Title – Christmas Decorations And The Twelve Days
Chapter –01 – The Secret
Author - Moonbeam
Rating – M (PG-13)
Word Count -2613
Summary – Derek loves Christmas, he decorates and shops with Stiles and Lydia's help. Then his true loves gives him things for all of the twelve days of Christmas.
Disclaimer – If I owned this show there would be more of it, lots lots more of it.
Author's Notes – I told myself, write a little Christmas story, just 2000ish words. Short, sweet, fluffy. Then I find out when Derek's actual birthday is and it changes a little and then it morphs into a freaking twelve days of Christmas story. So since it has two parts I give you the first part of the story on Christmas Eve, tomorrow you might get part two. If not Boxing Day is the day for cricket, rest and leftovers and now posting fic.
Not related to Five Times
For all the people who comment on all of my fics, thank you so much. Have a lovely Christmas if you celebrate.

Christmas Decorations And The Twelve Days
by Moonbeam

Part 01 – The Secret

The first Christmas after Derek became the alpha Stiles and Lydia discovered something fascinating about him; the man loves Christmas.

Stiles figured Christmas for the downright grumpy alpha would just be another reason for him to growl at and avoid people. Then Stiles arrived at Derek's house on December First to find the alpha up a tree stringing lights. Stiles stood enjoying the view of Derek's spectacular arse from below for a while.

"Stiles, throw me up another line of staples."

Stiles looked at the mound of stuff at his feet, finding the box of staples for the staple gun Derek was using he threw a row up watching as the alpha reached back and plucked them from the air without looking or losing his balance.


"Yes Stiles." Derek was now around the other side of the tree ringing it with the outdoor lights.

"Can I help?"

"Sure, the string of star lights needs to be hung from the porch railing." Stiles finds the right lights and starts to pull them out, untangling when needed. He walks over to the freshly painted railing the pack had spent last weekend painting. Suddenly Derek's rush to have the painting finished made a lot more sense. Stiles starts at the left side of the cream porch winding and hanging the lights, trying to make it look like he was doing something more than just following the top of the railing. When he has finished he turned the lights on to check them and was pleased with the effect he had created. Suddenly a twig snapped behind him and he spins quickly to look at Derek, though his eyes get distracted by the tree behind Derek which was draped in twinkling, colourful lights that screamed Christmas even though it is daytime and Christmas was another twenty-four days away.

"Wow!" Stiles breathed out.

"Thanks. It's not finished yet though." Derek said. "The porch looks good. Why did you come by?"

"I found a couple of new books about werewolves at the library and wanted to ask you some questions about some of the weird stuff I read."

"Okay, though I think it might make sense if you come back later. I need to finish this today."

"I'll help." Stiles says quickly. He and his dad have a little tree crammed with the decorations his mother bought, they place their presents underneath and open them whenever works with his dad's schedule. He misses the big Christmases that he had when his mother was still alive, and the idea that Derek...the big bad wolf is decorating for Christmas is just too amazing to miss.


"If you can use the help."

"Sure, the star dangle lights, the big ones, are supposed to go on the top of the porch, kind of hanging from the underside of the roof between the verandah pillars. Do you know what I mean?" Derek is pointing at the porch from over Stiles' shoulder showing him where he wants them to go. Stiles can feel the heat pouring off the older man and he has to stiffen all of his muscles not to lean back and just sink into him.

"Yeah, do you have a ladder?"

"Just around the corner, do you want me to get it?"

"I can handle the ladder." Stiles takes the chance to walk away from Derek, finding the ladder and the large star dangle lights. They are strings which then have stars at different hanging lengths spread out. Stiles sets up the ladder and attaches the first end making sure it will still reach the outlet. Stringing them up only takes him ten minutes after which he is sent inside to put some stickers and fake snow on the windows. Then he has to decorate the wreath for the door. Stiles notices that he is kept on the ground after he stumbled a little coming off the ladder the final time. He was not even unsteady he just caught sight of Derek stomach as he jumped from the tree. He was always a little unsteady when he caught sight of Derek's stomach, it made him want to pin the man down and just bite down into the rippling muscles. Stiles shakes himself and puts Rudolf at the head of Santa's sleigh in the big picture window in the living room. He settles outside to watch Derek hang decorations from the tree while he attaches decorations to the wreath.


"Yes Stiles?"

"Are you having a tree inside as well?"


