Chapter 3

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Amu lied on her bed, waiting for a certain friend to text her back. Amu smiled vibrantly. She finally had a friend. She deeply sighed and rolled on her back, hugging a pink plushie. Her bed felt warm and welcoming for once.

Others would've thought her room would be black and have emo stuff and such, but her room was the exact opposite. The color of her room was a pretty rose pink. Cute little bears were located on shelves on the walls. A neat white desk was to her right. Her bed was a soft pink with roses threaded into the blankets. A small drawer was right next to her desk, consisting of her phone and a small lamp. A small TV attached to the wall in front of her.

She started to space out, thinking about a blue haired boy. For some reason, she felt worried about him even though she knew pretty much nothing about him. But she just couldn't take him off her mind. His velvety soft looking blue hair and deep sapphire eyes always capturing her attention. He was just plain gorgeous.

A small beep interrupted her thoughts.


I'm about to go shopping, want to come? :D

Amu stared at the text; her eyes wide open. This had to be a dream, right? She read the text over and over again before the biggest smile came upon her pink lips.


Sure! :)

The excited girl had to keep herself from shrieking in joy. She waited for Utau's reply, jumping around the place.


Kay, pick you up in 15 minutes!

Amu just lost it then. She almost about screamed if she didn't stuff a pillow in her face. Her scream was muffled as she rolled in her bed.

Then she realized something, what was she going to wear? Almost immediately, she jumped up and rummaged through her closet. She didn't want to be embarrassed by her only friend. Clothing flew out of the closet as she tried to find the perfect outfit.

She finally found it and stepped into the bathroom with the bundle of clothes. She quickly changed and struck a pose at the mirror. She laughed a laugh she hadn't laughed in years. She felt… happy for once. She tied up her hair into a fashionable cute ponytail and walked out.

She wore a white and black striped shirt with a cute black cardigan and black jeans and headed out. She threw her small black purse over her shoulder filled with the essentials: her phone, some money, and her earphones.

Amu silently sneaked out, not wanting to be bombarded with questions from her mother. She quietly leaned against the house when she was out, waiting.

A grin sneaked on her face as she thought about Utau. She loved the way how her name came out of her mouth easily and happily. Her only friend is beautiful, gorgeous. She was also kind and generous.

What did I do to get her as a friend? Amu thought.

A loud honking interrupted her thoughts. She looked up to see Utau motioning at her with the black beauty.

"Come on!" she whined impatiently.

Amu rolled her eyes and hid a smile. She walked to Utau's car slowly just to annoy the blonde. Utau sent a frustrated glare towards Amu and muttered inappropriate words under her breath. Amu laughed and walked normal pace and tried to open the door to the front seat.

It was locked.

Utau smirked as she watched the rosette try to open the door. Her amethyst eyes glinted in amusement.

"Utau!" Amu huffed, crossing her arms around her chest.

"What?" Utau asked innocently. "Is there something wrong?"

Utau took a lock of her hair and twirled it like a little girl. An innocent look plastered on her face.

"I can't open the door."

"Sucks for you."

Amu glared at Utau, who snickered in reply. Utau mindlessly twirled her hair as she watched Amu bang the windows.

"Utau," Amu growled.

Utau looked up and saw Amu giving her a death glare.

"Fine, fine," Utau sighed.

She clicked the button and all of the doors unlocked. Amu quickly jumped in before Utau can lock her out again.

"I hate you," Amu stated blankly.

"Love you too," Utau smiled teasingly. From the back seat, a long male yawn erupted. Amu furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as Utau rolled her eyes. Both of them looked behind them with loud sighs.

"Ikuto, why are you in my car?"