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6:30 am

Peter let out a loud yawn as he sat up. "Man do I feel good. Night Nurse really knows her stuff." Peter turned check the time.

"Whoa she really knows her stuff." surprised at the time and the fact that he feels amazing. "Might as well get the day started."

"Good morning Peter." Ororo greeted him as he entered the kitchen.

"Morning Ororo." Peter sat down.

"Your up early." she commented as she continued cooking.

"Yeah well when I wake up late those little monsters eat all the food."

"Yes, eating in this house isn't for the faint of heart." Ororo smiled "Before I forget, Hank and myself will be gone for the week. We have some business to attend to. So you and Wanda can just review this week. Could you tell her for me?"

"Ok. Wait you two aren't eloping are you?" Peter raised an eyebrow.

Ororo just chuckled. "No when I said business I meant mutant business."

"Ah enough said."

"You look exhausted." Peter's comment was directed to Laura, who he met on his way back to his room.

"Maybe if I hadn't been to busy helping you from dumpster diving, I would've gotten more sleep." Laura glared as she left her room.

"Thanks again for that." Peter said as he opened her door.

"What are you doing?" Laura questioned noticing this.

"Storm and Beast are leaving for the week. Which means we don't have lessons and she asked me to tell her and since I have nothing else to do." Peter left it at that and walked into her room.

Peter walked into the room and flopped on Laura's bed. He laid there for about five minutes looking around the room.

"This room is a lot less-"

"A lot less what?" Wanda interrupted.

"A lot less horror movie looking. I mean where are the coffins? Where's the bats?"

"Why are in my room?"

"I think you mean our room, roomy." Peter smirked.

"What!" Wanda quickly sat up.

"Hahahaha." Peter laughed at her reaction. "Don't have a heart attack. I was just kidding." Peter sat up. "Beast and and Ororo won't be here this week. So we have the week to review whatever we don't get. Oh and I asked they're not eloping."

Wanda just shot him a "are you an idiot" look. Then she fell back and went to sleep.

"Or you can sleep in." Peter said as he got up and left.

"~Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can.~" Spider-man sang as he swung through the night. "Can't come up with the next line." Spider-man mumbled to himself.

"Oh hey NCIS I love this show." Spider-man peeked through a high rise apartment.

A figure shrouded in darkness quickly and gracefully made it's way across the rooftops of New York City. It stopped when it saw someone peeping.

"Oh hello there Mr. Peeper." the figure shot out a grapple and swung towards the "peeper."

'Spider sense is tingling?'

The "peeper" turned his head.

Spider-man eyes shot open. "Felicia?"

"Oh crap! Peter!"

Spider-man had no idea what just happened. One minute he's enjoying some classic teasing between Tony and Ziva. The next he was getting drop kicked by his ex girlfriend Black Cat. They both shot out a line to save themselves, but got tangled up with each other. They landed on the ground ungracefully. But luckily for the two the fall wasn't to high for them at least. They both groaned slightly as they got up.

Spider-man turned to her. "Follow me." he simply said.

They landed on a building and stared at each other for a few seconds.

'Oh brother here comes the lecture.' Cat inwardly groaned.

'I only have one thing to say to her.' Spider-man thought.

"What?" Cat asked tired of waiting for the lecture.

"Don't ever interrupt me when I'm watching NCIS." Spider-man pointed a finger at her.

Black Cat blinked in surprise. 'Is he joking?' Cat shook her head. "I've been looking for you for the past week and couldn't find you. Which is weird because for nearly a year all I had to do is wait for about thirty minutes and you would swing by trying to stop another crime. Does that mean your finally taking my advice and spending some time at home relaxing instead of running your self ragged. Because the way you were going to kill yourself."

'Not this again.' Spider-man groaned as they started an old unfinished argument. "Like your Queen of the quiet night at home." Spidey shot back.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Cat crossed her arms.

"That means one of us...And I'm not naming names...But one of us called it quits on us because she was in love with The Spectacular Spider-man not plain ole' Peter Parker." Spidey started another unfinished argument.

"Oh this again!" Cat spread her arms as she paced across the roof top.

"I'm just saying is all." Spidey crouched on the edge of the building.

"Want do you want from? I was a kid!"

"Yeah because a skin tight costume that shows plenty of cleavage screams adolescence youth." Spider-man said sarcastically.

"Hey! I'm not the who decided that the only women you needed in your life was your aunt. If you would have been more patient with me, I would've calmed down and came around eventually." she fires back as she pokes him in the chest.