"Excellent. I'll be back in a half hour."

"You don't need to come back if you have other things to do."

"No, I have an idea. I just need some supplies."

"What is the idea?"

"Think of it as a surprise." Stiles attaches the wreath and then runs down to his jeep and jumps in driving away leaving Derek half hanging out of his tree watching the jeep bounce away.

An hour later Stiles returns to the house to find the tree outside finished and Derek inside putting up more decorations. Stiles finds a seat in the lounge room with Derek and pulls out the Christmas balls and stickers and gets to work. Derek finishes in the lounge room and then disappears for half an hour and returns lugging a real Christmas tree that looks like it might have just been cut down. Derek sets the tree up in the corner and starts to decorate it. Lights then tinsel. Just as Derek puts the last piece of tinsel on the tree Stiles stands up his back popping and declares himself finished.

"With what?" Derek moves over.

"There is one for everyone." Stiles holds up the Christmas ball, his one, his name on one side and his birth date on the other. Little stickers all around, some lacrosse sticks, a policeman's hat, a computer, some books, all things that relate to him. He holds up Lydia's, Allison's, Danny's, Scott's and Jackson's all with their birth dates and stickers to match them decorating the balls. "The problem with this is that I don't know what your birthday is, what is it?"

"November 07, 1988."

"We missed your birthday?"

"I didn't tell anyone."

"Why not."

"It's not a big deal."

"It's your birthday."


"Seriously, we are decking your halls with boughs of holly but your birthday isn't a big deal. You took us all to a restaurant for my birthday, and we had a barbeque for Danny's and we'll do something for everyone else's I assume but they haven't had one since you became alpha and we all kind of became a pack. But your birthday is no big deal."

"That's what I said."

"Well this needs to be rectified."

"No, it really doesn't."

Stiles lets the argument go but decides to call Lydia as soon as he gets home so they can do something for Derek. He puts the date on Derek's ball and disappears outside to lacquer them. Six hours after Stiles drove up to Derek's house the outside and inside is festive. There is the scent of Christmas in the air and Stiles is happy, he thinks about his mum and how much she would love this house decorated for Christmas; how much she loved Christmas.

Derek walks up behind him startling him. "What's wrong?"

"I'm thinking about my mum she loved Christmas."

"So did mine, she used to make this house look like Santa's house."

"Is that why you are doing this?"

"A bit. I like Christmas, it reminds me of my mum and it's the only reminder that doesn't..."

"Make you want to find a rusty spoon and dig out your own heart. I know the feeling." Stiles said still not looking at the man next to him.


"I left space for the balls, how long do they need to dry?"

"They need another coat tomorrow morning and then they can go on the day after."

"Okay, I'll sort it out."

"Okay, I'll head off."

"Do you still want to ask questions about the books you read?"

"Are you sure?"

"Come inside. I'll order pizza."

"Excellent. Pepperoni?"

"I know."

Three hours later when Stiles gets home he calls Lydia who calls Allison and Danny and the three of them arrive at his house twenty minutes later to get Operation Derek's Birthday organised.

Two days later Derek calls Lydia, demands her help and picks her up twenty minutes later. They drive two towns over to the largest shopping mall in the area and Derek turns to Lydia ltting his eyes flash blue for a moment.

"I need to buy Christmas presents, I have an idea what I want to get for people but I want your help to make the actual shopping as quick as possible. I like giving gifts but I do not like shopping."



"You do Christmas?"

"I thought Stiles would have told you, I'm surprised the boy was able to keep his mouth shut for two days."

"Oh quit it."

"Quit what?"

"Quit pretending he isn't your favourite."

"Favourite what?"

"Person in the whole world?" Lydia is staring him down, her face daring him to contradict what she is saying.

Derek doesn't respond just growls under his breath and continues. "I like Christmas. I need something for you, Danny, Jackson, Allison and Scott. I also want to get something small for the sheriff and Melissa; they helped out with the house."

"What about Stiles?" Lydia is grinning in a way that makes Derek wish he had have called Allison instead.

"I have something for Stiles already." Derek mumbles as he gets out of the car.

Lydia's laughter is ringing in his ears long after they have locked the car and made it upstairs into the shopping centre.

"Okay, so ideas?"

"Well Danny has been talking about some piece of computer equipment for the last month like it is the Holy Grail so I thought I'd get him that."

"Okay, this way. I want perfume. It's expensive but you are going to have to deal since I am helping you out."

