SasoDei – Just Another Day

Part 8

A Collab between Keono and Woolfy

Hiro and Shin ran through the house, laughing, along with several other children who also lived nearby. They ran out into the garden, almost running into some of the grown ups, "Hey! Take a seat already, un!" The kids quickly followed the blonde's orders and ran to the table which had been set up for the party. Hiro sat down at the head of the table with his best friend Shin sitting next to him, and soon both Sasori and Deidara exited their house of four years, the blonde carrying a cake with the five candles already lit.

Everyone, including the adults, began to sing happy birthday to the little red head, and the cake was place in front of him, "Happy birthday to Hiro~ Happy Birthday to you~" Everyone began to cheer and clap as he blew out the candles, giving a laugh.

Sasori and Deidara each gave their pride and joy a kiss on the cheek, before the older red head took the cake back to the kitchen in order to cut it up. Hiro gave a grin at the raven haired male, sticking his tongue out at him, "Haha! I'm the same age as you again, ShiShi!"

Shin blinked at him, blushing from embarrassment before giving a frown, "Yeah, but I'll be older soon!" The five year old leaned forward and gave the red head a kiss on the cheek, having done so since before he could remember, "Happy birthday, Hiro!"

Sasori came out of the house, smiling as he walked back over to the table, placing the cake down. "Hey Babe, do you wanna serve it? I need to go get some spoons~" Deidara rolled his eyes and moved forward, the red head giving him a quick peck on the lips, "Thanks Babe~ Love you~"

"Love you too, un." The red head once again disappeared inside of their home and the blonde began to serve the already cut up cake, smiling at the guests.

"Awww, I can't fudging believe that little Hiro is already five years old!" Konan squealed and ruffled the boy's red hair, "It was like only yesterday that your mummy wouldn't even let anyone hold you because you were so small!"

Hiroshi blinked up at the woman and Sasori returned with spoons, handing them out to each person. "You know," Hanako looked distastefully at the cake which the young red head's parents had both made from scratch, "we could have had a cake professionally made…"

"Mum!" Deidara shot the woman a sharp glare, "You are not spoiling our son." He handed her a piece of cake on a plate, "Now stop trying to show off and be happy."

"…It is a very nice home, Sasori." Akio looked around the small back garden and then at the house, "How is the mortgage going?"

"Almost paid it off." Sasori smiled and handed the blonde's father a plate with a piece of cake on it, "It's a nice place, isn't it? Two bedrooms, a kitchen, one bathroom, living room, a study, plus there is a spare bedroom I use for a workroom." The red head chuckled lightly and took his seat at the table, sitting next to his lover, "Isn't this nice, Babe?"

"Yeah~" Deidara smiled lightly at his lover, before giving a bitter frown, "I just wish that someone hadn't gotten our son a PlayStation 3 for his fifth birthday…" He shot a glare at his parents, and Sasori rolled his eyes, kissing the blonde on the cheek.

"Calm down, Babe, our son is allowed to have some toys, it's not spoiling him that much…I mean, it's not like when they tried to convince us to let them buy him a car last year…" Sasori sighed and rubbed his love's back, giving him a peck on the lips, "Relax~"

Hanako and Akio sat down in their seats as everyone ate their slice of cake. There were casual conversations around the table, things like Sasori getting another promotion at his job, Hiroshi was going to start school soon and other things that bore the little redhead. One thing that people were still talking about was how his parents had gotten married last year.

"You could've just asked us to set up a wedding and we would've done it," Hanako said with a sigh. "That would've been so much better than just signing some papers."

Deidara sighed and looked at his mom lazily. "We're not talking about this again. Sasori was lucky enough to get me to marry him, un."

The redhead chuckled from beside him. "Yeah the first time I asked, Deidara banished me to the couch."

"Yeah but you kept on bugging me for two years till I finally said yes, un. So it's not always a good thing that we got married." Deidara took a bite of his cake as his mother began talking.

"Well are you two going to have more children?" She asked, some hope in her voice. Deidara began coughing and choking on his cake and the kids laughed. Sasori shot them a glare before patting the blonde's back. Once the younger male's throat had cleared Deidara was glaring daggers at his mother.

"No, we are not having anymore kids, and I got what was wrong with me fixed, un. So don't even joke about it."

Hanako gave a small whimper but smiled. "O-okay."

Hiroshi looked around bored as everyone else still ate. He had already eaten his slice but he saw the Shin was still eating his own. "Hey, can I have some, ShiShi?" Hiro asked, looking at his friend excitedly.

The raven froze as he was about to put a piece in his mouth. "But this is my cake," He protested weakly.

"Oh..." Hiroshi looked down, dejected and slumped down in his chair. Shin bit his lip and pushed his plate over so it was between them. The redhead blinked up and grinned wildly. "Thanks, ShiShi~!" He and the older boy ate their cake together.

"Okay time for presents," Deidara called out. The kids jumped out of their chairs and he herded them to the living room so his son could open his gifts.

Hiro was firstly handed an expertly wrapped gift that was obviously from his grandparents, and he resisted the urge to bite his lip. The presents that they gave him were never anything that he actually wanted; a plasma television (which his mother used more than he did), a computer with wireless broadband (which, again, his mother used a lot), and other things that he used so little that he couldn't even remember them. His father always told him to be polite about it, however, as they were apparently 'expensive' or something like that.

