Dance, love and jealousy

Coop finally asked Fiona to the dance and she said yes, in this chapter they're going to prepare for the dance, but Phoebe is also planning things, how to ruin the evening for Coop and Fiona and once again try to make Coop her boyfriend. How will it go? Read this chapter to find out.

Chapter 3- The dance and feelings revealed

It was the week of the dance, and Coop couldn't wait, he felt like he had been walking on clouds all week long, since Fiona agreed to go with him to the dance, and if Phoebe didn't realize that he doesn't like her after that, then he doesn't know what will.

But he should not think about Phoebe now, he should think how to best tell Fiona his feelings, he had asked Dennis but all he said was that Coop would know when it was time, Coop had also talked to Kat and asked him if he could help him to choose which clothes he should have, Kat told him that he would be glad to help but didn't tell him that Fiona had asked for the same help of Dr K and Millie.

Coop thought that now it was only four days left to the dance and that it was going to be a night he would never forget no matter what happened, he had nearly been killed by Old Lady Munson when she found out that he was going with Fiona to the dance, but was saved by Fiona, who stalled her great-great-great-great-great aunt while Coop sneaked away.


Phoebe on the other hand couldn't accept the fact that Coop was going with Fiona, so she had been trying to make sure it doesn't happen. She had tried to make sure Fiona got hurt so she couldn't go and she could go with Coop and show that she was so much better than Fiona, Phoebe had tried to make Fiona fall when she was skateboarding, when Fiona was on the ramp so threw she in a little oil on the ramp when Fiona wasn't looking, she nearly succeded in hurting Fiona but got furious then she saw her avoid crashing into the ground.

Phoebe had also made so the stores wouldn't sell anything to her, but that problem was easily fixed, Millie asked what she wanted to buy and bought it for her, no matter what she tried so failed she, so she decided to go to the dance and make a fool of Fiona there and after that Coop wouldn't want anything to do with her and he would be all hers.


Coop was really nervous, school had been cancelled so they could prepare for the dance, and he had after that gone home, and there Kat had waited for him and then they had gone to Coop's room, after a few dozen pair of clothes Kat showed him a blue shirt, a pair of black jeans and black shoes that he had borrowed from Burt and told Coop that he should wear them and Copp agreed, now that everything was ready and he was waiting so was he worried that he was going to mess up things, but Kat had insured Coop that it would go just fine.

The clock was now 8.30 pm and it was only a half hour before the dance started so Coop was waiting for Fiona to show up, he was in his blue shirt, his black jeans and the black shoes, he heard the doorbell and walked over and opened it and once he saw Fiona so did he almost faint, she was in a beautiful red dress with red high heels and white gloves, she blushed and asked what he thought, he told her that she looked really beautiful and they both blushed, Coop then offered Fiona his hand and she took it and then so started they walking towards the school.


Dennis was waiting for Coop and Fiona together with Julie, they had gotten there five minutes ago and it was going to start any minute now, they finally saw them and all of them walked in.

First they sat and talked but once the music so dragged Julie Dennis up on the dance floor, Coop looked at Fiona and asked if she wanted to dance, she said yes and so did they walk out on the dance floor and started dancing and soon they wished that this evening would never end, but little did they know that Phoebe was going to make a fool of Fiona by making her fall in the bowl with cider.

But what Phoebe didn't know was that Kat had been following her since she left her house to make sure she didn't ruin Coop's night, when Phoebe prepared herself to make Fiona fall into the bowl so threw Kat himself at her legs and made her fall into the bowl, all of them stopped and then started laughing, Phoebe looked at Coop and saw him chuckle together with Fiona and started crying and ran away from there.

Coop suddenly grabbed Fiona's hand and walked out with her, once outside they watched the moon, "The moon sure is beautiful right"? Fina ask while looking at it, Coop looked at her and took her hand causing her to blush and told her : "Yeah, it's beautiful, but not as beautiful as you are Fiona", Fiona was almost as red as her dress in the face once he said that and they turned towards each other and Coop took her face in his hands and lean towards her, she closed her eyes and waited, and so did their lips met, they deepened the kiss, after a minute so seperated they and looked each other in the eyes.

"I love you Fiona, I have ever since I first saw you", Coop told her, Fiona got tears of happiness in her eyes, "I love you too Coop", she told him and so kissed they again.


Coop and Fiona was on a double date with Dennis and Julie (They had gotten together at the dance as well) at the movies, Coop held his arm around Fiona and she leaned against him and they thought that everything was perfect.

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