"Fine." Derek follows behind Lydia hoping this will be over soon. The noise and crowd disturbs him.

Three hours later, this was supposed to go faster with Lydia, the two of them are getting back into Derek's car and Lydia is repeating the same question she has been asking for the last three hours.

"What did you get Stiles?"

"I'm not telling you." Derek gets out of the parking area and puts down the windows to let the fresh air in and he can feel the tension leaving his shoulders.

"Why not?"

"It's a Christmas present. People are not supposed to know what it is."

"I know what you are getting everyone. Including me."

"I am not telling you Lydia let it go."

"Fine!" She sulks. "Do you want me to wrap the gifts for you?"

"No, I like gift wrapping."

"Who are you?"

"Derek, your alpha." Derek growls making his eyes flash electric blue.

"My alpha growls a lot and is just generally bad tempered. You however are voluntarily going Christmas shopping and have apparently decorated your house if the text Stiles finally sent me after messaging him for an hour is anything to go by. You like wrapping gifts and came up with most of the presents by yourself. So I wonder who has taken over your hot but off limits arse."

"Hot but off limits arse?" Derek is almost cut off by a stupid driver which serves to distract him momentarily.

"Yeah, it already has property of Stiles stamped on it. We are just waiting for the two of you to admit it and start fucking until you start to smile."

"My arse does not have property of Stiles stamped on it and I am not going to fuck him."

"Why not?"

"He's too young and human and why the fuck am I answering your questions?"

"I lulled you into answering, now what did you buy Stiles?"

"I am not sleeping with him because I have no interest in sleeping with him."

"Oh way too late." Lydia says wearing her cat that ate the canary grin.

Derek grumbles and drives the rest of the way in silence. When he gets to his house he finds too many cars in the driveway. Danny's car next to Jackson's next to Stiles'.

"What is going on?" Derek asks.

"Don't know."

"You are lying."

"Yep." Lydia chirps just before bouncing out of the car and making a dash for the door which slams shut behind her.

Derek growls and gets out of the car leaving the presents in the boot to find out what his pack is up to. When he opens the door all of them jump and yell surprise as though he couldn't smell them when he drove up, or that they had hidden the cars, or that he wasn't a freaking werewolf who could hear their heartbeats.

"What?" Derek sees the hopeful expression on Stiles' face as well as the happy look on everyone else's so he smiles.

"Happy birthday." Stiles says moving over and putting a hat on the alpha's head. Derek growls at him but he is summarily ignored by his human pack mate. Derek yanks the hat off his head and passes it to Allison as she sweeps past to wish him a happy birthday.

"I told you not to do anything." Derek says to the group of teens in front of him, all of whom roll their eyes and move him into the lounge room where there are birthday decorations interspersed with the Christmas decorations. There is a cake that is peanut butter pumpkin cake which only Stiles knows Derek likes. He has got to stop talking to the guy. Jackson hands him a cup of punch and wishes him a happy birthday with Danny and Scott close behind. Lydia is standing behind them smiling before walking forward and telling him something that makes him growl and his eyes change to electric blue.

"I could have finished the shopping in an hour but they needed time." She then moves away quickly and hides behind Danny.

Stiles bounces up to him and puts a plate of food in his hand. "Eat; I made my famous Macaroni Cheese!"

"I do like your Macaroni Cheese."

"I know. So were you surprised?"

"I saw your cars, and smelt you, and heard you."

"Well of course. But you didn't know why we were here right?"

"No, well done." Derek sits down and eats watching as his pack finds music and eats and drinks and is generally merry and figures that probably the party is a good thing.

Everyone but Stiles has left by nine when he sends everyone home so they could get organised for school tomorrow. Stiles refused and started tidying up, the two of them collecting up decorations, throwing things away and washing dishes. Finally Stiles sits down and turns to Derek. "Did you enjoy your party?"

"Yeah. Thanks."

"You're welcome. I should go, Dad's home tonight. See ya Derek."

When Stiles leaves the house feels empty but Derek just goes and gets his Christmas presents and wraps them sitting next to his Christmas tree and thinking about his mum. She taught him the right way to wrap Christmas presents; you need nice paper and invisible sticky tape and bows or ribbons and nice labels. When Derek goes to bed that night there are six expertly wrapped presents under his tree. He puts on a Christmas CD his mum used to play when he was little as he falls asleep.