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"Isn't that Dre and his friend?" Xing asked, stopping in his tracks.

"Yeah and they're talking to Mae Ern." Jian Yu said, stopping as well and just when Cheng threw the ball.

"What?" Cheng said with slightly widen eyes, the ball missing the basket. He didn't even know why that even bothered him. It just did. The whole group stopped playing for a moment and watched the two boys conversing with the girl.

"What do you think they want?" Keung asked.

"Who knows?" Xing said with a shrug.

"Maybe they're asking her if she wants to hang with them." Zhuang said before he and Liang look at each other.

"And that would mean she would leave!" Liang said.

"We could invite them over to play a game with us." Xing said.

"Yeah. It won't be that bad. Dre is alright now." Liang said, both he and Zhuang glanced at Mae Ern to see if she shown any signs of leaving the park.

"You two really want her to stay don't you?" Jian Yu said.

"Hey, it's the first time I've seen her in months. Do you know when was the last time I saw her? New Years. And that was like." Zhuang stopped and started counting the months that has passed since then. "6 months. About 6 months. Who knows when I'll see her again?"

"She made you guys a deal. She has no other choice but to stay here." Cheng said.

"Mae Ern can change her mind you know." Liang said.

"Is she really that kind of person to do that?" Cheng asked with a raised eyebrow. Liang and Zhuang looked at each other before shaking their heads, saying no. "There, problem solved. Can we continue the game now?" the leader of the gang asked, annoyed at the fact that the game has been put on a hold because of this kind of problem.

"But Cheng, it wouldn't be that bad to have the two to play with us would it?" Xing asked.

"You and Dre are in good terms now so it's fine right? It would be fun if there were more people." Jian Yu said.

"If you guys want it that way then one of you ask."

"I think it would be best if you do it Cheng." This made said boy groan.

"Why me?"

"If either Liang or I go, she's going to ask us why we stop playing and decide to ask Dre and his friend to play."

"Like she won't ask me?" Cheng said with a scoff.

"She might not so go ask." Liang said.

Cheng glanced at Mae Ern and saw that she was looking at him and his gang with a confuse look on her face, wondering why they suddenly stop. He quickly looked back at his gang, not wanting Mae Ern to catch him glancing at her. He sighed.

"Why is everything that involves her so annoying right now? I shouldn't have bothered to come." Cheng thought before leaving the court and walking towards Mae Ern, Dre and Harry.

"What's going on Cheng? Why did you guys stop playing?" Mae Ern asked, standing up.

"None of your business." He said, annoyance could clearly be heard in his voice. Mae Ern rolled her eyes.

"Typical Cheng." He then looks at Dre and Harry.

"You guys wanna play with us?" Cheng asked, his hands stuffed in his pockets. Harry looked at Cheng with slightly widen eyes while Dre just looked plain confuse.

"He's asking you if you want to play basketball with them Dre." Mae Ern said when she noticed Dre's confuse look.

"Oh. Sure." Harry just nodded

"Since Dre and Harry are going to play, can I come and watch?" the brunette asked.

"Whatever." Cheng said, walking away. He doesn't really care at all if Mae Ern comes to watch or not. He just wants to continue the game.

"He changed so much, didn't he?" Mae Ern said with a slight eye roll, sarcasm could be heard. She picked up her book from the bench before walking towards the court, Harry and Dre behind her.

"Hi Jian Yu, Xing, Keung." Mae Ern said with a smile when she reached the court and they greeted her back, Keung stuttering a bit at first which went unnoticed by Mae Ern but it didn't mean the gang didn't notice it.

"What brings you here?" Jian Yu asked.

"Oh I just wanted to watch you guys play is all." she said with a smile. Cheng will never understand how he's the only member of the gang that doesn't like her.

"You won't mind sitting on the ground now do you?"

"It's like you don't know me Liang." She said before going to the side of the court and sat down on the ground, cross-legged with her book on her crossed ankles.

"Alright, so it's me, Zhuang, Xing and Cheng versus you guys." Liang said, bouncing the ball.

"Fine with me." Jian Yu said and the game started.

Mae Ern, being the girl she was, got bored ten minutes later and proceeded to read her book, looking up at times and keeping track of the scores which is currently 5-3. Looks like Cheng's side is in the lead.

"I'm open!" Keung said, hoping Dre understood what he said. Dre looked at Keung before passing the ball to him. Mae Ern looked up, expecting someone to score soon. She was right when Keung shoots the ball and went right into the basket.

