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The Twelve Sighs of Christmas

Harry smiled as he slipped the can of squirty cream into one of the trolleys. He and Max had come to do the Christmas shop. They needed two trolleys to fit everything they needed with the approved list of table wines from Nasta and all the treats for them and the kids as well as the amount of food they needed to feed themselves and their children. It was easy to hide a single can of cream in the bulging trolley he was pushing.

"Mummy's being bad." Tegan giggled from where she was sat in his trolley.

"Shh sweetheart, do you want some squirty cream too, for your Christmas cake and ice cream?" Harry offered, grinning at Max who looked at him with raised eyebrows before carrying on to get the milk, none the wiser to his plan.

Tegan nodded, her jet black hair bouncing happily with her hair. Harry picked up the can that wasn't for adults and slipped it into the trolley, making a show of hiding it so Tegan thought they just weren't allowed to have this type of cream rather than thinking that her Mummy was planning on being naughty with the adult squirty brandy cream later when she was fast asleep in bed.

"Is Santa here Mama?" His little, sweet Lai asked from the seat beside Tegan.

"Don't be silly Lay-Lay." Tegan admonished as only a big sister could. "Santa's in the North Pole with his elves and raydeer."

"Reindeer, Tegan love." Harry corrected softly.

"Yes, but he sends his helpers to see the little children." Tegan finished with a knowing nod.

"But he still knows what you want." Harry assured. "The helpers remember everything you want and tell him and if you've been good, he'll bring it to you for Christmas Day."

Harry caught up to Max, who had Calix and Taren with him.

"What were you talking about?" Max asked him with a raised eyebrow. Maybe he did suspect something after all.

"Santa's helpers, Daddy Max." Tegan told him. "Lay-Lay thought the real Santa came to meet the little children."

"He do!" Taren said with a frown.

"No Tar! Santa's helpers come to see the kids." Calix corrected as he tried to look at everything at once, wanting nothing more than to be on the ground and exploring everything.

"Santa stays in the North Pole." Tegan agreed.

"I want out!" Calix whined.

"It's too busy here Calix." Max told him firmly. "We warned you before we came out that if you wanted to come shopping with us that you'd have to stay in the trolley."

Calix pouted and nodded, but he wanted to be everywhere, he wanted to touch everything, it was a nightmare trying to bring him to the supermarket, though it wasn't too bad when he was confined to the trolley seat.

"What do we need now?" Harry asked even as he glared at a woman who tried to shove his trolley, which had two children in it, out of her way. "Excuse me!" He shouted at her angrily. "Try some common courtesy and learn some manners! There is a five and a three year old in this trolley!"

Max moved over as much as he could and pulled Harry and his trolley over, though he glared at the woman too, before perusing the A4 sheet of paper with their list of shopping, pencil in hand.

"We still need to buy the meat and the frozen things." Max said as he made his way over to the delicatessen counters.

Harry distracted the kids with the help of one of the stressed looking workers behind the counter, who let his children try some of the cheeses as Max instructed the butcher on what meats he wanted and how he wanted them cut.

They finished the shopping and got the kids and the shopping loaded up into the car and drove home, where they had help unloading everything as a gaggle of kids ran about their feet in excitement. Though a six year old Braiden attacked his legs and held on.

Harry bent to kiss his forehead gently before swinging him up and setting him on his hip as he wrangled the younger children into the house and out of the snow covered front garden, they had no wellies, no hats, no mittens, not even a coat on and he didn't want them sick for Christmas.

Their front room was a riot of colour and decorations as Draco and Blaise had taken all of the children shopping in November to buy decorations and then found it impossible to say no to any of the decorations the kids wanted. The result was very festive and left them with barely an inch of space left for anything. The kids absolutely loved it.

"Oh I can't wait until this is all over!" Max groaned theatrically and collapsed, very dramatically, on the kitchen table, sliding down it until he was sitting on the floor.

Harry smirked and Blaise chuckled a bit. He thought of the can of cream he'd bought and he made sure he kept the bag he'd packed it into was safe with him. He'd cast a long lasting cooling charm on it and snuck it upstairs and into the bedside table. He was going to have some fun tonight.

"It'll all be over in a week." Draco soothed Max.

"Until then, it's all about the kids." Harry reminded them.

"We know." Blaise rolled his eyes as he helped put everything away, it was a good thing their kitchen was so big.

Later that night as Harry was reading his older children a story, settling them down enough to get them to sleep, his mind wandered to the can of cream in his bedside draw. He grinned before going back to the story as his children drifted off to sleep one by one against him and one another. Soon, he'd play with his mates soon.

It took a further hour before the house was still and silent and Harry told his mates that he was going to go up to bed, they promised to be up soon, once they'd locked up the house and made sure everything was in order.

He rushed up to the bedroom and stripped himself, he shivered a little in the cold, but he checked on his tiny eight month old and covered the solid crib with a silencing bubble so that he could hear his child, but the sleeping beauty wouldn't be able to hear him. Little Momo was still so tiny, though when he compared pictures, Momo looked almost normal next to Leolin, but it was hard to think of his almost six year old son as being even smaller than Momo was now and when he thought why Momo was so small…he shuddered softly.

Thinking of his eighth clutch always brought a tear to his eye and he swallowed thickly as he couldn't help but think that there should be two more cribs beside the lone one that was by his bedside, but their Cassie and their Jaime hadn't survived. Jamie had been dead at birth, his tiny body completely devoid of life and very underdeveloped, he hadn't been able to survive outside of the sac. Their little Cassie had fought for every breath she took, but she had died hours later, her fragile, underdeveloped organs giving in. Only Momo had done the impossible, against all the odds, and survived with the help of several senior, very determined Healers and Harry readily admitted that he was severely overprotective of his youngest child because of it, proof enough was that Momo was still sleeping by his bedside at eight months old, he hadn't even used the fact that Momo was rolling over now and was too old for a bassinet to move his baby into the nursery, instead he had removed the bassinet and got a solid crib in its place, just so that Momo could sleep beside them still, but he just couldn't let go, not yet.

Harry kissed Momo gently and stepped back, he breathed deeply and calmly as the therapist had told him to do and he let go of all of his upset and bad feelings over the death of two of his newborns. He knew that there had been nothing he could have done for them, he'd done his all to keep them alive, but they had just been born far too soon and brutally speaking, he shouldn't even have Momo, but he did and he was going to be thankful that he had the one baby he did, he wasn't going to play the what if game, it would only hurt and torture himself more, he did give birth to three babies and he should still have had three babies, but he didn't and there was nothing he could do about that, so he let it go as his therapist had encouraged him to. He was thankful every single day that Momo was alive, that his little baby was growing stronger and healthier day by day, was developing normally for a premature baby and was a very happy, bright little baby, he couldn't really wish for more than that and he wasn't going to, he wished with the deepest part of his heart that Jamie and Cassie had lived too, but he wouldn't wish for it now if it meant it badly affected or detrimented the health of Momo, who he loved so very much, and he felt awful for feeling that way, but his therapist was slowly helping him overcome those thoughts and feelings, which was for the best really.

He pushed away all the bad, negative thoughts and took the can of cream out of the draw and instead forced himself to imagine what he was going to do with it on his mates, he fantasied about it and got himself smiling and thinking naughty thoughts. He wouldn't ruin Christmas with thoughts on his two buried children. His therapist had gotten him to a stage where he could do this, where he could think of Cassie and Jamie without breaking down in hysterical tears like he'd done in the beginning, but he was going off topic yet again.

He popped the lid on the can; it was still cold to the touch. He broke the seal and squirted some out onto his finger. He tasted it and grimaced at the strong taste, but he didn't care. He had more plans for this than just the taste of it. The slogan on the festive red can had been what caught his eye, right at the bottom of the can in a jaunty innuendo were the words 'Tis the season to be squirty' oh he planned on it.

He rolled around to get warm and get his skin used to the cool sheets as he waited for his mates, he'd put the cream under a pillow. Blaise was the first one to come up and Harry grinned naughtily at him when he stopped in the doorway to look at him.

"Hello love, would you like to play?" Harry asked huskily.

Blaise licked his lips, his pupils blown and a grin spread over his mouth, he pushed the door shut and walked to the bed.

"I'd love to play." He growled as he crawled onto the bed and covered him, kissing him breathless before they broke apart to stare at one another. "If I'd known you were up here all alone and naked and cold I would have come up sooner to warm you up, Diletto."

