Dance, love and jealousy

This is a seguel to my story "Kat invasion, fight for freedom", this story takes place four years after the Kat invasion and Coop is only going to have normal teenage problems in this story, I don't own Kid vs Kat but I own my characters .

Chapter 1- The news

15 years old Coop Burtonburger woke up in the morning and yawned, he smiled and thought back to what happened for exactly four years from today, the day the Capnipians tried to invade the earth, but thanks to Kat and Dr K they had been able to fight back and was able to save the earth, and speaking of Kat, Coop saw him coming into his room with a smile.

"Good morning Coop, how are you today"? Kat asked and Coop smiled, Kat had really changed, since the invasion, sure they had become friends during the invasion but during the years that followed after it he, Kat and Dennis had bcome like brothers, "I'm fine thanks for asking, how are you and Dr K"? Coop asked Kat, Kat started to sweat, "Well, we think that she are going to have kittens", Kat told him, it felt like time had stopped for Coop and then he congratulated Kat who smiled since he knew that now their race could start over and become more friendly.

Coop walked down and was greeted by his father Burt Burtonburger and his little sister Millie, Coop and Millie had become friendlier towards each other during the years, they talked and ate breakfast and then Coop and Millie prepared themselves for school, they walked out of the house and saw Dennis who was waiting for them, they talked while they were walking to school.

Once they came Millie's school they said good bye to her and walked towards their high school and prepared themselves for a day full of studying.


Coop was walking thinking about Fiona, she had moved to Bootsville three years ago, and they had spent much time together which annoyed Phoebe to no end, but even after so long time Coop hadn't had the courage to tell Fiona that he loved her.

I guess i just have wait until the moment then I feel it's time to tell her how I feel comes, Coop thought as he walked through the corridor of the school.

He then saw something on the bulletin board, there was going to be a school dance and it was going to be in three weeks, He thought that it would be the perfect place to tell Fiona his feelings, if he had the courage to ask her that is.

But at that moment he saw to his horror Phoebe coming towards him, she was talking to one of her friends so she hadn't seen him yet, he ripped down the poster about the dance and then he hid, she walked past him talking to her friend, and he began breathing again.


Coop and Dennis was talking about the dance, Dennis asked if he was going to ask Fiona if she wanted to go with him to it, Coop said he wanted to but he was afraid that she would say no, and Dennis told him that he wasn't thinking about going, he didn't think any girl wanted to go with him.

Coop told him that he was crazy, he told his best friend that he was a kind, sweet and caring person and any girl who didn't see this wasn't worth wasting time on.

Coop knew that a few girls was interested in both him and Dennis but Dennis had to find that out himself to believe it, because he wouldn't believe Coop and then Coop went back to his thought about how to ask Fiona.


"So who are you going with Fiona"? Amanda (one of Fiona's female friends) asked, she and Julie (another friend) knew that Fiona had a crush on Coop and believed that she was going to ask him, "Well I would like to go with Coop (Amanda and Julie winked to each other), but I don't know if he wants to go with me", Fiona said.

Amanda and Julie looked at each other, they knew that Coop was in love with Fiona but also knew that it was not their thing to tell her but his so they kept quiet about it and told Fiona that they were sure that he wanted to go with her and Fiona smiled at her friends.


Coop had talked to Kat about the dance, and Kat told him that he should go with Fiona and tell her his feelings there, "But what if she says no, what if she doesn't want to go with me or doesn't feel the same way"? Coop wondered, he wouldn't be able to look Fiona in the face if he told her his feelings and she didn't feel the same way.

Kat told him that he was sure that she did and that Coop had nothing to worry about, Coop smiled and thanked Kat and then said good night to Kat and went to bed, Coop thought that he had three weeks to ask her and that he would face his fears then he felt it was time.

What he didn't know was that Fiona was at that exact moment thinking exactly the same thing.

I will ask Coop to come with me to the dance, and if Phoebe even tries to make Coop go with her I will tear her apart, Fiona thought before she went to her bed to sleep.

Wiil Coop or Fiona ask the other one the dance, will they ever tell the other one about their feelings? Continue to read and find out and please review