The young red head ripped off the wrapping paper, blinking as he saw that his grandparents had bought him a PlayStation 3. All the other kids gave gasps and stared in awe at it, shocked by such an expensive gift. Hiroshi feigned excitement, smiling widely up at his grandparents, "Thank you Nana and Grampy!"

They smiled down at their grandson, and Hiroshi quickly moved onto his next present, "This one is from your mother and I~" Sasori wheeled something into the room and the five year old stared in absolute shock, before giving a wide grin.

It was a bike which had a gift ribbon on the handles (along with a red helmet), and it was just what Hiro had wanted. He hopped up and ran to his parents, giving them each a tight embrace, "Thank you Mummy! Thank you Daddy! I love you!" Sasori ruffled his son's hair and made him sit back down so that he could open up his other presents.

"Here Hiro…" Shin held out a present that was neatly wrapped in colourful paper with dinosaurs on it. The red head took the box, smiling at his best friend before carefully unwrapping it. He blinked in surprise when he saw that it was a pair of walkie-talkies, and pretty good ones at that. "See? So we can talk even when we aren't playing together!"

Hiroshi looked to the boy with a wide grin, immediately flinging his arms around the raven haired boy, "I love it, ShiShi! Thank you so much!" He gave the boy a grateful kiss on the cheek, and hugged him for at least half a minute, causing Shin to blush from embarrassment.


Sasori and Deidara were busy tidying up after the party, with Kurenai helping them out while their sons were running around the house playing with the walkie-talkies. The blonde rolled his eyes and gave an accusing look at the woman, "Of course you would get something that let's the boys communicate 24/7, un…"

Kurenai grinned at him and gave a nod, "Of course~ My, you guys getting married is still hot gossip, I mean it's been like a year since you eloped! Can I see the ring again?" Deidara rolled his eyes and held out his hand, revealing the ring that was set with a single shimmering diamond, "Awww~ It's so pretty!"

"Thanks," Sasori smirked and finished washing the dishes, leaving them out to dry for a few minutes, "it was my mother's engagement ring." He moved over to Deidara, giving him a peck on the lips while wrapping his arms around him.

"Gawd~" Kurenai rolled her eyes, "You guys are as smitten as when Sasori first started trying to win your heart…And get into your pants…"

Deidara scowled and folded his arms stubbornly, "Fucking rape…" Sasori chuckled and gave the younger male another kiss before moving to dry the dishes. Deidara looked at the clock and sighed. "Hiro, time for bed, say goodbye to Shin, un." The little redhead stopped running and looked at his mum in disbelief.

"Why? Today's my birthday so I can't I stay awake a little longer?" He gave his best puppy in the rain look and Deidara tried to remind himself that this was the spawn of Sasori.

He gave a harsh sigh. "Half an hour, but then you're going to bed." Hiroshi grinned widely and nodded before running off to play with his best friend in the remaining time. Deidara took a deep breath as he rubbed his forehead. "That kid is going to be a manipulative thing when he gets older. I bet Sasori got through high school with smiles and kissing ass."

The redhead laughed and began passing the blonde some dishes to put away. "No, sorry Babe, I actually tried in high school, but if I did get in trouble I usually got out of it easily."

Kurenai raised an eyebrow. "Why was that?"

Deidara shuddered and Sasori gave a small smile. "You don't want to know, un," The blonde said, giving a shiver. Even after almost six years he still had the image burned into his brain of Hidan getting sexed up on their principal's desk. "Well that still proves that Sasori's a two-face."

Sasori chuckled. "Sure I was, Babe~ Or maybe my sexiness was causing a mirage and making you hallucinate. You probably weren't able to handle the truth."

Deidara rolled his eyes and continued to put away dishes. Soon the house was tidied up and Hiroshi and Shin had to part. "Nooooo~! I don't wanna leave Hiro!" Kurenai sighed as she held her son.

"ShiShi!" Deidara sighed and picked up his own five year old.

"Hiro, it's been half an hour. Bedtime now, un." The little redhead whimpered and his eyes filled with tears.

"No~ I don't wanna go to bed~" He whimpered and began to cry.

Deidara sighed. "You should probably go, un." Kurenai nodded and she left through the front door with her crying son in tow. The blonde looked down at his son and he rubbed his back. "Hey, don't cry, un," He cooed. "I'll read you your favourite story, okay?" The boy continued to sob but nodded. "If you stop crying I'll let you have ice-cream for breakfast." The redhead stopped his crying and looked up at his mum with startled eyes.


Deidara nodded. "Only if you don't get upset about leaving Shin again. Okay?" The boy nodded excitedly. Sasori shot the blonde a disapproving look and Deidara simply gave the red head an apologetic smile, carrying their growing son to his bedroom. Hiro had long since outgrown his crib, so his parents had given him the bed that Sasori had had since he had been young.

Deidara still found it quite creepy that his son slept in the bed that the blonde had been raped in…Plus it was also the bed that the little red head had been conceived in…Well, either there or in the shower…Hiro quickly pulled on some pyjamas which had pictures of dinosaurs on and quickly crawled underneath the covers in expectation.

