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"Kuro is a demon that has possessed a cat body to live in Assiah." - Regular talking

"I'll tear you to shreds!" - Demon talking

Bento – Lunch box, it sounds cooler in Japanese

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Five hours. Five hours he was sitting in this stupid wooden chair! Kakashi-sensei said he'd be right back after he informed Granny Tsnuade. But where was he? Who the hell knows! Probably reading the pervy book of his, as for Pervy Sage, he was chasing hot girls and women that he'd never catch. That wasn't a guess, it was a fact!

Every now and then Naruto would get up and walk around the hospital, seeing nurses, visitors, the injured, and the sick. But at his last stop, one of the nurses yelled at him to stop bothering them when he had appeared in the middle of a surgery. And she, literally, kicked him out, one of her white nurse's shoe hitting him in the back of the head a second later. Not wanting that experience to happen again, he went into his assigned room.

Naruto looked at the ticking clock at the corner of the white room, growling softly when he saw it was about six. How long was he supposes to wait here? Shouldn't there be nurses here to take care of this kid or something? At least there were his shadow clones in the room; he had whipped up two when he had gotten bored. They were currently playing rock, paper, scissors, and the weird thing was, he was lossing to them. How the hell did that happen? Wait, he's technically losing to himself, so is a win win situation?




Both of his shadow clone grinned as they won again for the fiftieth time in a row. Naruto growled in frustration at lossing, looking at the clock again. He decided that this kid wasn't worth the wait. He didn't know how Kakashi-sensei had made him sit here the whole entire time.

"You guys are unfair! You must be cheating, I know it."

"No we're not!" they shouted together. Though they had been, whatever Naruto was thinking, they would know what he was thinking of. It made it easier to win that way, but they would never admit it. And it was fun to them seeing their original fuss and curse about losing the games. At first a staring contest, then simian says, and finally rock, paper, scissors.

"Whatever, I'm done with this crap." The two shadow clones didn't get a chance to speak, before Naruto poofed them away. He sat there for a second before he groaned, stood up, and stretched, cracking some bones in the process. He yawned as he scratched his belly, walking toward the door and ready to leave this place and get back to his apartment to spend he rest of the day in.

'Or maybe, when I see Kakashi-sensei, I'll tell him off. Making me wait here for some kid to wake up! Some nurse will take care of him.' He reached for the door and opened it. Closing it as he left. He'd check on Rin tomorrow in the morning or something. Fainting two times probably meant that he wasn't going to be waking up anytime soon.

Naruto waved to the nurse at the desk on his way out, hands in his pockets. Letting himself out, he headed straight to his apartment.

'Man, today was strange,' Naruto thought as he strolled down the street, 'What was his name, Rin? I wonder what he was doing out in the forest. That justu he used, it seemed cool. I hope if he turns out alright, he could teach me it. Kakashi-sensei seemed curious about if too, maybe when Rin wakes up, he could explain to him what really happened. He doesn't seem like the bad guy, I know he isn't. But then again... Sakuke wasn't like that at first either.' Naruto sighed as he reached his apartment door, opening it and went up to his room.

When he got there, it looked the same as usually. Unlike before, is bed was nice and clean and his floor was clear of any trash. The Leaf's Village's symbol proudly on the wall next to his bed. Yawning and stretching his arms up in the air, he made his way to his bed. He quickly changed into his pajamas, which consisted of a blue t-shirt, and boxers he found next to a table, and flopped down onto his mattress. Snuggling into his pillow as he pulled up the blankets to gain warmth. He lay there, and fell into a deep slumber.

"Uh, where am I?" Naruto suddenly woke up, and looked around at his surroundings. A sewer, the pipes and lines that all had the need of one. He knew where he was now. He was in his soul, which looked oddly like a sewer, where the Kyuubi rested not too far from here. "Not again, but if that fox wants to see me it has to at least be important I hope. I was in the middle of the best dream about ramen!" Naruto looked around once more, before he started moving. He walked around; the only sounds were his footsteps and the water that dripped from the pipes that made an echo effect occasionally. Naruto made many turns, to go where the tailed beast was. Having a serious expression upon his face, he knew this was no joke. If the Kyuubi wanted him... well, he could be unpredictable. He was unpredictable.

Going in here meant important business, although Naruto never like it, it meant it. Going in here when he was in need of desperate power, or when the Kyuubi made him come here by force. None of which was pleasant. But he couldn't let the fox intimidate him, and he wouldn't, by standing tall and not giving into his influences. The nine-tailed beast was caged in here rather then being outside his soul. Whether he liked it or not, he was stuck with him till the end of time, and it was most definitely a not.

Naruto approached an opened door, and went inside. There lay the Kyuubi, or what he could see of him at least. Only two pairs of red eyes with black slits, and a devious, sinister sharp grin were behind the iron bars of the gigantic cage that contained it. Unconsciously, the host of this demon, walked forward until he was at least four feet away from the trapped beast.

"I'm here, now what do you want?" Naruto asked with an obvious sneer in his voice as he spoke, wanting not to be here. His only response was a deep, darkly chuckle that came from inside the cage.

"Kit, do you want to know something?" The deep and sinister voice said. Naruto gritted his teeth, despite being confused. After Naruto didn't respond, he repeated, "Well, do you?"

"What? Why did you call me here?" Another deep chuckle escaped the fox's muzzle. Apparently he was amused at what Naruto was doing, what ever it was he did.

"Do you do know what you have in your possession? ... Something incredible, that's what." Naruto narrowed his eyes. He hadn't obtained anything new, much less spectacular and noticing. So why was the Kyuubi say that?