"Ti amo." Harry grinned at him and Blaise's eyes flash with lust and love.

"Ti amo, mio piccolo amante."

"I have a special surprise for you." Harry said with his best lusty voice.

"Oh?" Blaise questioned as he rolled his groin into Harry's to let him feel what was happening. Harry smiled wider.

Harry reached under the pillow and pulled out the squirty cream and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Brandy cream?" Blaise questioned.

Harry grinned as he realised Blaise hadn't seen squirty cream before. They did have a penchant to buy pouring cream on occasion and sometimes Max whipped up double cream as a special treat, but he'd had no idea that Blaise didn't know what squirty cream was.

He took it from Blaise and popped the top, he pressed the button and placed a swirl of brandy flavoured cream on his own finger and held it up to Blaise with a wicked grin.

Blaise sucked on his finger sensually and Harry let out a soft sigh at the feeling. His mate sat up then, straddling his waist and he yanked off his clothes quickly and with a lot of cursing in French when he had to stand up to get his belt and trousers off.

He dropped back down, being wary of Harry's hips before they started snogging furiously, they both tasted of brandy.

That was how Max found them ten minutes later.

"Holy shit!" He exclaimed, loudly.

"Get over here and shut the door, the kids will hear you." Harry broke apart to tell him breathlessly.

Before Max could do so, Nasta and Draco showed up ready to defend their family and they visibly reacted to what they saw. Harry turned away from them and focused back on Blaise as he started biting and leaving bites along his neck.

"I have a strange feeling of déjà vu; you haven't put up that sticking ward again have you?" Nasta asked.

Harry blinked confusedly for a moment before he grinned as the memory came to him.

"No, please come and join us, I want you all tonight." Harry said. "I have a surprise."

"Oh boy, I have the feeling we're either going to really like this, or we won't." Max said as he stepped closer.

"You'll like it." Blaise grinned.

"Are you in on this surprise too?" Nasta asked as he pulled his jumper over his head.

"No. Harry surprised me too. Though it seems he's hungry."

Max stopped in mid motion. "Did I not serve you enough at dinner? I can get you a snack if you want."

Harry smiled softly at him. "I love you, but there's no need. I brought my snack up with me."

Harry groped for the can of cream and shook it at them with a smile.

"Is that…? Are you going to…?" Max floundered.

"Oh yes, I'm going to eat this off of your gorgeous bodies." Harry declared with a grin.

He watched their reactions, Max and Nasta's expressions clouded with lust, but Draco had a confused look on his face.

"What is it?" He asked.

"It's cream Draco."

"Cream will be so messy unless you whip it."

"Come here."

Harry pulled Draco to him and he and Blaise stripped him quickly.

"Fuck it's cold." Draco complained, his skin covered in small goosebumps as he shivered.

"Let us warm you up."

Harry shook the can of cream and then drew a line over Draco's nipple with it, which made Draco jump.

"That's even colder." He hissed.

Harry bent his head and lapped up the cream, using his mouth and tongue excessively, stopping at Draco's pale pink nipple and sucking on it.

Draco moaned, then jumped under his mouth and he looked sideways to see that Blaise had put a line on Draco's inner thigh and was now licking it back off.

"I hope you bought two of these things." Max said with a predatory grin. "This could last all night."

He snatched the can from Blaise and put a swirl of cream on his hip bone before bending to licking back off. If Blaise's gasped groan was any indication, Max had bitten him too.

"I think cream makes bad lube." Harry said consideringly. "But I'm sure it won't hurt for one night, then it's brandy cream, that might sting a bit if one of us splits."

"Try it on me first." Nasta said firmly as he took the can from Max and put a blob on their biggest mate's stomach, before getting on his knees and sucking it off, before using it again to draw a line right down and over Max's groin.

Max groaned at how cold it was on his private parts, at least until Nasta's warm mouth swallowed him down and then he groaned louder for a whole different reason.

Harry was sure they'd used half the can before they even got around to thinking of sex, but when they got around to it, Nasta was very happy to allow his body to be used as practice to see if the squirty cream made good lubricant. It really, really didn't and Max was almost howling as it irritated his penis and he had to stop to wipe it off.

"Oh fuck, that was a bad idea." He groaned.

Blaise couldn't stop laughing.

"I don't think we'll be trying that again." Harry said with a giggle as he finished cleaning Nasta with his tongue.

"I say we give up for the night and try again. My cock is raw." Max complained.

"Just because your cock is raw doesn't mean ours are." Draco pointed out, stroking his still hard cock.

Harry giggled and slipped onto Draco's lap while Blaise slipped up behind him.

"You planned this!" Max grumbled as he sat back against the pillows with Nasta, still holding himself in his hand.

"We had no idea that this would happen." Harry pointed out. "I bought that stuff today on a whim when I saw it and thought naughty things. I certainly didn't think it would burn that much and I didn't plan it."

"Less talking, more fun." Blaise grunted as he flicked the top off of the real lube and started preparing him.

"Oh." Harry sighed happily, melting back into the feelings and sensations.

Blaise was very impatient as he thrust his fingers into him hard, fast and rough, but all Harry did was moan louder, shifting his hips on Blaise's hand as much as he could while on Draco's lap with those large, soft, pale hands on his waist, holding him still.

It didn't take long before Blaise completely gave up on the preparations and slipped himself straight into him instead. Harry groaned deep in his throat and almost screamed when Draco joined Blaise inside of him, slowly, oh so fucking slowly. Torturously slow in his opinion.

Nasta made a move towards them, the look on his face serious and slightly angry and Harry understood, he pulled Nasta into a kiss and held his face between his hands, feeling the prickly stubble under his hands.

"They're not hurting me, Nas. I love this so much, I love the feeling, you know I love this feeling, just sit back and enjoy the show." He grinned naughtily.

Max pulled Nasta back and they cuddled up together and let the three of them move together. They soon found a rhythm, Draco pushed up into Harry, reclined on his arms to push his hips up while Harry ground down into Draco, circling his hips to take in all of Draco and then moving back to take in all of Blaise, who was holding him tight, pressed to his back and he was barely moving inside of him, but he didn't need to, Blaise pressed against Draco, who nudged his prostate with nearly every movement.

His orgasm built inside him as he gripped Draco's shoulders tightly, digging his thighs into Draco's hips as he came to the tip peak of his pleasure and then fell over it with a silent scream of pleasure as he clenched tight around his mates, who followed him soon after.

"Fuck, I love you all. Merry Christmas." Harry said with a happy sigh as Draco and Blaise pulled out of him gently and he was pulled away and into Max and Nasta's arms. In fact all of them were between Max and Nasta.

"We'll make this Christmas the best one ever." Max promised.

"Every year we make it better than the last." Harry said with a tired, sated smile.

"That's because every year we have more amazing children to love and it's another year that we've spent together."

Harry smiled at that and he yawned, falling asleep happily and with a wide smile on his face and the ache he loved in his lower back. He'd grown to love Christmas, even if it was one of the biggest stresses in his life, if all he had to complain about these days was the chaos of Christmas with so many children to keep happy and healthy then he'd be a very happy man.

Harry bit his lip as he looked up at Nasta, who was very unimpressed, even with a pair of reindeer antlers stuck on his head.

"Why am I doing this?" He asked.

"Because I asked really nicely and then got naked as an incentive?" Harry grinned back innocently.

"Don't try the innocent card with me, it doesn't wash. Why antlers?"

"It's Christmas." Harry answered simply, his grin widening.

"Why me and not Max? He'd be well up for this."

"Max has taken the kids to visit Granddad Myron and Granddad Richard for the afternoon. It's only me and you here."

"So I'm the only one stupid enough to let you dress me up as a reindeer."

"Well…if we're going to be technical, you aren't exactly dressed now, are you love?"

Harry pointedly roved his eyes all over the gorgeous, pale skin of his oldest lover and a certain part of his body, which had already been aroused, throbbed and took much more notice as Harry's eyes rested on a matching body part on Nasta.

"You look good in antlers." Harry laughed.

Nasta came to him, his antlers bobbing as he climbed onto the bed, which made Harry stifle a small giggle.

Nasta kissed him hard and Harry cupped the back of his head, moving one hand up to pet the antlers, which made him laugh again.

"Stop laughing or I'm taking them off."