"Best decision I've ever made." Spider-man eyes became filled with sorrow. 'Gave me more time to spend with her before it happened.'

Black Cat sighed and decided to take the conversation away from his aunt. She knew his aunt was a touchy subject. After his aunt and friends died Peter hit the hero business hard. She tried to talk to him and tell him to relax. Of course that led to a fight just like today.

"We'll good for you. Just don't throw in my face." Black Cat sighed as she leaned over the edge of the roof. "It's never 'Hey Felicia thanks for saving my butt that one time.' Or 'You know it was so sweet when you went through that surgery to get those bad luck powers so we could partner up and you could watch my back in the field.' All I ever get is 'You loved Spider-man not me! Boo-friggin-hoo. OOO you can really piss me off sometimes."

Spider-man sat quietly listening to her rant. "Hey Felicia thanks for saving my butt that one time. And you know it was so sweet when you went through that surgery to get those bad luck powers so we could partner up and you could watch my back in the field. And the way drop kicked me off the side of building. Man you rock." Spider-man reached out and put his hand on her shoulder.

Black Cat had to fight back a smile. "Up yours Parker."

"I'm sorry I came down so hard on you. It's been a rough couple of months." Spider-man reached out a hand.

"I know." Black Cat looked at the hand and decided that wasn't her style.

Instead she wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her body against his. "I really hate you, you know that?"

"And I'm thoroughly disgusted by you. Welcome back party hardy."

"Well this was fun but I got business to attend to. You can come if you like. And don't worry it's hero business." Black Cat whispered in his ear before she shot out her grapple and swung away.

'With great power comes great responsibility. With great power comes great responsibility. With great power comes great responsibility.' Spider-man tightly shut his eyes trying to get the image and feel of Black Cat's body out of his mind.

"Ah the hell with it." Spider-man mumbled as he follows Black Cat. Black Cat smirked when she saw him following her.

"Pardon me, excuse me, pardon me." Spider-man said as he swung by her bumping her out of the way.

"Woohoo ride em cowboy." Black Cat yelled as she jumped on Spider-man's back as if riding a horse.

"Ugh. Have you put on a few pounds?"

"Jerk!" she slaps him in the back of his head."

"Two words for you, weight watchers."

"Is this any better?" Black Cat asked as she slid so that she hugging him from the front with both her hands and legs.

"Spider sense tingling." Spider-man mumbled.

"Is that what your calling it now?" she gave him a flirtatious smile.

"Grab my hand."

"This one?" Black Cat reached out and grabbed the hand that was holding the web.

"See ya." Spider-man gives the web a tug creating tension, then he let's go. Black Cat who was still holding the web bungees away as the web pulls back.

Your dead Parker!" she yelled out to him.

"Were here." Black Cat said as she landed on a fire escape and climbed through a window.

"Wait a second, Sally Floyd lives here. Why are we here?" Spider-man asked as he crawled through the window.

"Long time no see web-head." Spider-man turned his head and saw a lady with black hair that went a few inches past her shoulders. She had lightly tanned skin and a slim figure. She was more then fairly attractive.

"Yeah. You look like been doing good."

"I have been thanks to you."


The rain poured and the wind blew forcefully causing Spider-man to tense. He was clinging to the side of building trying to talk a lady out of killing herself. The lady was standing on the ledge of a building trying to build up the courage to jump. Spider-man could have easily just grabbed her and pulled her off the ledge. But that wouldn't stop her from trying to do it again when he wasn't around. He had to to talk her out of it.

"Please let's go inside and talk about this. I can help you through this." Spider-man shouted over the roaring wind and pouring rain.

"Why? So you can say crap like 'you have so much to live for.' Well I don't both my husband and daughter are dead! I have nothing left to live for!"

"Listen I know it's tough to find a reason to go on-" Spider-man wanted to say more but was cut off.

"How would you know? How would you know what it feels like?" Spider-man didn't respond right away. The images of all the people he lost flashed in his mind.

"Your not the only one who lost the ones you love." Sally stared at him. She could hear the pain in his voice, it's almost as if she could reach out and touch it. "I lost my parents when I was a kid. My aunt and uncle took me in and raised me. They're both dead now, along with two of my best friends."

Sally hesitated before for a second then asked the question she was dying to know the answer to. "H-how do you go on?"

"(sigh) I don't want anyone else to go through what I did. So I live my life not for myself but for the innocent people that can't protect themselves. That's how I go on." Spider-man said his voice full of conviction. "Listen I know it's not easy. I know it feels like there's a pit in your stomach and you just reach in there and pull it out. But you have to work through it. You have to make yourself a goal and work towards it." Spider-man understood exactly what she was going through and needed to help her.

