Okay everyone. I am truly sorry that it took me so long to update and complete my story. I have just been busy with other things. I guess my interest for the show is no long there. I don't have that passion for the show that I once had. I am more fascinated with other things. Since New York Undercover is over I have to let go. I just think I should end this chapter of my life and open a new one. I am growing up. This will be the last NYU story that I will write. I am sorry, but it's time to move on.

Now on the story. A few days later.

Scene One: Hospital JC enters Nina's hospital room to find Eddie and herself kissing on the bed. He steps back as if he was going to wait, but continues in and on to speak.

JC: Hey, Ed, Nina

Eddie: Oh, what's up JC JC: I have a lead on that case we're working on

Eddie: And what lead would that be

JC: Man name is Dr. Robert Pageant

Eddie: Never heard of him

JC: He was convicted of illegal hypnotism. (He pause then continues) Serve ten years in LA County Prison.

Eddie: Do you think he's our guy. JC: Well, he fits the description the young girl gave us and also the licensee plate matches.

Eddie: Let's pick him up then. Do we have a current address?

JC: Yeap! 145 North Montgomery Dr. Apt. 4B Eddie goes and kisses Nina on the cheek. Then he and JC leave.

Scene Two: Pageant's Residence JC and Eddie pull up to the Pageant's Residence. Eddie knock on the door. Mr. Pageant comes to the door.

Mr. Pageant: Is there something I could help you two gentlemen with

Eddie: I am Detective Torres and this is my partner JC Williams.

Mr. Pageant: Is there a problem.

JC: We are investigating the murders of two women and an attempted murder charge against two women. One in which was a dear friend of mine. The mother of my son. Can we come in?

Mr. Pageant: Well I am kinda busy right now. Can we do it some other time?

Eddie: Well if you are innocent you shouldn't have any thing to hide. And further more I don't see that you are busy.

Mr. Pageant: Well I am He tries to close the door, but JC and Eddie pushes themselves inside.

Mr. Pageant: Look I told you that I was busy. JC and Eddie look around and they find pictures of Nina, Megan, and Jordan Boyd hung up on the wall.

JC: How do you know these women

Mr. Pageant: They were patients

Eddie: And how were they patients

Mr. Pageant: I took their pain away.

Eddie: And how did you do that

Mr. Pageant: I had them take their pain away

JC: By doing

Mr. Pageant: By pulling the trigger

Eddie: You hypnotize these women by making them comment suicide. That is what you call taking their pain away.

Mr. Pageant: Of course, what else would they do

JC and Eddie look at each other shocked.

Scene Three: 4th Precinct

JC and Eddie sit in Cooper's office. She is reviewing their notes

Cooper: I can't believe this guy

Eddie: I know, I mean he took control over these women life. Taking their life.

JC: I don't understand it

Eddie: I wish I could have save Megan

Cooper: There was nothing you could have done to save these women. At least Robert Pageant is locked up.

Eddie: Yeah, but who's to say he won't do it again.

Eddie walks out leaving JC and Cooper speechless.

Scene Four: Hospital Eddie walks in. Nina sits on the bad watching X Files. He looks over to her and places a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Nina: Eddie you look tired. Maybe you should go home.

Eddie: I am fine

Nina: No, Eddie you've had a rough couple of weeks. First finding your son's mother dead in our doorway. Finding me unconscious. I am ready to start over Eddie.

Eddie: Me to

Nina: Let's go home

Eddie: Now that is something I will not disagree with.

Nina and Eddie leaves hold hands. Eddie has Nina's bag on his shoulders. Fade off.

Well that's all folks.

The End.