Deidara picked up the Dr Seuss book that was his son's favourite and began to read aloud while showing his son the pages, "That Sam-I-Am, that Sam-I-Am, I do not like that Sam-I-Am. Do you like green eggs and ham? I do not like them, Sam-I-Am, I do not like green eggs and ham."


Hiro was asleep before Deidara even finished reading to him, and the blonde smiled at the adorable sight, giving his son a kiss on the forehead, "Nighty night~" He tucked the little boy in and then left the room, turning the lights off as he went.

As soon as his mother had left the room, Hiroshi stopped pretending to be asleep, giving a grin as he picked up his walkie-talkie, "ShiShi? Are you there?"

There were a few moments of silence on the other line, "Hiro, go to sleep." The voice was Kurenai's and the little red head pouted before putting the walkie-talking down, finally going to sleep.


"Lt ShiShi, do you have visual?" The ten year old red head peered over the top of the couch at their destination, using his walkie-talkie to communicate with the eleven year old boy.

"Affirmative, Sgt Hiro, I see the target," Shin gave a gulp and a frown, "I'm going in!"

"No Lt ShiShi!" Hiro gasped as he saw the raven haired boy start to move out, "That's suicide!"

"I have to do it, Sgt Hiro…If I don't make it…Tell my mummy and daddy that I love them…" Shin stealthily moved forward, avoiding detection from the blonde soldier who guarded the military lair. He managed to hide just beneath the pedestal, his goal sitting just above him; so close yet so far. As soon as the blonde soldier turned his back, the dark haired boy leapt up and grabbed the tray from the kitchen bench.

"Hey!" The blonde soldier heard the sound of the tray, glaring down at the eleven year old boy, "Those cookies are for after dinner, un!"

"OH NO! THE MISSION HAS BEEN COMPROMISED! ABORT ABORT! RUN SGT HIRO, RUN!" Shin dropped the tray, managing to swipe a few cookies from it before he and the little red head bolted from the room, screaming as if they were under enemy fire.

Deidara facepalmed and gave a harsh sigh, "Stupid solider phase…" He shook his head and picked up the tray which still had a few cookies sitting on it, "I EXPECT YOU BOTH TO STILL EAT YOUR DINNER, YOU HEAR ME? Fucking sleepovers…"

Sasori eyed the two squealing boys running past him as he entered the kitchen and smirked. "You seem to have your hands full," He teased. He went to grab a cookie but Deidara smacked his hand with a wooden spoon.

"No! After dinner, un." Sasori just pouted and wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist, pulling him in close. "Only after dinner? What if I want some sweets now~?" He rubbed their hips together and Deidara flushed slightly with a small glare on his face.

"…After dinner, un." Deidara smirked and pecked his husband's lips before moving back to making dinner.

"I remember when you would barely even cook." Sasori chuckled as he leaned against the counter.

"Yeah, that was until we got a bottomless pit for a son." Deidara began chopping up vegetables.

Sasori smirked. "I think black hole is a better comparison." He heard his son and best friend giggling from Hiroshi's bedroom and rolled his eyes. "Well if Hiroshi doesn't eat then you can ground him again... Or at least try to," He chuckled.

Deidara glared at his lover. "I have a knife, un." Sasori stopped laughing but he was still smirking. "He's already in his rebellious phase, sorta, he just likes to do what he wants."

"It's not all that bad-"

"Painting the neighbour's dog neon orange so it doesn't get hit by a car is bad, Danna, un." Deidara sighed and put some of the vegetables in a bowl.

"Aw, come on, Babe~ They were just thinking of the dog's safety!" Deidara rolled his eyes but gave a small smile. It had been kind of cute when they had showed their parents how proud they were about painting that old dog. He honestly had no idea how to feel; one, it was terrible that they did that but the owner didn't mind, he said, and two it was adorable that they thought of it in the first place, but three, it was just plain stupid. Sasori came up behind the blonde and wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his lover's shoulder. "What is for dinner anyway?"

"Macaroni and cheese, with salad, un," Deidara answered as he began putting the macaroni in the boiling water.

Sasori hummed and brushed his lips against the blonde's neck. "Sounds good~" He kissed his lover's neck before bitting gently. Deidara stopped what he was doing and bit back a moan. He gripped the counter and turned his head so that Sasori could molest his neck further.

Deidara gave a moan that was heard by both Hiro and Shin, the young boys moving to investigate, though confused by the sight. "What's your daddy doing to your mummy?"

Hiro blinked and gave a shrug, already bored of watching, before he had a fun idea, "My dad is biting my mum…Because…WE'RE VAMPIRES!" The red head made a hissing sound and began to chase after his friend, both of them laughing as a new game began.

Sasori and the blonde were faintly startled by the sudden interruption, and the red head stopped molesting his lover's neck. Deidara sighed and offered his husband a cookie which Sasori eagerly took with a smirk, "You're turning our son into a manipulative bastard, un…"

The red head chuckled and pecked the younger male on the lips, "You're the one who encourages him by always falling for that puppy dog look~" Deidara pouted and was pulled into another kiss that lasted until the blonde realised that if he didn't stir the cheese sauce, it would burn.

Hiro and Shin were currently rolling around on the ground, with the younger male being victorious, "Haha! Beat you ShiShi! Now you're a part of my undead army!"

