed all of them together, in age order, Tegan sat in between Farren and Regan, both in their smart little dress robes. It took an age to get them sorted and then to keep them there when Braiden started crying for Harry, Calix started squirming and tugging on his robes and then Leolin needed a change.

But in the end they managed to get what they needed and with a sigh of relief, they changed the kids back into comfortable clothes and Draco took Tegan to change her from her lacy dress, that everyone else was afraid they'd damage if they touched and then cuddled Tegan as she chewed on the ear of a stuffed cat once she was back into a soft, pale blue sleepsuit. She was his only little girl, his only daughter and because of that she was special, but he loved all six of his children, regardless of sex, age or personality, he loved them all and just because Tegan was his only daughter at the moment, didn't mean she would have any preferential treatment.

Draco shook his head when Braiden reached out for him and he picked him up with a soft smile. Braiden giggled wetly, his chin covered in drool. He was cutting another tooth so he was drooling a lot more than usual.

"Da da!" Braiden said looking at his face with a happy, partially gummy grin.

"Hello Braiden, how are you today? Do you want to spend some time with your Daddy Draco?"

Braiden squealed and wriggled in his arms as Draco tickled his chubby belly with his fingers.

Braiden looked at him, before he pointed to his favoured pile of multi sized blocks. Draco sat down and held Braiden between his legs, letting his son play with his blocks, nodding and grinning when Braiden turned to him with a block, babbling and 'talking' looking to him for an answer, wanting a conversation.

"Yes Braiden, this block is the biggest, it goes on the bottom of the tower." Draco informed him.

Braiden giggled happily and kicked his legs, his whole body squirming. He turned back and meticulously placed the block on the carpet, his gorgeous indigo eyes looking for the next block, he picked one up and showed it to him, babbling and turning the block, passing it from little hand to little hand, thrusting it out at him questioningly.

"That's right Braiden, that's the next block for your tower." He nodded and grinned.

Braiden turned back and placed the block on top of the one already on the floor. He picked up another one and turned for his advice.

"No Braiden, this one isn't next, it's too small." He said as he took the block gently from his hand and handed him the right one. "This one goes next."

Braiden screeched and did his body wiggle again and carried on building his tower. He picked up another block and Draco again corrected him, before Braiden stacked the last and smallest block on the top.

Draco clapped him enthusiastically and Braiden giggled and tried to copy him clumsily, but it made him smile none the less.

He kissed Braiden. "I'm very proud of you Braiden love, you stacked that tower perfectly, I'm sure you're going to make a brilliant architect when you're older."

Braiden grinned at him, before he took his whole hand and knocked the entire tower flying, laughing uproariously as they tumbled and landed around their feet.

"Or a demolition contractor." Draco chuckled.

Draco picked him up and kissed him. "I love you baby boy. You're my son, my firstborn son and I love you so very much, you have to get better at bath time though."

Draco cuddled him tightly and stood up, a quick check of the time showed that it was almost feed time, so he went to the kitchenette to boil the kettle, holding a curious Braiden away from the steam coming from the kettle.

"No, that's bad to touch." He told Braiden, holding his tiny hand, bringing it to his mouth to kiss it. "You can't ever get hurt, I don't know what I'd do if any of my babies ever got hurt."

Draco laughed and didn't know how he had been roped into doing this. Calix had spit up all over himself and Harry had already been in a stressy mood. Harry had somehow convinced him to share his bath with Calix.

He was worried the water was too hot, worried it wasn't hot enough, worried that the bubbles were too harsh on his delicate skin, worried about letting him go in the huge expanse of water and very worried that Calix would wee or poo in the water while he was also in it. He was very worried about that.

He soon calmed down though when Calix absolutely loved being in the big bath. He stretched himself out, played with the bubbles, pinched Draco's skin, which made him grimace and wince, but the look on his very delicate looking son's face more than made up for it.

He splashed him in the water and nuzzled his face, his chest and his belly, washing him and playing with him, listening to his happy screeches of laughter and it was amazing. He could see this becoming a regular part of bath time now, all of them could take a baby into the big bath with them, it wouldn't even been unfair as Leolin was far too little to go in the big bath, Harry was worried that the baby bath was too big for him and hated bathing him in it. Plus the bacteria and germs the big bath held would probably make Leolin sick and he wouldn't allow that to happen.

"Do you want to wash your hair Calix love?" He asked, even though his son couldn't understand him, but Calix giggled anyway.

Draco got him into his arms and dipped his head into the water, obsessively making sure it didn't get into his eyes and Calix screamed in absolute joy, laughing as Draco righted him and scrubbed the baby shampoo into his hair, lathering it up as Calix sat on his thighs so the water wasn't too deep to go over his neck.

"You are my very sweet little son aren't you?"

Calix babbled and giggled as he put his hands into his own hair and grabbed a handful of his shampoo bubbles.

"Don't put that into your mouth, okay love?" Draco said, keeping an eye on both of his hands.

Draco dunked his hands into the bath water, dunked Calix's into the water, before tipping him back to wash the shampoo from his hair.

"There we go! All done and clean with no more sick patches, let's say we get out, get you dried and dressed and settled down with that blanket you love so much, hmm?" Draco asked, sitting up and standing out of the water, unplugging the bath and stepping out carefully onto the non-slip bathmat.

He got the two towels from the radiator, glad that Harry had come in and dumped Calix on him only after he had washed and cleaned himself and had had enough forethought to put a towel on the radiator for Calix.

He wrapped him up and wrapped himself up. He cuddled Calix dry, babbling to him, glad that none of the others could see or hear him, though he knew they wouldn't tease him with any real heat, but still.

He got Calix into a nappy, a bodysuit and into a sleepsuit; he rolled his eyes at Max's choice of a pink sleepsuit with little yellow flowers on it. It had been bought for Tegan, but it was clean, warm and dry, so he put it on Calix anyway. It didn't really matter.

He dried himself off more, before pulling his boxers and sleeping trousers on one handed, before he threw both towels into the hamper and left the bathroom, turning off the light as he went.

He sat on the settee with Calix cuddled in his arms, his soft white blanket wrapped around his fist and being chewed on in his mouth as he told the others about the adventure in the bath and how he thought it was a good idea to do it more often.

They broke off into their own conversations and Draco fell silent, left to relax on the settee with Calix, his beautiful baby boy who he had introduced to the big bath for the first time.

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