Ron was sitting next to Hermione when they heard a loud crack from the end of the street.
"Mum! Over here!" He called, and Mrs Weasley ran up to them and kneeled down next to the ill girl.
"Hermione?" She asked.
"Yeah?" Hermione replied sleepily.
"Whats wrong?"
"I feel sick, I have a headache and Im tired and dizzy." She said.
"Ron, you were right. It is the after effects from the apparation. I bought some pepper up with me. Do you want to drink it of you want me to spell in into you?"
"Ill drink it." She tried to sit up but she found it difficult. Ron put his hand to her back to help support her. She drank the potion and she found she could sit up on her own.
"Hopefully the headache would have calmed down a bit. I have called Poppy so she will be here to take you to the hospital wing soon." Mrs Weasley explained.
"No! I wont go without looking for Harry!" She said, and started to panic.
"Ssshh dear!" Mrs Weasley tried to calm her. "I will look for Harry with Ron, and you need to rest."
"Are you sure I cant stay?" Hermione asked.
"Yes. You need to rest."

Soon after Poppy and Hermione had left, Ron was with his mother in the strange town.
"Mum, we think Voldemort has him."
"We cant be sure."
"Well who else would want him?" Ron said.
"I dont know. Where is Dumbledore? Its not like him to leave his students unattended."
"He went down there and hasnt come back for fifteen minutes."
"We should go and find him."

Ron and Mrs Weasley went down the hill and they could see what was taking Dumbledore so long. It took them twenty minutes to get to a castle which looked quick mysterious.
"You think Dumbledores in there?" Ron asked.
"Yes. Im sure of it." Mrs Weasley said and pulled Ron with her towards the castle.

On arrival, they saw that the door was wide open. They cautiously stepped inside with their wands at the ready. It was all clear so far.


Harry heard a clicking noise once again at the window. He got up and saw Hedwig and she had a note attached to her leg. Harry tryed to open the window but he couldnt figure it out. Hedwig noticed, and she started pecking at a little tiny lock on the side of the window. Harry tugged on the window and it opened silently. Hedwig flew in and sat on Harry's knee. The note read


Dont worry. I am on my way. Your bird is very clever, as she pointed to where you were on a map. I will be there soon.


Dumbledore would rescue me. Yes!
"Woohoo!" Harry shouted this out, but then realised that someone would be coming now.
"Hedwig, go! Dont let them get you too!" Harry said to Hedwig. She hooted at him and flew out the window and out of site.
"Hey!" Someone shouted to him from the door. "What are you doing?" It was Bellatrix.
"Getting fresh air. What does it look like?" Harry said back.
"Well how did you open that window? That was locked from the outside!"
"I managed." He wasnt going to say.
"Come here."
"Come here!"
"Alright alright Im coming! Harry walked up to the door and looked at Bellatrix. She opened the door and grabbed Harrys clothes by the back of his neck. She was pulling it tight as Harry was finding it hard to breath.

She led Harry into the same room as before, and Voldemort was sat there grinning.
"What's he done?" He asked.
"He had help opening a window and he was communicating."
"You cant know that." Harry interrupted.
"What else where you doing?"
"Getting fresh air." He said.
"As if."
"I was."
"Then how come I saw a bird which looked remarkably like an owl flying away from the castle?"
"My point, my lord." Bellatrix said.
"Breaking the rules, Potter?" Voldemort smirked.
"What rules?" Harry shouted.
"Dont shout at me! Crucio!" Harry once again writhed in agony on the cold hard floor, but this time it was worse and lasted longer.

Suddenly a huge bang came from behind.
"STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Mrs Weasley was there with her wand out and tears in her eyes. Ron followed her in. She was watching Harry who was lying on the floor, out of breath and gasping for more.
"What are you doing to him! What did he do to you!" She screamed at Voldemort. Bellatrix reached down to pick Harry up, but Mrs Weasley moved to look at her and pointed her wand at her.
"Touch him, and you will regret it." She warned. "Harry, come here." It took all of Harrys strength, but he got over to Mrs Weasley and Ron.

There was movement infront of them, and from behind Voldemort, about five death eaters appeared from behind Voldemort, each with their wand out. As soon as they appeared, Dumbledore came in the same way Mrs Weasley had.
"Dumbledore?" Ron said. He looked at Voldemort, whose smile had now vanished from his face.

Some say that Dumbledore was the only wizard Voldemort was scared of...

"Voldemort, why are you torturing this boy?" Dumbledore asked.
"You know too well."
"Because he rid you of power?" Silence followed. "He was just a baby."
"He still did it. He would pay."
"He already did pay, Tom. He lived for twelve years with no parents, thanks to you."
"Its not enough!" Voldemort shouted.
"It should be."

Dumbledore got his wand out and pointed it towards Voldemort.
"The elder wand..." Voldemort said.
"Yes.. the elderwand..." Dumbledore repeated. "Avada Kedavra." He whispered, which was inaudible to the dark lord. The green light shot out of the want, and before Voldemort could react, the green light hit him, and then he was motionless.

The death eaters gasped, and most of them fled. All but one.
"My lord... YOU KILLED THE DARK LORD!" Bellatrix was screaming at Dumbledore. "You will pay. YOU WILL PAY!" she said and she apparated.
"Oh god, Harry!" Mrs Weasley said, and flung her arms around Harry. "Are you alright?"
"Im okay, I ache a bit and Im tired." He replied.
"Harry! We didnt know what happened on the train! We couldnt find you! We were so worried!" Ron told him.
"Wheres Hermione?" Harry asked Ron.
"She is in the hospital wing now." Ron said. He was clearly angry. "Thats what I want to talk to you about!" He pointed to Dumbledore. "You apparated us everywhere when you would clearly see she wasnt coping very well with the after effects of it! And you justleft us there in the middle of a random street! Why did you do that! You made Hermione suffer, and you made me suffer making me watch her be like that!" Ron was shouting at him.
"I had to do business. I came to find Harry!" Dumbledore said back.
"Well we even got here before you did!" Ron was getting really annoyed.
"I had other business to attend to."
"What is more important than a life! Saving lives is much more important than anything else!"

Dumbledore was silent. Clearly Rons words had hurt him.

"Well..." Mrs Weasley broke the awkward silence. "We need to get Harry back to Hogwarts. Are you happy to apparate, both of you?"
"Yes." Ron answered first.
"I have a headache and I feel really tired. Will apparating make it worse?" Harry asked.
"Im sorry Harry but yes, but we need to get you there to get checked over."
"Okay then, lets go." Mrs Weasley held on tightly to Ron and Harry and they soon arrived at the hospital wing of Hogwarts school.

"Harry?" Mrs Weasley said. Harry had fallen to his knees.
"Sorry, Im dizzy."
"Lets get you on the bed." She said, lifting Harry up so he could lay down.

Madam Pomfrey arrived soon after they did and checked Harry over.
"Harry, you have a few scratches and a bump on your head, but if you stay in over night for observation, then you can leave tomorrow." She informed him.
"Okay, thanks Madam Pomfrey." He said.
"Rest now, Harry." Mrs Weasley said as she took a chair next to his bed.
"Wait." Harry heard Dumbledore say. "Id like to apologise. Youre health is more important than anything else. I should have been there." He said.
"Its alright sir. At least you conquered the Dark lord." Harry replied.
"Yes. He is gone now, for good."
"Good." Harry was getting sleepy.
"Now can Harry rest?" Mrs Weasley insisted.
"Yes, rest now Harry." Dumbledore agreed.

Harry got sleepier and eventually fell asleep, and woke up to the start of a worry free year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.