Chapter one

We live normal lives the four of us. We go to school, we make our own beds... We do everything as though we are normal, but we're not.

My name is Allie. I am 15 years old. I have long golden hair that shines in the sunlight. I am a sophomore. This is where normal stops and weird begins.

I have the ability to turn invisible. I own a broomstick that with the snap of my fingers can fly me places you can't imagine.

Oh, one last detail.

I am a witch.

Before I continue I suppose I should explain a few things to you.

My three best friends are also witches and together we live in a town called Wishmore. We try to live life as normal as possible.

"A new year, a fresh beginning" I said, grinning at Claudia as the car pulled into the school car park.

I flung open the door and stepped out, almost slamming the door in Zoes face.

"Yeah well this year let's try not to draw too much attention to ourselves. We don't want to be known as the schools freaks again." Pippa reminded, locking the door after we were all out of the vehicle.

"Argh! How I wish I was half as normal as everyone else in this town!" Claudia complained, twirling a piece of her short brown hair in her fingers.

I nodded silently in agreement. It sure would be a hell of a lot easier.

"Well we better get going to our classes before the last bell rings." Pippa chirped. "Meet at the cafeteria at lunch, usual table."

We separated, heading in our different directions.

I bit my lip; I was the youngest of the four by at least a year. They were in the grades ahead of me and in none of my classes. Great, Lonered yet again.

I drew in a deep breath, my eyes shifting nervously from face to face.

"It's ok Allie, you're going to be fine. Just act friendly and you will make friends. I mean why shouldn't I be able to make friends? It isn't as if I'm ugly. I've been told I'm very attractive and I'm nice enough." I thought, reassuring myself. "Yes this should be a piece of cake!"

I had History first in room 120, B block. I knew these halls well and easily found the designated classroom.

The class was almost empty, only a few students were seated and alert.

"Looks like everyone's waiting till the last minute." I thought, scanning the rows for a welcoming seat.

A tuff of blonde hair caught my eye and I frowned. It belonged to a girl whom I did not recognise. Strangely, she was staring at me.

I caught my breath and quickly looked away, taken back by her intense stare.

Hurriedly I chose a seat by an open window and sat down, avoiding the girls eyes.

A warm breeze rolled in and tickled my cheek. It was a welcoming feeling and for a second I forgot all my worries.

More students filed in as time ticked away, at last the final bell rang and the remaining students rushed to find a seat.

A short, chubby man wearing a polka dotted tie strode in and took out a piece of chalk. Without another word he began writing on the board.

"Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?" A boy, who admittedly was quite cute, asked.

I smiled warmly. "Sure, go for it."

"Thanks, I'm Alex by the way."

"Allie" I said, watching him as he plonked himself onto the seat beside me.

The boy was reasonably tall and had that cute pretty boy look. He looked like the type of guy Zoe would go for. I would have to mention him to her.

"Ok class welcome back to school. I am your history teacher Mr Willis." The Polka dotted tie introduced himself. "I have decided that we will have an easy lesson today and watch a movie."

The class cheered and I joined in.

"I've decided I'm going to like him, even if he does have a strange sense in fashion." I said to Alex, the polka dotted tie still in my mind.

He chuckled, and I noticed when he smiled that he got a dimple on his right cheek. Yes Zoe would definitely like this boy.