"You can't take them off, I want you like this and I'll be sad." Harry insisted, pulling him back into a kiss.

"You do know that only female reindeer keep their antlers through the winter, don't you?" Nasta told him seriously.

Harry blinked, having not known that little tidbit, but he rallied quickly and moved out from under Nasta and touched a hand to his back.

"Then you had better stay on your hands and knees, love." He teased as he draped himself over Nasta's strong back, laying kisses over it.

"I thought you wanted me to love on you?" Nasta questioned.

"I did, but a real man doesn't make the woman do all of the work, at least not unless she wants to, but then I wouldn't know what goes on inside the bedroom with a woman outside of what information Caesar tortures me with."

"Did you just call me a woman?!" Nasta demanded, moving as if to sit up and turn around, but Harry's soft hand pressing against his back kept him where he was.

"We have already established that you are a female reindeer, so I'm going to be the male as I have no antlers."

"That can easily be changed." Nasta growled reaching a hand up to pull the antler headband off, but Harry stopped him.

"I want to love on you for once." He said seriously. "It's so rare that it's just me and you and I've never had you where it was just us, let me love on you please."

Nasta groaned and dropped his head to the mattress, almost losing his antlers to the pillow but Harry took it for acceptance and he grinned, picking up the lube and drizzling it over Nasta's gorgeous bum and down between the two muscled cheeks.

"Merlin, a little warning next time. That's cold."

"Unfortunately you don't make your own lubricant like a woman, so you have to have the fake, cold stuff from a bottle." Harry said as he worked the lube with his fingers before pressing one into Nasta's warm body.

"I'd rather have lube made from ice than 'make my own lubricant'" Nasta declared even as he pushed back on Harry's finger eagerly.

"It's handy if you're caught out and about with no lube though." Harry said thoughtfully, a particular outing in mind when he had been much, much younger involving an alleyway and a furious, drunken romp against a dirty brick wall with Max.

"I'd rather be taken dry, I don't know why but wet women were never high on my fantasies as a teenager. I suppose that was actually the first indication that I was gay, though I didn't recognise it for what it really was."

"Less talk about your earlier trysts with wet women and more moaning over my fingers inside your body."

"I love your fingers inside me." Nasta told him. "They're smaller than the others and I can just relax into them and let you do all the stretching without worrying that Max's giant fingers are going to tear me before I'm ready."

"I love all of my dominants fingers for different reasons. Blaise's are the smallest, but I get frustrated with my own as I can't reach what I want to or stretch myself enough with them to feel the burn I love so much, but Blaise's are just perfect and he has lovely long, slim fingers that hit my spot just right. Draco's hands are so smooth it's like being fingered by silk. I love that feeling and he's so slow and attentive too, he makes me melt. Max's fingers are so big and thick it's like being properly fucked with just his fingers, he does it so well that he can get me to orgasm in just five minutes and you, you my lovely reindeer have such rough, calloused fingers that they scrape all along my inner walls, I shudder in pleasure, my body wracked with small tremors when you push your fingers into me nice and slow for me to feel every bump and rough patch of your hard working hands. You make my eyes roll into the back of my head if you finger me for longer than five minutes, I just can't take the pleasure of it."

"You always were a sweet talker." Nasta teased.

Harry licked up his back and added a second finger to Nasta's body, pressing in carefully, listening to Nasta sigh in pleasure. He loved that sound.

"I'm ready, please Harry. We only have a small amount of time before Max comes home with the kids."

"I know, just let me take care of you though. You're always so strong, my dominant mate, you never rest, you never take any time just for you, you're the backbone of our family and I want to help you relax, drain away your stress and show you how very much I love and appreciate you and all that you do for us. I love you Nasta Tabrien Delericey."

"I love you too, Harry James Potter, just please hurry up, my balls are throbbing and are already drawn up, if you tease for much longer then this will be a very short stolen moment and there will be no fucking involved."

Harry laughed deeply and removed both of his fingers and reached for the lubricant again, squeezing a fair amount onto his hand before stroking it over himself a few times, if Nasta insisted on only a two finger preparation, then Harry would insist on more lube.

He pressed himself carefully and slowly into Nasta, who groaned, long and deep, just like Harry liked. He loved all sorts of sounds that his mates made in pleasure.

He kept things slow and careful for a few minutes, letting Nasta's body stretch naturally to accommodate him and let the lube coat his insides before he picked up his pace and focused on the sounds Nasta was making and the small hints and signs he gave that Harry picked up on and reacted to almost on instinct. They had been lovers for so long now that he could read Nasta like a book and he could read Max, Draco and Blaise just as well. They were like well-thumbed volumes and he'd thumb through them again and again, even though he knew all of the words by heart. He loved them so dearly that the merest thought of anything happening to them or hurting them almost sent him into a panic.

"That's it Cariad." Nasta cried out as Harry pushed into him.

Harry took that as all the encouragement he needed as he slammed into Nasta and they both orgasmed together, Nasta almost goring him with his fuzz covered antlers as he threw his head back.

Harry collapsed onto his back laughing, but he was happy and sated and they stayed where they were for several long minutes, right up until Max opened the bedroom door, confusion on his face until he spotted them.

"I wondered where you two had gotten too; I should have known that this is what you'd do with a house to yourselves." He teased, before he frowned. "Why are you wearing antlers?"

Harry just laughed and picked himself up tiredly.

"Sen wants you, Harry." Max told him with a smile. "I suggest you clean up a bit before tending to our little eight year old, lest you want to answer some very awkward questions on why Mummy and Daddy Nasta are not wearing anything and confusion over why Daddy Nasta is dressed up like a reindeer."

Harry laughed again and fell back onto the bed. "Tell Sen I'll be there in a minute, Mummy has to take care of the reindeer first."

Harry and Max laughed as Nasta scowled and snatched the headband off of his head and threw it at Max, Harry could hear his biggest mate's laughter all the way down the hall.

Harry smiled as he sensed rather than saw little hands going for his freshly baked Christmas cookies.

"If you touch that I'm going to be cross." He said sternly as he turned to face his two children, not even a hint of his previous smile showing. "That baking tray is still hot."

"Only one Mummy, please." Lai begged softly, giant blue eyes wide and imploring.

Harry folded his arms over his chest as Lai and Xabiere both stood there looking up at him with wide, wide begging eyes. He sighed and shook his head as he picked up two Christmas tree shaped cookies from the tray and gave them one apiece.

They both cheered and yelled out 'We love you Mummy' before scampering off as quickly as they'd come, munching on their cookies.

"You are so weak when it comes to the kids." Max teased from the doorway.

"It's those damn begging puppy eyes!" Harry insisted as he turned back to the counter and stamped out more star shaped cookies, placing them on a different baking tray ready to go into the oven when the cookies inside it were ready.

"You shouldn't have taught them how to make those eyes then." Max laughed as he wrapped his arms around Harry's chest and nibbled at an ear.

"They look so cute though, until they turn those eyes on me and I can't help but fall into their honeyed trap."

"Speaking of honeyed traps, you know how turned on I get when I see you baking in my kitchen." Max all but purred into his ear.

Harry chuckled. "Any one of our children could walk in here and see us; you'll have to settle for staying hard."

"I don't want to." Max all but pouted as he brushed himself against the back of Harry's body.

Max played with Harry's body even as he finished cutting out all of his Christmas shapes and moved around the kitchen baking and laying out sweet treats, it was when he started icing the cool cookies that Max took things to a new level as his hand found its way past the apron and into Harry's trousers and boxers, rubbing him and making him stumble on his feet.

"Max!" He hissed. "The kids…"

"Can't see through solid objects the last I knew." He countered as he bumped his hips into Harry, who then bumped into the island counter he was working at, the kitchen door that led to the passage way, the door that led to the dining room and the back door, the only ways into the kitchen, were all placed so that anyone walking into the kitchen couldn't see behind the island counter and Harry shuddered at that realisation.

"I'll stop as soon as I hear their little feet, but until then I want my domestic god to feel some pleasure."

"I'm only baking cook…ies." Harry finished on a sigh as Max started rubbing him in his large hand again, fingers working him over expertly.

"I love your cookies." Max rumbled deeply as his hand moved faster as he rubbed himself against Harry's bum.

