It's been weeks since I've seen anyone other than Diz. He has me do a lot of errands for him, fetching items left and right, while he hides himself filled with machinery working on who knows what. And as much as that is, I was still utterly lonely and bored.

After traveling with Sora earlier, I never really realized how lonely and depressing my life is. I missed hanging out with people around my age. I missed having friends, someone you could fully depend on to help you. Diz wasn't any of that. Sure he did offer me a place to live, but it came with a price. I wasn't allowed to leave without wearing this long black cloak with the hood always up covering my face.

But working for Diz does have its perks. For one thing, he's helping me learn to control my powers and training me daily on how to use my staff as a weapon. After two weeks of working with him, I can finally control my visions, well at least not faint from them. I've also learned a few tricks, magic, and how to transport myself to other places without using the power of darkness or a gummi ship.

But after first being forced to work for that…witch, and then traveling with Sora, I was craving adventure. But since I hadn't heard anything from Sora or Riku or even my old friend Cloud, I was stuck here since I had no where else to go.

The last time I heard from Sora was in a vision shortly after meeting Diz. Sora and his two friends, Donald Goofy, were closing the door after defeating Ansem. They pushed will all their might, but they could not do it alone. Then someone appeared on the other side of the doors. I didn't know who it was until he spoke the only words my vision let me hear, "Take care of her, both of them." After that I knew it was Riku. I saw Sora and Kairi reunite just before she was taken back home to Destiny Islands, I'm assuming she was from the same place as Sora and Riku but I wasn't for sure since I never actually met her. She was always unconscious when I was near her. The vision faded as a new one began; it showed Sora, Donald, and Goofy traveling down a road, a long road where it didn't seem to end.

Unfortunately I haven't had any visions since then. It's been 25 days since that vision. I was always wonder what happened to them. Was Sora okay? Did Riku ever escape the door to darkness? How was Kairi anyway? Many other thoughts passed through my head daily as I clutched my necklace. It was the one thing that hadn't changed over the past few years.

All I know about my necklace is that it was given to my mother by my father the same year they both disappeared. It was my most prized possession. It was a plain necklace with a circular silver locket. But I could never open it, so I had no clue what was in it, but I still guarded it with my life.

I heard Diz call my name as I finished putting my hair back in a ponytail and threw my cloak on over my clothes and headed to his lab. "You need something Diz?" I said, taking a seat in a chair on the other side of the room, crossing my arms.

"You said you wanted to know where Sora was, am I correct?" Diz simply said, turning himself around to face me.

"You know where Sora is? Is he here? Is he okay?"

"Breathe Hikari, Sora is not here, however I do know where he is."

"Then where is he Diz? Don't test my patience."

Diz chuckled, "Relax. He's fine, for now anyway. Sora, Donald, and Goofy have managed to stumble upon a mysterious castle. But they are not alone. Some organization of sorts have decided to occupy a few members there."

"Define members."

"They call themselves Organization XIII. They are composed of a group of Nobodies, beings with no heart."

"So they never had a heart in the first place?" I asked him, clearly since I'd never heard the term Nobodies before.

"At one point they did have hearts, but when a person, such as you or me, were to lose a heart, not only is a heartless made, but a Nobody is made. Nobodies don't have any emotions at all. Just look up more information on them in the library. I have work to do" Diz said, before shutting me out of whatever he was working on in the lab.

I sighed before heading upstairs and looking up more about Nobodies and Organization XIII. Surely I would be able to find something there. But I didn't find much that Diz had already told me. But luckily I was able to find out more information on Organization XIII.

A few hours, and one sandwich break later, I finally looked at the time and noticed that it was after six, and then realized how much my stomach was growling. I put all the books I was finished with away and set out to the kitchen to make quick dinner for Diz and I. even though I wasn't Diz biggest fan, I still somewhat cared for him, and if I didn't get him dinner, he wouldn't eat until morning.

I went to the fridge and got out some eggs to begin making some scrambled eggs. Once I finished making them, I got out two plates. I left one in the kitchen on the counter after filling it with eggs, and took the other plate of eggs to the lab for Diz to eat. I held it in one hand as I shook Diz's shoulder, he was dozing off, and handed him the plate. "I thought it was a good time to serve dinner. I recommend maybe going to sleep once you finish. You're no good helping Sora if you look like you're about to pass out." And I went up the stairs, knowing he wouldn't reply back. But before I shut the door I heard a faint thank you coming from Diz. I smiled as the door closed and headed back to where my food was.

Once back in the kitchen I sat back down, alone, and ate my dinner. But once again I couldn't help but think about Sora. I mean I knew he was fine with Donald and Goofy by his side, but he was one of my first friends ever, so I just can't help but worry. Then my mind drifted off to Riku, but not for long because my vision blacked out for only an instant, but it felt like longer. I saw Riku's body, sleeping while floating in some strange place. He woke up and a card appeared in front of him, but before I could find out where he disappeared to, I was back in the kitchen, staring at my food.

Forgetting about my food, I ran to the lab. "Diz, Sora may not be the only one there in the Castle. And I don't mean the organization, but another person…"

Diz immediately looked on the computer and found where Sora was, still on the first floor of the Castle, "I only see Sora on here…"

"Try looking under where Sora is. Is there a basement or something there?"

A few more clicks later and we found someone else in the basement, I saw a flash of silver hair running around. "That's Riku. He's stuck there too. I have to help him."