Twas the night before Christmas,

When all through the house,

Will and Rachel,

Were heavily making out,

They lay on the couch,

Having some fun,

When Rachel slapped Will,

For touching her bum,

Rachel was in her gown,

And Will in his vest,

They were messing around,

Not planning on getting some rest,

They were both so excited,

As tomorrow was Christmas day,

It was their first Christmas together,

And Rachel couldn't wait,

They were both so occupied,

They almost didn't hear a clatter,

Wil quickly got up,

To see what was the matter,

"What was that?"

Rachel asked with a pause,

Will smiled excitedly,

"It might be Santa Claus!"

They quickly rushed outside,

And slowly looked around,

From up on the roof,

They heard a sound,

"I'm getting to old for this,"

The old man said,

He had a fluffy white beard,

And was dressed in red,

Will and Rachel watched,

As he then disappeared,

The only thing on the roof,

Was twelve little reindeer,

They walked back inside,

Hand in hand,

When they went in the living room,

There stood the little old man,

He put the presents,

Under the tree,

Then he drank his milk,

And ate his cookie,

The jolly old man,

Turned to face the two,

He picked up a box and said,

"Will, this is for you,"

Will smiled and took the gift,

He knew what was inside,

When he got down on one knee,

Rachel almost died,

"You're all I want Rachel,

And I want to know its true,

That until the day I die,

I will always love you,

So Rachel Berry,

My angel, My life,

Would you give me the honour,

Of being my wife?"

Rachel nodded and cried,

"Of course I will, yes,"

As they hugged Will said,

"This Christmas has been the best,"

Santa smiled at them,

And up the chimmney he went,

Rachel and Will went back outside,

Knowing what this meant,

As Santa climbed in his sleigh,

The two watched from down below,

They thought it couldn't get any better,

And then it began to snow,

"Merry Christmas you two,"

Santa grinned happily,

Will and Rachel smiled,

They would soon have a family,

Will and Rachel watched,

As the reindeer began to fly,

They couldn't believe,

What was in front of their eyes,

The sleigh and the reindeer,

Off they flew,

Then Will and Rachel,

Knew what to do,

They went back inside,

And snuggled up together,

They knew that their love,

Would last forever,

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