Three bikers rode silently down a Chicago street taking in everything. It looked like their home. It was mined; the streets had deep rifts, the buildings were crumbling, no one was out, and it looked like no hope could be found in this part of Chicago. It was lifeless. The three bikers rode in silence till…

"Hey bros listen to this." A tall tan man with fingerless gloves, blue jeans, a black vest, and a chrome helmet hiding his face revved his chrome bike it made a clanking sputtering sound that made the bike sound as if it would die any minute now.

Pulling over to the curb of the torn up tattered street the riders dismounted.

"Any of you two know a good mechanic here?" His voice held humorous sarcasm. "No, but I bet that place might have someone." A white hand pointed to a worn down garage that looked like it had seen the last of its days. The green paint was peeling off a door, the bricks were covered in graffiti, some windows were chipped probably some even broken, the sign that had the writing Last Chance Garage with a Harley Davidson above it was tilting just a bit. The only thing giving even the slightest evidence of life was a light shining through some of the windows.

"You're joking right? Please tell me you're joking!" A smoky colored man with jeans, no shirt, a biomechanical right arm, armored chest plating, and a dark purple helmet stared at the white biker in comical horror who also wore blue jeans, no shirt, a red bandana, with a red helmet shook his head.

"Oh momma." "Hey it's the best chance we got, besides were else are we going to find a mechanic this close?" Chuckling like a manic the white male took a step back. "I'll go check it out." With that he was gone.

"He's your brother." The tan male tilted his head toward the other male who looked at him through his darkened visor. "Oh no he's yours."

A young female with dark short raggedy brown hair, icy blue eyes, pale skin, a black long sleeved shirt, black pants, and shoes, with a wrench clutched in her black finger nailed polished hand stood facing the one man that she hoped she would never see again.

"C'mon girly, Mister Limburger is offering half as much as this place is worth." A man with a red hat, blue overalls, and brown boots, with grease dripping from all over his body stood in front of her with a pin and a contract.

Growling like a feral animal she shook her head no. "If I told ya once I've told once too many, NO! And if that don't clarify what I mean then lets' try uh HELL NO!" "Alright girly I tried being nice, now things are going to get ugly." Running at her she slid out of the way avoiding being grabbed, but for his case as she dodged she hit his crotch with the wrench. He collapsed grabbing himself.

"You're going to pay for that." Jumping up he grabbed her ankles yanking it out from under her. She figured he would beat her but she wouldn't let him. Not without a fight. Raising her wrench to bring it down she was stopped by a voice.

"Bullying kids! Man, so not cool!"

Kid? She was no kid.

A whip like thing came from the white male in front of her. It wrapped around her tormentor's legs jerking them out from under him making his chin come in contact with the concrete floor.

"YEOW! Face meet concrete, concrete meet face." The man cackled like a wild Hyena, it kinda creeped her out. Before she could move she was grabbed in a giant arm with a blade pressed to her neck. She remained calmed. No sooner had that happened had another whip grabbed his arm releasing her and throwing the grease monster into a wall.

"Need some help bro?" Looking up to her left she saw a tan man and behind him a smoky colored man. Just where the hell are all these weirdoes coming from?

"Aw man! You always hog the fun." A deep velvety chuckle came from the tan male. No reply could be made as a door being slammed opened was heard. "I'll get youse later. Just you wait." With that the fight was through.

Standing up and brushing herself off she muttered. "Well, that was interesting," while she grabbed her wrench.

Looking at her "saviors" she noticed that their skin was covered by fur. "Great pimps." Was her bitter thought. They stared at her.

"WHAT?" Her snappy tone made them jump. "Yeesh, whatever happened to a "thank you"?"

Suppressing the erg to roll her eyes she gritted her teeth. "Thank you. Are you happy now?" "Oh momma, someone's gotta temper on 'em." Stalking over to her tools she laid her wrench down in its proper place. Looking around the room at all three of them she took a deep sigh. "You boys need something?" "Yeah, we're looking for a mechanic. My bike it's making some weird noises."

"Well bring it in. I'll get the tools that I'll need set out." Reaching to the first shelf she grabbed a tool bag that she specifically used for bikes. All three stared at her as if she had grown two heads. "Are your parents' home? We'd like to talk to the person who owns the place." Of course they would say and ask that. Turning around she flashed a brilliant smile. "Sure."

Walking over to the end of her work bench she grabbed an old stainless steel photograph and handed it to the smoky colored male. "This is my mom and this is my dad. Say hi." The male blinked at her a few times. "Uh…what I meant was can I see your mom and dad, you know face to face?" Smiling coly at him she took her photograph back. "Sure you can. You just need to go to the grave yard with a shovel and dig six feet deep. Oh before I forget the last names Creech."

