First fanfic! My favorite anime with another that I thought would be interesting to see clash together. Well I hope you enjoy it at least

"Beware"-Demon talking

Get out of the way –Thinking

"Hey, wazzz uppp?"- Normal Speech

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It was sunrise in Assiah. The goblins were snoring, the crickets were chirping, and Satan's son was in a deep sleep. A peaceful night from a long, stressed out day. From gouls and hog goblins, to possessed people and objects. It's been a few months, four to be exact, since Satan had been in the regain. Since that day, Rin Okumara and his twin brother Yukio, had been training more than ever before. Every chance those twins got, they would go on a mission. Even if it was as simple as getting a pesky goblin out of a yard to a demon infestation in a city. Both of them had learned some new moves and abilities to help defeat Satan should he ever return, while using them in combat and missions. Back to the present, basically the day before was a certainly a rough one for Rin and was rewarded with a blissful rest, well, not for long anyways.

"Beep, beep, beep, bee-crash."

All Rin wanted to do was get a good night's sleep. But nooo, his stupid alarm clock had to wake him up at what, seven in the morning? That's why he taught that annoying thing a lesson; by smashing it into tiny pieces that were beyond repair. One thing for sure was the Devil's son is NOT an early riser. With a groan and an internal battle in his head to get up or stay in bed, he uncovered himself from the warm blankets. Another moan followed as he pulled himself onto his feet and rubbed his eyes with his hands while slouching slightly. Rin walked out with his tail drooping behind him as he made his way to the kitchen.

"Morning, Okubach," Rin said yawning.

He greeted the kitchen demon, taking a seat on a near by table. He got a "humph" and a nod, which could only mean a good morning as well. Rin closed his eyes and waited for his breakfast that the kitchen demon would always prepare for him and his brother.

Man, where's that mole-faced bastard. He should be awake by now. Rin looked across the room, hoping to find his younger twin brother. After a couple seconds, he got lazy and just put his head down and the table, but was soon startled by a familiar voice.

"What are you looking for, nii-san?"

The oldest twin jumped at the sound of his brother's voice and turned around to find him dressed in the teacher's uniform, leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed.

"Yukio! You scared the crap outta me! You're late, where were you anyways?" Rin yelled then questioned. A sigh was heard Yukio he walked over and sat on the opposite side of the table.

"I got a message to go to the teacher's lounge. When I got there, I received a mission to go to a reported demon infestation in the city this afternoon that could take several days. So that means I will be here in the morning to teach class but not in this afternoon and this week." Yukio explained, hoping his brother was paying attention and not sleeping. His silent prayers were answered at the sight of Rin nodding.

"Sooo, that means I have the entire dorm to myself except for Okubach and Kuro?" The half-demon asked with a devious glint in his blue eyes and a grin plastered on is face. His tail swinging behind him excitedly. Yukio saw this and answered almost immediately. He knew what his trouble maker older brother would be planning if he was away. Yukio just hoped his twin would listen to him, if not, the least Rin could do was keep the dorm they lived in clean somewhat. He remembered that the last month while he was away, a "demon" had suddenly got into their dorm, blown up walls, toilets, and basically the whole dorm was a disaster, then had suddenly left out of the blue. He didn't believe it, and it took a long time to fix everything.

"Yes, nii-san, but no parties while I'm away. And I expect this dorm the way I left it, in one piece and clean." The mole-faced exorcist stated, slightly yawning as he too, didn't get enough sleep.

Rin frowned at that statement, if he didn't know any better, he'd say Yukio was the older brother. Seriously, the glasses wearing, mole-faced of a brother didn't know how to cut loose and relax. Always, don't do this, don't touch that or else it'll explode; watch where you're swinging you tail it keeps hitting me. If he wanted a party, he was going to get one. Rin remembered the last time his twin was away, he, of course, played it off as a "demon situation", which was partially true. He would have never guessed a simple game of hide-and-seek with his familiar would create such a disaster. But it had. And Yukio hadn't liked it. So, for the past week he had to spend an extra hour of practice training with Shura, and help rebuild the dorm in the blazing hot sun.

"Fine, no parties of you say so… for now." He murmured the last part out. "What was the last part nii-san, I didn't quite get that." Yukio had a creepy smile on his face while his eyes were closed. "N-nothing." Rin quickly stated, not liking how the creepy smile was plastered on his brother's face. At the moment, the kitchen demon came in and set their food plates on their table, then disappeared back in the kitchen.

