Unfinished Business


Jessica M. Perkins

Intro: (Foolish by Ashanti plays in the background)

Camera zoom in on the Torres Residence. Cut to Nina cooking breakfast with Melissa. Fade to Puerto Rican lady looking at Nina's window. Close up on the lady. Cut back to Nina and Melissa. Nina puts bacon on her plate. Cut back to PR lady. She takes out a gun. She then takes out a picture of her and Eddie with a baby. Tears begin to stroll down her face. Zoom in on her walking towards Nina's apartment. Cut back to Nina in the kitchen. Melissa puts her plate in sink. Afterwards she walks to her bedroom. Fade to the PR lady walking up to Nina's door and knocks on it. She puts the towel on the counter and answers the door. Nina and the lady have some words. She throws the picture of she and Eddie with a baby in Eddie's arms at Nina. Nina bends down to pick it up. The lady takes the gun and puts it to her head. Nina's eyes widen. The lady pulls the trigger and falls to the ground. Melissa hurries out her room. Nina becomes shock. Camera fade off as Nina hold Melissa.

Opening Theme


1 Scene One: Torres Residence

Camera fade to JC & Eddie driving to the crime scene. Eddie runs in to check on his family. Yellow tape surrounds the doorway. Nina sits on the sofa. Cut to Eddie taping her on the shoulder. Nina stands up. Eddie hugs her.

Eddie: Nina are you alright? Where is Melissa?

Nina: (upset) She is at my mothers and (emotional) I don't know how I feel. (Pause) This lady throws this picture of you with some baby then she kills herself!

Eddie: What picture?

Nina hands Eddie the picture. He gets nervous.

Nina: Who is she

Eddie: I don't know

Nina: Don't lie to me Eddie

Eddie: She is just a friend

Nina: A friend wouldn't come to my house and shoot herself. Eddie you better explain this

[JC enter]

JC: What up ma'? Are you okay?

Eddie: JC can you handle this I have to talk to Nina about something

JC: Sure thing

[Eddie & Nina walk to their bedroom]

Nina: (angry) Explain Eddie! And I mean now!

Eddie: Like I said she is just a friend

Nina: A friend, hell no Eddie, you're fucking lying to me

Eddie: Nina (he tries to get calm) I am trying explain it to you

Nina: I am waiting

Eddie: She was just a one-night stand and she got pregnant

Nina gets upset. Tears start to fill her eyes

Eddie: They told me that I was never going to see you again

Nina takes a breath

Eddie: So we started to date. Things were good. Until they said I would be able to come back home. She took it hard.

Nina: I get it. It's getting clear. That's why you weren't upset that I slept with JC because you were having an affair.

Eddie: Nina that has nothing to do with this. I love you.

Nina: Not enough, you cheated on me.

Eddie: And you cheated on me

Nina: I can't believe this! What am I going to do?

Nina rubs her belly. She sits on the bed.

Eddie: Nina look at me

Nina picks her head up and looks in Eddie's eyes.

Eddie: I messed up. I know, but I love you. Please forgive me.

Nina: I can't

Nina pushes passed Eddie. Cut to Nina rushing out the house. JC looks at her. Eddie tries to catch her, but she was already gone.

Eddie: Nina!

Camera cut to 4th Precinct

Scene Two: 4th Precinct

Zoom in on Nina at her desk. Cut to Cooper walking towards her desk.

Cooper: Maybe you should take the day off Moreno

Nina raises her head with tears in her eyes

Cooper: Ni- Nina, what's wrong

Nina: Eddie, my baby, he-he had an affair with the woman that killed herself.

Cooper: Oh my god

Nina: I don't get it Leu. Why can't I have a peaceful life? I thought things were forever with Eddie, but

Cooper: Nina (Pause) you can't let this ruin what you and Eddie have

Nina: What we had is gone. Things are not the same anymore. I think

Cooper: Listen if you love him, be with him. He loves him. Trust me

Nina: I want a divorce

Cooper: Nina no!

Nina: I slept with JC, yes, I admit that, but god, he slept with her. He made a life with her and she had his baby. She killed herself because she loved him.

Cooper: Don't make your heart do what you soul can't handle.

Nina: Why me?

Cooper: Go home Nina. Get some rest. Think about his before you take that next step. You have to talk to Eddie.

Nina: Whatever, but nothing will change my mind.

Cut to Nina leaving Cooper's office. Cooper shakes her head as Nina leaves. Zoom in on Eddie and JC standing at their desk. Nina walks passed Eddie.