Shin pouted slightly, "Fine, but can I be a nice vampire? Please?" Hiro got off of his friend and helped him up while rolling his eyes.

"You can't be a nice vampire, ShiShi, there's no such thing!" He shook his head and the dark haired male continued to pout for a few moments.

Shin looked to the red head's parents, giving a slight frown, "Hey…Isn't your mummy a boy?" Hiroshi blinked in confusion and gave a slow nod, "But didn't we learn in school last week that only girls could have babies? Dose that mean that you were adopted?"

The younger red head blinked in shock; his parents had always told him that he had come from his mummy's tummy; he couldn't possibly be adopted…Could he? "DINNER'S READY, UN!" They both made their way to the table, taking a seat as the red head's mother brought out plates with food on and his father poured drinks. Everyone began to eat as soon as they sat down, except for Hiroshi, "What's wrong, un? You better not have filled up on cookies!"

The young red head blinked up at his mother before giving a slight frown, "Mum, am I adopted?" Sasori spluttered his drink, and both parents stared awe-struck at their son.

"Hiroshi Akasuna! Of course you weren't adopted! We've already told you that you came from mummy's belly, un." Deidara gave a gentle sigh, "What makes you think that you're adopted? If you were adopted then you wouldn't be the spitting image of your father, now would you?"

Hiroshi looked between Deidara and Sasori, blinking at them slowly before frowning once more, "But we learnt in school that only girls could have babies…And mum is a boy…"

Sasori sighed and shook his head, giving his son a soft reassuring smile, "Your mother is a very special case; when he was just a baby a mean old witch placed a curse on him. But trust me; your mother was definitely carrying you around inside of his belly for nine months – I was the one who had to look after him. You're mummy's little boy~" Sasori ruffled his son's hair and Hiro gave a hopeful smile as he was told that he wasn't adopted.

Deidara gave a sigh of relief and they all continued to eat, changing the subject to school. "So when are you two going to do some homework, un?" Deidara asked as he ate some salad. The duo gulped and looked at each other.

"Um, w-we don't know-"

"Shin!" Hiroshi whined. "We were going to do it soon." Hiro looked down at his food, but gave a sideways glance at Shin to play along.

"Y-yeah, soon!" Deidara eyed the two boys.

"I guess I can watch you two do your homework after dinner?"

"We can do it by ourselves," Hiro grumbled. Deidara sighed and put down his fork.

"Your guy's teacher called. She said that you two aren't doing very well in class and she said it's because you two keep on messing around with each other. She suggested that you two go to separate classes if that doesn't change, un." Hiroshi's brown eyes widened.

"B-but, we didn't do anything wrong!" He complained.

Sasori sighed. "The point is you two aren't doing your work. So no more slacking off."

Shin frowned. "Does my mummy know?"

Deidara nodded. "She does, so you have to pick up the slack. After dinner, homework then bed-"

"But, Mum-"

"Hiroshi, un." Deidara gave a small glare. "That's that. You two can play in the morning."

The ten year old slumped in his chair. "This is so unfair."

"Life isn't fair," Deidara retorted. "Now eat, un." As more casual conversation ensued Sasori began rubbing the blonde's thigh, slowly getting closer to the centreb. "Don't," Deidara warned as his face flushed. The children didn't notice yet and he didn't want them to know.

Hiroshi soon finished his mac and cheese, but slowly before going to his room to do his homework, Shin following. "I don't want to do homework," Shin complained.

"We have to. My mum's going to be here soon." And just like that, the blonde appeared a few seconds later through the redhead's door.

"'Kay time to work."


"I don't know the answer to that, Hiroshi, un! Blame your teacher for giving you homework that makes no sense!" Deidara sighed and stood up. "I'll talk to her in the morning. You don't have to do your homework tonight, un." The two boys cheered. "But you still have to go to bed." The boys 'awwed' in unison. Once they were all snug in their pyjamas, Deidara tucked them into Hiroshi's bed. "And I'll know if you two get out of bed. Good night, un." Deidara closed the door to his son's bedroom and went to his own to see Sasori leaning against the headboard, only in boxers. The blonde smirked and closed the door behind him before crawling onto the bed and into his lover's lap.

"Just try to be quiet."


Hiroshi slowly blinked his eyes open when he thought he heard something. It sounded familiar but also kind of scary. "ShiShi," He whispered, waking the raven. "Do you hear that?" The older boy listened.


Hiroshi looked at his door when he heard the sound again. "We should investigate," He said excitedly.

Shin looked scared and he almost ducked under the covers. "I don't know, Hiro. What if it's a ghost?"

"Then we'll fight it! Come on." Hiro got out of bed and turned, grabbing onto the raven haired boy and pulling him up. Shin whimpered slightly but followed his friend as the red head led them through the house, following the noise until they reached the door to his parent's room, "Oh no! The ghost is attacking mum and dad! I'LL SAVE YOU!" Hiro tried to dramatically kick the door open but it refused to budge, so he had to - less dramatically - use the door knob. They ran inside and Shin instinctively turned on the lights, "DIE GHOS-"

He stared in shock to see that his parents weren't getting attacked by a ghost. Father was kneeling over mother, thrusting forward while the blonde was giving loud moans of absolute bliss. The red head abruptly brought Deidara into a passionate kiss and the blonde practically screamed into his mouth as they finished, pulling away with a sigh of relief. Sasori groaned lightly before pulling out of his lover, giving the blonde another chaste kiss.