"I don't think I can." Sally started to cry but the tears were hidden by the rain.

"Yes you can. It won't be easy but you can." Spider-man reached into his belt and pulled out a spider tracer. "Here. If you feel like you need help or someone to talk to press this button and I'll be there." Sally reached out and took the tracer. "Now come on lets go back inside."

Flashback end

Turned out Sally was a journalist. And the goal she set for herself was to help Spider-man anyway she could. From giving him information that helped him stop crimes and capture criminals. To blasting J. Jonah Jameson in her articles for calling Spider-man a criminal.

"You helped me out to." Spider-man sat down on the couch next to black cat. "So why are we here?"

"Daniel Richmond." Sally simply stated

Apparently Daniel Richmond was some type of politician with a hit out on him. To make things worse the hit was being carried out by the Scorpion, who was definitely above the police's pay grade.

"That's the place." Black Cat pointed as they swung towards a concert hall.

"And it looks like he's here." Spider-man said as a crowd of screaming people came running out of the hall. They landed on the ground and pushed against the stampeding people making their way into the lobby. "There." Spider-man pointed to the sight of a man trembling in fear while Scorpion stalked towards him.

"Leave him alone Gargan!" Spider-man shouted as he landed in between the two.

"You again! You always get in the way! But this is the last time. I'll burn your insides!" Scorpion shouted as he shot acid at Spider-man.

"Like indigestion?" Spider-man asked as he grabbed the cowering man and jumped away. "Go! Run!" Spider-man yelled as he put Daniel down.

"Can spiders get indigestion?" Scorpion turned around and saw Black Cat standing behind him.

"Looks like I wasn't the only to bring a friend."

'Huh?' Spider-man looked around until.

Spider sense

"Cat look out!" Spider-man dove towards her and grabbed her rolling out the way. Once they stopped rolling they looked at where Black Cat was standing only to see a puddle of acid. But this acid didn't come from Scorpion it came from above. They looked up and saw what looked like petite version of Scorpion. "Who the hell are you?"

"Me?" the voice questioned. Spider-man could tell the voice belonged to that of a woman. The suddenly launched off the ceiling. Spider-man back flipped just as the women came close to hitting him. "You can call my Scorpia."

"Ahh how sweet. The beast found another beast." Black Cat taunted.

"Way to go Gargan. I knew there was a crazy, scorpion lady out there somewhere for you. And now you found her." Spider-man joined in the taunting.

"Spider-man is mine. You take the slutty bitch." Scorpion spat out.

"Hey! I am not a bitch!"

"Really?" Spider-man gave her a blank look that was covered by the mask.

"Die!" Scorpion shouted as he dove at Spider-man, who rolled out the way. But Scorpion saw that coming and quickly whipped his tail hitting Spider-man in the stomach. Spider-man soared through the glass doors of the lobby and crashed into a parked car. He hit the car with so much force that he created a dent in it.

"I'm really starting to heat tails." Spider-man said to himself. "Oh crap." Spider-man quickly back flipped over the car dodging a punch from the scorpion. The punch was so strong that his hand got stuck in the car door. Spider-man saw this, so he reached out and attaches his hands to the hood of the car. Spider-man curled up and launched himself feet first through the car windows drilling Scorpion in the face tearing him from the door.

Spider-man jumped on top of the down Scorpion not giving him any time to recover and started punching him in the face. After a few punches Scorpion caught both of Spider-man's hands and held on tight with a vice grip.

Spider sense

Spider-man eyes widen before he quickly ducked. Spider-man looked a few feet in front of him and saw part of the sidewalk being melted.

Spider sense

Knowing full well that Scorpion was stronger then him Spider-man didn't attempt to pull away from his grip. Instead he quickly drove his forehead into his nose causing Scorpion to release his grip. Just before the acid could hit him in the back, Spider-man quickly back flipped landing on a building on the other side of the street.

"Oooo." Spider-man cringed. "That looks like that hurts." Spider-man said noting Scorpions broken and bleeding nose. Scorpions hissed something Spider-man couldn't understand as he jumped towards him. 'Probably describing how he's gonna kill me.' Spider-man thought to himself as he jumped of the wall dodging Scorpion and landed on streetlight. Scorpion landed on the wall and jumped at Spider-man again. Spider-man jumped off the streetlight shooting a web line as he landed. Once the web hit Scorpion he swung it slamming Scorpion into the wall.

