Leo returns to the kitchen looking like he just found all the answers, only to realize he didn't understand the question. Wordlessly, with that nameless power that was both cause and effect of being chosen as leader, he calls his brothers to him.

They go together, silently, into Splinter's room. The orb rests on the low table, looking like an ordinary glass ornament, and they seat themselves around it.

Don raises a questioning brow; Raph's mouth quirks down into an irritated scowl. Leo fixes his eyes upon the orb and Mike sees where this is going.

They meditate, as one spirit.

Yoshi greets them each warmly, by name, seeing their uniqueness even in their solidarity. He invites them into his memories, sharing them as the Utroms had shared their history with him.

Splinter finds them that way, and waits. In time they return to him, opening eyes that have seen other worlds.

The orb does not speak again after that. Perhaps it has spent itself, pouring the entirety of its essence into new vessels, transferring careful copies to less fragile hosts.

They rarely speak of the orb, either. Each has seen all that it contained, equally, and there is nothing more about it that they can share.

Splinter can see its effects, though, on each of his sons:

Leonardo, who now carries the weight of leadership with easier balance. He has the same gravity, but returns to it more effortlessly, becoming in turn more able to escape from it when the situation demands lightheartedness.

Raphael, still intense in his propensity to disagree, but with a greater degree of respect for other's strengths, and a new sense of tolerance for their weaknesses.

Michelangelo, still cheerful, but less frenetic about it. He is maturing as a teller of stories and caretaker of spirits, and Splinter worries less that he will lose these qualities as he grows.

And lastly, Donatello, his ability to turn trash into dreams undiminished, but now balanced with the ability to, sometimes, awake from the fever of creation and share less tangible dreams with his family.

In life, Yoshi gave much to all around him, and even in death he has passed on a precious gift to his four unlooked-for grandsons. Splinter keeps the now-silent orb on the family's altar, pays his respects to it daily, and then goes out to attend to his work.