The years went by in a rather glorious manner during the Golden Age, which was what the reign of the Pevensie siblings was called. It was hard to believe that Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were so unsure of themselves when they had first arrived in Narnia and now they were beloved by everyone in Narnia. For Issa it was weird watching them all grown whilst she stayed the same it was bittersweet in a way because Issa liked how she was able to watch them grown and develop into confident rulers but sad because she's never be like that.

"Are you sure that you don't want to come hunting with us?" Lucy asked as Issa watched her four friends get ready to leave in the castle stables.

"I'm quite content with letting the four of you go off and try and find the white stag. I've told you already that's it's damn near impossible to find it and many of narnia's have tired their luck and whilst I think the whole thing is silly, if you four think you can do what other's can't then who am I to stop you." Issa quipped with a small smile on her face.

"If you sure…" Peter teased.

"She's already said that she was sure!" Edmund interrupted clearly in a rush to get things going along but no so much that he flashed Issa a bright smile that made her giggle. The four pevensie's may be older but they hadn't changed too much from when they were younger, they had just become wise and just a tad more mature. Although there were moments when they acted like children again, much to Issa's amusement.

"Well if you need anything, you can always find us with you mirror." Susan replied.

"Goodbye your majesties!" Issa replied in a singsong tone of voice waving her four friends off before heading back into the palace. It was good that the four of them had some time to have some of fun given that the previous year had been quite tremulous to say the least given the whole Prince Rabadash thing. Silly and not to mention quite unsavory prince had wanted to marry Susan but in a rather forced manner. Susan who had been visiting Rabadash's home of Tashbaan with Edmund had escaped but then Rabadash had invaded Archenland and then tried to do the same with Narnia. A long story short thankfully it never happened as Rabadash had been turned into a donkey by Aslan and they some how managed to stumble across the lost heir to the throne of Archenland; Prince Corin – who had been named after Issa's deceased brother.

Now that all the nonsense was over both Narnia and it's neighboring countries were all at peace once again much to the delight of Issa who had decided to spend the afternoon reading. Getting engrossed in her book Issa didn't realize someone was knocking on the door of her bedroom until the knocking became even more apparent. Opening the door Issa saw that it was Jessup, one of the fawns that had protected her whilst she was asleep and made sure she reached Aslan's camp. "Jessup how may I help you?"

"Your highness I bring urgent news, the Kings and Queens are gone." Jessup announced in a rather agitated manner.

"Gone? What do you mean they're gone? Jessup them went hunting for the white stag, surely you would have heard that given it was Tumnus who told their majesties that the white stag was once again in Narnia..." Issa said with a shake of her head.

"Princess Issa… their horses came back and said that their majesties had disappeared and have yet to return, all four horses are in the stable requesting to speak to you about the matter." Jessup replied swallowing a large lump in his throat.

"Find Oreius, explain what is going on and get him to meet me in the stables and don't say another work to anyone about this…" Issa said remaining as calm as she could, there was probably some big explanation to this so there was no reason to jump to the worst but none the less Issa grabbed her cloak and her magic mirror before she made her way down to the stables.

"Your highness…" Oreius began.

Issa just nodded as she made her way over to Phillip, who had been faithfully serving Edmund since he had arrived in narnia. "Philip, do you think can you take us to where you last saw their majesties?"

"Of course M'lady, climb on." Philip said and taking another of many deep breaths, Issa mounted the already saddled Philip and as soon as they did off were the two of them along with Oreius. According to Philip, all four Pevensie's were last seen in the Lantern Waste which was on the other side of Narnia. For what would have taken some days to get to on foot, it took them less than two hours for them to get there.

"So this was the last place you saw them Philip?" Issa questioned as she dismounted Philip and looked around to see if she could see any trace of her friends.

"Yes your highness, Queen Lucy saw the lamppost and she got of her horse and murmured something about 'spare oom' and then she ran between those trees over then and their majesties followed her." Philip informed Issa.

Issa thought momentarily before it all came back to her, she had been here before and knew of the lamppost here and what it meant to them. How they went through a wardrobe and ended up in narnia. All four Pevensie's disappearing here of all places could only mean one thing; they had returned home the same way they came to Narnia. "Oh my…"

"Princess Issa, what is it?" Oreius asked but Issa just shook her head as she took out her mirror out of inside her clock. Issa's hands were shaking as she held the mirror because this was the only thing that could confirm her worst fears. And she didn't want them to be true but this was the only way to find out where her friends were.

"Show me the four kings and queens of narnia." Issa told the mirror and moments later the mirror shone a bright light before it faded to reveal what Issa was seeking and there they were, sitting in some room that Issa didn't recognize, talking to each other although Issa could hear what they were talking about and back to the age each of the Pevensie's were when they had first come to Narnia. Issa stopped herself from crying and took a deep breath. "Their gone… All of them are gone, they're back in their own world…"

Oreius and Philip both looked at each before turning their attention back to Issa and after a moment she finally looked at them both, with no idea what else to say. Their Kings and Queens were gone and it didn't look like they were coming back and Issa struggled to figure what she needed to do or what was going to happen. Both Oreius bowed their heads to Issa who had no idea what they were doing at time like this and she was going to ask until Oreius lifted his head back up and said the four words that shocked Issa to the core.

"Long live the Queen…"

The End.

Thanks for reading everyone! There is a sequel to this which i'm going to post the first chapter to sometime this week, it's going to be called; The Lone Queen of Narnia so keep an eye out for it!