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Point is, Uncle Ben and Aunt May try to take care of her as much as possible. That of course leads to her meeting Peter. That's basically the prologue of how they met and why Laura is the way she is. The writer can decide whether to go into detail about how Laura begins to warm up to Peter (remember her parents were killed in front of her (mom possible raped), so she isn't some normal kid) or skip ahead. I personally would like to see how Peter gets Laura to come out of her shell, for him and his aunt and uncle at least.

The main point would revolve around when Peter gets his powers and Laura's mutant powers start acting up. They won't tell each other, too scared how the other will react so they try to hide it. That's the main points that I have in my head.

Their relationship will be kind of an opposites attract one. Peter is the fun one, the talker, the positive outlook on life guy. Laura on the other hand will be the listener, the cynical one, and the protector. Bullies try to mess with Peter, she puts them down while Peter fills the silence and keeps her from lost in dark thoughts. He'll kind be like her conscience, and they'll be inseparable.

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"I don't understand." Laura said as she turned to Peter.

"Don't understand what?" Peter paused the TV and turned towards her.

"How does a man like that become a federal agent." she asked pointing at the screen.

"Who? Tony?" Peter questioned.

"Yes. He reminds me of you."

"I'll take that as complement."

"It's not. He acts like a child as do you." Laura deadpanned.

"That's part of our charm." Peter defended.

"Charm?" Laura raised an eyebrow and gave him a skeptical look. "What charm?"

"Don't act like you don't know. How else would you explain you, Laura, the rough, tough, punching stuff, girl being here with me?"

"You're an idiot, and you dragged me here." she replied.

"And you stayed." Peter countered. "So, how do you like it?"

"It's ok." Laura shrugged her shoulders.

"Just ok?" Peter looked at her suspiciously before deciding to test her indifference. "Fine. I guess I was just wasting your time." Peter reached for the remote only for Laura to grab his wrist causing him to smirk.

". . . . What are you doing?" Laura asked.

"I'm turning off the TV since it's just 'ok'."

". . . . Are you really going to make me say it?" Laura mumbled.

"Yes, I believe I am." Peter confirmed as he leaned back into the couch and crossed his arms while the smirk grew.

Damn him.

"I like it. Happy?" Laura huffed.

"Now was that so hard?" Peter teased before he hit the play button on the remote. "Sheesh. I can't believe you never watched NCIS. Next thing you know you're going to be saying you never watched The Simpsons." Laura just stared blankly at him in response to his words.

"You're joking right? There's no way you couldn't have watched The Simpsons . . . . Oh crap, you're serious." he said when he saw her blank face remain. "Where were you raised? The moon?"

Laura couldn't help but flashback to her past when Peter asked her that question. A feeling of loneliness and dread started to creep up on Laura as her memories flooded her mind, but luckily Peter brought her out of her thoughts when he saw her breathing slowly getting heavier.

"Laura? You ok?" he asked concerned about her reaction.

"Y-Yes. I'm fine." she stuttered slightly flashes from her past still fresh in her mind. Wanting to regain her composure she quickly pushed them to the back of her mind and calmed herself before addressing Peter. "I'm going to assume that you're going to show me 'The Simpsons' correct?"

"You bet your butt, I am." Peter quickly searched the internet using a laptop that was connected to the TV. "Alright, we're starting from the beginning, but there's over four-hundred episodes so it's going to take a while to watch all of them. So, I propose that we meet here every weekend around three to five a.m. What do you think?"

Luckily for the both of them their powers allowed their bodies to produce less fatigue toxins than an ordinary human, that meant that they could have less sleep and still function normally. Of course, Laura's powers were far better at dealing with fatigue than Peter's, but his were the second best amongst the students.

"What about your 'extracurricular activates'?" Laura questioned. Even though Peter's abilities allowed him to accumulate fatigue at a slower rate, him going out and being Spider-man would produce more fatigue toxins especially when he took little time off.

"Damn, you're right." Peter supported his chin with his hand. 'I usually like to spend all night out on the weekends since I have no lessons, but if I do this that means I'll have less time to spend as Spider-man. But, is that so bad? It's not that much time and it'll help me recover from all these recent fights.' Peter debated internally until he came to his answer.