"Mum? Dad?" The older red head jumped in surprise, accidentally falling off of the far side of the bed with a loud 'OMPH!' Deidara sat up quickly as he looked over at his son and his son's best friend, blushing before quickly pulling the blanket to cover his naked body.

"H-Hiroshi! Shin!" He gulped, trying to think of what to say in the awkward situation, "What are you doing here? I told you not to get out of bed!"

"W-We thought you were being attacked by a ghost!"

Sasori stood up, coming back into view after having found his boxers on the floor, now hiding his glory, "Boys…" The red head didn't know what to say, giving a cough into his fist, "…Ummm…What you just saw was something that…Well…"

Deidara gave a groan at the confused children, slumping back into the bed, "Maybe you should just give them 'The Talk', Danna…"

"Why me?" Sasori shot the blonde a shocked expression, but Deidara had already buried himself underneath the sheets, and the red head just gave a sigh. "Fine…Come on boys, I'll make you some hot chocolate…"


The three sat at the kitchen table, the two confused boys sipping hot chocolate while the red head's father tried to come up with something to say. He had called Kurenai, of course, telling her about the situation, and she had said that she was fine with the red head giving her son The Talk as well.

"Well…What you saw just then…" He gave a sigh and relaxed, "Okay, so what you saw just then is called 'Sex'…When a mummy and a daddy love each other very much, they…Well, aren't you learning about sex in school?" The boys thought before giving a very slow nod, having just started on the subject the week before, "Good, so I don't need to explain that…" He took a sip of his own hot chocolate, still trying to think about what to say.

"Why was mummy screaming like that?" Hiroshi asked, very interested. "And why were you guys naked?"

"What was that white stuff?"

"Okay, okay! I'll answer just one at a time."

Hiro looked excited and continued on with his question. "Why was mummy screaming like that?"

Sasori sighed and took the last gulp of his hot chocolate. Might as well get it over with. "Well, sex was created to reproduce, but some people use it for... pleasure." He cleared his throat. "So mummy was screaming because he felt really, really…really good."

"Why were you guys naked?"

Sasori stood up, "I think I need more hot chocolate-"

"Daddy~" Hiro whined. "Can't you just tell us?"

Sasori sighed and sat back down. "Well for sex to happen people usually have to be naked."

"But why~?"

Sasori took a deep breath. "Dear God. Well." He then realized he would have to explain everything. He might as well get it over with. "Well for sex to happen like I said before you have to be naked and the reason you have to be naked is so..." God he couldn't say it! "You just stick it in and there you go! You use lubrication so your uke doesn't tear up and yell at you, or if you're cheap use spit."

"Stick what in?" Shin asked.

Sasori groaned. "Your penis."

"In where?"

"For the love of god, can you two not put two and two together?" Sasori wanted to smash his head against the table. "In your uke's butt."

"What's an uke?" Hiro piped up.

"The person who is on the bottom, or takes it up the butt."

"Then what's the person on top called?" Shin.


"What was that white stuff?" Shin asked.

"It's what comes out when you feel really good. That's why mummy was screaming."

"Does it hurt?"

"No it feels good."

Hiro looked thoughtful. "... Why do you and mummy do that? Do you guys want another baby?"

Sasori shook his head. "No, we do it because it feels good."

Again Hiroshi began thinking of a question. "Can Shin and I do it since you said it's good?"

Sasori's eyes went wide and it felt like his head exploded. "... Not until you're eighteen. Anything else?"

"I want more hot chocolate!"

"Me too!" Shin squealed in joy.

Sasori sighed. "Yeah, I could use another cup, too…"


Soon Sasori tucked Hiroshi and Shin back into bed, "And... don't tell your mummies I told you all of this, okay? Just that you understand, got it?" Both boys nodded. "'Kay, good... Stay in bed."

Sasori went back to his bedroom to see Deidara awake, reading a book. "Well?"

"They know now."

Deidara sighed. "Good, un." He put his book down and turned off the lamp. Sasori got into bed before lying down next to his lover. "You smell like hot chocolate, un."

Sasori smirked. "I'm sweet~" Deidara rolled his eyes before nuzzling closer to his husband. "... Wanna go again?"

The blonde gave a sigh and rolled his eyes, "Fine…" Sasori smirked triumphantly and moved over the younger male, connecting their lips in a passionate kiss.

Hiroshi and Shin were currently biking up the street on their way home after a boring day of school, "Gawd, it's so boring!" The seventeen year old red head gave a sigh and shook his head as they neared his house.

"School's okay…Though you're lucky that your mother isn't your teacher." Shin gave a sigh and they both pulled up to the red head's house, parking their bikes in the empty garage. All of their parents were still at work (the year before Deidara had been given a job at Sasori's work), so they usually crashed at the red head's home after school.