All three deadpanned. "Oh I'm sorry." She snorted. "Yeah well I'm not." If she could see their faces she'd die of laughter. Each one held comical horror mixed with a confused flustered look. Pulling themselves together the tan male walked up behind her. "May we talk to the owner, employee, or manager?" Turning around to face him she very coolly informed him. "You're looking at her!" To say they were shocked was an understatement they were beyond shocked. "Just how old are you kid?" Staring at the man in frustration with her fist locked she growled. It didn't faze him a bit. "Maeve." "What?" He just cocked his head. All three of the males did. "Maeve my name is Maeve." And just as an afterthought. "I'm twelve, and I'm not a kid. I'm a mechanic and a damned good one at that. I've fixed plenty of cars, bikes, and trucks, so if you don't want nothing fixed get out. I have more important things to do than to entertain your sorry asses." Turning around to put her bag back up since there is no way these guys are going to let her check on the tan man's bike.

"Names Throttle." Facing the man once again she couldn't help but think "Throttle, what is he a spare part?" Pointing to the one in the corner Throttle pointed to the white male. "That's Vincent, Vin, or Vinney, for short." Throwing a thumb behind him to the last male he said, "And that big guy there is Modo." Modo's name reminded her to much of Mojo. She couldn't help but think "Okay here's Mojo, but where's his JoJo." A hand on her shoulder snapped her out of her thoughts. Throttle leaned down in her face or as she calls it her "bubble". "I'd like my bike looked over by an adult not a twelve year old pipsqueak, and I'm only ganna ask you this once. Please refrain from using that language."

She couldn't believe it. He had no right what so ever to scold her. "Fuck you asshole. Why the hell should I, I can't even see your fucking faces." Her voice was a near growl and her icy blue eyes were burning like fire. The hand on her shoulder squeezed a little bit, but not enough to hurt her. "You want to see our faces fine."

Removing his hand he and his bros removed their helmet to reveal their faces. Maeve deadpanned and flushed her pale skin turned ash white.

"Oh momma, here it comes." Modo covered his ears to the blood curdling scream he just knew was going to come.

"R-RA-RAT!" She back pedaled, jumped on her work table, grabbed a blow torch, and was darting it from one to the other. She hated rats. Modo uncovered his ears as soon as he heard her say "rat". He kept his temper in check as he approached the young girl. "Mice Maeve we're mice." Turning the blow torch to him since he was the one who was approaching her, she growled. "I don't care, mice, rats, rats, mice." She shivered at a suppressed memory.

"You're not going to fucking eat me 'cuz I'm not going to fucking let you." They deadpanned. "Eat you, sweetheart, we want to help you, and we just want you to help us." The white mouse put on his best puppy face that he could. She thought it was cute, but she wasn't going to show it. Wait he has medal mask on his right side of his face, darting her eyes to the others she saw that the smoky colored one had an eye patch on his left eye, and the tan one had sunglasses. "Fix my bro's bike." Turning head to the white mouse again or in her case "rat". "Please?" Squirming on the table she caved. "Fine, but one of you so much as tries anything, I'll burn your fucking tails off!" All three mice nodded their heads.

Elsewhere though in the city there was trouble a brewing.

"Greasepit, my dear boy, did or did I not send you to go buy the Last Chance?" A man in a purple suit, dark brown skin, and black hair stood looking out the window that over looked part of Chicago. The man that had attacked Maeve earlier was standing in a bucket dripping oil. "Duh, yes boss." He was quivering and cowering. What would happen to him? "Then tell me dear boy WHY IS IT STILL THERE?" His voice had risen and his body became rigid. "It was some bikers. Duh, they came to uh saver her." Putting his two pointer fingers together he flexed and unflexed them in apprehension.

Turning from his spot he moved to his desk hitting a small red button. "KARBUNKEL!" It took a moment for a wheezy voice came through the speaker. "Yes, your Cheesiness." Lowering his voice he said, "Karbunkel, we have some unwelcomed guests at the Last Chance." "Well, I have just the thing." Appearing up from the floor a scientist with tubes on his head black gloves and a white coat was Karbunkel, and behind him a tall like silver cylinder opened up letting out a lot of steam. "Good Karbunkel good. We'll give them a very warm welcome to Chicago."

A wrench went whizzing by Throttles head. "I said don't come fucking near me!" Holding his hands up in defeat he walked over to his bros. "If she cusses at me again, I'm going to wash her mouth out with soap."

"I heard that." Maeve looked up from her work. She was covered in oil. So far she has changed the oil, replaced parts that needed it, and was now working on the neck. Soon a loud pop was heard. "Ha, got it!" Stepping away to view her handy work she was very happy with it. "She's good to go." Throttle approached his bike sat down and started her up. It purred like a kitten. Stareing at her from behind his glasses he was shocked. "Wow, like she's brand new." "Of course, I did tell you I was the best." He merely nodded.

"Now that your bike is fixed, why don't you get out?" Running his hand through his hair he stared at her with a serious expression. "Nope." Throwing her grease rag down she pointed to him. "I fixed your damned bike, now get the hell out." Stepping off his bike he started walking towards her. "No." Placing her hand on her hips she gave him a dirty glare. "And why the hell not?" Still walking towards her he named off reasons. "One: you have no family to take care of you; two: your just a kid, and we care; three: my bros and I have decided we'd take care of you as if you were our own; and four: It's past your bed time."