Harry squeezed the piping bag in his hands tightly and put a glob of green icing on the counter, but he didn't care as he muffled his shout of pleasure as his orgasm washed over him, right there in the kitchen where anyone could walk in, Max grunting behind him as they both wetted the insides of their boxer shorts with their mutual releases.

"Damn it Max." Harry sighed softly and he shook his head, but the smile he wore almost split his face. "I love you."

"I love you more." Max murmured right before Farren slammed open the kitchen door and rushed in.

"Mum! Lai and Xabie have cookies, I want a cookie too!" He pouted.

"You're eleven in two weeks Farren, no pouting." Max told him as he subtly fished his hand out of Harry's boxers and moved to the sink to wash his hands.

Farren scowled instead. "Why do they get cookies? Is it because they're younger?"

"No love, I just wanted them to be careful of the hot baking trays, so I gave them one each to get them out of the kitchen. Here you go, this is the first iced cookie I've given out, Lai and Xabiere didn't have iced ones."

Farren grinned as he bit the cookie in half in one bite before he hugged Harry tightly and ran off.

"He's getting so boisterous." Max sighed. "Just like I was. He almost took the door of its hinges"

"It'll be fine love, Regan is very, very happy to wrestle with him and Braiden can play rough as much as Farren can. We never leave them alone, nothing will happen."

"You can't promise that." Max denied. "He almost killed Lai when they were just babies."

"He knows better now." Harry said firmly. "He's a good boy, just energetic."

"Calix is energetic; Farren is on a different level."

"What do you want me to say Max? I love all of my children and I don't care if Farren is as boisterous as a pro wrestler on a sugar rush, he's my son and I know we raised him better than to be some two bit thug who bullies his own brothers and sisters."

"I know that, I just…I don't know what I want, but I'm so worried that he's going to do something to hurt one of the younger kids."

"He won't Max, just like you would never do it on purpose and never as a child. We need to give him room to breathe and to grow without smothering him or always hanging over his shoulder watching him or we'll make him insecure and he'll lack confidence. We need to trust him and his decisions and that we've done a good job in raising him. Now get out of the kitchen and go and clean up and lay out some clean boxers for me seeing as you soiled these ones."

"I soiled them?" Max said with a raised eyebrow. "I think you did that all on your own."

"Well…I did have a helping hand." He laughed as he turned back to his Christmas cookies; listening to Max laugh and hearing Blaise ask him what was so funny.

Blaise was tired. It was Christmas Eve tomorrow and the kids were just so excited, but his little Evie was cutting a tooth and he'd been up for most of the night with iced washcloths and jelly teethers, of course all of them were to no effect and the only thing that worked was the potion that Max had mixed up, but it could only be applied every few hours.

He had put Evie to bed next door in the nursery and went to collapse onto his bed, crawling up it and falling onto Draco who was taking a moment of peace while reading a chapter or two of his book. He was hoping to finish it before Christmas. Max had bought him the newly released sequel for Christmas and Draco knew that he was getting the book, he just didn't know off whom, but he wanted it all the same.

"How is Evie?" Draco asked.

"Sleeping for now." Blaise grunted.

"You look tense. Tired and tense."

"Oh do I really?" Blaise snapped. "I wonder why."

"I can help you with that." Draco said with a smirk and Blaise realised too late that Draco had put his book on the bedside table, right before he was rolled onto his back and before his tired brain could think of a way to counter the 'attack' Draco had his trousers down around his thighs, trapping his legs, and his boxers-briefs pulled down, his soft cock lying across his thigh.

It didn't stay soft for very long as Draco took it into his mouth and laved it with his tongue. A tongue that could reduce a grown man to tears, though Max still swore it had been something in his eye and not because Draco had licked and sucked on him for over an hour. Draco was also very dangerous when giving a tongue lashing, his sharp wit matched evenly with his sharp tongue that could make you soar to the clouds or shrivel up and die a little inside and Draco was now applying that tongue to his cock and Blaise couldn't help whimpering a little as his hands messed up Draco's perfectly styled white-blond locks of silky, baby fine hair.

"Draco!" He groaned gutturally and Draco hummed questioningly around him, which made his hips moved on reflex into that warm, willing mouth.

Draco sucked and licked and played with him, pulling off to lick around his balls and perineum, sucking love bites onto his inside thighs, nipping at the soft crease where the highest part of the back of his thigh met his bum cheek before going back to sucking him down his throat.

Blaise did not last long and he couldn't even feel embarrassed about it as he cummed down the back of Draco's throat with a happy sigh. Draco was just too good with that tongue of his.

"Go to sleep now Blaise." Draco murmured to him, his voice deep and rough from the abuse.

"What about you?" He asked even as he curled into a ball, moving so that his head was pillowed on Draco's stomach where he had gone back to lounging against the pillows.

"All I want is to finish these last three chapters." He told him, opening his book and slotting out his bookmark to carry on where he'd left off, his free hand falling to the nape of Blaise's neck to run his fingers through the small hairs there that made Blaise shiver. "Get some sleep, it's rare enough to find an hour of peace in this house, two is almost unheard of. Take it while you can."

Blaise didn't need to be told twice; exhausted and now content, happy and sated too, he fell asleep quickly and without any problem.

Harry sighed happily as he tugged on himself in the shower. He wasn't allowed sex because he'd only just given birth a week ago to his twenty-first child, he'd been so sure he'd miss Christmas that he'd cried for days over it before he started nesting, but he'd gone into early labour and cut his new baby out two weeks before Christmas, he'd come out of his nest the next day incredibly happy that he wouldn't have to spend Christmas alone and feral while his family all enjoyed themselves without him, it was one of his biggest fears, missing Christmas or a birthday because he was in his nest, pregnant and waiting for his labour to hit. His older children understood that it was out of his control, the younger children just wanted Mummy there to see them open their presents.

Harry groaned as the pleasure in his balls turned to a soft heat in his belly and he knew his orgasm would hit him soon. His mates had put him on a sex ban, but that didn't mean he couldn't pleasure himself in the shower as he moved his hand faster and moved his other hand down to fondle his own sac. He gave a light tug to his balls and a harder tug to his cock and he orgasmed with an inarticulate cry of pleasure.

He stroked himself slowly to keep his buzz going and to squeeze out the last drops of his cum as he eased down from his blissful release. He felt better and less stressed, though he did wish his mates were in the shower with him, but he knew that if they had been then they would have stopped him from doing such a 'strenuous' activity. No, sex wasn't allowed and neither was masturbating, but the latter was harder for them to police when he had a lone shower or an early night or even an early morning. He'd masturbated a few times under the sheets while they were sleeping right next to him, it always made him feel extra naughty.

He chuckled a bit and stepped out from under the spray of water and grabbed a towel, it was a week until Christmas and they were putting the Christmas decorations up today, that was going to be a stressful, strenuous activity in on itself with twenty-one babies now to supervise and keep happy. That was going to be a struggle and Tegan, who enjoyed taking control of everything, was not going to let her brothers and sisters in on much of the decorating, though she had…mellowed out a little as she got older. Weeks away from being eleven years old now, she had grown into such a sassy little miss that Harry was sure she had borrowed genes from Draco upon her conception, but she still had to be in control or she felt she was being pushed out, even if she wasn't.

Harry sighed and patted his caesarean scar dry; he was getting much better at carrying now and he was becoming cleaner and neater in his incisions when he was birthing, which left him with neat scars that healed much quicker and easier.

Smiling as he dressed himself, he heard Ceri asking Blaise where Mummy was and Harry opened the bathroom door and scooped one of his three year old quadruplets up into his arms and kissed the oldest one of the four gently.

"Good morning Ceri, how are you sweetheart?"

"Kay Mummy, the new baby was crying, but Dada Nassa gived baby a bottle." Ceri nodded as serious as any three year old could be.

Harry kissed Ceri again and walked out of the bedroom.

"You shouldn't be carrying…"

"I'll carry my children all I want to." Harry said stubbornly as he went down into the chaos that was twenty active children and a baby who had been born just a week ago. This Christmas was going to be more hectic and more chaotic than last year and he really would have it no other way.

"Why am I wearing this?" Blaise asked with something that looked very suspiciously like a pout.

"I like it." Harry grinned as he looked at the bell covered cock ring he'd managed to convince Blaise to wear.

Blaise shifted and the bells on the cock ring tinkled merrily. Harry laughed.

"That is just adorable Blaise. Can I have a photo?" He asked.