They moved to the front door and Hiro unlocked it using his key, politely letting the shorter raven haired boy go inside first, closing the door behind them. The duo moved into the red head's bedroom, sitting down on the bed in order to play on the PlayStation 4 that Hiroshi had received for his birthday last month, uploading a two-player first person shooter game. The red head wasn't really into it, however, and he soon grew bored of it. He resisted the sudden urge to smirk once he recalled the idea that he had had a few days ago; this was the perfect opportunity! "Hey ShiShi…"

The raven threw a grenade in the game, only to have it bounce back and make his character explode instead. Shin pouted and gave a sigh as he got game over, turning to his best friend, "Yeah Hiro?"

"Well, do you remember when we were little…" Hiro gave an absolutely innocent expression, "…how you used to always kiss me on the cheek?" Shin blinked at him, taken slightly aback by the comment before slowly nodding his head and Hiro leaned closer towards him, turning his face, "Kiss?" The raven gave a shy frown before leaning forward, giving the red head a quick peck on the cheek, confused further once the taller male gave a pout, "Awww, that's not a kiss~…"

Shin was taken aback once the red head pressed their lips together, causing him to carelessly drop the controller onto the floor. Before the raven could pull away, Hiro had wrapped his arms around the male and pushed him down against the soft bed. The shy seventeen year old whimpered lightly and grabbed onto the red head's shirt, giving a gasp once Hiro ran his tongue over Shin's lip. The older male shyly opened his mouth, losing all of his senses once Hiroshi's tongue brushed against his own.

The red head began to skilfully molest Shin's mouth, the submissive boy moaning lightly before nervously wrapping his arms around Hiro's neck, deepening the kiss. The younger male slid his hands up Shin's shirt, beginning to pinch and play with the seventeen year old's nipples, causing the raven to give a high pitch moan into the red head's mouth. They soon pulled apart after running out of air, and Hiroshi gave a smirk and a chuckle, "Now that's a kiss~"

Shin blushed madly and he tried pushing Hiroshi off of him. "We can't do this! Your mum and dad will be home soon!" He whispered harshly.

Hiro smirked. "Then I guess we better move it along~" He nuzzled his best friend's neck before giving a long lick. Shin stiffened then loosened up and gave a needy moan. "See? You're enjoying it~" Hiro sat up a little to remove Shin's shirt. Once it was off, Shin's face looked redder than Hiroshi's hair. Hiro leaned down and licked one of the raven's nipples, causing him to gasp. He moved to pinch the other one and the raven mewled as he arched his back.

"H-Hiro~!" He pushed Hiroshi's head away from his chest, and the redhead smashed their mouths together. Shin moaned and wrapped his arms around Hiro's neck, pulling him closer. Soon Shin had to pull away for air and Hiroshi took that time to molest his neck. "Ah~"

The redhead smirked and he slipped out of his shirt. He moved to rub their groins together and Shin's eyes widened before giving a loud moan. "Very sensitive~" Hiro smirked. He ran his hand softly down the raven's chest all the way to his stomach but stopped at his pants line. "So very sensitive."

"Hir- Ah~! Oh god~!" Shin threw his head back and moaned loudly as Hiroshi began stroking his member slowly. "W-we shouldn't d-do this, Hiro~" He was blushing hotly and panting and Hiroshi continued to smirk.

"On that again? Come on, ShiShi, where's your adventurous side?" Hiroshi leaned in close, their lips barely touching.

"How is this a-an adventure?" The redhead chuckled.

"We'll just have to see, ShiShi~" He gripped the raven's member harder and the older male just cried out in pleasure.

"Y-yes!" Hiroshi chuckled again and took his hand out.

"I need to go get something," He whispered against the teen's lips. "Stay here~" He got off the bed and went to his parents bedroom. He went to one of their side tables and began looking for lube. "Come on~ I know they have like three bottles of it!" He soon found one and smirked in triumph before going back to his friend. Shin was still lying on his bed, and he still looked uncomfortable but needy. "I got something that will make this more... easier~" He climbed back onto the bed and kissed Shin on the lips softly before unbuttoning his pants. The raven jumped in surprise and Hiroshi continued on by pulling his pants and boxers off in one swift motion before throwing them off to the side. Shin blushed as he realized that he was stark naked and he almost tried to cover up.

"H-Hiro! S-Stop! We're not s-supposed to until we're e-eighteen!" The red head rolled his eyes, still smirking as he made the older male stop trying to cover up.

"Meh, you'll be eighteen in a month~ The legal age for sex is like sixteen anyway!" Hiroshi moved back to the boy's neck, nibbling an extra sensitive portion of skin, causing Shin to give another moan. The red head began to kiss his way down the raven's body, soon reaching his hard length, giving a smirk. He closed his eyes and ran a tongue up the shaft, causing Shin to both moan and panic at the same time.

"D-Don't!" Hiro gave a harsh sigh, rolling his eyes before pulling away from the older male's hard length, sitting up slightly while giving a smirk.

"You're right; my parents will be home soon, so we don't have a lot of time to spare~" The red head undid his own pants and pulled them off, revealing his impressive manhood from beneath. Shin gazed downwards, immediately paling once he saw the taller male's imposing length, before returning to panicking until the red head calmed him down, "It's okay, ShiShi~ This is going to be good for the both of us~"

Shin whimpered, having always been the shy, modest one of the duo, while Hiro was more the outgoing one. The red head picked up the bottle of lube, knowing exactly what to do as he spread some on his fingers, placing the tube back down. He moved his fingers to the older male's entrance, rubbing his digits against him teasingly, causing Shin to give a groan, "H-Hiro~"

The red head smirked slightly wider before sliding two fingers inside of the raven haired boy, moving them as deep as possible. Shin gave a cry and trembled lightly in a mix of slight pain and even slighter pleasure. Hiroshi began to slowly thrust his fingers in and out of the boy's heat, the raven beginning to make quiet moans, his dark blush returning, dusting his cheeks hotly as he held tightly to the sheets underneath him.

