By: 1000th Ghost

She whipped around as the dish spilled to the floor.

That stupid monitor lizard could mix her feelings like nothing else. On the one hand, it sliced through her problems - literally, eating anything that contaminated her life. On the other hand, it covered her entire body when it folded itself to sleep on her - its personal girl-mattress.

For a measured at about zero. She sometimes tasted the feeling of affection from it, but adding affection to a lizard still cooked up the same animal: a lizard.

Then again, a parrot grated on her nerves like nothing else. Yes, the lizard squashed the parrot in the pet contest. Not that the competition sizzled very much.

"Criminy, Monitor Lizard!" She never labeled her pet with an official name. Too much effort. "If you don't like your food, you don't have to mash the bowl into the floor!"

It hissed in response.

She ground her teeth into a smile.

It, combined with the small Asian girl with the squeaky voice and glasses, equaled her entire circle of friends.

"Alright, Monty." Eh, sure, a name couldn't scald too much. "Now how are we going to puree Arnold?"