"Absolutely not!" Blaise hissed.


Blaise glared at him. Harry gave his very best puppy expression and looked up at Blaise pleadingly.

"If I promise to suck you and then offer myself up to your every fantasy, can I have one picture?" He begged.

"Every fantasy I have? Without question?"

Harry nodded trustingly and Blaise grinned then. "Okay, one photo."

Harry grinned and rushed to grab his camera; he snapped a single, perfect photo and then dropped to his knees, opening his mouth in an invitation for Blaise, who tinkled merrily with every step he took to reach him. Harry had to suppress every overwhelming urge he had to just burst out laughing. He made an odd choking noise in the back of his throat instead.

"If you laugh, my cock is going right down your throat, right to the jingle bells."

Harry couldn't have stopped himself then if he had cared to try. He burst out in hysterical laughter and he just couldn't stop. Blaise kept his promise, he grabbed Harry by the hair, held him in place and pushed himself into his mouth while he was still laughing, he didn't push into his throat though, he just kept the head of himself inside his mouth until suddenly he wasn't laughing anymore but sucking and laving with a serious fervour.

"You know just how I like it." Blaise groaned. "I miss it being just us sometimes, that's why I like moments like these, just us where we can do what we want without interruption. I love you Harry and Merlin you can suck."

Harry hummed in the back of his throat, agreeing with Blaise about it being just them. Blaise sighed and brushed his hair with his fingers, combing it and moving his head gently by cupping the back of his neck.

"I love you so much, mio Prezioso."

Harry sucked harder and took Blaise into his mouth deeper and when it looked like Blaise was going to pass out from being denied his orgasm, Harry unsnapped the bell adorned cock ring and Blaise yelled out his release while Harry swallowed him down, managing it only after the amount of practice he'd had over the years. He'd been god awful at giving a blow job when he'd been first mated. He was much better at it now he thought as he watched Blaise come down from his high, he liked the jingle bell cock ring, he'd definitely pull it out for the next festive season after the success of this one.

The trip to Santa's grotto with twenty-five children was utter chaos. They'd booked this visit special, for a small fortune as well, to have Santa all to themselves for fifteen minutes.

Braiden at twelve years old was helping to herd his younger siblings into the small warehouse with the queue of parents with a gaggle of children swarming around their feet, excited to meet Santa and the elves.

Harry slipped into the red fabric covered area and he sighed out loud. His ten year old identical twins were on Santa's lap already, demanding they get the broomsticks they wanted. Harry flushed, he'd warned them not to say such things in public, they knew better at their age.

Of course one of them then decided to yank on Santa's beard, which came right off and very nearly snapped the elastic of it. Nasta tugged the offender off, chastising them both for being disruptive, but it was no less than any other child was doing, Xabiere had even gotten into the bags of gifts that Santa handed out to 'good little boys' and girls'' and was tearing the paper from the toys happily.

"Behave!" Draco hissed at them all. "This is not how we behave in public!"

"I told you this would be a bad idea." Blaise told him, their near newborn in his arms.

Harry just shook his head. Max was laughing so hard he was hunched over, Nasta was telling off their twins and Draco was trying to wrangle up the other kids.

"I need a holiday." He sighed softly as he looked at the growing carnage.

He whistled sharply and all of his children stopped and looked at him. He gave them his best 'you are all in so much trouble' look and they all stayed still, looking at the floor and scuffing their shoes on the floor.

"I think that when Santa hears about this incident that he will take all of your presents away from you for being so naughty to one of his helpers. We told you what behaviour we expected of you all before we left the house and within five minutes you've broken nearly every rule we gave you all. None of you will be having ice cream today."

There were shouts of denial and cries and his younger children even came to clutch at him as if that would make him change his mind.

"Say goodbye to Santa's helper and we'll be going home." Harry said firmly.

His youngest children, the ones under five, all started crying and he felt bad for a few of them, for them this was their first visit to Santa, but he couldn't accept this sort of behaviour from them. There were too many of them and they outnumbered him and his mates.

"No." He said firmly. "You've spoilt this for yourselves. Your Daddies and I arranged this specially for you all, just so that you could ask for what you wanted for Christmas from Santa's helper and you've spoilt it. Now Santa won't know what you want most for Christmas, so you won't have it."

He had tears aimed at him then and he had to grind his teeth together to stop himself from falling all over himself just to make them feel better. This was the part of parenting he hated. The tough love and the not giving in even though all he wanted was to promise them any and everything they wanted just to make them happy.

"You can come back later if you wanted." The man dressed as Santa told him in a whisper so that the kids couldn't hear them. "Take them to calm down and then come back, you paid a hell of a lot of money to just throw it away."

"Thank you, we'll do that. Is half an hour good for you?" Nasta asked.

The man nodded and Max clapped his hands. "All of you. Here. Now."

The kids went reluctantly, crying and sobbing, but they still went and Harry hoped that they could get them calmed down in half an hour to bring them back. Maybe a quick snack or a drink and a sit down would help; they had been standing in line with nothing to do for a long while.

He picked up Ceri and Momo and carried them both crying from Santa's grotto, ignoring the looks from the other parents who all whispered behind their hands that of course they couldn't control so many kids and of course five men couldn't raise kids as well as a standard one man, one woman couple could.

Harry breathed deeply and kept himself calm. He was too old to let such things bother him anymore and he knew better. His kids were just bored, overstimulated and needed a break to centre themselves again and then they'd be the most well behaved kids in this entire place and he and his lovers could look after them better than anyone else in the world, because they were their children and they loved them with every single molecule of their hearts and nothing that happened would ever change that.

Nasta got them all settled on an outside picnic area, because of the snow and the wind they had it all to themselves and he handed all of the kids a juice carton, the older kids got bottles of water or juice. They were all sullen and silent as they drank.

"Now, you disappointed all of us in there. You let us down." Nasta told them all disapprovingly. "You behaved terribly and embarrassed us all and in front of Santa's helper too. I'd be surprised if Santa didn't take every single present we've bought for you back to the North pole with him when he brings the presents for your Mummy, me and your other Dad's."

"No! Daddy Nassa no! No let him!"

"Do you think you deserve your presents now after how you behaved?" Harry demanded.

All of his children looked down at the ground and sniffled.

"Are you sorry?" Draco asked.

They all nodded and looked up at Draco beseechingly.

"Say it." Blaise encouraged them and all of them started apologising and sobbing out their sorries.

"Santa's helper has agreed to see you all again." Harry told them. "But your Daddies and I are not convinced that you deserve to ask for more presents after how you've behaved."

"Please Mummy, we sorry." Macie cried out.

"We can see that you're all sorry." Max told them. "So we're going to take a little break here and then we're going to try this again. But if you even think to act like you did the first time, you will never get to do this ever again and we'll take the younger kids and leave you all at home."

The kids remained quiet and sniffling as they finished their drinks. Braiden came and sat next to Harry and he sat so close that Harry half expected him to climb onto his lap, but Braiden was twelve now, a second year in Hogwarts and on the verge of becoming a teenager. He wouldn't climb onto his lap now, especially not in public.

"I wasn't being bad Mum." Braiden whispered softly.

Harry smiled and nudged Braiden gently with his shoulder. "I know you weren't love. We all saw that. You won't be in trouble when you did nothing wrong, you're a good boy; you always have been, even if you do have a few wobbles. I don't think great-granddad Bastien has regained his hearing yet after you screamed at him."

Braiden actually blushed and Harry chuckled.

"We don't punish those who haven't done anything wrong love; you should know that by now."

Braiden nodded. "Leolin wasn't doing anything either, he was stood by me and I think all the noise frightened him. He was curling up into himself like he was scared and I tried to make him feel better, but there was too much going on."

"You're a good brother, we saw who was being bad and who wasn't, but Daddy Draco has Leolin now, see."

Harry nodded to where Draco had an eleven year old Leolin cocked on his hip, though he looked more like a seven or eight year old due to his Faerie blood.

Braiden looked happier at that and he happily went off with Farren, who towered over all of his siblings, and Regan, who had snuck away from Tegan, who was happily talking to Calix and Jay.

"I really need that holiday." Harry groaned and lay back against the top of the bench.

"How about some good sex?"

Harry's eyes snapped open his eyes to see Max bending over him. He grinned.

"That would work too."