But Scorpion retaliated by yanking on the web pulling Spider-man towards him. 'This is gonna hurt.' Spider-man thought as Scorpion delivered a massive uppercut that sent him flying fifteen in the air. Spider-man yelped in pain as he landed hard in the middle of the street. 'Yup I was right.' Just like Spider-man, Scorpion didn't give him anytime to recover. He wrapped his hands around Spider-man's throat and started squeezing.

"I going to make your eyes pop out of your skull." Scorpion seethed as Spider-man started clawing at his armored covered hands.

'Think web-head think.' Spider-man tried to remember one of Logan's self defense classes. 'Damn it.' Spider-man couldn't recall the lesson and he was starting to black out. Just as he was about to lose consciousness the move came to him. Spider-man lifted up his arms and swung them down hitting Scorpions elbows causing his grip to loosen. He followed up placing his feet on Scorpion's stomach and pushing as hard as he could. Scorpion was thrown through the air and landed hard on a car.

"Gotta (coughs) pay more (coughs) attention to those (coughs) classes." Spider-man gasped for air as he struggled to get up. Spider-man looked for Scorpion and saw him removing himself off the car. "Get over here!" Spider-man yelled as he shot a web-line and pulled Scorpion towards him meeting him with a fist of his own. Scorpion crashed into the car again then slumped over.

"Are we done, Gargan?" Spider-man yells out at the hopefully unconscious criminal. But much to his dismay Scorpion starts to get back up. "Guess not."

Scorpion charges at Spider-man tackling him to the ground. He then starts to hail punches down on him. After about five powerful hits Spider-man rolls backwards so that he's on top. Once on top Spider-man returns those punches with his own. Scorpion then wraps his tail around Spider-man's leg and slams him on the hood of a car. 'Oh yeah. Definitely hate tails.'

Spider sense

Spider-man rolls backwards off the car as the blade on Scorpion's tail pierces the hood. He webs the tail to the hood, then rips off a door jumps to the other side of the car and hits Scorpion with the door. Spider-man races towards Scorpion who was hit fifteen feet away from him but was met with a punch to the gut. His momentum combined with the force of the punch took Spider-man off his feet then sent flying twenty feet back.

Scorpion smirked as he saw Spider-man rolling on the ground clutching his stomach trying to get the air that was knocked of him back into his lungs. Once he caught his breathe Spider-man started screaming in pain causing Scorpion's smirk to grow. Spider-man suddenly lifted his mask exposing his mouth then threw up which was mixed with some blood. Scorpion slowly closed in on Spider-man enjoying his pain.

Once he got to Spider-man he picked him up by his throat then wrapped his tail around him. Scorpion squeezed his tail around Spider-man like a anaconda. Spider-man struggled to breathe but couldn't get any air into his lungs. After a few minutes of struggling Spider-man's body went limp. Seeing him stop struggling Scorpion couldn't help but laugh. "I did it! I finally killed him!" Scorpion let Spider-man's body drop as he continued laughing until it was interrupted by a certain wall crawler.

"Should've checked my pulse a-hole." Spider-man said as he got to his and delivered and uppercut. But he didn't stop there. Left hook to the side of the head. Straight right to the face. Left uppercut to the chin. Knee to the face.

Scorpion staggered back trying to stay in his feet but Spider-man pulled them from under him with his webs. He then ran towards Scorpion, jumped in the air and shot two web-lines at him. Still in the air Spider-man flipped swinging Scorpion in the air. Spider-man used the momentum of the flip and threw Scorpion down at great speed towards the ground causing it to crack under him.

Spider-man landed on the ground and waited to see if now it was over. "H-how? I killed you." Scorpion choked out.

"It's called playing dead Sherlock." Spider-man said as he delivered the knock out punch. Spider-man slowly walked towards the sidewalk then sat down on it.

"You have as much fun with your dance partner as I did?" Black Cat asked as she came up behind Spider-man and wrapped her arms his neck and pressed her chest against his back.

"Fun? Are you kidding me? That's mine!" Spider-man said pointing towards the pile of vomit.

"Gross. Well I did get the rookie and you got-"

"The veteran psychopath." Spider-man finished for her.

"Basically. Come on spider the police are coming and we both know how that story ends." Black Cat grabbed Spider-man from under his arms and helped him up.

"You mean you disappearing and me getting shot at." he muttered as they swung away.