"Nice shot Keung." Mae Ern said with a smile and he felt heat rushed up to his face before smiling back.

"Keung is showing off!" Liang said with a laugh before smirking. A basketball was then thrown to his head and he narrowly dodged it. "What the hell was that for?" he asked, glaring at Keung who just stared at him with an innocent face.

"What was what for?"

"You aim that ball to my head!"

"Sorry, I meant to pass it to the blonde." Keung said, smirking slightly.

"Fu-…"Liang stared but was quickly cut off by Mae Ern.


"Damn you!" he said instead.

"Thank you!" Mae Ern said with a smile on her face before saying the score out loud. "5-4."

"If you keep playing to impress Mae Ern, we can win." Jian Yu muttered when he walked past Keung, whose face started to heat up again.

"You guys are insane." He muttered under his breathe before the game started again.

Cheng stole the ball from Harry before passing it to Zhuang. He then passes it to Xing who was the nearest to the basket but was blocked by Jian Yu who got the ball and passed it to Keung. The ball was then later been stolen by Liang who aimed at the basket once he was at shooting range. It was blocked by Harry who threw the ball to Keung. He aimed at the basket and shoot, scoring another point for his team.


"Cheng, we can't let Keung and the others beat us! I thought you are one of the best when it comes to basketball! Stop going easy on them!" Liang said after calling for a timeout.

"Don't put this all on me. You can tell Keung is trying to impress Mae Ern."

"Struck by Cupid's arrow right after two years." Zhuang said, laughing.

"So what do we do Cheng?" Xing asked, glancing at Keung and Jian Yu who were just talking.

"Unless one of you also has a sudden attraction to Mae Ern, our only option is to impress her as well."

"What do you mean?" Zhuang asked with a raised eyebrow.

"By impressing her, Keung would feel like he's being challenged or would most likely feel jealousy. He then won't be able to concentrate so much on trying to impress her since his anger or jealousy will take over." Cheng explained and the rest thought about it. "But by doing this, we would be pushing him to play harder."

"It's worth the risk." Xing said, glancing over his shoulder for a second.

"I should've known that Cheng would think of something like this. Brilliant as always Cheng." Liang said with a smirk, patting his friend on the back.

"Well, I try." He said with a smirk of his own.

"Question is, who's going to be the one to impress her?" Xing asked before everyone looked at Cheng.

"Oh no. Hell no. Not me."

"Come on Cheng! You're our only option! We can't do it 'cause Mae Ern can obviously tell when we're showing off or not!" Zhuang said, pointing at himself and Liang who nodded in agreement.

"What about Xing then?"

"Keung will kill me! Do you want me to be killed?" Cheng just shrugged.

"Maybe." Xing rolled his eyes.

"Come on Cheng. Please! If you do this then I won't tell them the little thing that happened in school."

"What thing?" Cheng asked with narrowed eyes and Zhuang started to smirk.

"You know, the girls." Cheng eyes widen before narrowing to glare at his friend, not knowing Liang was smirking.

"You wouldn't."

"I would. You know I will." Cheng let out a frustrated sigh.

"Some friend you are." He said and the rest took that he agreed to be the one to challenge Keung.

"Are you guys done yet? You're taking forever!" Jian Yu said, looking at his watch to see what time it was.

"Yeah, let's continue." Xing said with a smirk.

Jian Yu had the ball first before passing it to Harry who then passed it to Dre. The American was just about to aim at the basket before the ball got stolen right out of his hands by Xing who feint left when Keung got in front of him. He then passed it to Zhuang who aimed at the basket which got Jian Yu ready to block it. Zhuang just smirked before passing the ball to Liang. Keung then stole the ball from Liang and dribbled the ball before aiming at the opposing team's basket. Just when he was about to shoot, Cheng appeared in front of him and stole the ball. He then did a jump shot when he was in shooting range and the ball flew right in.

"6-5." Mae Ern said before looking at Cheng

"That was awesome Cheng." The said boy smiled at her for some reason. This made her eyes widen slightly. She then saw that his smile turn into a smirk which made her rolled her eyes. But she didn't know that Cheng was smirking at Keung who was glaring intensely at him.

"Well done Cheng." Liang said with a smirk as he and his friend high-fived.

"How long are you guys going to play again?" the brunette asked, stretching her arms.

"Why? Do you have to go?" Xing asked.

"I have to get home before dinner."

"It's 4.18." Jian Yu said after looking at his watch.

"We'll end it at 5.30 then." Zhuang said before adding, "I need to spend some time with my best friend who I might never see again."