"Then let's sneak away. We'll tell the kids that we're going to go send letters to Santa to explain that they're sorry and tell the others that we're going to buy some more gifts."

Harry grinned. "I love you so much right now."

Ten minutes later they'd left the kids in the warehouse tent grotto with Nasta, Blaise and Draco and they'd snuck away to find a small alcove well away from the children and the people and down into a small wooded area.

They were both laughing like kids and Max swung him up and pressed him into a tree and snogged the breath out of him.

They had a very short amount of time to be together, so they were a little rushed, a little hurried, but it was still blissful as Max prepared him as gently as he could while still rushing.

"Do you remember the first time we did this? Against that wall in that dirty alleyway?" Harry asked.

"You mean when you attacked and seduced me?" Max chuckled deeply as he pressed himself into Harry's body.

"I did not attack or seduce you." Harry denied, even as he threw his head back against the tree he was pressed against.

"My memory of that night must be different to yours then." Max laughed.

"Well you were drunk." Harry said with a happy grin as the feel of Max inside him relaxed him into an almost boneless pool.

"I was the drunk one?!" Max scoffed.

"Nice of you to admit it." Harry laughed.

Max growled playfully and pulled out and pushed back into him. Harry sighed happily.

"I love that feeling so much."

Pulling out and pushing back into him again, Max set up a punishing pace, the both of them ignoring the cold and the snow which bit at their naked skin as they fucked against the tree.

"Fuck Max! Harder!" Harry begged as he got his hands against the tree and pushed back into Max's thrusts.

"Oh fuck I love you!" Max growled and he bit down on Harry's neck, just as he flooded the inside of Harry's body as he orgasmed.

Harry followed him almost immediately afterwards, releasing himself against the tree and he laughed out all of the tension that had been building.

"We haven't done anything this naughty in years." Harry all but giggled. "I've missed being naughty."

"I say we give the kids to the grandparents for a day and have a naughty fest."

"I say we do that and I bring out that gorgeous new skirt I haven't had the chance to wear yet."

"I don't like that idea; I'll have blue balls for hours because you're too much of a fucking tease."

"You like me being a tease." Harry laughed.

"Not towards me!" Max denied as he helped Harry redress and clean up, though there was nothing to be done about the abomination that was his hair or the just fucked look he was wearing.

They made their way back to the shopping warehouse and bought a few things, but there was no fooling the other three when they rejoined them and three heads snapped to look at them both. They grinned naughtily and Nasta shook his head as if there was no more hope left, but Harry soon had an armful of children all asking him if Santa had forgiven them.

He shared a look with his mates and Nasta nodded slightly, to silently tell him that the kids had been well behaved this time around.

"Oh, I think Santa has forgiven you all just fine, now come on. Let's get you all home and Daddy Max can make us all a hot chocolate to warm up."

His children all cheered happily and Harry shared a look with Max, who gave him an air kiss as he swung two kids up into his arms and let Xabiere climb up to sit on his shoulders. They'd had a good day after all, despite the trouble with the kids. The sex more than made up for it Harry thought as he grinned.

Max knew he was too tired to be doing this when he opened the top cupboard and hit himself in the face with it because he hadn't moved out of the way.

He cursed and then groaned as he rubbed the bump on his forehead. He was glad he only had a few more preparations to make before he could leave it until the big day tomorrow. At least the turkey and the joint of beef had been cooked and he didn't have to worry about them until he needed to carve them up for tomorrow.

"Are you alright?" Draco asked as he came in to the kitchen to put two empty bottles into the sink.

He surprised Max by tipping out the remains and washing them up, over fourteen years they'd been together and still Draco was very phobic of doing cleaning the Muggle way, but Harry refused to get a house elf. He agreed with Harry, he didn't want a house elf in his home, doing things for him when he was completely capable of doing it himself. His parents had raised him to do for himself and he would and he wanted to raise his children the same. He understood that Draco and even Blaise had been raised differently, so he didn't put too much pressure on them to clean up, though he did expect them to clean up after themselves, even if it was just dropping their cups into the sink for him to wash up later, he wouldn't complain as long as they weren't left lying around.

"I'm going to bed now Dad." Braiden said as he came in to the kitchen. "I got the little kids to sleep, but Mum is still trying to calm down Evie, Momo, Ser and Sen. Farren thought it would be funny to wind them up."

"Is Farren in his bedroom?" Draco asked.

Braiden nodded, scowling as he swiped at the long lock of jet black hair that had fallen into his purple eyes. He was truly a very handsome fourteen year old, slim and slender, angular and aristocratic like Blaise with some softness to his face from Harry, according to the four quintuplets at Hogwarts with him, he already had a girlfriend in Ravenclaw.

Harry had sat down with him after hearing that and reminded him that under no circumstances was he allowed to be intimate with anyone just in case he was a submissive.

Harry had come back to them over an hour later and he'd reported that Braiden had blushed seven shades of red and had told him in an embarrassed whisper that he wasn't ready to do anything other than hold hands and kiss a bit. It was a crush, not love or even lust. He liked this girl because she was so smart and she'd actually started as his study buddy. They went to Hogsmeade together, he bought her a Butterbeer, maybe some sweets from Honeydukes and they just walked around holding hands and had a few chaste kisses and he would meet up with her after lessons and they'd still study together in the library. Calix had seen them kissing on one of the Hogsmeade weekends and had told his quintuplet siblings, who had taken great delight in teasing their older brother for his crush and his almost innocent dating.

Max didn't blame any girl for wanting his oldest son though, he was growing to be a devastatingly handsome teenager, he just hoped that they'd raised him as well as they thought they had and instilled in him all the traits and virtues they believed he needed and would benefit from.

"Come here kid." He said and pulled Braiden into a tight hug when he came over to him. He kissed his forehead and then pushed him off towards the door. "Get to bed or Santa won't visit you."

Braiden rolled his eyes, but he laughed, his voice going from high to low as his voice broke yet again. He scowled and held the front of his throat, over his Adam's apple.

"When will this stop?" He demanded.

"When your body decides it does." Draco told him, pulling him into his own hug. "We've all been through it; it's just one of those things."

"It's embarrassing, especially when I'm talking to my friends and my voice just goes from low to high in mid-sentence. They laugh at me."

"It happens Braiden; we've talked about this, you're going through puberty now, you'll have to put up with it, but remember that it doesn't last forever and every other boy has to go through this too. If your friends are teasing and laughing at you now, then just think, by the time their voice starts warbling between high and low like yours, then your voice would have already broken and you can happily laugh at them back with your new, deeper, manly voice."

Braiden grinned. "I never thought of it like that."

Max laughed. "Glad we could be of help, now get to bed or your Mum will have a fit."

"I'm too old to believe in Santa, Dad." Braiden answered.

"That doesn't mean you can ruin it for your brothers or sisters." Draco said seriously. "We know you're too old to believe in such children's stories, but your brothers and sisters do believe in it and you'll upset them if they know you're awake. You don't have to go to sleep, but you can do anything you want to in your room as long as you're quiet. It's only for one night."

Braiden sighed and nodded. "Okay, I'll go to my room, but I'm not a child."

Max watched him leave the room and he sighed.

"When did our little boy become so grown up?" He asked sadly. "Where is the little boy who clung to me because he liked hugs and the little boy who grinned at everyone he met because he was just that type of boy?"

"He grew up Max." Draco sighed. "They're all growing up so fast and that little boy is fourteen now, he's in school and he even has a girlfriend. He's not our baby anymore, he's a teenager and only two years away from his first mate meeting, whether dominant or submissive remains to be seen, but just two years and he could be starting his own family. It gives me a terrible pain in my gut every single time I think of it."

"Me too. Come here love."

Max held Draco tightly and lowered his head the three inches that separated them to kiss those plush, pale lips. It was meant as a supportive, loving, chaste kiss, but it didn't stay that way as they wrapped their arms around one another and it changed in an instant and the passion that had always been there between them for nearly fifteen years took over as Max slipped a thigh between Draco's legs and lifted him up with it so he could get a better grip on his bum without letting his lips go.

"We're in the kitchen." Draco complained when they broke apart for air.

"I know."

"You're in the middle of cooking and preparing food!"

"I know." Max repeated, not caring as he stared at Draco's lips before diving down to take them back in his own, stroking his tongue over Draco's gently.