"It should be fine. You said it yourself, I won't be saving anyone if I die, and I've been fighting a lot of super baddies lately so I could use the time to recover. Anyways, there have been a few new heroes popping up lately."

"Like?" a curious Laura asked. She was interested in knowing of more people willing to risk their lives for people they didn't even know.

"The New Warriors, Daredevil, some weirdo named Moon Knight, Luke Cage, I met him once he's cool, oh and Black Cat's back." Peter listed the names of what he dubbed "The Rookie Heroes".

"Black Cat?" Laura raised a suspicious eyebrow at the name. It just. . . . didn't sit right with her.

"What about her?"

"You smiled when you said her name. Why?" Laura questioned.

"Oh, well, we kinda use to date." Peter smiled sheepishly while Laura's eye twitched when he said that.

What was that?

Laura was more than a little confused as to why her eye twitched, but she could think about it later.

"We're getting off track." Laura stated.

"Oh, right. So, like I was saying, with all these new heroes I think I can afford to stay home a little more. Besides, you need some serious catching up to do. Luckily for you I'm more than willing to be your guide."

"How generous of you." the sarcasm wasn't lost on Peter but it was easily ignored.

"Ah, don't be like that. You'll love it, I promise." Peter said as he stuck out his pinky.

"What are you doing?" Laura raised an eyebrow as she stared at his pinky.

"It's a pinky promise." Peter explained.

"No." Laura refused as she crossed her arms. It seemed to childish, so it didn't surprise her that Peter was suggesting such a thing.

He was childish.

"Come on. Don't be shy."

"Peter, if you don't put that finger away, I will break it." Laura threatened.

"So, I'm just gonna put this away." Peter used his other hand to curl his pinky into his hand. "But, I will get you to pinky promise one day. I swear it."

"Don't hold your breath."

A few hours later, a pair of emerald green eyes snapped opened before they darted in all directions. They quickly took in their surroundings, helping reassure Laura that she was in a safe place. The reason for the girl's slightly frantic state was simple.

A person was their most vulnerable when they were asleep.

Laura didn't like feeling vulnerable.

That's the reason she was only comfortable sleeping near two people. The first was Logan, her father figure. The next was her roommate, Wanda; although, that didn't come easily, not that Wanda was even trying to gain her trust. Wanda was just simply being herself and if Laura didn't like her, well, she could just screw herself. That exact attitude was the reason Laura came to like and trust Wanda.

But as she looked to her right, where she felt a weight on her shoulder, Laura saw that she seemed to have added a third person to that list. No matter how tired she was, Laura wouldn't have fallen asleep next to Peter, let alone let him use her shoulder to sleep on, if she didn't feel comfortable around him.

But that realization made her wonder about her relationship with Peter.

It advanced so quickly that it astounded her.

She would've delved into why she was so comfortable around Peter but she decided to save it for school. It wasn't like they would teach her something she didn't already know. That would the perfect time to think about their relationship.

She was brought out of her thoughts when her eyes caught the time on a clock, six in the morning, and she didn't want anyone walking in on them. She could practically hear the gossiping and snickering.

Laura really didn't feel like dealing with that crap.

So, she got up, making sure not to wake up Peter, and headed towards the Danger Room. She could use a quick work out before school.

Laura let out a sigh as she turned her head from the teacher and looked out the window. She already knew what he was teaching, she knew everything all the teachers were teaching.

They taught her in The Facility.

They taught her a lot of things and not all of them were about killing.

Because of that she found herself utterly bored in school. When she was first enrolled in Bayville High School she questioned Xavier the reason for her enrollment when she already knew what they were teaching.

Apparently, he wanted her to learn what it was like to live the life of a normal teenage girl. That was rather ridiculous in her opinion. She could never be a normal teenage girl. She was a mutant, so being normal was out of the picture in the first place, and on top of that she was a trained killer.

One couldn't forget she was a clone.

A clone of a man who was the best at what he does and what he does wasn't very nice.

But, despite all that, she supposed it did have its uses.