Naruto stepped forward, wanting to here more of this. To see where this was leading.

"I don't get what you're saying fox. Is that why you called me here? To get me confused on something I didn't know so I could get even more confused on something else? Wait, that didn't even make sense!"

"Of course you don't even know what you're talking about. Such an unworthy host you are," Naruto's teeth clenched, "But that is not the reason I have brought you here, kit. A warning was the reason, a good one too. Something important was brought here, to your land, to our world." His grin got wider, if possible, showing off more sharpened and dangerous canines.

"What?" Naruto asked, feeling confused. "What do you mean something important came here? Is it something or someone? And how do you know?" He accused, pointing a finger at the Kyuubi. "And enough with the hints, and questions. I want answers."

Naruto waited for the other response, standing in silence for a moment. "... I cannot tell you straightforward answers. As it would endanger him. But I can tell you this; you have just seen the prince of my kind. The prince of demons that is." Naruto's eyes widened slightly, before he argued with what the other said.

"Wait, I thought there were nine tailed beast that were the only demons. And there's a prince? What is this? You're pulling something on me with all these questions, aren't you fox?" Naruto yelled, thinking that the Kyuubi was telling lies to him. It couldn't be, there was no such thing. There were only nine tailed demons in the world. Although no one knew the history behind them, except for the actual demons themselves. So maybe the Kyuubi was telling the truth, but then again, he was evil, cruel, and a just plain sinister being. There was no telling what kind of thoughts clouded the demon's sick and twisted mind.

The Kyuubi scoffed, but nonetheless kept his demonic grin worn present on his face. As usual, the kid didn't trust him, which he found understandable. But what he was saying was true, all of it. If only Naruto had gotten that.

"It seems you are the one asking too many questions. Maybe I am pulling something, but then again, maybe I'm not. It's up to you to decide who is right," the Kyuubi laughed, "but don't say I didn't warn you, because you truly are foolish. Your land has obtained what was once before the unobtainable, and they don't even know it yet." Naruto frowned, he still didn't get it. If there was another demon around, how the hell should he know?

This made Naruto more suspicious than he already was about the Kyuubi. "So, if what you're saying is true, then what do you get by telling me this? What's your angle?"

"Ah, I said I can not give you straight forward answers. So you'll just have to get what I can give to you. As for your question, I have no angle whatsoever. But you wouldn't know that for sure." Naruto huffed at the Kyuubi's comments and answers. Straightforward answers were always out of the question. Nothing was ever made easy for him. But if it was too easy, where was the fun in life?

"Is that it? You called me in here for a warning? But you didn't even tell me anything other than that I have met 'the prince of your kind'. I didn't see anything like you today. All I met was Rin, a human, and that's it, no demon." Naruto said. The Kyuubi just laughed once again. "And what's with all the laughing, what's so funny?" Naruto flared his arms.

"It's just the irony of what you are saying. But enough with that. Make sure you are prepared for what is to come. For if you don't, everyone and everything around you might end in flames," the demon looked at Naruto, an amused glint in his blood red eyes, "But it is his decision, to do what he wants with his power. Make sure you don't get killed because it."

"Wait, I still don't get it!" He yelled as he was suddenly being devoured by red chakra. The nine-tailed fox was doing it again, telling him stuff then leaving with him being confused about what he had just said. But he caught on to it, barely but surely, he had gotten the message. "There is nothing more that I can tell you, the rest you have to find out on your own. If you can at least." The last thing he heard was laughter, ranging out him to hear.

"Gah! Hu, hu, hu." Naruto awoke, finding himself sitting upright, gasping and drenched in his own sweat. His hands tightened around his blanket, his heart racing so fast he thought it would just pop out of his chest and run away. His breathing was rapid and uneasy, he felt like he just raced across the world! Naruto wiped his forehead with his hand, and felt that sticky-watery substance.

'What was that? What did the fox mean by this? He never tells me anything. But I guess that's what he always does now that I think about it... Maybe I should tell Grandma Tsunade, Kakashi-sensei, or someone else important. But then again, what the Kyuubi said, it couldn't be true... Damn him with his riddles and hints.' Naruto closed his eyes, calming down his breathing, until it was back to normal. He wiped the rest of the sweat on his face with his blanket before he got up, and started to look for his ninja wear to start the day.

He noticed that it was at least morning by the light shinning into his room from his window, and by the time on his clock that read 10 'o'clock am. He sighed, as he remembered something he was suppose to do today. Rin. He was suppose to go watch over Rin again. More like babysit an already sleeping kid. But since those were his orders, he had to do it. But that didn't mean he couldn't protest in his head about it.

But he would be lying if he said he wasn't interested in Rin. Kakashi-sensei had said that his chakra had felt different, and so did Sakura. That could be a good or bad thing for them. Good because Naruto had thought he could learn a thing or two about what Rin did out there, but bad because he could've been the enemy and use that power against them. Although, as Naruto said before, Rin didn't seem like the bad guy. But he wasn't too sure on that, once he saw him punch Kakashi-sensei right in the face. But Naruto wanted to give him a chance, the benefit of the doubt. Because he was the one to always barge in and knock someone out, and it had happened to him too. Then, when he realized that who he was attacking wasn't the intended target, he felt sheepish, always awkwardly laughing about it sometimes. So maybe the case with Rin was just a misunderstanding. But no one knew that for sure. He had passed out before they really got to know him.

Once he was properly changed in his orange and black clothes, he strapped on his ninja sandals, and tightened his leaf headband around his forehead. Naruto headed for a cabinet somewhere around his kitchen. Inside, there was nothing but ramen and cereal. Deciding to go with his favorite food, he took out a cup of uncooked noodles, added some hot water he had prepared just now, and grabbed a pair of chopsticks. He seated himself at the table, slurping up the noodles as fast as he could. Naruto couldn't just go with an empty stomach to the hospital, no way. He would go with a satisfied meal in his tummy.

