Hidden deep within Narnia there is secret tomb that few knew about, and in this tomb lays a sleeping princess whose beauty only continues to grow as she sleeps, unaware of what has been going on in her kingdom for the last hundred years. A survivor of a war that claimed the life of her family and conquered her kingdom, she is the sole surviving member of Narnia's Royal Family. Although her survival has provided hope, the white witch placed a terrible and irreversible curse on the young princess – the gift of time. The princess ages at a much slower rate and was forced to watch her family leave this world without her. Until for unknown reasons she fell into a deep sleep and has yet to awake. However a prophecy made by the Princess' deceased mother before her death, has provided hope for those who wish to see peace returned to Narnia. The prophecy foretold that four children who came from the same land that the princess' ancestors came from would come and free Narnia from the tyranny of the white witch. "When Adam's flesh and Adam's bone Sits at Cair Paravel in throne, The evil time will be over and done." It is rumored that only when Aslan, the two sons of Adam and the two daughters of Eve are all in Narnia, can the last princess of Narnia awake…

"It is time for you to wake, Issa."

The voice was like a bright light in a cloud of fog and moments later a pair of sea blue eyes slowly opened and blinked several times as they adjusted to the dimly lit room before a small fit of coughs erupted. "She's awake… Caldor, get the others." A female voice said from somewhere in the room.

From where she was laying, Issa couldn't see who had just spoken so she forced herself to sit up, which took more effort than Issa could have thought as he body felt incredibly stiff and head felt like it was swimming in the clouds as she was do drowsy. It took a while for her eyes to a just but when they did she looked around and Issa found herself to be sitting or rather laying on a stone table with a cover lightly draped over her bottom half. Looking around she had seen the person or rather the cheetah that she had presumed had been the one to speak. Before she could say a word, more animals came into the large room that Issa found herself to be in and they all bowed. "Where am I?" Issa finally asked, her voice sounding rather hoarse and strained.

"We're in a underground tomb that was made so that the white witch could never find you whilst you slept, your highness…" A male faun said.

"Where are Plymous and the others?" Issa asked as the animals all looked away and said nothing but their silence spoke volumes and the princess understood that it meant that they were dead. "How long have they been gone?"

"Plymous passed seventy five years ago he was the last of the original guard to last the longest, the others all died before he did. Ever since other's have been watching over you since you've slept Princess Issa." A male centaur replied.

Seventy five years… Issa thought to herself as she glanced at her hands, which had never changed still looking the same as her thirteen year old self had last remembered them. "How long have I been sleeping for?"

"What do you remember Princess?" The centaur asked.

"I-I remember some things… like being rescued from the witch's palace. Everything else is so muddled and I can't seem to recall anything else until a few minutes ago." Issa wearily began as she turned back to the two centaurs, fauns, cheetahs and the horse that all stood by the marble table. "What happened to me? How did I get here? Why have I been sleeping for so long?"

No one said anything until one of the faun's step forward. "We only know as much as what's been passed on to us from your previous guards, your highness but from what we know… Is that after you were rescued from the white witch you fell into a deep sleep. You were placed in here for your own protection where you've been sleeping for the past hundred years."

Princess Issa nodded as the faun informed her of what had been going on in the outside world as she slept and she tried her hardest not to cry. She had been asleep for a hundred years and everyone who she had ever known had died during that time. Issa just sat there for a while as she allowed her mind to get clearer so she could try and remember what it was she was missing. After a while the fog in her mind started to clear she could recall that the white witch had taken over the kingdom. Issa remembered the war in which Jadis had conquered Narnia and had her family killed before the white witch placed the curse on her, which caused her age at slow rate to which Issa would only die at the end of Narnia's time. "Then why have I woken? After all this time why now do I suddenly wake?" Issa asked softly as if she was asking herself the question that the animals in front of her.

"Your highness, do you remember the prophecy? The one your mother reiterated before she died" The female centaur asked but the princess didn't respond. "When Adam's flesh and Adam's bone–"

"–Sits at Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done…" Issa finished much to the relief of everyone in front of her. Everyone in narnia knew of that prophecy but most of the time it had been ignored since they had lived in mostly peaceful times until the white witch made her move to conquer Narnia. Issa's mother Genevieve had 'the gift' of seeing the future and weeks before she was killed she had reiterated an ancient prophecy made before Narnia was creates, right in front of the white witch. "What does have to do with me?"

The female cheetah who Issa heard when she first awoke spoke up. "Because you are supposed to help bring the white witch down Princess, over the years it's be told that only when, the two sons of Adam and the two daughters of Eve and Aslan are all in Narnia, can you finally awake…"

"Your awakening means that they are finally here and there have been rumors that Aslan is on the move and building up an army!" The other faun said, struggling to contain his excitement.

Issa nodded slowly and took a baited breath before she spoke. Aslan, the true King of Narnia… it was now starting to make a bit more sense to Issa. "I heard his voice, Aslan's… he was the one who told me to wake up."

"Then we must leave here right away and make our way to Aslan, to join the fight. It'll only be amount of time before the white witch finds out about the children, Aslan and your awakening Princess Issa." The white horse, who had not spoken at all during the whole conversation finally said as he lowered himself down as they all looked at Issa with heavy but expectant eyes.