Being in school did allow her sometime to think to herself without too much noise, that was next to impossible at the institute. So, blocking out the teacher's voice, Laura began to try to understand why she took to Peter in such a short amount of time.

At first it dumbfounded her.

He was childish, talkative, and immature.

She knew the first and last were the same thing but it was the best way to describe him.

Normally, she found those traits annoying, Bobby and Kurt being examples. But with Peter it was . . . . different.

The question was: Why was it different?

She went back through her mind and remembered the day she first met him. It was then when she remembered the emotions she saw in his eyes.

Yes, that was it.

That's why he was different.

Below the cheerful and childlike exterior was, to put it simply, pain.

Laura was extremely good at reading people. It was one of the things she learned at the Facility. Not everything was: kill that person. She also had to find the identity of the target like a needle in a haystack, which meant she had to be able to read people.

So, she was confident in her ability to read someone, and what she saw in his eyes is what caught her interest.

Peter was hurt by the world.

The world betrayed him just like it betrayed her.

She was born (created) into a horrible situation due to no fault of her own. She didn't ask to be a trained killer. She didn't ask for the pain they put her through when she resisted.

Yet, she got it anyways.

Peter's once said his parents died in a plane crash, but she knew that there was more that he was hiding. She knew he had lost much more than that, and from what she could see, he held a great amount of guilt because of it.

The world had taken what he held precious away from him, that much she could guess. But, he didn't react the way she did. After all the pain she was put through, Laura turned into a caged animal. She always felt like she was backed into a corner, so she reacted by lashing out at everything. She was always on guard, expecting the world to hurt her once again.

But Peter, he was different.

Unlike her, he didn't curse or blame the world for his pain.

No, he did the opposite.

He put his life on the line to protect the world and its people. He disregarded his own safety and did everything within his power to protect complete and utter strangers. He didn't resent the innocent and naïve people who didn't know the horrors of the world like she once did.

It's only thanks from the professor that she no longer harbored such hatred.

That's why she was so interested in Peter.

Maybe deep down she wanted to learn from him.

To learn to get over her past because she still had issues, that was no doubt. They may not be as pronounced as they once were, but she still had them. Laura couldn't help but sigh in relief after she got to the root of her relationship with Peter. If she would be perfectly honest it actually amazed her that someone so childish could be so selfless.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Selfless and responsible.

He was a far better person than she was.

Maybe she could learn from him.



Peter hated knocking.

Specifically knocking on his door when he was getting a good, in the middle of the day, sleep. Last night's fight with Scorpion took a bigger toll on him then he thought, so he decided to stay in and rest up. If the good ole' Parker luck stayed true, he would be fighting another super villain really soon, which meant he needed his rest.

"Go away." Peter groaned. "I don't want to go to school today." he then wrapped his blanket around him and buried his face into his pillow.

"Like, have you been asleep the whole day?" Kitty questioned after she let herself in.

"Depends?" Peter mumbled.

"On?" it was Rogue who asked the question causing Peter to peek his head out of his blanket.

"What time is it?"

"Seeing as we're here to tell you dinner is ready . . . ." Rogue trailed off.

"Then yes, I've been asleep all day." Peter sat up and ran his hand through his hair. "Don't judge me."

"Whatever." Rogue rolled her eyes as she left the room followed by Kitty.

"That was a good nap." Peter mumbled as he got up and made his way to the dining room.

They ate like the usual, joking, fighting, and food throwing, all of which Peter ignored. Normally, Peter would've joined in on the chaos, but to put it simply, he was freaking tired. So, he quietly ate his food and ignored everything around him, occasionally dodging flying food.

"Like Pete, we were thinking of going to one of the malls in New York," Kitty started, "you like wanna come?"

"I don't kn-" Peter began to answer but cut himself off so he could reconsider his answer.

There was nothing wrong with going to the mall was there?

He said it to Laura last night (technically early in the morning) there were more heroes out there to do the saving. And if anything went down he was already in New York, so he could just make up an excuse and do his hero thing.

"You know what, sure that sounds cool."