"Sometimes I think you're too dramatic Zhuang." Mae Ern said with a laugh.

"Let's get back to the game!" Liang said, throwing the basketball up in the air.

Time past and the score was 11-11. A tie. The boys were panting, sitting on the ground and occasionally wiping sweat off their foreheads with the back of their hands but the ones that were probably the most tired would be Keung and Cheng. Keung was sitting on the ground, panting and sometimes using his slightly drenched shirt to wipe off the sweat on his face. Cheng on the other hand was still standing and wasn't panting as much as Keung, he would often use his arms or shirt to wipe the sweat of his face and neck even though his shirt was slightly drenched as well. His hair was a little wet and occasionally, there will be sweat dripping from the tips of his hair. (I feel like I'm overusing the word 'sweat' over here. Urgh… - _ -)

"You guys should really take it easy. I would understand if this was a real game but seriously." Mae Ern said as she walks towards them with two plastic bags in hand.

"You're a life saver!" Zhuang exclaimed when he saw the brunette taking out two bottles of water from the plastic. Everyone laughed and was grateful that Mae Ern went to get some water when they were tired as hell.

"Thanks." Harry said when Mae Ern gave him and Dre a bottle of water each.

"Yeah, thanks." Dre said as he took the water and unscrew the cap.

"No problem." She said with a smile before walking towards Xing, Jian Yu and Keung.

"Here you go." The brunette said, giving them the bottles or water.

"Thank you." Jian Yu said, quickly unscrewing the bottle cap and drank the water.

"We owe you." Xing said, taking the bottle.

"Yeah, thanks a lot Mae Ern." Keung said with a smile, still panting a bit as he took the bottle of water. She just smiled back before walking to Liang and Zhuang.

"Jian Yu and I will get the money back from the others to pay you back."

"We can talk about that later. Here." She said, giving Liang the bottle. He just smiled and accepted it gratefully.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" Zhuang said as he took the bottle and Mae Ern just laugh.

"You're welcome." She said before walking towards Cheng.

"Here's yours Cheng." Mae Ern said with a smile, holding the bottle a few inches away from his face.

"Thanks." He said a bit breathlessly, taking the bottle. He shook his head to get rid of the drops of sweat that was hanging at the tips of his hair before unscrewing the bottle cap.

"Please warn me when you do that next time." Mae Ern said with a look of disgust on her face as she wiped the drops of sweat off her face and arms. He smirked before shaking his head again.

"Hey, hey! I said warn me didn't I?" she said with a laugh before wiping the sweat off again. Cheng chuckled before drinking his water til the bottle was half empty. Letting out a satisfied sigh when he was done, he poured the rest of the water on his head, cooling off his whole body slightly. "You don't really have to get yourself more wet than you were before you know." The brunette said which made Cheng shook his head again.

"I have to make a mental note to stay a few feet away from you whenever you're sweaty or wet." Mae Ern said with a laugh and Cheng just chuckle.

"I'll go get you another bottle." She said, turning around.

"No it's fine. Thanks for the water." He said, walking past her and towards Liang and Zhuang who were smirking.

"What are you two smirking about?" Cheng asked with a raised eyebrow and they just continue to smirk at him. "Either of you going to tell me before I hit you?"

"It's nothing." Zhuang said even though the smirk was still on his face.

"Then why are you smirking?"

"You know Cheng, it's a wonder how you and Mae Ern aren't friends when you guys get along so well sometimes." Liang said.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't act stupid. Don't tell us that everything that happened with Mae Ern a few minutes ago was just an act or something."

"I'm not following you guys. Seriously, what are you talking about?"

"Come on Cheng, you can't be that stupid." Liang said which earned him a glare.

"You know, it's just that both you and Mae Ern really don't like each other and yet, at times both of you just get along like you guys were friends." Zhuang said.

"We do?" Cheng said, raising his eyebrow slightly.

"Yeah, like that time you asked her to help you look for something." Liang said, thinking back to when they were twelve.

"So? How does that have to do with anything?"

"You asked her twice and you could have asked Hui Ying you know." Zhuang said before drinking his water.

"I was pretty sure Hui Ying wouldn't help me. You know how she is, always wanting to do her work and all."

"Cheng, you asked Mae Ern to look for something that wasn't that important." Zhuang said after letting out a satisfied sigh. Cheng glared at him for a few seconds.

"It was important." Liang laughed.

"Right, the cap for your eraser of your mechanical pencil was really important." He said with a laugh.

"Shut up."

