Chapter 1

"Worthless piece of trash."

The words hurt.

"No one loves you."

But they were true.

"You stupid bitch."

All of it.

Amu glanced at the shiny razor with a look of pain. Her whole life was filled with pain and misery. Her parents treated her like crap, people at school bullied her, and everyone seemed to hate her. She slowly picked it up, bringing it to her pale arm. She felt lifeless, unwanted.

She had tried countless times to murder herself, but she was a coward. She could only bring herself to cut only. She gently grazed the sharp end on her wrist, cutting a straight line through her skin. Letting the pain free her. The blood seeped through the wound. The red liquid was dotting the carpet below her. Her tears were joining them.

"Amu, get ready for school!" her mother shouted from downstairs angrily.

She quickly unzipped her backpack and threw the metal object inside. She staggered to the bathroom, staring at her ugly reflection. Her abnormal pink hair was beyond messy, and her ugly yellow eyes were red from tears. She sobbed heavily.

"I'm so ugly," she muttered, pulling her fist back. "No one loves me." She punched the mirror with all her strength. The small shards broke, stabbing her knuckles. More blood spilled. She slowly smiled cruelly, now she didn't have to see her reflection. The sharp smell filled the room. She stared blankly at the broken mirror.

"Damn it," Amu cursed, staring at her injured fist.

"Amu, hurry up, damn it!" her mother shouted once more. The pink-haired girl flinched in fear. Amu quickly threw on a thin long sleeved black shirt with red stripes and long black jeans. She pulled her messy hair into a ponytail as quickly as she can, not combing it. Amu quickly wrapped her fist with a thick white cloth and threw her backpack over her shoulder and ran out of the room.

"You stupid bitch!" Midori shrieked, slapping her across the face. "You're late for school!" Amu whimpered quietly, her cheek changing to the color of purple.

"More lies to tell," Amu thought, glaring at Midori. She placed her shoes on and ran outside. She had enough of her so called "mother". She was sick of it, sick of everything. Amu walked to school, her cheek was stinging. She felt as though her life was empty. Everyday the same events were happening over and over again. It felt as though she was in a movie, a never-ending movie.

She reached school grounds only to be insulted.

"Stupid whore, looks like she got what she deserved," a girl laughed, pointing at her cheek.

"Who would want to rape that?" Everyone laughed at that joke. Amu held her tears bravely. On the outside, she looked like she was ignoring them, not caring. But on the inside, each one of their insults cut a deep wound in her heart, she was slowly breaking down, will anyone save her?

The insults continued as usual, what surprised her was it suddenly stopped. She turned around to see everyone staring at a boy with beautiful midnight blue hair and shining sapphire eyes.

"Look at his blue hair," one boy howled, laughing.

"Its another freak," another girl giggled.

Amu didn't understand why they were insulting him. He looked beautiful. He was wearing a long sleeved black shirt with midnight blue lines on the collar and long tight black pants. He had a small cross in the middle of his thin collar. His expression told everyone he was bored. Amu looked closely at his deep sapphire eyes. She saw boredom, but deep down in his eyes, she saw pain.

"You can join the other freak over there," a blonde boy smirked, pointing at none other than the pink-haired girl. He shook his head and walked into the building without another word.

For some reason, his mysterious attitude made Amu attracted to him. She was in a daze, staring at the dark gray sky. The bell rang, snapping her from her trance. Amu walked in, ignoring everything everyone was saying to her. After what seemed like three hours, she reached the classroom.

Amu turned the knob and walked in, staring at her seat. She walked to it and sat down. She sat next to the window, staring outside. Her hand held her chin and cheek.

She heard laughter about the T.V. show that was on last night, other people were teasing others about their relationships; others were planning on what they were going to do on Friday night.

"Why couldn't I be one of them," Amu thought, the tears threatening to fall. Nikaidou-sensei tapped his ruler on his desk.

"Everyone, may I please have your attention," he declared loudly. "We have a new student." Nikaidou pointed at the boy I saw before school.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto," the boy greeted quietly. Nikaidou-sensei nodded his head.

"You are going to be sitting by Hinamori Amu," Sensei said, pointing at the empty desk next to Amu. Ikuto glanced at Amu, shook his head, and walked to the desk. He took a seat, not giving Amu a second glance.

"Hinamori-san, you are going to be Ikuto's guide," Nikaidou-sensei said, smiling. Amu knew he was trying to make her friends with Ikuto. Nikaidou-sensei was the only one who knew her secret. How? He caught her cutting half of a year ago. After that, she told him everything.

"Okay, Nikaidou-sensei," she replied, nodding her head. Amu sighed and glanced at the handsome boy next to her.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto, I will solve your mystery," Amu thought silently, writing notes for class. "I will see the real emotion behind that mask of yours." Amu clutched her pencil tighter.

"I will."

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