Eddie: Nina, we need to talk about this.

Nina turns around and gives Eddie an evil look. She takes her wedding ring off. Tears flow down her face. She throws it at Eddie. He catches it. And puts his head down in sadness.

Camera fade to Commercial


Scene Three: 4th Precinct

Fade in on Eddie sitting at his desk with Nina's ring in his hands. Cooper walks up to him.

Cooper: Detective, I know it's a hard time for you, but you have a job to do

Eddie: Leu, my wife has just thrown her ring at me. I don't want to be bothered.

Cooper: You should have thought about that before you got some woman pregnant! I want you and JC to contact the family of that woman. I know you know the family. You two had a baby so I know you've met her parents or friends.

Eddie: What about Nina

Nina: Nina has the day off. Give her some space. When the time comes, talk to her.

JC: Lets go man

Cut to JC's car

Scene Four: Inside JC's car

JC: Don't worry man

Eddie: Don't talk to me

JC: Don't tell me you're mad at me. I thought I explained that to you.

Eddie: I knew you wanted to have a relationship with her.

JC: But I didn't and you did with another woman so lets' just drop it.

Eddie: Fine

JC: Fine, where are we going

Eddie: Turn right here and then take a left on 123rd street.

JC and Eddie pull up to a large town house with a silver Navigator in the yard.

Eddie: I'll handle everything

JC: You're sure you ready for this

Eddie: Yeah

JC and Eddie walk to the door. Eddie knocks. White man answers the door.

Mr. Gonzalez: Eddie

Eddie: Mr. Gonzalez. This is my partner JC Williams. I am a detective at the 4th Precinct

Eddie and JC show him their badges

Mr. Gonzalez: What

Eddie: Megan killed her self this morning. I am sorry

Mr. Gonzalez: NO! Not my little girl

Eddie: May we come in

Mr. Gonzalez: No, this is your fault! If you had gotten her pregnant, she would have never fallen in love with you.

Mrs. Gonzalez comes to the door with a adorable baby boy in her arms.

Mrs. Gonzalez: Eddie, you came pick of Jeremiah

Eddie: Um no, I was just telling your husband that Megan killed her self earlier this morning.

Mrs. Gonzalez mouth opens with a troubled look in her face

Eddie: I am sorry. She came over to my house and shot her self right in front of my wife.

Mr. Gonzalez: Your wife! You're married

Eddie: Yeah

Mrs. Gonzalez: Well this is your child and we're not going to be left taken care of you and Megan's mistake.

She hands Eddie Jeremiah and slams the door in his face.

JC: What are you going to do

Eddie: I don't know

JC: What about Nina. Another kid! Can y'all take care of two and one on the way?

Eddie: I can't think with all this madness happening

JC: If you want you could stay over at my place

Eddie: Yeah man, thanks

Camera fade to next scene

Scene Five: Mrs. Moreno's house

Zoom in on Nina and Melissa sitting at the coffee table

Mrs. Moreno: Nina, you know that I love you, but go back to him

Nina: Mom, I can't. Eddie has put me through too much. I just can't handle it right now.

Mrs. Moreno: You are a grown woman Nina and I can't make your decisions for you, but Eddie loves you. He is sorry.

Nina: What you are on his side now

Mrs. Moreno: I am trying to help you, but I can't with you yelling at me. I am still your mother

Nina: I can't tell. I need to be alone right now

Nina gets up and begins to walk to the door

Melissa: Mommy where are you going

Nina: I'll be back for you Lissa. I just need time to my self. I love you honey.

Nina leaves

Scene Six: 4th Precinct

JC and Eddie walk in the building. JC spots an old friend and walks towards her. Eddie walks towards Cooper's office. An uniformed officer spots Eddie and gives him a note.

Uni: Detective Moreno wanted me to give it to you

Eddie: Nina! Where is she?

Uni: I don't know.

Eddie reads the note and jets out the precinct.

Camera cuts to Nina's house

Zoom in on Nina listening to Luther. She rocks back and forth on her bed holding a picture of she and Eddie. Fade to a bottle of pills on the end table. She tops rocking. She grabs the pills. Nina opens them as tears fall down her face. She pours them in her mouth and drinks a glass of water. No more than five minutes later she falls to the floor. Cut to Eddie running in the house.

Eddie: Nina! Nina!

Eddie looks all over the apartment. He spots Nina lying on the floor.

Eddie: Nina!

He picks her up. He holds her tights. Eddie begins to cry.

To be continued………..