"Alright guys we better start our last game." Jian Yu said, getting off from the floor.

Dre caught the ball and went to pass it to Harry. The blonde was then blocked by Xing and he had no where else to go. When he goes left, Xing goes left and when he goes right, Xing also go right. Harry look around to see if any of his team members were open only to see Dre being block by Liang, Jian Yu was block by Cheng and Keung being just a little too far. He decided to feint right and Xing, knowing just what the blonde American was going to do, stole the ball before he could do anything else.

Xing went to the opposing goal before passing the ball to Zhuang, who was open. Zhuang aim the ball at the basket and shoot but it was stole at midair by Jian Yu.

"Damn you!" he shouted before chasing after his tall friend who just laugh. The game went on with neither sides showing signs of backing down, especially Keung and Cheng. Mae Ern just shook her head at the boys who were playing like it was the last time they'll ever play and muttered 'crazies' under her breath. She then started thinking which team would win and right now, she's pretty confident that Cheng's team was going to win. She was almost wrong though when Keung did a jump shot and the ball almost went in but Cheng jumped high enough to get the ball.

Finally, the game ended when Cheng's throw got the ball into the basket.

"Alright! Nice job Cheng!" Xing said as he, Liang and Zhuang gave him a high-five. He returned it all, slightly panting but the smirk that was on his face didn't leave and it only went slightly wider when Keung glared at him.

"Congrats." A voice said behind him and he turned around to see Mae Ern, standing behind him and clapping.

"Nice game Cheng." Jian Yu said, patting Cheng on the shoulder.

"That was a good game." Dre said and Harry just nodded in agreement.

"Hey, you guys wanna come to my house and rest or something? I don't think my mum will mind the company of me hanging out with…"she then started counting. "Eight boys. Well, I think she won't. She knows Liang, Zhuang, Dre and Harry anyway so yeah. Oh and she also knows Jian Yu 'cause he came over to do an assignment with me and Liang once."

"I can't go; I have dinner with my folks." Harry said before translating everything they were talking about to Dre and he nodded.

"I have something planned with Mei Ying." He said with a sheepish smile.

"Okay six guys then."

"Is it really alright?" Xing asked and Mae Ern just smile before saying, "Yeah, of course. Besides, there's free water and food there." The group laugh while Dre didn't as he still didn't fully understand their native language.

"So what do you say? You guys up for it or what?"

"Sure, let's go." Jian Yu said with a smile and Zhuang quickly agreed.

"I want to say hi to your mum!" he said excitedly which got Mae Ern to laugh.

"I'm sure she'll be glad to see how you're doing Zhuang. She's been wondering why you don't stop by for food on your way back home from Kung Fu." The group laughed except for Harry, who just chuckled, and Dre, who still doesn't understand what they're saying completely.

"I think you should call your mum to make sure Mae Ern." Liang said, bouncing the basketball a few times before throwing it to Cheng. Mae Ern sighed, "I should have guessed you would say that." She said before taking out her phone from her pocket. She dialed the number she knew too well and placed it on her ear. It rang for a while before her mum picked up.

"Hello? Is there something wrong Mae Ern?"

"Nothing mum, I was just wondering if I could invite some friends over for dinner. You know, since dad isn't around I can't help but feel you made extra food." She heard her mother sigh and she chuckled nervously.

"How many boys this time? It better not be like how it was 2 years ago."

"They came over to get first aid mum, nothing else."

"Oh? So would you explain why one of the boys was on top of you when I got home?" Mae Ern's face suddenly felt hot when a flash of memory came into her mind and she can just imagine her mother raising an eyebrow at her over the phone.

"T-That was an accident mum! He didn't see where he was going!"

"Uh huh. Well, I don't mind as long as they don't make a mess. Is Liang coming?" the brunette nodded before remembering she was on the phone.

"Yeah he is."

"Alright then, I'll see you soon. Bye."

"Bye mum." And with that, she hung up before letting out a sigh.

"So what's up? Your mum okay with us coming?" Liang asked and the brunette nodded.

"What did you and your mum talked about that made you blush Mae Ern?" Zhuang asked with a curios expression on her face. Mae Ern looked at him with a slightly raised eyebrow before remembering the conversation she had with her mum. Her face started to feel hot again.

"I-It was nothing. She was just…Ermm…"

"She was teasing you so what did she say?" Zhuang asked with narrow eyes. Mae Ern sighed before glaring at her two friends.

"My mum was teasing me about something that happened two years ago."

"And that would be?" Xing asked with a raised eyebrow and the brunette face palmed herself.