Clothes just seemed to fall off of them and into a heap until they were left in odd bits and pieces of clothing and it was like a desperate pull of energy that tugged them together and Draco just naturally opened himself for Max, kissing back with fervour but letting Max push slicked fingers into him.

They broke apart to catch their breath again, Draco's chest was heaving.

"Do I even want to know what you've slicked me up with?" Draco asked breathlessly.

"Lube. I had some of those sample sachets still in my pocket from when we went Christmas shopping this morning." Max said with a grin.

"How many did you take?"

"A handful." Max said his grin widening. "And I have big hands. It works well I think, we might have to get a bottle or two of this stuff, it makes my thrusts really smooth."

"You're only using your fin…gers." Draco ended on a sigh as Max jammed his fingers into him hard and rough and his head fell back on his shoulders. "That's good."

"I know, this lube is amazing! I have to try this out properly."

Max pulled his fingers free and tore open another sachet of sample lube with his teeth, squeezing it out messily one handed and he threw the lube covered packet to the floor as he used what was actually all over his hand to cover the majority of his cock before he adjusted Draco against the wall to get a better angle for penetration before he pressed inside him.

"Phenomenal. This lube is the best!" Max groaned. "It's so fucking smooth!"

"Stop going on about the fucking lube!" Draco growled as he tugged on Max's hair.

"You're phenomenal too." Max assured him. "How does the lube feel for you though? Does it burn, do you think it might irritate?"

"You're irritating me at the minute! The lube is fine; just fuck me before I lose it!"

"So demanding." Max murmured as he nosed around Draco's ear. "I love it." He hissed into that ear before he nibbled at it, his movements smooth and fluid. He groaned happily.

Draco echoed him and he almost knocked Max unconscious when a particularly well aimed thrust had him pitching forward and headbutting his lover.

"Fuck! Always so rough Draco, if you wanted more, all you had to do was ask." Max growled as he surged forward and slammed Draco's back into the wall, fucking him with passionate abandon.

Draco couldn't help it, couldn't hold back the scream as he orgasmed, Max following him almost to the same second.

Of course Nasta, Blaise and Harry burst into the kitchen, Blaise first as he had been the closest to the kitchen, to look at them.

Max laughed gutturally and tiredly and Draco just flushed pink and dropped his head to Max's shoulder when he caught sight of Harry's knowing grin, Blaise's lusty perusal and Nasta's disapproving frown.

"We have too much to do tonight without you two swanning off to have sex every five minutes." Nasta told them.

"We had sex once and really it had a purpose."

"Oh? Would you care to share why us three are busting our backs to get everything ready for tomorrow and you two are here having sex in our kitchen?"

"I got samples of a new lube." Max said unapologetically. "It's amazing, seriously, you have to try it. It's so smooth I almost glided into Draco."

"Really?" Harry asked interestedly, grinning from ear to ear.

"Down boy." Blaise said teasingly as he pressed a hand to Harry's slim shoulder.

"I'll show you myself when we get the chance, until then, I think we had better clean up and finish everything before we run out of sleeping time."

"I couldn't agree more." Nasta replied dryly, but he gave a snort of laughter and shook his head, a smirk forming on his lips. "Though you do look especially good like this, especially with that little hint of a pink flush. When we have time next, I'm going to make the both of you go that colour, but until then…move it."

Draco chuckled and stood on his own two legs, tugging on the clothing he had missing from his body before he was roped into helping set up the living room, they had so many children now that they barely had room for the one settee and the Christmas tree and the floor was a sea of presents for the children he absolutely adored with all of his heart, he wouldn't ever have this another way. He had always enjoyed Christmas and now that he had his own family, his own children, he only loved it more.

Nasta was ready to tear his hair out as his newly toddling child fell and grabbed onto the newly decorated tree, only to drag the whole thing down on top of himself.

"Eaffan!" Momo cried out, completely distressed by what had just happened.

Nasta was there in seconds, digging his twenty-one month old son out from amid the fake branches and the wooden and plastic decorations and garlands of tinsel.

His son giggled happily and clapped his little, chubby hands together.

"Gen Dada, gen!" He cried out excitedly.

"I think you've had more than enough of being buried alive under Christmas trees for one day sweet child."

His son screamed in absolute joy, still clapping his hands and wriggling his little bootie clad feet.

"What happened?" Harry demanded, looking stressed and like he'd been run over. He was three months pregnant with twins and he had just the barest hint of a bump showing through the comfortable, festive jumper he was wearing. Their children had picked it out for their Mummy when he and Blaise had taken them shopping for Christmas last year and they'd begged to get something for their Mummy and when they'd seen the jumper, they wanted it as a present for their Mummy and who was he to deny his children the pleasure of giving a gift to their Mother for Christmas?

"Just a little tree accident, it happens several times each year, our adventurous little boy here decided he wanted to tip the tree onto himself and guess what? He now wants to do it again."

"Gen! Gen!" The little boy in his arms screeched happily, wriggling in delight. Nasta laughed at him and kissed one of his bright apple cheeks that had a healthy pink stain to it.

"Oh sweetheart." Harry sighed, shaking his head with a smile. "I think you should be in bed, young man."


"Yes, we can cuddle first. Momo, do you want to come up for a cuddle and a story too?"

"Yes Muma."

"Come on then."

Nasta smiled as he watched Harry carry their children away. He sighed like a love sick fool before shaking it off and going about picking up their tree and redecorating it.

"That smile on your face makes me all soft inside." Blaise told him as he came to kiss him.

Nasta, feeling particularly romantic, swung Blaise around and dipped him in his arms before snogging him senseless.

"What was that for?" Blaise asked with a laugh when they broke apart.

"Because I love you so very much. Let me show you how much."

Blaise couldn't say anything, he just nodded.

A wave of a wand and the door clicked closed and it locked and in the next moment his trousers were gone and his cock was in Nasta's throat.

A hand over his mouth stopped him from screaming, but the muffled noises he made more than showed how much he was enjoying himself.

Nasta licked and sucked on him, moving his mouth and jaw and his tongue to bring as much pleasure as he could, ignoring the ache that had already started to form in his jaw and neck. Blaise wriggled and writhed, gasped and croaked, almost choking on his tongue as Nasta played with his cock with his lips, it was unimaginable pleasure and his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head when he orgasmed hard down his lover's throat. He almost passed out from the force of his pleasure and when Nasta had drank all of him down, he lay gasping and rolling from side to side to ease down his sudden, powerful orgasm. He felt like he couldn't breathe and he must have had a terribly goofy look on his face because Nasta was giving him that adoring look from his wet looking lips.

"I love you Blaise." Nasta said deeply, his throat raw sounding, but he was grinning.

"Love you too." Blaise grinned dopily.

"Come on, let's take this to the bedroom and see if we can't convince the other three that we need to have a bit of fun." Nasta said as he pulled him up and settled him in to his arms. "I'm in the mood for some passionate loving tonight."

"What the hell is that?" Harry asked as he stared at the bright red bottle in Draco's hands.

"It's cranberry flavoured lube." Draco told him with an eyebrow wiggle.

"Seriously? Festive flavoured lube." Harry laughed. "What will they think of next?"

"I don't know, but I was thinking that we could try this out, just us."

Harry grinned. "I like that idea. Come here Draco; let's go see if this stuff tastes as good as Max's own cranberry sauce."

"I doubt it, but I'll consider it a plus if it tastes like cranberries at all."

Harry laughed as they locked their bedroom door and started kissing, moving towards their bed, stripping off clothing as they went.

"How are we going to do this?" Harry asked as he looked at the red bottle then to Draco.

"Like this." Draco answered before diving on him and rolling him onto his stomach and pinning him there. "It's been forever since I last rimmed you, what better way to get what I want and taste this festive lubricant?"

Harry shivered with lust and he sighed softly, spreading his knees and letting Draco have all the access he wanted.

"This is one of my favourite sights." Draco told him as he kissed a pert bum cheek gently before licking over it and giving a sharp bite to the flesh under his lips.

He flipped the top off of the lube and drizzled it all over Harry's bum and between the soft skinned cheeks. He bent his head and nibbled on the flesh, flicking his tongue into the line of lube.

"What…what does it taste like?" Harry asked breathlessly.

"A bit plasticy, but there is definitely a hint of cranberry, it's not as nice as the strawberry lube, but it's nice, more than nice enough to eat you with."