"Oh my gosh! Really?! That is like, so cool!" Kitty perked up immensely at Peter's response.

"Uh. Don't you think you're overreacting a little?" at least that was Peter's opinion. It wasn't like he was the cool guy at school or something. He could see Kitty reacting that way if he was, but it was quite the opposite for Peter.

"Like no. You never hang out, Peter. Never. This will be like the first time." huh, now that he thought about it, it was true.

"So, do you have any recommendations on which mall to go to?" Jean asked causing Peter to snort.

"Nah. I know it's hard for you to believe, but I wasn't the mall type." Peter joked. "The only times I did go to the mall was with-"

Harry and MJ.

The times he spent with those two suddenly came flying back to him causing him to go uncharacteristically quiet. His sudden silence didn't go unnoticed but Laura, who was sitting in front if him, was the only one who could see the emotions flashing through his eyes.




She quickly identified those emotions and once again her curiosity was peeked. She wanted to know what happened to him and how he could act so cheerful, but it wasn't the time or place to question him.

He wanted to keep his past a secret and she respected that.

That's why she kicked him in the shin so Peter could snap out of his daze before someone could question him on his sudden change.

"Ow!" Peter was brought out of his painful memories in a not so pleasurable way. "What the hell?!" Laura didn't answer him verbally; instead, she looked him in the eye and motioned them to the sides.

'Oh.' Peter mentally mumbled as he saw everyone looking at him, waiting for him to finish his sentence. "Sorry. Kinda got lost in memories." he said in sheepish tone, in an attempt to cover up the negative emotions he was experiencing earlier.

It worked for the most part.

Everyone chuckled at Peter before breaking into multiple conversations, leaving Peter to absentmindedly pick at his food. While everyone talked amongst themselves, Laura just stared at Peter with a frown on her face.

"I hate when that happens." Peter mumbled as he stared at the ceiling of his room from his bed.

The memories of the Harry and MJ kept flashing in his head ever since dinner and he was trying his best to forget them. That of course, led him to feel extremely guilty for trying to do such a thing which resulted in him being confused as what to do.

In wasn't the first time he was in such a predicament.

Of course, the forgetting them was just temporary; some days the memories of them were clearer than others.

Maybe he should go out and so some Spider-man. . . ing?

Maybe not.

For some reason, the thought of going out just exhausted him. Maybe all the fatigue his body built up from drowning himself in his duties as Spider-man had finally caught up to him.

The sound of his door opening and closing caught his attention and thankfully led him away from his guilt ridden thoughts.

". . . . What?" Peter questioned since Laura (the person who entered his room as if it was hers, he didn't mind though) simply folded her arms, leaned against his door, and stared at him with a critical eye.

"So, you're actually going spend your free time not swinging around New York?"

"You make it sound like I'm obsessed." Peter snorted as he sat up. Laura didn't verbally answer and instead merely raised an eyebrow. "I'm not . . . . Ok, I may lean towards the obsessed side . . . just a little." he conceded.

"Yes, just a little." Laura shook her head.

"Well," Peter began as he returned to her earlier question, "like I said last night, or this morning, it's not like I'm the only hero in New York. There's been a lot running around lately, so a small break wouldn't hurt."

"That and we'll already be in New York so if something happens you'll just run off." Laura supplied the rest causing Peter to give a nervous chuckle.

"Ah, you know me well." Peter replied before he gave a few owlish blinks as his brain locked in on one word Laura said. "We? You're going to? No offense but, you don't really seem like the mall type."

The stoic Laura gave no answer, but she did look away to the side.

"Jean and Kitty are forcing you to go aren't they?"

". . . . Wanda and Rouge as well." that made sense to Peter. Those three weren't really the type to go to malls but neither was he so he couldn't talk.

"Well, it won't hurt for you to do some things any other kid our age would do." he supplied causing Laura to uncharacteristically snort.

"That's a little hypocritical." Laura retorted quickly.

"Harsh." Peter winced before glancing at his clock.


Everyone should be in their rooms sleeping or getting ready to at least.

"But, you're right." Peter performed a kip-up from his bed and landed right in front of Laura with a grin on his face. "So, let's do something kids our age do."