He finished when he slurped up the last of the noodles and drank the water mixed with it. "Ah, ramen really is the food of the gods." Naruto got up, throwing away the cup at a near by trashcan, as he left his home.

When he entered the hospital, he looked around for the right room. Forgetting where he was ordered to go wasn't a good thing. "Where was his room again... at the corner?" Naruto turned at the left corner, seeing an opened door. Thinking that it was Rin's room, he knocked on the wall next to the room. "Hello... is it okay if I come in?" When he received no answer, he just went inside.

"I didn't say you could come in." Naruto didn't see Rin laying on the bed, woken up and talking to him, but saw Kakashi-sensei on the bed with a cast on his arm and a tired look upon his face. "What are you doing here Kakashi-sensei? And why didn't you come back like you said? I waited for five hours. FIVE HOURS! Where were you?" Naruto pointed his index finger at him, a look of aggravation blooming onto his features.

Kakashi sighed. He was hoping to get a pretty nurse to come stay with and comfort him through the hardship of being injured. They could've both befitted from this. But it seemed Naruto was going to accompany him instead of a hot nurse. Just who he wanted to see when he was here, the hyper active ninja that he came to know and trust. It was bad enough he was hurt, but the gods had to lead Naruto into his room. Oh what joy. Don't get him wrong, he was glad he at least gotten company, but with Naruto yelling and everything, he now had some explaining to do.

"Don't you see the cast on my arm? Obviously I'm hurt. The next thing I know I'll be deaf because of your yelling. That's no way to treat the injured Naruto."

"Fine, sorry. Now what took you so long? Making me wait there for that guy who wouldn't wake up. I mean, I wouldn't even think he'd wake up after he'd passed out two times in a one day. What's the excuse for being super late this time?" Kakashi sighed once again.

"Seriously Naruto, do you see this," he lifted his casted arm a little, "My arm is hurt, maybe that's the excuse as to why I'm late. Sorry but I couldn't send anyone over to you. Lady Tsunade wanted you, and you only to take care of Rin. You should sit down in that chair over there, this could take a while to explain." Naruto sat down at the only chair in the room, and started to listen to Kakashi-sensei's story.

"So, what do you think of that kid. I mean, Naruto said he was an alright person, but what's your opinion on this?" Jiraiya and Kakashi were walking side by side and headed straight to the Hokage's office to inform Lady Tsunade at the matter concerning the blue light. Kakashi thought about it for a moment before he answered.

"My first interoperation of that kid is that I think he's weird." Kakashi said bluntly.

Jiraiya patted him on the shoulder, amused at Kakashi's answer. "Hahaha, I guess that's a fair opinion considering that you haven't really gotten to know him too well."

"Well, he did punch me in the face. And what he said before, that he's from a place we don't know of. It makes me suspicious of him." Jiraiya looked at him, considering what he was saying. Jiraiya remembered what Naruto and Sakura had told him, and Kakashi did have the right to be suspicious of the kid. He was suspicious of Rin. But then again, Rin didn't seem like a threat, but that was how Naruto saw it. Naruto saw Rin as just a teenager, a teenager with different chakra and weird clothes. So he wasn't too sure if Rin was a threat, or just another person.

"Yeah, Naruto said he's from... Japan? I've never heard of it before. And Sakura said he had different and strange chakra. So of course you have your suspicions about him. Anyone would, I'm starting to have some thoughts too." Kakashi just nodded to the other's comment.

"There's much more to explain when we see Lady Tsunade. I'm sure you'll be interested to know more about that kid, Rin. But Sakura pretty much explained the whole concept to you."

When they reached the building, they went in. Heading down the hallways and going into the Hokage's office.

"Well that was faster than I expected, Jiraiya. And it seems you've brought Kakashi along too. What a pleasant surprise." Lady Tsunade looked up from her paperwork she was filling out, and stared at them.

"Yeah, Kakashi beat me to where you wanted me to look. The blue light that made the ground shake and the wind pick up, he found what happened before I did. Well, his team and him technically did. I got there too late, but Sakura explained the events that happened there to me." Jiraiya laughed sheepishly, grinning, "He has a better story to tell, right?"

Kakashi nodded, stepping forward to the Hokage, an interested look on the Lady's face. "Oh, is that so? Then you did nothing, but I'm sure I sent you out right after it happened. What took you so long to get there?" Lady Tsunade tapped her red-nailed finger on her desk, waiting for an answer to the question that she already knew the answer to.

He once again laughed sheepishly, rubbing his long silver, bushy hair. "Well, you see... what had happened was... I thought I saw this woman I knew. And I had to give her something important before she left. And, well, I didn't realize how many minutes had passed when we were in our important conversation. I kind of lost track of the time. And she said she had to get going to an important place, so we parted ways and I remembered what you said before."

'So, along the way he met a hot woman, had a conversation, and then she dumped and left him. Everyone knows what you mean by that.' Kakashi thought, his eye half lidded and stared blankly at Jiraiya.

"That's the story you're going with? It's better than last time at least. But back at the matter at hand. Kakashi, if you will."

"Of course Lady Tsunade. Naruto, Sakura, and I were about to do some training to pass the time at where they caught the bells. When Naruto and I were about to spar, the explosion of blue light happened. The trees started slanting, and the earth started to rumble. We, of course had to check what had caused it, as we were the nearest ninja there. Although when we had gotten to our destination, there was a crater, and inside... was a teenager, male. Probably the same age as both Naruto and Sakura." The Hokage's eyes widened slightly.