Harry moaned lightly at that as Draco moved his mouth over and around his bum, collecting up lube before he dived right between his cheeks and licked at his entrance. Harry fisted the sheets in his hands and tugged on them, his toes curling as Draco's tongue flicked out over and over, teasing him and torturing him.

He stopped periodically to squeeze out another glob of festive lube and then went right back to licking, sucking and flicking his tongue against Harry's quivering, clenching entrance and the sounds his lover made enflamed him, the groans, the moans, the curses, the screams of his name and the inaudible babbling hardened him to stone and he rubbed himself against the sheets as his hand stroked Harry's hot, throbbing cock in one hand.

Harry ripped the sheets in his hand and screamed when he orgasmed and Draco just couldn't help it as he followed him shortly afterward. He gave one last lick to clean the remaining lube from Harry and he sat back and pulled Harry into a hug, laying them up against the pillows, ignoring the ripped sheets that only made him feel more accomplished. He wiped his mouth and his chin and grinned as an exhausted Harry drifted into a doze against him. He had to do this more often, festive lube or not.

Harry jumped onto Nasta's back and wrapped arms and legs around him tightly.

"May I help you Sir?" Nasta asked in a false, high end accent.

Harry chuckled. "Oh, I think you might be able to."

Nasta swung him around and Harry saw the look on his face when he caught sight of what he was wearing.

"Ffyc fi." He muttered.

"You're drifting back into Welsh again love." Harry grinned.

"I really don't care." Nasta answered as he rushed up the stairs with Harry clutched in his arms like one of their children. Harry laughed as he clutched the red hat with white trim to his head so that he didn't lose it.

Nasta tossed him down onto the bed and Harry controlled the fall so instead of bouncing on the mattress he rolled, his very short, red velvet skirt edged with white fluff not hiding anything as he stopped on his back and spread his legs, the skirt bunching up around his waist like a festive belt showing off the red and white lace garter and the tiny little pair of red panties that were bulging so much Harry wondered if it was possible for an erection to rip through lace.

"You look stunning just like this." Nasta declared. "No, no not yet. Lose the crop top."

Harry did as Nasta asked and took of the matching top before lying back down and holding his bent arms next to his head on the pillow and giving Nasta his most smouldering look.

"Oh love, I'd jump you if you were wearing a scowl and seven layers of dragon dung, you didn't have to do this for me."

"It's nearly Christmas; I'm getting into the festive mood." Harry smiled.

"I can see that and what better way to start off the festive season than to dress up as Mrs Claus when all of our children are sound asleep and ambushing one of your lovers."

"Exactly!" Harry grinned.

Nasta chuckled deeply and bent to give him a soft kiss which grew into much, much more as rough, calloused hands mapped his body slowly, painfully slowly.

"Nas, please. No teasing tonight."

Nasta laughed. "Oh Cariad, you wore this outfit with the sole purpose of teasing me and now you don't want me to tease you back? That's not very fair, Caru."

Harry pleaded with his eyes, but that just made Nasta give a throaty laugh and a small shake of his head as he went back to running his hands all over Harry's soft skin, laying his upper body on him and using his mouth and tongue to get Harry more wound up than he already was, seeing the straining bulge in those tiny, tight panties was really doing something to him.

He worried at the garter around Harry's upper thigh, not taking it off but tugging at it with his teeth and dragging it up and down his leg to tease.

"You're evil." Harry pouted as he shifted restlessly on the bed.

Nasta kissed up from the garter, all the way to the edge of the lacy panties and he licked over them, licking over the bulge within.

"I'm not evil; I'm just paying you back in kind."

"There's nothing kind about teasing me."

"There wasn't in you teasing me either."

"You enjoyed it though." Harry pointed out.

Nasta chuckled darkly and cupped Harry through the panties. "You enjoy the teasing too."

Harry dropped his head back against the pillows and whined softly. "Please…"

"Oh alright then, I suppose I could save the teasing for after I've fucked you in this itty bitty skirt."

"Yes please! Wait…what?!"

Nasta laughed as he moved his hand to cup a pert bum cheek, teasing the panties down and throwing them away. His fingers moved to tease some more, only to touch wet slick.

"I…I already prepared myself."

Nasta's pupils blew wide and he let out a shaky breath. "Oh I love you so much right now. You really do want to get right to the fucking, don't you?"

Harry nodded and spread himself open for Nasta yet again.

"Did you prepare yourself thoroughly?"

"With a vibrator." Harry said with a wide grin.

Nasta's shoulders quivered at that and he blew out all the air in his lungs, he felt intoxicated with lust. He pulled himself out of his trousers and stroked himself several times and then he scooted up the bed until he could push himself into Harry.

"You've wound me up now love, I'm going to fuck you good and hard and then afterward I'm going to tease you back to hardness and then love you so slowly and thoroughly that you cry before I'm finished."

"Please!" Harry begged, the iris of his eye nothing more than a thin ring of dark green around a blown pupil.

Nasta pulled out and then pushed back in in quick succession he didn't give Harry a moment to get used to him or the rhythm he'd chosen and when he got into his stride, he circled his hips like he knew all of his mates loved and got his hips into their own rhythm, moving his whole body with every stroke and ripping screams and shouts from Harry's filthy mouth, pleads and begs and the offers of anything he wanted in the world if only he'd let Harry cum.

He did just that, he tugged on Harry until his little mate arched his back until he honestly thought his spine would snap in two and screamed his orgasm to the ceiling.

Nasta pushed through the orgasm, centring himself and forcing back his utter need to just release into Harry's clenching body. It was almost a sweet form of torture to hold himself back when all he wanted so much was to just let his release wash over him.

He kept his rhythm, ignored his screaming, protesting muscles and brought Harry to another screaming orgasm and he just couldn't hold himself back any longer and he roared his own orgasm as he filled Harry's body, the little skirt twisted and bunched up around his waist.

Nasta didn't even have the energy to pull out of Harry after that as he collapsed down on top of him and held him tight in his arms.

"I thought you were going to tease me some more?" Harry asked tiredly, almost in a whisper through his abused throat.

"I think you've been teased enough and you've tired me out so much I don't think I can move, but I love you so much. I want to stay right here with you in my arms and I don't want to let you go."

"All night?" Harry said with a tired smile.

"All night." Nasta promised with his own matching smile.

It was Christmas night and Harry had just finished tucking all of his children into bed and he was completely shattered. He went right from the nursery into his bedroom and he collapsed onto the bed and crawled onto someone's lap. Arms wrapped around him and Harry smiled tiredly.

"It's too damn late." Blaise grumbled. "The kids should have been in bed four hours ago."

"I know, but damn it was a good day. Did you see their faces when they saw all the presents?" Harry asked with a grin.

Someone pulled him up the bed and he was kissed gently. He kissed back tiredly even though his back ached from picking up all of his children so often throughout the day. He'd had Ser cocked on his hip practically for the entire day.

Blaise straddled the back of his body and firm hands started massaging his aching back.

"Oh, have I told you recently how much I love you?" Harry sighed in sheer pleasure.

"I believe you've told me at least several times today at least." Blaise smiled.

Harry moaned when four sets of hands started rubbing and caressing his body. He was too tired to get hard, but he very much appreciated the loving gesture regardless.

"We won't go too far tonight. It's been a very long day and we're all exhausted, but I feel the need to just touch you." Nasta smiled and lay down next to him pulling Harry's hand onto his chest and he started massaging his fingers, the palm of his hand and up his arm. It felt amazing.

Christmas had been amazing this year, as it was every year despite what happened, this year they'd had a broken toy, an argument between Regan and Calix and three tantrums over moved toys or someone playing with a toy that wasn't theirs, but no matter how many arguments there were, Harry still loved seeing the joy on his children's faces and as he had his whole body touched, caressed and massaged, he found himself drifting in and out of sleep as his mates relaxed him.

Christmas was a time for family and even if they'd been dirt poor and could only scrape together enough for a gift each and just a quarter of the food that Max had piled together for the feast they'd eaten, Harry wouldn't have cared. As long as he had his four lovers and his sweet children, he could have lived in a hole in the ground and Christmas would have still have been special for him as long as he had his family with him. It's all he'd ever wanted and all he needed and Christmas was the time of the year that reminded him firmly that he had his family, that his biggest dream had come true. He had his mates, he had his children, he had his family and at the end of the day, after everything was done and said, that's all he really needed in life.

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