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~A Lily For Peter~

As Peter woke he realized he wasn't alone. Of course, he hadn't thought he'd be alone, he knew that Lily had spent the night in his room, but he hadn't expected her to be so close. His face reddened considerably as he looked down at Lily's black tresses splayed across his chest. Her arms where wrapped around his middle as she was snuggled against his side. Her one leg was tangled with his own. He shifted a bit, which earned a sleepy whimper from Lily as she buried her face into his chest. Peter's blush deepened. It certainly wasn't uncomfortable, but he wasn't sure if he liked the feelings this girl was bringing out of him. Feelings were a sign of growing up, at least, that's what Wendy had said. He did not want to grow up.

Peter growled at the thought, the rumbling in his chest woke Lily. Distracted, he watched as she slowly regained consciousness. As she woke she stretched leisurely in a way that reminded him of the large jungle cats of Neverland.

All of a sudden Lily tensed, realizing she wasn't alone, in fact, she was clinging to someone. Her eyes shot open and her gaze met Peter's lethargic gaze.

"Oh!" She quickly detangled herself from him. "I'm sorry Peter!" she bit her lip, "I'm a bit of a cuddler." She laughed uneasily.

Peter didn't say anything. Mistaking his silence for anger she looked away with a shameful expression. She began to crawl off of the bed when Peter spoke.

"I… didn't mind."

"Really? You're not mad?" She asked.


She smiled at him.

"So, what's the plan for today?" Lily asked as she watched the boys finish their breakfast.

"Well you didn't get to see much of Neverland yesterday," Peter began. "we should finish our tour!"

The Lost Boys nodded excitedly.

"Alright, where to first?" She asked.

"How about we start at Skull Rock and make our way down?"

"Sounds good to me."

Peter stood and pulled her up from her seat and rushed up the stairs dragging her along. The other boys followed behind in excitement. Once they left the hideout Peter picked her up and swung her around so that she was riding on his back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight as he took off into the air. As they got higher she noticed that the main island of Neverland was actually two islands. Or rather, she noticed as she squinted and peered into the distance, it was almost two islands.

"Peter, what's that?" she mumbled in his ear as she pointed.

"That? That is crocodile creek! It leads into Cannibal Cove… but we just call it Pirate's cove."

It looked more like a river than a creek. It started in the mountain range in the form of a giant waterfall and divided most of the island as it lead into "Cannibal Cove".

Peter landed in front of Skull Rock and Lily jumped off of his back. She looked around the rocky island.

Nibs grabbed her hand and lead her to a boat tied to a rock. He helped her in and the boys pushed the boat through the crooked mouth of the fortress. She climbed out as they pushed her up to a rocky ledge, almost slipping on the slick rocks.

"Wow… this place is kind of… well I don't know how to describe it." Lily said.

"We don't come here much, this is where the pirates take their victims." Peter said. "But we don't have to worry about them anymore because they're all gone."

"But Peter we saw them yesterday-" Curly began.

"PETER!" Tinkerbelle shot through the darkness of the dank fortress. "Peter the Pirates!"

"Huh?" Peter asked.

"The pirates are coming! They're AH!" Tinkerbelle barely had enough time to swerve out of the way of a large cannon ball. The cannon ball crashed into the rocks between Lily and Nibs. The force of the blow tossed the boys into the air and Lily into the water with a frightened yelp. A few large rocks plummeted into the water, shaken free by the cannon ball.

There was a loud ruckus outside as dozens of pirates entered the fortress on little boats. "Get them!" one of them shouted over the other jeers. The sound of gunfire filled the cave like room as the boys easily dodged the attacks of the water locked crew.

Lily finally resurfaced, trying desperately to keep her head above the now vicious waves that tried to pull her down. One of the pirates grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her towards him. Lily shrieked in anger and clawed at the Pirates face once she was close enough. The other pirates grabbed at her as well and she tried to fight them off while keeping her head above water.