"Continue." She ordered, very much curious on this.

"We have found out his name is Rin, and he's from Japan. He has dark blue hair cut short, and a uniform of some kind. He carries around a sword, and by him punching me in the face because I touched it, means he's very protective of it. But what's interesting about him the most is his chakra. Sakura and I both felt as if something was wrong with it. It felt like it was nonexistent, yet also very strange. What intrigued me the most is that she had said it had felt like Naruto's when Sakura explained it to Master Jiraiya"

"Wait a minute, how does she know that his chakra feels that way?" Jiraiya asked, hands up to halt his speech. Kakashi had left out something.

"Oh yeah, I asked her to see if he had any internal injuries, but while she was healing him, she had felt it. And she also said his chakra felt weird."

"So, are you saying what I think your saying?" Lady Tsunade stood up from her desk, her eyes widening. Kakashi nodded at her. "I think you're getting it, I hope at least."

Jiraiya halted them. "Wait another minute, I don't think we're on the same page here. What's going on?"

Lady Tsunade sighed, and settled down, sitting back and relaxing into her chair. "You didn't catch on? I would've thought you would by Kakashi's explanation. I guess not."

"She's right you know, try to pay more attention. This is important." Kakashi said.

"Okay, now what is it you're all thinking of?" Lady Tsunade and Kakashi traded glances, before nodding. The toad sage gave off a confused look, before the Hokage spoke.

"We think this boy might be a Jinjuriki. If what the evidence given is true, there might be a chance he really is one." Jiraiya's eyes widened, his mouth agape. A Jinjuriki? Another host of the tailed beast was here? And it was in that kid, Rin? No one wanted to believe it, but how else would it explain that his chakra was like Naruto's? It had to be a demon. But they really didn't know for sure.

Jiraiya recovered from shock a bit, finding the voice to speak up, he said, "So, how would we know if he really is one? We can't just straight out ask him, that's the worse approach. And if he's not, than there has to be another reason why his chakra felt so different. But, I can't think of it."

The Lady closed her eyes and seemed to be deep in thought, her hands locked together and under her chin. "We don't know for sure, at how little the evidence is. We can't jump to conclusions but can take precautions. So we have to keep him under surveillance, so we can find out the truth about him. As for what you said about his location. Japan was it? I bet we have all never heard of such a place. And did he have the symbol on him? That place could be one of the places where one of the tailed beasts attacked. But I'm sure that we have the records of all of the Jinjuriki, he probably isn't one, but maybe he is a descendent of one?"

Kakashi shook his head, denying what she said. "No, he didn't have the symbol of Japan on him. He didn't have anything with him other than a sword strapped onto his back. And when we asked him to come with us, he resisted. And it could be a possibility that he might be a son of a past host and might have some of his or her traits. But it still doesn't add up. So I wouldn't consider him just a traveler, but neither a threat, if anything." Lady Tsunade took this into consideration, if he was neither a threat nor just a traveler, then what to do with him? We couldn't just let him leave, but he did nothing to them, other than punching Kakashi. But he apologized, so it wasn't really a crime. Although Rin had fainted before they had gotten any more information out of him.

'What to do, what to do?' She bit her lip, looking over her ideas and options. "Where is he currently staying?"

"Hm? Oh, he's at the hospital right now. He fainted a little bit after he punched me. He gave us a warning of some kind too, before he fell. He said that we shouldn't touch his sword, or bad things would happen," he looked back and forth, his eye darting from Lady Tsunade and Master Jiraiya, "He also stated that he needed to get back and find "Kuro", whomever that is."

'The hospital huh? A guess he needs to find a real place to stay, while we keep an eye on him.'

"What are we suppose to do with him? We can't just give him the interrogation unit; we don't know everything yet, although they'd help with that. Naruto would be persistent to know where he was going if we took him out of the hospital. Once he'd find out, Naruto'll be all over this." Jiraiya wondered, speaking up so they could hear him.

Lady Tsunade unlocked her fingers and snapped them, an idea popping up. A good one too. "Your right, and Kakashi, you said you needed a new team member, right?"

"I never said that." He stated quickly and bluntly.

She just smiled, her red lips stretching a bit. "Well, no need to ask, because I already found you one. Kakashi, you should take him into your team for now. Keep him under your watch for any signs that could lead you into thinking he's a Jinjuiki. I'm not too sure what'll happen, but it always seems your team can handle anything." With a sigh, he nodded his head.

"Is that what you came up with? Him joining my team? I guess that's okay; I just hope the others won't react negatively to him joining us. Least of all thinking he'll replace Sasuke." He blinked once, before he turned around, headed for the door to leave and go check on Rin.

"But, one thing before you leave, don't tell Naruto or Sakura. Especially Naruto, he cannot find out. Not yet at least." Kakashi stopped, acknowledging the messaging by standing still for a moment.

"Understood, I won't tell him, but he'll find out on his own soon enough." He only had gotten half way through the door when he clutched his covered eye, feeling pain suddenly around that area.

"Hey, are you okay Kakashi?" He didn't get an answer, as the copycat nin started to fall. Jiraiya reacted quickly and caught him, turning him around. His eyes were closed as his head dangled back, we have another unconscious one here!

Kakashi, of course, let out the parts when they said Rin could've been a Jinjuiki. No need to tell Naruto about that.

Naruto on the other hand looked excited. A new teammate, that's good news. Great news for him in fact, a new teammate means another friend. And he hoped Rin was okay with it, but he most likely isn't going to be. He was looking for someone or something, and said he needed to go back. So why stay, he'll have to convince him to join later.