They started off with a quick prayer, and then started to dig in. A pig on one side; scarfing down as much food as possible, while a gentlemen at the other; eating elegantly while each bite seemed to be time perfectly. Both of them finished their food silently before putting their trays with the empty containers of food on another table.

"See you at school, Yukio." Rin stated with a slight wave before heading to the door, but stopped as soon as he heard his brother speak.

"You're still in your pajamas, nii-san."

The inheritor of Satan's blue flames blushed and laughed, sheeplessly rubbing the back of his head as he looked down at what he was wearing. Wondering how he could forget such an important thing.

"Oh, huh, I guess I am. Hah, hah, than I'm gonna change before school starts."

He walked away quickly, not wanting to get more embarrassed. He quickly changed into his school uniform and, as always, put his sword behind his back as he left. Rin ran out of the dorm's doors with inhuman speed, remembering a bet he had made with his brother. It was said that if Rin could beat said brother in a race as to who could make it to class first, Yukio would give him a hundred dollars, much more than he had expected when he made that deal. That cocky bastard, even though it had been a month since the bet was made, and it didn't seem like he would get the money soon. But hey, you never know if this could be his day

When he got to the gigantic doors of cram school, he was gasping for breath, back hunched while pleading for oxygen. He had tripped over a couple students and had "accidently" pushed Mephisto into the large fountain because he felt like it, oh how he enjoyed that annoyed look on the older man's face. When he regained it, Rin opened the doors and strolled inside.

He scanned around to see if his younger twin brother had beaten him here. But all he saw was Bon talking to Shima and Konekomaru, while Shiemi was twiddling with her thumbs and staring off into space. In the corner was the weird kid talking to his puppet, and finally, Eyebrows was looking annoyed as her brows were furrowed together, her pen tapping the desk as if she could be doing something better with her time. He was about to jump in the air with excitement, but that dream was soon scattered as he saw Yukio getting supplies from the corner. Rin sighed as he went over to sit in the other seat next to Shiemi, pulling her out of the daze she was in.

"Hey, Shiemi." Rin said with a slight yawn. This caused the tamer to look suddenly nervous.

"G-good morning, Rin." She stuttered, looking down at her lap, hands locked together as her thumbs were fidgeting.

This caused Satan's son to look weirdly at her. Sure, she only stuttered when meeting new people and when she was nervous, but they've known each other for a very long time, but if she was nervous, what was she nervous about? He tried a different approach this time.

"So did you hear that Yukio's gonna be leaving for a couple of days. That four-eyed mole had all the rules set down for me this morning."

Maybe that wasn't the best approach, but it was a topic. Shiemi looked more sad than nervous this time.

Great, now she looks sad. I can never say the right things to girls. Stupid, stupid!

"Yeah, I heard about it when he announced it. He said it was a demon infestation and it could be dangerous. I can't help but feel worried for him if they need an exorcist of his level along with higher ups to do the job." Shiemi whispered, barley enough to hear her.

Rin felt a bit of jealousy but brushed it off, he wanted to make her fell happy and not worry about his uptight younger brother.

"I'm sure he'll be fine, he can take care of himself, trust me. This isn't his first mission and wont be his last." He smiled, giving himself a mental pat on the back for making up what he thought was a noble speech in an instant. With that being said, the tamer gave a soft, small smile and nodded at him.

"You're right, Rin, I'm sure Yuki-chan will be fine. He's really good at his job after all." Rin's tail started swinging behind him as he put up a point for him on his imaginary score board. It was him and Yukio, now he only had about twenty more points until he caught up with his brother

"Okay class, time to get started." Everyone had stopped what he or she were doing and turned around in their seats to face the teacher as he started writing things on the calk board. The lesson was boring for Satan's son, as he felt the need to sleep to sleep during half of it. He only caught bits and pieces of the information given to the class. He didn't even remember it when the session was over. Rin didn't need to know this; the only subject that was useful to him was gym. To heighten his senses, build up strength and endurance, and to practice with his sword.

"That's the end of the class, there will probably be a quiz on this when I get back… nii-san."

This caused the half-demon to snap out of his fantasies and blink up at the intense gaze his younger brother was giving him. The other student's chairs screeched the floor as they got up from their seats and started gathering their things as they walked out the classroom, leaving the twins alone with their glares. Yukio sighed as he took off his glasses and rubbed his is tiredly.