She didn't know how close he was until he had her thrown over his shoulder. She was light very light, even though she was throwing quite the temper tantrum he ignored it. "How much do you weigh?" "What?" Sighing in irritation he asked again. "How much do you weigh?" "Seventy pounds." His as well as the other mice's jaw dropped. "Modo, see if you can find something to eat, Vincent, go buy food if necessary, I'm going to go give Maeve here a bath."

"What? No, no, no, NO! Do NOT touch my stuff! YOU HEAR ME?" Her yelling fell on deaf ears. "Let. Me. Go!" She had had it. She bit into his skin drawing blood. She didn't like the fur in her mouth, but she didn't want to be carried nor did she want her stuff touched. It was her home for fuck sake.

"AUGH!" Throttle had unintentionally dropped her. "You brat." Before she could make a move to either side of him he had grabbed her by her upper left arm, and was now dragging her upstairs. Although he had no clue where the bathroom was, it didn't stop him. He checked every room. There were six rooms, and more than enough room to house him and his bros nearing the end of the hall he found the bathroom. It was a blood red color with black skulls with crossbones scattered across it. The shower curtain had a grave yard theme with the moon shining over the graves, there was a dragon soap dispenser on the sink counter. The counter looked like stone and the sink was pitch black. The tiles though drew a picture of a skull and roses coming from it in all directions with a ribbon curving in all directions with the words. Love Kills Slowly.

He was so stunned by the room that he didn't even notice the struggling girl until that is he got kicked in his crotch. Letting her go he fell to his knees, but before she could escape him he slammed the door shut with his tail and then wrapped his tail around her waist. She was trapped. Standing back up to his full height he lifted her up to his face.

"You shouldn't have done that." His voice was dark and he was doing his best not to lose his temper. "Like you're going to do a fucking thing." His eyes narrowed. "Say that word one more time and I'm going to wash your mouth out with soap." And as an Afterthought, "and yeah I am going to do something about it. Since your just a kid I'm going to treat you like one."

"Fuck you!" She was outraged. "I thought I told you not to say that." "You're not my mom, dad, or anything close to family." "No, but I did say that me and my bros would take care of you." Sitting down on the toilet he pulled Maeve into his lap and trapped her legs in his and her hands in his tail. Reaching over he grabbed the dragon soap dispenser and pulled it next to him.

"Open your mouth." He couldn't be serious and yet he was. He did warn her after all. She shook her head no. Throttle sighed. At least he can say he tried. Using his left hand, he pried open her mouth, and in the process she had bitten him twice. J'lsea! That girl had a set of teeth on her. If he wasn't bleeding where she had bitten him then he was bruising.

Finally getting her mouth opened properly he began to dispense the soap, two pumps and that was it. Forcing her mouth closed he made sure none of it could be spat out. She squirmed and made muffled sounds.

How long was she forced to stay like that she lost track. In reality it was only ten minutes releasing her mouth so she could spit it out in the sink she instead spat it out on him. It went straight to his face. Great.

He let out a low growl, but that was covered up by a laugh. It was sing songy, but it did little to cool him off.

Standing her up he removed his glasses cleaned them and then removed his vest. That was when she stopped laughing. "What are you doing you ninny hammer?" "Hn. Ninny hammer, that's a new one, did you forget I'm getting you ready for your bath." She stared at him with wide eyes. "I don't need your help. I can bathe myself." He just stared at her. "Get undressed before I undress you myself." "NO!" He stopped and looked her dead in the eye. "Yes!" "No!" "Yes!" "No!" This went on for a few minutes before the scuffling could be heard from downstairs.

Modo had looked through all of her cupboards and fridge nothing was there, except for week old milk.

Poor Vincent, he looked about ready to barf. He ran out to get food faster than usual. While he waited his keen ears had picked up everything from upstairs. He heard Maeve kick Throttle in his crotch which made him wince all the way up to the now.

When Vincent left he failed to notice two shadows slinking in the dark. Driving away he went to get some root beer and chili dogs.

Maeve came flying down the stairs with a very wet and angered Throttle behind her.

Throttle had ended their yes and no game by turning his back and turning on the water. He made sure it was nice and hot, but not too hot, he didn't want to scorch the girl. Maeve had taken that as her opportunity. She pushed Throttle into the bathtub causing his tail to release her. She turned the handle to the bathroom door and bolted, but it didn't take long for Throttle to be right on her tail. Bolting down the stairs she didn't even notice Modo who was watching in amusement.

She grabbed the door to her garage and ran out into the night only to be grabbed by Greasepit and dragged into the shadows. Throttle too had ran outside, but found no head or hide of the girl. She was dead meat when she came back.

Five minutes later Vincent had pulled up back into the garage again. "Lucy, I'm home!" Seeing a very pissed of Throttle told him something had happened. Modo was very quiet Stareing at something in thin air. That's when he noticed it. "Where's Maeve?" Throttle whipped around to tell him, but a pounding on the door made him choke it back. "Later." Walking to the door with his bros behind him he opened it and what he saw made his blood boil even more than it was.

Maeve was sitting on a medal stand with four long looking medal pieces coming from the base and sharp medal spikes lined up.

"Welcome to Chicago Mice." Greasepit gave a sinister laugh.