Chris sat back on her heels and sighed.

Judging by the faint sound of singing coming from Maeve's room, she must have overheard her conversation with the three overgrown mice. Dammit. One of these days she was going to break the kid of her bad eavesdropping habit before it got her into some serious trouble.

However... Right now Maeve needed someone to help pull her from her dark memories and back into reality.

Getting up off of the bed she had decided to take for the night, she walked over to the bedroom door and stepped out into the hallway as quietly as she could and gently closed the door behind her. The soft click drawing all three men's eyes from Maeves little breakdown to her.

"Don't just stand there idiots. Either do something for her, or get out of the way." Chris said as she lifted one hand to push some of her dark hair away from her face. As she saw the three turn their heads to look at her.

And noticed noticed Throttle narrowing his eyes, while Modo clenched his fists, and Vinny's tail whipped back and forth before he hissed angrily.

"What the hell did you just say?"

"I said get the fuck out of the way. Or are you too stupid to understand when someone's talking to you, boy?" Chris said as she walked up to them and rudely pushed the three out of her way while thinking sadly, Geez I'm such a bitch. It's no wonder my parents didn't love me.

Peering into Maeves room she saw the girl huddled with her knees drawn to her chest, rocking back and forth on her bed, crying. Missing the fact that Vinny was so pissed at her that he had to be held back from jumping on her by Throttle and Modo as she walked into the bedroom and crawled onto the bed so that she was laying next to Maeve and started to hum.

The three stood tensely for the first few minutes watching as Maeve showed no signs of responding. Wondering if Chris really could help her when after about twenty minutes or so she looked down at Chris and sniffled a few times then lay down and let the older girl wrap her arms around her as she changed from humming to singing softly against Maeves hair.