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Tired blue eyes stared at the hardened gold and it was that moment that she knew.

"No..." She moaned, feeling her eyes fill up with tears, "It happened, didn't it?" She sniffled, tightening her arms around the two precious bundles wrapped up in thick blankets, "They're dead." Her voice was hollow as she finally looked away from those apathetic eyes.

"Yes," Sesshoumaru murmured, "Your Grandfather and your Brother have perished," He said, watching as the miko winced visibly, "They were possessed by him. Many others of holy descent have also died. They are calling this the Blue Night."

"Why them?" Kagome slumped into the bed, a smile barely coming to her face as one of the precious bundles cooed up at her and stared at her with big blue eyes (the exact same shade she possessed), "I've decided on names," She looked at Sesshoumaru with a soft look, "This one," She eyed his demonic features gently, stroking his ears and cuddling him against her chest when he cooed contently, "Will be Rin – in honour of Rin-chan."

Sesshoumaru's face didn't twitch from its impassive look, "And this one will be Yukio." Kagome tightened her arms around him tighter, knowing how weak his body must have been since he was a full human and thus, did not inherit any of his power.

"Miko, it is time," Sesshoumaru finally said, allowing her a few more moments with her twin boys, "Many Exorcists will be after your death for bearing those children," He narrowed his eyes at her saddened look, "It is for their safety. This Sesshoumaru will ensure that they are placed in safe hands."

Kagome stayed silent, cuddling the two boys before reluctantly letting them go when Sesshoumaru took them from her grasp, "I love you, Rin, Yukio," She said to them and gave the inu-youkai a grateful look, "Thank you, Onii-san." He nodded once and not a second later, Kagome was in the room by herself.

And she could only wonder why her family had to fall apart...