"And that would be?"

"Watching TV." not giving her anytime to respond, Peter grabbed Laura by her wrist and pulled her out of his room and down the hall. "Time to resume your education."

"Oh, joy." Laura mumbled but didn't resist.

How Peter could go from the pained memories she knew he was experiencing when she entered his room to such a merry mood Laura couldn't fathom. But, hopefully one day, she would know.

"That's child abuse." Laura stated as she watched the fat, yellow man choke his rebellious son. "I'm surprised someone like yourself would enjoy such a show."

"It's just a show, Laura." Peter sighed as he passed the TV. "It's not like I'm sponsoring it." they both snorted at the thought as an image of The Simpsons logo stitched on his Spider-man costume.

"You'd look even more ridiculous than you normally do." Laura simply stated.

"What are you talking about? When do I ever look ridiculous?" he honestly had no idea what that crazy lady was talking about. There was no way she could be talking about his Spider-man uniform.

No way at all.

"You swing around the city in a onesie." Laura deadpanned. "The answer to your question should be obvious."

"Whoa. I do not wear a onesie." Peter defended. "It's a seven piece uniform. And it's awesome."

"Uniform?" Laura raised an eyebrow and the slight humor in her voice wasn't lost on Peter. "I think you mean costume."

"Why do people keep saying that? It's a uniform."

"You keep telling yourself that." Laura rolled her eyes at his exasperation.

"A uniform is defined as a distinctive outfit intended to identify those who wear it as members of a specific group. I'm in the hero group." Peter threw his hands in the air.

Laura couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle at Peter's childish antics. There was no denying the fact that she acted different around him. He was just so carefree and warm, so much so that he created an atmosphere that made anyone, including her, relax. The carefree atmosphere helped chase away the traumatic memories that drifted around in her mind.

Yes, even though she would deny it, she truly enjoyed Peter's company.

"Well, everyone here thinks it's a onesie." Laura stated causing Peter to splutter.

"Are you serious?"

"Are you?"

"Right, forgot, you're too cool for jokes." Peter replied. "But, anyways, what were you saying before?"

"Kurt once bought a red onesie and pretended to be you." Laura supplied an example to combat Peter's defense of his "uniform".

"What? Really?" his question was answered with a simple nod of her head. " . . . . . Hahahahahahahaha!" oh, he wish he could actually see it instead of picturing it in his head.

"Well," Peter wiped a tear from his eye, "with his blue skin he's got the colors down."

"He can climb on walls as well." Laura added, seeing Peter laugh so wholeheartedly was . . . . impressive.

Laura couldn't help but wonder if she could be laughing like that someday.

"You, ok?" Peter questioned drawing her from her thoughts.

"Just thinking."


"A fantasy."

"Um. . . ok." Peter said unsure of how to respond to the now somber Laura. Normally he would crack a joke but even he knew when to shut up, and he had a feeling that moment was one of those times.

An awkward silence (at least for Peter) ensued, so to end it Peter reached for the remote but halted his action. Would it be disrespectful and insensitive to just brush off whatever Laura was thinking about? It was obvious it wasn't a happy matter. It was most likely something that had to do with her past (he heard about the other students' past and most of them weren't happy ones) but did he really have a place to ask or talk about someone else's past?

After all, he was the one that lied about his and had multiple more lies ready if anyone started asking questions. He would be a hypocrite if he tried to bring Laura's up. But, at the same time, should that keep him from helping a friend?

A friend that gave him strange feelings.

Laura watched Peter become lost in thought and although she wasn't exactly sure what was going through his head (he was far more complex than most would think) she was sure it was something along the lines of him wondering if he should brush off whatever Laura was thinking about.

'Always concerned about someone else.' Laura couldn't but admire that trait about him. She also couldn't but wonder if she was getting easier to read or if it was just around Peter that she let her stoic mask crack. 'I'm getting soft.'

Taking another glance at Peter whose hand was still halted halfway toward the remote, Laura couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle while slowly shaking her head.

"You're an idiot." was all she said before she grabbed the remote and pressed play.

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