"Nii-san, what am I going to with you? You don't pay attention in class, you doze of and I have to constantly wake you up. One day you might need to know this stuff, tomorrow or in ten years, next time please try to pay attention." He knew his brother was straying off to dangers waters; he could get killed in a mission if he didn't know this information, and this worried him deeply. All Yukio wanted to do was make sure his twin was safe, even if Rin had practiced with his flames and learned some new and handy tricks. Can't be too careful.

"I'll try, okay Yukio, you look a bit stressed out. I guess I could try to pay attention, but that mission last night took a lot outta me. But this is just… just so boring. I bet I could do better if I had a stress reliever, like you, but you just blow a demon's head off on a mission to relieve you stress. I wish I had a party to get all this weight off my shoulders." Rin stated, hoping his brother would change his mind about a "social get together" with some food and friends. Even if he didn't approve, he'd still have the party behind his back.

What the hell do you mean, "weight off your shoulders"? All you have around your one shoulder is a sword that isn't even heavy, not even a backpack!" Thought Yukio, his right eye visibly twitching, even though knew Rin wasn't being literal. Maybe he would do better if he had a party. But there could be a side of chaos with that decision. He'll probably have one anyway, if I gave him permission or not. At least it wouldn't be behind his back if I said yes. He'd have to take that bet.

"Fine, nii-san, you can have a party. But no missing toilets, no walls blown to pieces, there better not be vomit in the floor, and don't make Ukobach angry again. I expect the dorm to be the same way I left it, got it?" He asked with a sigh, at least the pestering would stop now.

"You sound like a mom telling her teenage son not to throw a wild party while she goes on a business trip. But fine, I guess I agree to your terms," he sighed, but soon a grin appeared upon his face, "But I make no promises." Yukio could see the chaos now; he shivered at the mere thought of it.

"I need to go pack my stuff, I'll be gone and on a train by the time you get to the dorm," he smiled, "Try not to get arrested by the Vaction while I'm away."

The rest of the day was normal, with an occasional white Scotland dog here and there, but normal. When he had reached his dorm, his familiar, who looked anxious about something, greeted him. The cat had his eyes glowing in anticipation, his two tail swinging behind him excitingly, but bore the same bored expression on his face, but Rin knew it was false.

"Rin, I'm happy to see you." An all too familiar voice he heard, it was no surprise to see him waiting for Rin.

"I'm happy to see you too, so Kuro, what do you think of a party I'm having sometime this week?" The half-demon asked, hoping his familiar didn't mind loud noises, a crowd (if people would come), and bright lights.

His cat-like familiar smiled and nodded at him.

"I love parties, well, this will be the first one I'll ever go to but still, and I'd love to have one if that's what you're planning. Oh! I need to tell you something, I was wondering around the halls today and found a summing circle, but the symbols didn't make any sense. I thought you might want to check it out with me, if it's okay with you, Rin." His face lit up with enthusiasm at the sight of Shiro's adopted son nodding his head.

"Sure Kuro, just as long as it won't take that long. So, lead the way!" He pointed a finger forward, as if leading a bloody war.

Kuro skipped down the halls and through the dorm. Going left and right, up the stairs. It seemed they've been walking for five minutes. Who knew this dorm was so big? To be honest, Rin never tried to explore this place. To him, it was just an old dorm they would live in. But that didn't mean there were strange things in many rooms that he knew about.

The two-tailed demon stopped in front of a black wooden door. Well, the door was old and half the black paint was coming off. Seriously, how did he not now this was here; a creepy looking door at the end of a hallway. That looked mighty suspicious to him.

"In here, Rin. This is where I saw it. There were symbols everywhere, but they really don't make sense, they aren't to tame a demon. It looks foreign, as if it's been here for a long time." Satan's son reached out for the handle, the golden nob just a few inches away when his hand was suddenly slapped away. He retreated his hand and looked up to see who did it.

"Rin, no time ta play. Remember your training, we have it everyday after school. After that your everyone else's problem." He looked up and saw Shura, her polka-dot bikini, her red hair and blonde highlights, her sword on her shoulders with the hilt gripped secure with her hand. They've been training everyday after school for an hour, and Rin had unlocked more potential than she could ever imagine, she knew if he would train more he would be powerful, but he had over exceeded her expectation. He still acted like a five-year old, but that was quite amusing. Even though he acted that way he got his work done, and she really didn't mind. It was Shiro's dying wish, but once she got to know the kid more, Shura realized Rin had quite the potential with that demon sword and she couldn't let the chance slip through her fingers and not reach full potential.