"Yes, another teammate! That's cool... But, how did you end up here in the hospital, just because you fell down?"

"It was a late react to me using the Sharingan too long before. When we were chasing the Akaksuki. And the cast," He sighed, "Master Jiraiya told me that he sorry for dropping me on the way here. I don't even want to know how he dropped me hard enough for my arm to be like this. And the nurse said I'd be in here for at least a week, if not, more than one week."

"What! Then who's gonna be your replacement and lead us into missions? Is it Pervy Sage? Please say no." Naruto liked Pervy Sage, but having him as their team leader, might've well have a monkey lead them. No offense to monkeys.

"No it's not Master Jiraiya Naruto. I don't know who will be my replacement, you'll just have to wait and see," He casted the blonde a knowing look, "And shouldn't you be checking in on our guest? I would think he'd be awake by now." Naruto grumbled an "okay" and left, leaving Kakashi in his bed, waiting for his hot nurse.

Kakashi's shoulders slumped, before he rested on his bed by leaning back. 'I hope the kid won't fight back this time. But, I'm not too sure he'll just go along with what we say. He said he needed to get back, so why would he join us? Lady Tsunade, I hope you know what you're doing.'

Naruto head popped out from the doorway, a sheepish look on his face. "Uh, which way was his room again?" Kakashi chuckled before answering, "Three more rooms across and take a left. His room number is 104." Naruto said a "Thanks" and quickly left again. 'I really hope you know what you're doing.'

"Hey... can I come in?" Naruto knocked on the door of the room that said 104. When there was no response, he just walked in again. Sighing for about the billionth time today, he saw Rin was still asleep.

"Kami, when is he gonna wake up?" Naruto trudged to the chair he was in yesterday. A bored look on his face with his hand resting on his chin. 'He can wake up any minute, or hour, or even day! I hope he gets up sooner though, I can't wait here all day.' He huffed and closed his eyes, thinking about earlier today while he had time on his hands.

'The prince. The prince of demons. Is that even possible? Something that the Fox respects, respects enough to say it would endanger the so-called prince. And he said everything and everyone around me would end in flames, that's the only part that made some sense. But I still can't believe him. None of it makes sense, he might be trying to trick me or gain something. He does that, but... no, what he says can't be true. It just can't.' his mind wondered off, and he was unable to notice a shift in the bed.

"What are you saying? So a member of the Anbu cannot join Team Kakashi? Where did you get another ninja to join and not consult us on this?" Lady Tsunade sat on one of the two tan couches with her assistant Shizune behind her, and two of the supervisors of the village sat opposite of her on their own tan couch.

"I didn't say Team Kakashi couldn't have another member. It's still alright to add one other ninja to the equation. As you said before, the ninja will be in the team, but I needed another person to get on that team as well. He came from the blue light the day before, and Kakashi's team found him. And we think he might be a Jinjuiki, by what Kakashi had said." They looked surprised at what they heard, including Shizune at how calmly she announced. Shizune had to deal with something earlier so she couldn't be there when Kakashi and Jiraiya were in here office. But the Lady explained it to her later when she got back.

"But you needed to consult with us before you make any types of action like this. A Jinjuiki... that's dangerous to keep around, especially when it's not ours. We cannot make any conclusions if he really is one though. Where is he from?" The old man said.

"Currently, where he came from is unknown because he is resting in the hospital. Kakashi had not gotten too much information on him, before the child fell unconscious. And he can't wander around the village. So I would think of it as surveillance until we find out if he really is one and where he's from to get him back there. If he's willing to cooperate that is. But if we give him to interrogation unit, we could start trouble with another land. " They sat silent for a moment, the elders deciding what to do.

"We have decided," The old women spoke, "That you can put him into Kakashi's team. The Anbu ninja will have no trouble looking out for two Jinjuikis. So do as you please. And to make sure that he doesn't cause any trouble, and since Team Kakashi's captain is recovering from the Akatsuki, we have to put in another Anbu member as the captain of that team."

'Maybe pink gorillas do exist, but then again... would they act as tough as Sakura?' It was obvious Naruto had gotten off topic about the current event, but his mind just started to wander and he couldn't help it.

It was then he had gotten snapped back in reality, when he heard a loud groan. And another, Naruto's eyes landing upon Rin, as Rin was beginning to stir in his bed. "Finally, it's about time."

Rin slowly opened his eyes, yawned a bit and licked his dry lips. He realized he was hanging half off a bed belly flat, one arm dangling off of it. He blinked, pushing his dangling arm up and laying down on his back. He looked around, a white room? When did he get here? His eyes stopped and they landed on Naruto in a chair, whom just smiled.

"It's about time you woke up. You've been asleep for almost a full day you know." Rin was silent for a moment, memories of what had happened. A blue light, a blonde kid, a pink-headed girl, and a... scarecrow? No wait, that was just a silver haired man.

He sat up, just for his head to start hurting. Rin's eyes closed while he clutched his head with one hand. His teeth clenched at the faded pain, 'Damn it.' A headache, that was another memory. And it wasn't a memory, because it was still happening. But luckily his headache was going away fast.

"Don't tell me you're gonna pass out again. Then I'd have to wait for you to wake up." Rin opened one eye, and laughed weakly. "I hope not, but my head hurts like hell. So I wouldn't mind going back to sleep." He opened the other eye, looking at Naruto.

"Where am I?" Rin asked. One minute he's on the ground and the next he's in a hospital. "This again? Your in the Land of the Fire, in the Secret Leaf Village, at the hospital if you didn't know that either."

