The train, like every other year, was taking the hogwarts students to the castle. Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting with a man who was sleeping, only because it was the only free compartment left. The man did look very warn out, and had scratches all over his face. Professor R. J Lupin was his name, pointed out by Hermione after seeing it on his briefcase. After chatting to each other, the train began to slow down. They couldn't possible be there yet.

Suddenly everything went dark; no light could be seen.
"Harry?" Hermione was calling out. She got no reply. "Harry!" She shouted louder. Still no reply. Then the darkness faded away back to the sunnyday it had been. Hermione looked around, and Harry wasn't in sight.
"Where did Harry go?" Ron asked, sticking his head out of the compartment doors trying to spot his friend.
"He was here a second ago!" Hermione said, joining Ron by standing in the hallway. She frantically searched each compartment and asked if anyone knew where he was and if they knew about the thirty second of darkness. No one knew anything.

After searching the whole train, she returned to her compartment with no luck finding Harry. When she arrived, Professer Lupin had woken up, and Ron was being asked questions by him.
"I don't know what happened! Harry was here, then he wasnt!" Ron was telling him.
"Its true. It went all dark and then Harry was gone. Ive just searched the train, and he isn't here." Hermione interrupted.
"You don't think it was You know who... was it?" Ron questioned.
"I hope not..." Professor Lupin replied. "I will go and inform Dumbledore." With that, Lupin left the two friends alone, worrying about their friends disappearance.

On arrival at Hogwarts, Hermione and Ron took a slow ride to the castle in a carriage which appeared to be pulled along by nothing. The long ride only made the two friends worry more, so they hoped they would arrive sooner. Thinking about the events which happened before in the train made them all uneasy. What exactly happened there? Why did it go dark? Thinking all these through in their heads, the carriage ride appeared to go quicker as they arrived and were surprised when they didn't even know.

Dumbledore greeted them outside in the cold school grounds. He gestured them to go into the warmth of the castle, and he led them to the entrance of his office.
"Sherbert Lemon." He said, and the staircase appeared under the statue of the gargoyle. After he had offered everyone a biscuit, he began to question them like Lupin had done before.
"What exactly did you see?" He asked.
"We didnt. Something made the train go pitch black, and then when it had disappeared, Harry was gone." Ron told him.
"Are you sure he just didn't go to the bathroom or...?"
"No, I searched the whole train, and Harry wasn't there, at all."
"Okay, so you have no idea what happened then?" Dumbledore said, calmly.
"No. Do you?" Ron asked, even though he knew that Dumbledore wasn't on the train while the event took place.
"Well, I don't mean to alarm you, but here." He handed them a copy of the latest Daily Prophet newspaper. The front headline was 'Dark Lord spotted in London.'.
"Oh no." Hermione looked at Dumbledore.
"It is a possibility, but its not the only one."
"Well what else could it have been?" Tears began to form in Hermiones eyes.
"He could be tricking you, as he does have an invisibility cloak. And he could have used one of those darkening spells to do it."
"I doubt it, we havent learnt any darkening spells yet, and I only know about them from the books I have read." Hermione informed him.
"So he wasnt playing a joke." Ron added. "Besides, its Harry! He wouldn't worry us like that."
"Okay. Please wait here while I inform the Minister. Im sure he will send out a search party."

Dumbledore went up to the fireplace, took a handful of floo powder and the next second a green flash of flames filled the study and Dumbledore was gone.
"Where do you think he is, Hermione?" Ron asked quietly.
"I don't know Ron, but im scared."


Harry woke up on a freezing cold surface. He wasn't wearing his glasses, so when he opened his eyes everything was blurry. He sat up. Where am I? he thought. He felt around the floor for his glasses, but couldnt find them. He looked around, to see someone briskly walking towards him.
"Where am I?" He asked.
"No time for questions." The man replied. His voice was deep and loud, and Harry felt himself being roughly grabbed on the upper of his arms.
"Hey!" He said, as the man was hurting him.
"Shut up." He replied.
"Who are you!" Harry demanded.
"I said, no time for questions!"
"Can I have my glasse-" He began to say.
"NO TIME FOR QUESTIONS!" He got shouted at.
"Fine. Give me my glasses." He said after re wording his sentence.
"No questions."
"Tell me why, then."
"Ugh." Harry groaned at the mans he was thrown on the floor, and just in time he threw his hands out to catch his fall.

"Harry Potter." Another deep voice said. Harry stood up and tried to focus his vision the best he could. "Would you like your glasses?"
"Yes I would!" Harry was angry, but glad he was able to get his glasses back. He put them on and looked at the man sitting before him. Bald, no nose. He had seen him before.
"Voldemort!" Harry asked.
"How did you know?" Voldemort replied with a sickening smile.
"I saw you in my first year on the back of Professor Quirrells head."
"Oh yes, I remember." Voldemort was still smiling.
"Why did you bring me here?"
"Why do you think I have you here?"
"I asked you first." Harry added.
"You answer me, or you suffer the consequences."
"What consequences?"
"Crucio." Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry. Harry screamed and writhed with agony on the floor. After this had finished, he was gasping for breath.
"Im guessing you brought me here to do that?" Harry said.
"Yes, but not only that." Voldemorts smile returned. "I sent for you, so I could kill youlike I tried to do 12 years ago."