After a while, Hiro decided to add his third digit as well, resulting in another slightly pained moan from the raven haired boy. The red head rolled his eyes and began to thrust his fingers once more, scissoring them in order to stretch the older male's heat further for what was to come.

Soon the younger male grew bored, removing his fingers from the raven's entrance, causing Shin to whimper slightly as he knew what was coming, "Don't worry, ShiShi, it won't be that bad~ We have the lube~" Hiroshi picked up the tube and pored a generous amount onto his hand, placing the bottle back onto his side table. He smeared the lubricant over his hard length, making sure that it was evenly coated, before moving back over the raven, "Are you ready?"

Shin shook his head, bringing his hands up to grasp onto the taller male's shoulders. His face was dusted bright red; he was panting unevenly in wanton lust and was giving Hiroshi a look that was both needy and shy. Hiro stifled a groan of pleasure at the sight, positioning his length at the entrance of Shin's heat. He wrapped his arms around the male's waist and – without warning - gave a hard thrust forward, becoming fully sheathed immediately. Hiro gave a loud groan of pleasure as his length became encased within hot, tight bliss.

He looked down at the raven haired teen to see his head thrown back in pain and his mouth open in a silent scream. There were tears gathering at the corners of his closed eyes and Hiroshi almost felt bad, but the pleasure overruled that. He leaned down to kiss away Shin's tears as he let him adjust. "It's okay~" He cooed. "It'll feel better soon."

Shin nodded, not trusting his voice at all. He opened his teary eyes and brought Hiroshi closer to him. "Just... just don't move yet~"

The redhead nodded and stayed in that position for a few minutes till he couldn't take it anymore. "I-I'm sorry," He groaned out. He suddenly pulled partway out and practically slammed back in. Shin gave a gasp of pain, but it didn't feel as bad as before. Hiroshi continued moving, trying to keep his thrusts the same pace but it felt too good to do that. He gave a low moan, which made Shin realize that he was getting all of the pleasure.

"H... Hiro~" The redhead looked down at Shin who looked like he was dying for some pleasure. That's when he remembered that there was a spot in men that made sex feel that much better. He began changing angles, trying to locate the teen's sweet spot and was not surprised to see Shin moan under him.

"Better?" Hiroshi asked as he began to increase his pace. Shin just nodded as he practically screamed.

"Th-there, Hiro~ There~!" Shin gripped at his friend's shoulders even harder, but moved to his back, trying to bring him closer; digging his nails into his back during the process. "Harder~!" The redhead smirked widely as he saw that Shin was enjoying this as much as he was. He crushed his lips to the older male's and slipped his tongue inside in no time. He moaned into his mouth which was filled with screams. Hiroshi moved his hand between their bodies and began to pump the submissive teen. Shin pulled away with a groan. "N-no~ Th-that's too much!"

Hiroshi smirked at the look Shin was giving him. Pleading, but still wanting him to keep on going. "I'm just trying to make you feel good, ShiShi~ Like how you make me feel~" He began bitting his neck and sucking deeply. "You make me feel so hot, ShiShi~" The said male mewled at that.

Hiro began placing love bites and hickeys over the raven hair's neck, marking him as belonging to the red head. He gave a hard thrust forward, hitting the older male's prostate gland dead centre while pumping him simultaneously.

Shin practically screamed and dug his nails deeper into the male's back, "H-Hiro!" The red head knew that the end was near, and he began to thrust desperately faster, pumping Shin more vigorously to try and force his uke to finish first. The raven haired boy continued to cry out the slightly younger male's name, rocking in time with his thrusts, unable to contain himself. An uncomfortable pressure was building up in his abdomen, growing more and more unbearable with each moment that went by. Soon he couldn't take it anymore and he gave a scream as he released over their chests, "HIRO~!"

The red head cringed once he felt the hot walls clamp around his length, and he gave a few desperate thrusts before releasing inside of the older male, giving a groan, "Shi~" He wrapped his arms around the raven, holding him close as they rode out their bliss, burying his head in the older male's neck.

"H-Hiro~…" The red head gave a groan and pulled out of the raven, rolling onto his side, pulling Shin against him. Hiroshi wrapped his arms around the smaller male, giving him a soft kiss on the forehead. "…Does this mean we're going out…?"

The red head blinked at the boy and gave a smirk, nuzzling the boy's wavy shoulder length black hair, "Of course, ShiShi~"

Shin gave a nod that was half happy and half tired, wrapping his own arms around the dominant male, "…I…I love you, Hiro…" The red head gave a soft smile and kissed the submissive boy both softly and chastely on his lips.

"I love you too, ShiShi~" He pulled the covers up over their bodies and held the smaller male close against his chest.

"…Sh-Shouldn't we get dressed before your parents come home?" Hiroshi began to softly stroke the boy's hair tenderly, nuzzling the top of his head once again.