"I know that this is a damn hospital. Just not exactly where I was." Naruto blinked, he didn't know where he was? Well now he knew. "If you didn't know where you were, then how did you get here? That justu you used, the one with the blue light, it got you into the forest right? Then you could've just used that same one to get back to your land, Japan."

"... It's complicated," Rin sighed as he sat up, pushing the blanket that was over him away, and sat on the edge of the bed looking at the door, "Do you have a cellphone I could borrow to call someone?"

Naruto perked up at the new word, sitting up in his chair. "Cellphone? What's a cellphone?" Rin almost gagged at the knowledge this kid had. He didn't know what a cellphone was? What was this, some sort of joke? But the confused look on Naruto's face told him otherwise.

"A cellphone is something you use to talk to other people without having to face them. Technology," Naruto furrowed his eyebrows, still confused at the whole 'cellphone' thing, "... which you don't seem to have."

"We could send a messenger bird for you if you want. But it could take a while, and I don't think you want to deal with all that. Especially since your not apart of the village." Naruto suggested. Rin shook his head. "Never mind then. So what are they going to do with me now? I can't go anywhere and if I could, I don't know the way to Japan." Naruto already knew what he could do to help him. And Kakashi-sensei already said that Rin could join.

"Hey, don't worry about it. Grandma Tsunade already decided what to do with you. And it benefits both of us. She said you could join my team! And we could help you get back to Japan too! A win-win situation for us because I wanted to look for another teammate and you need to get back there."

"Really? Serious people never seem to trust me to do anything," Rin asked surprised, "I usually get a worse punishment and have to escape wherever I'm put into." He grumbled softly enough so Naruto didn't hear him. 'And since I don't know anything about this place, he makes everything easier.'

"So, what do you do? You said the word "team" a lot, so I'm guessing what you do involves teamwork." He felt stupid for saying that, but he wanted to get more information about what he'll be doing while they try to take him back to Japan, he doubted that they'll actually find it though.

"Well it maybe different for your village but it's the basic concept," Naruto leaned back into his chair and locked his fingers together to put them behind his head, "First you become a Genin, then a Chuunin, which I am because I'm awesome at my ninja skills. But when you graduate from the ninja school you get this nifty headband to represent your village," Naruto pointed to his leaf forehead protector, "You get put into a team. A Jounin is to be the captain and three younger ninjas. The scarecrow looking one, Kakashi-sensei, he's the leader of my team. Sakura, the one who hits like a truck, and me are the others on that team. We go on missions around other villages and lands that Grandma Tsuande, the Hokage of the village, tells us to do. Since she says we need another team member, and since you need help to get back to wherever you came from, you could join us. So... do you want to?" Naruto did want Rin to join; it could be fun to have someone else on the team. But if he declined, what would they do with him?

"I don't really have a choice. So I guess I'm in." Naruto grinned, "Great! But we should see Kakashi-sensei first to make sure I didn't get anything wrong about this."

"Whatever." Naruto got up and walked out the door with Rin readjusting his sword and following him out. 'Uh, which way was Kakashi-sensei's room again? Not again! I think he said a left and three rooms down?' While he looked around the rooms for Kakashi-sensei, Rin looked around everywhere.

'Okay... so this is a hospital. It looks pretty normal to me. He said he was a ninja... like in those movies. But he doesn't even look like them! If he was a real one and this is what they really look like, that's lame. All those ninja movies I watched with Kuro were fake? Kuro... I forgot he isn't here! He's missing. He's probably freaking out by now, wherever he is. Damn it, I need to find him. At least this 'team' travels around, so I would get a chance to find him. And I will.' Rin clenched his teeth and tightened his fists, but quickly got a hold of himself.

"Hey," Rin snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Naruto, "We never really got to introduce ourselves because of, well, you know. I'm Uzumaki Naruto, currently Chuunin but future Hokage. I like ramen, justus, and ramen."

"... I guess we really didn't. I'm Okumura Rin. And sorry about what happened before. I didn't really mean it." Rin apologized, but Naruto just shrugged.

"It's okay. I'm not one to hold a grudge. And neither is Kakashi-sensei." They kept walking, and Naruto eventually found Kakashi's room. When they first got in, Rin immediately noticed the scar that ran over Kakashi's right eye. So that's why he covered his eye up. The copycat ninja was seen reading Ich Ich Violence, but his gaze soon shifted upward when they entered his room.

"Naruto, what are you doing here again?" he asked as he closed his book and put it on the counter next to him. His eyes landed on Rin, seeing him awake and well. "And it seems our guest is awake," he waved his hand once, "Kakashi, Hatake Kakashi since we didn't get to introduce ourselves properly in our last encounter." Rin laughed awkwardly about how Kakashi brought up what happened in a different way.

"Okumura Rin, and sorry about that. I didn't mean to punch you, but sometimes my anger gets the best of me," Kakashi made a mental note about what Rin said, "And I wasn't too thrilled about waking up here and coming to your village. So sorry about that." Kakashi nodded as he looked toward the other, "Naruto, care to tell me as to why you're here in my room again?"

"Yeah, I didn't know if we had gotten everything cleared up, so I came to make sure. I already told him he'll be joining our team while he tries to find a way to Japan."

"That's about what there is to know. And we're glad you agreed to be a new member of the team. And speaking of the team, in fact, you should be meeting your new team captain this afternoon. So I suggest you take Rin to look around the village to burn some time. Show him the sights, anything really. Because I'm sure you don't want to waste time here in the hospital since it's boring for you Naruto. And I'm sure Rin doesn't want to be crammed in here as well." He looked at Rin, Kakashi's one black eye looking into Rin's own blue ones.

