(This is what I want to be happened between Jae Shin and Yong Ha in episode 14)

The night Jae Shin was hurt, Jae Shin asked Yoon Hee to leave Yong Ha's room and sleep in her room with Sun Joon. Yong Ha keep it silence and continue to press Jae Shin's wound with damp clothes. After the wound clean and stop bleeding, he put licorice root on the wound and covers it with a bandage.

"There. You'll be okay in few days" Yong Ha said with a relieved tone and a little smirk.

Jae Shin takes a deep breath, "Thank you"

There a time when Jae Shin realized that he never treats Yong Ha properly but Yong Ha never give up on him. Yong Ha's words keep lingering in his mind: I will fight you till one of your side burst open. I always need him by my side, it's just I don't know how to tell him. Why he had to fight me just to be with me. Why did I make it difficult? Why I keep push him away when all he offered was true companionship. Who will stay with his angst, high tempered and bad attitude? It's obvious he won't survive without him but yet it's Yong Ha who need to scratch a way in to his side. How unfair ...

"Yong Ha...", Jae Shin called Yong Ha in a weak voice.

Yong Ha with sleepy face answered, "What?"


Yong Ha get confused, "mmh?"

"Stay... beside me... no matter what.."

A smile rise in Yong Ha face, the words he's been waiting all along to verify that he wants him too.. It's all Yong Ha need, a permission to fight side by side with the one he trust the most..