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Author Note: Hey everyone, I'm Troublelover16, but you can just call me TL16. This is my first story on this site. I have written fanfiction for Artemis Fowl for over a year now, and this is one of my old stories. I'm editing it and adding new chapters so it's going to be better than the original! :D Enjoy!

My life is confusing. Its good…just…confusing. My mother is the Commander of the LEP and I am following in her footsteps, planning to be the second female to ever get into Recon. Everyone has a lot of hopes for me. But why won't they answer my questions?

Oh, forgive me. I should introduce myself. My name is Sabrina Cori Short and I am 75 years old. My mother is Commander Holly Short. But, call me Cori, almost everyone else does. Except Mom, she just calls me Sabrina.

But who is my father you ask? Well, that's the problem. I don't know. Mom refuses to tell me…Or anyone else for that matter, saying that it's best that my father's identity remains unknown. Uncle Foaly knows, I've asked him several times. But he says he's forbidden to tell me. Thanks, Mom.

So, who is my father?

I've managed to narrow it down to two possible candidates: The human Artemis Fowl the Second or Commander Trouble Kelp.

First there's Commander Trouble Kelp, the LEP's golden boy. Mom was married to him, but he was murdered by Opal Koboi…before I was born. Now, I know what you are going to say. If he was murdered before you were born, the how can he be your father? It's a good question, but you have to consider all of the facts. The reason I'm even considering the fact that he could be my father is because of the date he was killed. It was exactly 75 years ago. Mom could have found out that she was going to have me after he died, which would explain why Mom hasn't mentioned him. But…I have to consider all of the possibilities.

Which brings us to…Artemis Fowl II, the child genius, criminal mastermind, Mud Whelp, whatever you chose to call him. He was a close friend of my mom and a constant companion on various 'save the world' adventures. I would ask him, but that's out of the question unfortunately. He was also murdered by Opal Koboi, 73 years ago. Which leads me to believe he is my dad. I would have been two years old when he was killed and since Mom had disappeared for two years and then showed up with me claiming that Artemis had been killed…

See what I mean by my life is confusing. I may never know the true identity of my real dad. But, you never know…things could change…

Sabrina Cori Short