'Don't break eye contact. He will be the first one to break it.' Rin thought, his left twitching as he stared down Kakashi.

"Okay, I guess can show him around if he wants... " He waited for Rin to answer, seeing him stare at Kakashi.

"Yeah," Rin's eyes never faltering, "I should at least know the village since I'm here." With the last word spoken, Naruto grabbed his wrist, making Rin lose eye contact when he ran out with him, dragging seemed more of the proper term.

'I didn't see any red in his eyes, neither fangs when he talked. Although his canines were unusually pointed, and so were his ears. His eyes and teeth weren't like the day before, his anger probably triggers it. Just like Naruto. So I think they'll get along well.'

"Let go! I can walk on my own damn feet, they aren't broken!" Rin exclaimed as Naruto was pulling him out the door, in the middle of the front double doors.


"I know but there's something you really need to see."


"You're supposed to guide me around the whole village, not just one part."


"Just trust me on this."


"Trust you? We've only known each other for at least 24 hours, and I was passed out for over half of them!"


"Come on, just let me show you!"


"Why don't you show me after you take me around the village? So... quit... pulling!" Rin finally broke free of Naruto's grasp, and stumble as he let go. Although Naruto didn't seem bothered by it and acted as if it was nothing, "Okay, I admit I was in the moment. You just haven't eaten anything like where I want to take you. But I could save the best for last."

"Let's just go already." Rin said as he walked out the two wooden doors, but the sunlight from outside was too bright. Rin's eyes squinted as he lifted his arm up to cast a shadow over them. "Is it summer, or is it always this bright and sunny?" He said, slowly lowering his arm once his eyes started to get use to the light.

"No, sometimes it rains. But it's sunny all day; you get use to it though. So," He spread his arms out, "this is the Secret Leaf Village! Welcome and hold your claps until the end of the tour." With that being said, Naruto let his arms drop and started going forward, Rin walking beside him as he explored this new world.

"And this is Hokage Monument. Where all the great ninjas who became Hokage have their head carved into this mountain." Naruto said, looking up at the mountain with Rin. So far, Rin concluded that this place wasn't normal. They had houses and stores that looked like they dated back to the 1600s, people waking around with strange clothes on like they were about to work out in a gym, some older and younger alike wearing the same head-protector as Naruto, and on the way Naruto had been talking about justus and stuff only seen in movies. But what really had his attention was when Naruto showed him the map of the lands. He realized that this was more than not normal. It was straight out freaky and weird. Like he'd been grabbed out from his world and thrown into a new one. But maybe that was what that circle full of those strange symbols lead to. This could be trouble getting back to Japan, in his own world, if he could that was.

"Hey, are you even listening?" Naruto snapped, noticing that Rin was staring off at the monument. "Huh, what? Oh, I'm listening... sort of. It's just I was thinking of something. But this mountain, those heads are huge!" Naruto grinned, "Yep, and one day, I'm gonna be up there someday. And no one'll look down on me anymore, they'll stare at me with open mouths."

"I'll be waiting for that day." Naruto stopped looking at the faces of the Hokages, to stare at Rin in slight shock. "What?" He asked while Rin never took his eyes off the mountains. But the other just smirked, "I'll be waiting for that day. Don't let other people put you down; you can do whatever you set your mind to. In my coun- I mean land, there's something called a Pladin, and it's an honor to be one. My younger twin brother beat me to that title, and I have to catch up to him. People say I can't do it, but I don't care what they say. I'll become one, and see the shock looks on their faces." Naruto softly smiled, he got it. He knew what it was like to be looked down upon.

"Then I'll be waiting to see to that day too. The day you become a 'Pladin'. Deal?" Naruto held out his hand, and Rin looked at the hand, before conforming it.

"Deal." Rin grasped Naruto's hand and shook it, looking up at him while letting go. "And you have a younger twin brother?" Rin nodded, "Yeah, his name's Yukio and he's always telling me what to do all the time. He's a stick-in the mud, sounding like an old hag when he lectures me. And what's worse is that he's my teacher. So he tells me to study and stuff, but school was never my friend. But family's family, and he's the only thing I have left of family." Rin whispered the last part out, a little bit saddened that it was true.

Naruto looked at him, a small smile forming on his face, "Hey, I know what'll take your mind off of this. There's a ramen shop not too far from here where they sell the best ramen in the village. That's the place I wanted to take you, and since the tour's done," Naruto started running down the pavement, "Let's see if you can keep up and I'll lead you there."

"Hey, wait!" Rin shouted as he started running after Naruto.

"Naruto hold up." Naruto looked back as he stopped running to see who called him, he recognized that spiky brown hair anywhere. "Oh hey Shikamaru, what is it? I'm kind of in a hurry so make it fast. Rin is," he looked around, "ah man where'd he go? Could've sworn he was right behind me. Oh, there he is." In the distance you could see Rin running up to them as he made his way through the street.

"Who's he Naruto? Never seen him before." Shikamaru asked, his hands going into his shorts as he saw Rin coming closer. "He's the new member of my team. We're suppose to be leading him back to his land, Japan. And don't say you never heard of it because I didn't either, so while we're going on missions he'll look out for any familiar places that could take him back there. That's what Kakashi-sensei told me at least, and Grandma Tsunade told him."

"You couldn't have slowed down?" Rin panted, "You had the head start anyway." Shikamaru examined him twice, taking in his looks. "Rin this is Shikamaru, Shikamaru this is Rin."

"What's up with your clothes?"

"Why is it that everyone asks that? This is a uniform I have to wear, they aren't that weird are they?" Rin asked, looking at his exorcist school uniform.