"Come down to the training room, we have work ta do. You can do whatever ya want later." Shura said, walking away as a sign to follow her, no questions asked.

Rin turned his gaze to Kuro, his familiar looking up to him. The half-demon gave a soft smile to him, "Sorry Kuro, maybe you can show me what's behind the later." Rin apologized. His familiar was excited about this but Shura had to remind him about training, pinching Kuro's hope.

Said familiar smiled at him none the least.

"It's okay, Rin. I'll just go watch you train and when you're done, both of us could check it out." Satan's son nodded at him, walking towards Shura with his familiar trailing behind him. So basically the whole training was the actual fighting with his sword. And the occasional hand to hand combat if he couldn't use his sword.

He would have to face Shura, and battle her without help from his flames. When he was practicing with a dummy was when he would use his flames, and in actual missions with their target. Demon sword vs. demon sword, a test of skill and agility with one. Sometimes he would win, most of the time Shura would win, but it was all for practice and it was worth it too. He had noticed he had gotten a lot better with using his sword and controlling his flames, although his fire had sometimes went on a rampage when he couldn't handle the situation he was in. But luckily Shiemi was always there to snap him out of his berserker state, which, he would always be embarrassed by. Her having to snap him out of that always made him blush. Another thing that made his training pay off were his demon features. His stub horns had grown an inch or two since he started.

"You did better than before. This training is paying off more than I thought." Shura stated, walking out of the white training room, and out the dorm to probably go drink some sake. Rin and Kuro were sitting on some benches, when Rin broke the silence.

"Hey, we could check out the room now, if you still want." His familiar giggled and nodded his head.

"Thanks, I was getting a cramp from sitting on this bench too long." They both walked out the door, up the stairs because the training room was underground, and into another set of halls ways until they reached the mysterious door. Rin grabbed the handle, and opened the black door. In his vision, there was a circle: almost the whole room's length (Which wasn't that big). It looked like the circle was made out of calk, long lasting one by how the room looked. The half-demon strode inside, followed closely behind by his familiar, and walked around the circle: careful not to smug it.

"Wow." Was all Rin could say.

The wooden floor creaking with each step he took.

"I know, what do you think it does?" Kuro asked, curiosity tainting his voice.

"I don't know, maybe we could ask Bon, he's good at these things. He could-gah!" The half-demon was unable to finish his sentence because of a nail sticking out of the wall that had cut his arm, enough to draw blood.

The black cat demon bumped into Rin's legs at the sudden stop. He saw the long cut on his arm as the blood was flowing freely as the red drops of liquid hit the floor with a soft "plop".

"Damn it!" Rin cursed, looking at his arm while one eye was closed in sudden pain. Really? What the hell was nail doing sticking out of the wall? But then again the room did look old

"Are you okay, Rin?" His familiar asked, worried if Shiro's son was hurt. But was soon relieved, as the wound started to close up, he had almost forgot Rin could heal himself. But the relief was soon replaced by a sense of fear as a bright blue lights startled them both, as they found themselves in the circle when it had expanded to he room's length.

"What the hell is this?" Satan's son yelled as he looked around. "Rin, help me! I… can't… move!" Kuro cried out, growing scared at the feeling he had at the bottom of his stomach. He didn't mean for this to happen; now something strange was going to be in store for them. His eyes were wide as he looked to Rin; fear and pleading in them.

"I can't move either, listen Blacky, just stay calm and keep your horns cool! Everything's going to be fine!" Rin tried to convince him, using his nickname as reinsurance. But was doubting himself as he really didn't know if they were going to be fine. It worked as his familiar settled down somewhat, but they were still sinking, with they both let out a final scream. Their voices growing fainter and fainter as he and Kuro were engulfed in a burst of blue light, their screams turned into faint yells and fainted yelled turned into whispers as they stopped. The only thing heard were gloved hands clapping, coming from outside. A man in a red silk chair, wearing a white suit and polka-dot tie was none other than the head director of the school, Mephisto Pheles.

"So, a new show has finally started. Let's see how our little brother gets out of this mess, shall we? This well certainly be interesting." A devious grin on his face while his eyes where shaded by his top hat. While a little green hamster with spiky hair in top of his head nodded in agreement.

Little did anyone know, this was indeed, going to be interesting.

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