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"What the hell are you doing here, Brinker?" Finny asked. Brinker turned to me, ignoring Phineas completely.

"Aren't you gonna invite me in?" He said.

"Like hell." I scowled at him annoyed. "Aren't you going to tell me why you're at my house?"

"Yeah!" Finny said. "What's goin on?"

Brinker looked at the both of us. "I'm visiting family down South. I just thought I'd pay a visit to a friend and this is what I get? Psh! So much for southern hospitality!" I rolled my eyes at his words. Everyone stereotypes the South. "Its freaking hot in this state. Can I come in or what?" He asked me.

I narrowed my eyes at him a little longer to show my annoyance and give him a hint that I knew why he was here. He gave me a half smile in return and I knew we understood each other. He was just hear to terrorize my with this stupid theory of his. He just wanted to push my buttons and annoy me how ever he could. Will I'd show him that he couldn't have so much control over my nerves. I'd give him no satisfaction from this stupid visit of his and as soon as he saw I wasn't going to play his games he'd leave. I turned around and lead them to the door. We entered the parlor where Dorothy and Sarah were decorating.

"Dorothy," I called and Sarah turned around from where she was hanging garland on the walls. "Do you know where my mom is?" I asked them. I glanced towards where they were both staring. They were looking at Brinker curiously.

"This is my friend Brinker from Devon. He's visiting family down South and he decided to stop by." I explained.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Dorothy said as she cleaned her hands on her apron and then held her hand out to Brinker which he shook. "It's nice to see Gene has so many friends who come visit him." She said. Brinker just nodded his head in return.

I noticed Finny was just staring at the scene with a scowl. I didn't often see him in a fowl mood. He looked at something across the room and his expression became more annoyed. I followed his gaze to see Sarah approaching us.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Dorothy asked Brinker and before he could even answer she continued talking. "I'll go set an extra plate at the table. I hope you like meatloaf. If you don't, my meat loaf will change your mind. I cook some good meat loaf!" Then she took of to the kitchen. Sarah stepped up beside us. Brinker smiled at her.

"And who is this good looking lady?" he said. I didn't like how he right away appraised her.

"This is Sarah." I said then I stepped in front of him and faced Sarah obscuring her from his view.

"Sarah? How about you go help Dorothy while I talk with-" I was trying to get her out of the room and away from Brinker the creep who would probably just hit on her. I didn't want her to be uncomfortable. Although Brinker interrupted me.

"Splendid idea, Gene!" Brinker said. "The beautiful Sarah and I shall go help Dorothy while you," he glanced at Finny. "you can stay here and talk with Finny or something." Then he held out his arm to Sarah.

"Shall we follow Dorothy to the dining room, my lady?" he asked her happily.

She hesitated fro a moment, glanced at Gene and then took his arm. "We shall my good fellow."

Gene watched them as they walked away with Sarah's curls bouncing around.

"Stupid Brinker. He's a #!%!&*! That $^^&**%$!. His mother #?*! %$! Gir! #?*!" I grunted.

Phineas was staring at me with a brow raised. "I'm surprised at you Gene. I've never seen you like this." He said "And I couldn't agree more about Brinker's mother."