"Soon…I just wanna hold you like this for a few minutes…We have plenty of time…" Shin gave a slow nod and closed his eyes, Hiro doing the same, and after a few moments they both fell blissfully into sleep.


"WHAT THE FUCK?" The two seventeen year olds awoke with a start, sitting up, Shin hissing at this, and looked towards the door. Deidara stood in the doorway gaping at them, face flushed and shaking lightly from anger, "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BOTH NAKED IN BED TOGETHER?"

Shin opened his mouth but then closed it, blushing from embarrassment, and Hiro gave a sheepish grin, "…Ah…It isn't as bad as it looks?"


"Why?" Sasori moved to the doorway, looking into the room at the sight, raising an eyebrow, before he realised what was going on, "…Told you, Babe~"

"SHUT UP AND CALL KURENAI!" Sasori rolled his eyes, though was visibly smirking as he left the room. "GET DRESSED!" Deidara left the room, slamming the door. Hiroshi smirked at Shin who looked like he'd seen a ghost. He leaned over and kissed one of his love bites, snapping the raven haired boy out of his trance.

"N-no, Hiro! We have to go; they're calling my mom! Can we sneak out?" The redhead chuckled and went to the floor, finding his boxers before pulling them on.

"Na, if we try to run away my mum will probably try to run us over with his car. It won't be so bad, ShiShi, it's not like they'll be mad that we're gay." Hiroshi pulled on his pants next and passed Shin his boxers.

"Yeah, but they'll be mad we didn't tell them."

Hiroshi chuckled. "We just found out ourselves, ShiShi. They won't be mad at us."

"Your mum looked mad."

"... Well that's my mum, now get dressed and let's go."


The raven and redhead were sitting on the couch while Sasori, Deidara and Kurenai were standing. Honestly the only one who was upset about this was Deidara. Sure Sasori and Kurenai were a little upset but they basically knew this would happen ever since they'd been babies.

"Well why didn't you tell us, un?" Deidara was standing over the couple, but Hiroshi just looked bored; it was that same stoic expression that Sasori used and he almost hated that his son was just like his father.

"Well we just discovered this ourselves before you guys came home." The redhead crossed his arms, being impatient.

"You two just started going out and you two are already having sex?"

"It's not like we just met, Mum."

Kurenai nodded. "He has a point. But I want to know the real question." She looked at her son and Hiroshi. "Who was seme~?"

Hiroshi tried to keep a straight face but a smirk graced his lips, while Shin just blushed and looked away. Sasori chuckled. "Told you, too~"

Kurenai sighed. "Oh, well I just thought the age difference would change that. Guess I was wrong."

Deidara just gave a loud sigh and frowned disapprovingly at his son. "EIGHTEEN! YOU COULDN'T WAIT ONE FUCKING YEAR?"

"Dad told me that you guys had sex when you were seventeen," Hiro commented, still smirking.


Hiro blinked in slight shock, having not been told that his father had raped his mother, turning to look at the older red head. Sasori gave a shrug and a smirk, "He loved it~"

The blonde shot him a sharp glare, "SHUT UP, UN! CAN'T YOU AT LEAST PRETEND TO BE ANGRY?" Sasori gave a slight shrug and Deidara scoffed lightly.

"Mum, the legal age for sex is sixteen." Hiro pursed his lips slightly, growing bored, "And it's not like we just met; ShiShi's been my best friend since before I can even remember…" The raven gave a nod in agreement, sticking up for his love.

Deidara glowered at them, "NONSENSE! YOU WERE A WHOLE WEEK OLD BEFORE YOU FIRST MET SHIN! Not including that brief meeting at the shopping centre…" Both boys blinked in surprise, having never been told the origin of their relationship, "AND SHIN WAS NINE MONTHS OLD WHEN YOU MET! HELL; HE WAS STILL INSIDE OF KURENAI WHEN I MET HIRO'S FATHER!"

"Babe~" Sasori cooed slightly and put an arm around his love, trying to make him calm down, "You're going off topic." Deidara managed to cool his temper a little and the red head gave a sigh, "Okay then…As punishment, you two aren't allowed to have sex again…Until Shin is eighteen…So, that's about a month…" Hiro gave a groan, slumping back on the couch while Shin just gave a quick nod, "Yeah…Your mother once made me go a whole month and a half without sex when he was pregnant…It was absolute torture~"

Hiro gave a slight frown and sat up, interested, "You guys have never really told us the story about how you met, or anything about your past…Except that mum was rich and spoilt when he was young…How did it go from you raping mum to the both of you falling in love just a year later?"

Deidara pouted, "I am still young…Thirty five is the new twenty six, un…And it was a month later, not a year…" He gave a sigh, knowing that it was futile to stay mad at his son; he was too much like his father. "Fine then, whatever…A month without sex…Danna, make some hot chocolate; my point of view is more interesting."

Sasori rolled his eyes, though was quite happy that his spouse had finally stopped being so melodramatic, giving him a quick chaste kiss on the lips before moving to the kitchen. Kurenai and Deidara both sat down on the couch opposite the one which the new young couple currently sat upon; and then the blonde began to tell them the story.

"It all started almost eighteen years ago, on what I thought was just another ordinary day…"

The End