"Kind of," Shikamaru answered, "But I guess everyone had their own style. Must be a pain to have to wear that in your academy. It looks restricting." Rin just shrugged his shoulders, "Not really, but I like my regular clothes better."

"Okay, introductions are over, come on Rin I bet you're starving by now."

"Starving? I can help you find a restaurant, but you can't eat any of my food." Rin turned around and saw a husky guy, eating chips and carrying something wrapped in his hand. "Shikamaru, I brought you your bento." Choji said, handing Shikamaru the wrapped bento, but looked at Rin that was next to him out of the corner of his eye.

"Thanks Choji, and sensei's been looking for you and so has Ino." He kept staring at Rin. "Choji, this is Rin, my new team member. Rin this is Choji. Again with these introductions," Naruto said, "Well, it's been nice seeing you but me and Rin are going to Ichuruka's. He's starving so we need to go as fast as we can. We're meeting our new team captain since Kakashi-sensei's in the hospital. And ramen and chips don't go together, they'll make you more bigger-" "Get down!" Shikamaru pushed Naruto out of the way along with himself while Choji bumped Rin to the side, effectively making him fall on his bottom with his hand as he made it swell up. Rin could only stare as he saw a lion-looking thing leap toward them, roaring and claws out. But Choji's swollen hand caught it, and squished it in his palm, making ink spill out from it. All of them looked up to see where it came from, seeing a figure on top of an orange roof.

"He's there… " Shikamaura said.

"Why is he attacking us?" Naruto yelled, clenching his teeth as he stood up. " I don't know him, but he has a leaf head-protector." Shikamaru narrowed his eyes, " What's he up to? Why attack us? We need to take him to the interrogation unit to find out. Naruto I'll help you while you go," Naruto nodded, running up to the figure.

'What was that?' Rin thought as he saw Naruto running up to the figure, 'Everything's so different... but I have to admit that was so cool! I wish I could do that.'

"Are you okay?" Choji asked, looking down at Rin. "Uh, yeah," He said while standing up, "Just didn't expect that to happen." Choji grinned, his lip curling, "Stick with Naruto and you'll be expecting the unexpected." His smile never faded as he looked forward, watching the battle unfold before him, as did Rin.

"Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll." Sai whispered, finishing drawing six of those lion-looking beasts. They suddenly jumped out of the scroll, ink splattering as they came to life and lunged and roared at Naruto. But Naruto never stopped running.

"Ninja Art: Shadow Sewing!" Shikamaru did a hand seal, as the shadow beneath his feet stretched out and struck the beasts with their pointy edge, making them dissipate into ink once again.

Naruto ran forward and jumped on top of the roof, taking a kentai out of his jacket sleeve. His opponent's smile never faltered and his eyes never flinched open as he grabbed the sword from his back to counter the attack. Their weapons connected and stayed in the same position as their sharp weapons brushed each other.

Rin instantly seeing this and his instinct to help had him grabbing his own sword form his back. But he hesitated when touching it, until he decided he couldn't do anything. They didn't and wouldn't let them see his tail and his flames. He couldn't take the risk of being Satan's son and them finding out who he really was. Only if it was absolutely necessary and it was the last resort. He clenched his teeth as he let his hand drop to his side.

"Are you going to do something with that weapon? Can you even do anything with it, or do you not have the "balls" and skills to do it." Rin felt like laughing when he heard this, it was faint but he heard it. But kept his laughter inside and put on his serious face like the others.

A small blush played on Naruto's cheeks, "Wha- why you! Who the heck are you?" Naruto shouted, his teeth clenching as he scraped the other's weapon. Sai just continued to smile, his closed eyes opening a bit as he looked to the side at Rin. His pitch black eyes studying the other so-called Jinjuiki. He failed to notice a lurking shadow coming at him, but managed to jump out of the way in time to avoid it. "You'll see who I am soon, until next time Naruto," Sai looked over to Rin while jumping away, "and Rin." He did a hand seal and ink started to cover him in a loop, as he disappeared, leaving Naruto on the roof, left wondering what had happened just now.

"Choji, I've been looking all over for you! Sensei wants to see you now." Ini stated as she walked toward the group. A look of confusion ran across her face when she saw Rin.

"But Ino, we were attacked by some weirdo." Chijo said.

"Him? He looks like he's just casually standing there." Ino said, looking at Rin as he turned to see her too. 'Do the girls here like to show off skin like Shura?' Rin thought, a tiny blush playing on his cheeks, but it disappeared almost instantly so no one saw it.

"No not him, he's with Naruto. Over there," Choji pointed a finger to the roof, "That's where the weirdo attacked." Ino squinted her light blue eyes, looking over where her teammate pointed to, seeing an orange blur. "Wait, that's no weirdo. It's Naruto. Hi Naruto! How's it going?" Ino waved at Naruto even though he wasn't looking at her. He turned around and jumped off the roof and made his way toward Rin, "Hi Ino, and sorry about that Rin. We should get going, I'm starving!" Naruto licked his lips and started walking away, not that much bothered that someone had just attacked them.

"Uh, okay." Rin said walking to catch up with him. "Bye Naruto… and Rin." Choji waved to them as they left, "Now Choji, lets go." Ino stated, her long blonde hair tied into a ponytail swaying behind her with every step she took.


End of chapter 4. Was gonna make it longer but I figured it was long enough and didn't feel like typing it. I feel so lazy saying that. But it's true. Just so you know I'm taking out the new powers I added, the temperature flames and the tail growing thing. The story is turning out different then I expected it to be because I had wrote the first five chapters already but they keep changing in my head on where this is going. So yeah, bye for now.