Four hours later

Elaine Colls aka Scorpia sat in her holding cell. Unlike Scorpion she wasn't permanently attached to her suit. Which meant that she could be placed in normal cells. She was placed on the top floor which was ten stories high in a small room that had a good size window covered by bars. 'I swear when I get out of here I'm gonna kill that bi-"

"Hi." a voice suddenly spoke up from behind her.

"Aah!" Elaine yelled out in surprise not expecting someone outside her window.

"I scare ya?" Elaine turned around and saw Spider-man hanging upside down.

"Go to hell."

"Hey where's your silly suit Scorpia? Try saying that five times fast."

"You know what you can say five times fast Spider-jackass?"

"What she saying?" Black Cat asked leaning over the side of the building.

"Were just making small talk. Y'know talking tongue twisters." Spider-man replied.

"Is that the cat lady with you?"


"Tell her she's a dead women when I get outta here."

"What she saying now?"

"She said a women with a chest like yours shouldn't be able to move as fast as you do." Spider-man said as he pointed a finger at her.

"Tell her they act as a ballast."

"I will." Spider-man turned his attention back to Elaine. "Can you tell us who hired you two to whack Daniel?"

"I'm not telling you jack-" Elaine was cut off when something hit her in the back of her head. "Hey!"

"Either you tell me who hired you or I'm gonna hang outside your window all night hitting you with web-balls lady. And if that's not annoying enough I'll have Black Cat sing memories from Cats. Hit it cat!"

Black Cat stood on her knees and spread her arms out and started singing to the sky. "~Meeeem-ries! All alone on the pave-ment! I re-mem-ber I knew what hap-pi-ness was~" Black Cat continued to sing causing Elaine to give in.

"I don't know. I don't know. I don't know!" Elaine said as she covered her ears.

"Alright cat you got the part!" Spider-man shouted at her causing her to stop. "What do you mean you don't know?"

"Gargan brought me in after he took the job. All I was suppose to do is keep the cops off him and steal what I could off the crowd."

"Great." Spider-man climbed to the roof. "Looks like were gonna have to figure out who placed the hit ourselves."

"I'll see what my contacts know."

"I'll go home and see what I can found out online about Daniel." with that said Black Cat jumped off the building and swung away.

"Stop looking at my ass Peter." Black Cat yelled back teasing him.

Spider-man's eyes shot open when she said that. 'How'd she...women. Go figure.' Spider-man shook his head and swung away.

"Why the hell would somebody want to kill this guy?" Peter sat late at night at a computer in the library of the institute. He's been searching for any reason anyone would want to have him killed and he was coming up with nothing.

"What are you doing?" Peter turned away from the computer screen and saw Laura standing behind him. He looked at her and saw she saw wearing a black tank top and red pajama shorts that didn't cover much of her legs.

'Oh great first Black Cat now this. A man can only have so much control. Oh crap I'm staring at her legs.' Peter quickly averted his eyes a slight blush on his cheeks.

"Why are up so late?" Laura asked as she also looked away from him, her cheeks slightly red.

"Oh uh. There's a hit on this man Daniel Richmond and I'm trying to find a reason to why someone would want him dead."

"And you found nothing." Laura turned to face him.

"And I found nothing." Peter looked back at her.

"Scoot over." Peter slid over giving her room to sit on the chair. Peter sat there watching Laura type like a maniac until she was stopped by a firewall. He watched in awe as she hacked through the firewall in less then a minute. "I'm gonna ignore the fact that you just hacked a government mainframe."

After a few minutes of typing and searching Laura spoke up. "It seems Daniel Richmond is pushing strongly for the Navy to switch from using steel to poly-fiber."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"The Navy get their steel from Wicks Steel and Shipbuilding. And Wicks Steel makes 80% of their income from the Navy. So if the Navy switches to poly-fiber Wicks Steel would go bankrupt."

"So most likely some higher up from Wicks Steel put the hit on him to save the company." Peter finished the rest.

"Yes. So what will you do now?"

"Well since it's not some super baddie that put the hit out I'll just call a cop friend of mine." Peter got up and took out his phone.

"Super baddie?" Laura raised an eyebrow.

"That's hero talk."

"Sure it is."

Five minutes later

"Alright. That should wrap things up from my end." Peter closed his phone.

"So are you going back out there? Or are you going to bed?"

"Neither. There was an NCIS marathon on today and I recorded it. So I'm of to catch up on the episodes I haven't seen yet." Peter started walking to the door.

"NCIS?" Laura tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Your kidding right?" Peter turned around and gave her a incredulous look. Laura didn't answer instead she gave him a blank look. "Your coming with me." Peter said as he grabbed her arm and dragged her towards the living room.