The boys took advantage of the pirate's distraction and attacked. They didn't have their usual weapons, but they threw rocks and Peter had picked up a rusty sword that someone had left behind.

"You let go of our mother!" The twins screamed as they both lobbed particularly large rocks at the pirate who was still locked on to Lily's hair. He finally released his hold as he raised his arms to protect his head. Lily quickly swam away in the opposite direction and clung to one of the rocks nearby. In the commotion she vaguely realized that the rock she was clinging to sported some wicked looking chains, one of which had a skeletal arm caught in its manacle.

Peter crowed as he dove at the boat of pirates, brandishing his sword. His movements were almost patterned, diving in for a series of attacks and swerving back up again to avoid the pirates' attacks and to start another dive.

As Lily clung to the rock and watched the boys fight she heard the faintest yet most peculiar sound. The sound grew louder and she grew more curious. Whatever it was, it was certainly getting closer. Her curiosity turned to unease, something wasn't right.

"Peter?" she called. No one heard her over their own yells.

"Peter?" she called again, this time louder.

The water level rose a bit. Her unease grew.

"PETER!" She screamed as loud as she could effectively gaining the attention of both sides of the fight, their weapons paused in midair as the stared at her in shock. "What's that noise?" she asked.

They all listened, finally hearing what she heard. It was growing louder and louder. Their faces paled.

*Tic-Toc Tic-Toc*

"GET HER OUT OF THE WATER!" Peter yelled frantically.

But of course, it was far too late. The Pirate's boat was upended, Lily watched in horror as the pirates leaped from the boat as a colossal pair of jaws crushed it to splinters between a set of lethal four inch crocodile teeth. One of the pirates wasn't quick enough, the croc's teeth catching his grubby and torn shirt. The crocodile flipped the man into the air and swallowed him whole, it's jaws making a loud *CLACK* as they closed around him. The pirates gave panicked yells as they scrambled for the rocky edges. The croc caught a few, using the same motion as it had with the first, tossing them into the air, their panicked screams having no effect, and snapping it's jaws closed as they entered its mouth.

Then it's large, glowing orange eyes set on her. She froze, a chill running through her drenched and shaking body. She hadn't even noticed Slightly and Nibs pulling her out of the water and up into the safety of the air, her eyes were fixed on the croc. Uninterested now that she was out of reach, the croc snatched up one more pirate, one who hadn't managed to get far enough up on the rocks to avoid it's reach, before slowly heading back out of Skull Rock, the *Tic-Toc* of the clock inside its belly growing fainter and fainter.

Once the sound was gone, Slightly and Nibs put her down. With her feet finally back on solid ground, she simply stood and shivered.

"Lily? Are you alright?" Peter asked, snapping her out of her reverie.

She shook her head, sending water droplets flying as her hair flung about. "Line up!" she whispered gently.

"Huh?" Peter asked.

"Line up!" she said louder. The Lost boys quickly stood in line from youngest, Tootles, to oldest, Slightly. Peter watched somewhat amused as Lily looked over the boys one by one. She turned them to and fro, inspecting every inch for injury. Satisfied that the Lost Boys had nothing more than a bruise or two, some of which probably weren't even from the fight, she turned to Peter. "You too Peter."

He gave her a look, but approached her and allowed her to look him over. The only injury she found was a small cut on his cheek. She gently wiped it with the edge of her shirt, then began shaking again. Her knees gave out and she collapsed to the rocky ground. She laughed nervously as the boys surrounded her.

"That was interesting," she gave them a shaky grin. "I don't think I'll ever like the sound of ticking clocks again." She laughed again. After a moment she stood, still shivering. "D-do you th-think we could s-stop b-by the hideout? I want to change out of th-these wet clothes."


Okay, so it's not as long as I'd like it to be, but I haven't updated any of my stories in a long time so I want to update them all as soon as possible and then work on longer chapters. I hope you all enjoyed! Next chapter we'll continue the tour, I'm sure you're interested in what'll happen with the mermaids and the Indians right?