AN: In this new fic, I've decided to write it as each chapter is a new story, with an underlying plot line running through them all XD I hope you like it

Kaito and Meiko

The sound of the morning was the sounds I didn't feel like hearing, or taking part of. I had a horrible throb in my head, and a layer of cotton on my tongue so thick I could knit a sweater. I sat up in bed, and my body ached horribly, and I groaned, a wave of nausea rolled over me, and I flopped back down onto my soft pillows and sheets. A knock on my door sounded like a pack of thundering elephants. I croaked a small "come in", and the face of my lover appeared; Kaito. I rolled over, and smiled weakly at him.

"Hey baby." He whispered, and came to sit beside me, a steaming cup of coffee in his hands. I smiled, and gently rubbed his knee with my hand. He smiled on me, an brushed a stray strand of hair from my face. I chuckled softly, and felt my cheeks heat into a soft red. Kaito's deep blue eyes never left my face, like he was trying to take a mental picture, that will e=never fade over time.

"God, you are so beautiful.." He whispered huskily. I felt a deep warmth begin to spread throughout me. His hand gently caressed my cheek, and he bent his face towards mine, and his warm lips touched mine. I moulded my lips with his. My tongue swept through the inside of his mouth, savouring each sweet taste he had to offer. I felt him pull me up onto his lap, and I encased him in my arms. A soft moan escaped his lips, as separated his lips from mine. I pouted as he gazed at me.

"Why'd you stop?" I asked, my voice tinted with a bit of unhappiness. Kaito laughed slightly, and then he kissed me again, and this time, there was deep passion in it. His lips moved feverishly around my mouth, and down my chin, chills ran through me as he nibbled on my neck, I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the pleasure that it was giving me, as well, as the increasing amount of lust and want. I shifted my weight on him, and I pressed my self against him. I felt him wrap his arms tightly around me, and then I felt him against the tender spot between my legs. I suppressed a shiver, I kissed him again. As I kissed him, I released my grip on his body, and moved my hands to the clasps on his jacket, slowly undoing them, and sliding his jacket off his shoulders. I ran my hands down his naked chest. He shivered, and pulled of my satin tank top, I looked at him, as he put his face on my chest, and gently caressed my breasts with his hands, slowly rubbing and pinching my nipples.. I felt my breathing speed up, as he placed my nipple n his mouth and caressed it with his tongue, and nipped them with his teeth. I moaned softly, and I ran my hands down to the button of his jeans, and undid it, as well as the zipper. I swiftly reached into his pants, and pulled out his cock, and he was hard, very hard. I ran my hand over the long shaft, gently caressing his balls when I reached the base, and caressing the tip with my fingers when I reached the top. His breath hitched and sped up with each stroke. I smiled devilishly, and continued. I stroked him once more, and he growled softly in the back of his throat, before he pushed me over onto my back, and removed my shorts. I felt my breathing speed up, and my face burn, as his face descended down to the sensitive place, and I gasped in surprise when I felt his tongue glide up and down in between the lips, and over my clitoris. I gasped and moaned softly, my fingers gripping the sheets tightly, and my eyes clenched shut. I felt him lick me one more time, before pulling his head away, I opened my eyes, and watched as he removed his trousers.

"Do you want me?" He whispered huskily. I nodded, biting my lip, I felt myself tremble in anticipation, he chuckled, and then he slipped in between my legs, and I felt him enter, and my vision blurred, I felt my self claw his back, as he thrust into me, harder and harder. I heard moans of pleasure escape my lips, when they weren't trapped by his. A few minutes later, I felt myself get really warm feeling, and then I felt this intense amount of pleasure, that wouldn't disappear. I felt Kaito moan loudly, and then he slumped over me. We were both sweaty, and out of breath, I rolled over, and placed my hand on his cheek.

"You know what?" I asked him, he smiled, and shook his head slightly.

"A good morning would have sufficed."