"Does it really matter?" the whole gang, excluding Cheng and Jian Yu, nodded.

She sighed again, "Remember when all of you came over to my place two years ago because all of you were injured?"

"Was it that time when we got beaten up by that Mr. Han?" Keung asked and Mae Ern nodded.

"Oh I remember now. She was teasing you about Cheng bumping and falling on you right?" Zhuang said and Mae Ern's face started to grow hot. Cheng was starting to blush as well.

"Shut up!" the two said in unison and the rest of the gang chuckled.


"Mae Ern! It's us! Open up! Mae Ern!" Zhuang shouted, pressing on the doorbell.

"I heard you the first time!" a voice from the inside was heard.

Cheng glared at both Liang and Zhuang, "What the heck are we doing at Mae Ern's house?" before Liang could reply, Mae Ern opened the small door of her white front gate.

"Alright, what is it?" she asked before noticing that it wasn't just Zhuang and Liang.

"Why is your whole gang here?" her eyes widen more when she saw their injuries.

"We got into a little trouble." Liang said sheepishly.

"Get in, now. All of you." she said, stepping away from the door so the boys can get in.

Once all of them were in the house, Mae Ern closed the door of the front gate and quickly went inside her house. She closed the door behind her and straightly went to the kitchen and after a few minutes, she came out with a first aid kit.

"All of you sit down. I'll treat you guys one at a time." She said, opening the box and took out a bottle of antiseptic, a roll of bandages and a few sticky bandages. She then went back into the kitchen and came back with a bowl filled with ice and a cloth.

"Alright Jian Yu, where are you injured?" Mae Ern asked and the said boy just told her. One by one, the brunette tend to the gang's injuries.

"You guys got yourself pretty beat up." She commented as she place the clothed ice on Liang's bruised jaw. He winced a little at the small pressure. "Who did it?"

"Some maintenance guy." Liang answered, wincing again since he talked.

"Don't talk yet you idiot." She said, putting the cloth back into the bowl of ice and then proceeded to put some medicine on it.

"Is that better?" Mae Ern asked and he nodded.

"Loads. Thanks Mae Ern." She just smiled before moving on to Xing.

"So a guy like that beat you guys up?"

"He didn't really beat us up." Xing said as he stopped rubbing his sore arm so Mae Ern could look at it.

"It's just a bruise but there's a few scratches." She said under her breath before taking the cloth from the bowl.

"Then what did he do?" she asked as she pressed lightly on the bruised spot on Xing's arm.

"He made us hit each other." He said, wincing a bit.

Mae Ern took a couple more ice and put it into the cloth before placing it on Xing's arm again, placing it on the scratched this time, "How so?"

"It's hard to explain." Zhuang said and Mae Ern just nodded, shaking the bottle of antiseptic before spraying it on Xing's scratches. She then finished it by wrapping his arm with the bandage, covering the scratches.

"All done. You're next Zhuang." The boy took off his shirt and showed his friend his bruised shoulder.

"Ouch, that looks painful." She said, wincing for him. Mae Ern did the usual, putting the cloth onto the bruise and then putting on some medicine. She did the same with the bruise on his leg before she tended to the scratch on his forehead.

"There, don't wear your shirt back. You'll wipe the medicine off." The brunette said before taking the bowl of ice, antiseptic and bandages. She then walked over to the last person she had to tend the injuries to, Cheng, who was just sitting on the floor with an annoyed expression on his face. He can't believe how his friends brought him here to Mae Ern's house when they knew perfectly well that both he and Mae Ern don't get along. Just the thought of it was pissing him off and look what he's doing now, silently cursing at them for bringing him here while the said girl walked towards him.

"So other then your bruised cheek, where else does it hurt?" she asked as she sat down across from his, squeezing the cloth to get rid of the water. Cheng stayed silent but Mae Ern didn't say anything about it. She knew that he was pissed. His expression says it all and plus, she's seen it a lot of times when she gets into arguments with him.

When the clothed ice was about to touch his bruised cheek, he slapped her hand away and she stared at him with slightly widen eyes, "Wha…"

"Don't touch me." He muttered, not even looking at her and soon, she narrowed her eyes at him.

"What the heck Cheng? I'm trying to help you here."

"And what if I don't want your help?" He asked with a glare.

She glared back, " If you don't want me to help you because you don't like me then remember, the feeling is mutual but can't you just forget about that now?" she asked as she tried to put the cloth on his cheek again. In one swift movement, he caught her wrist and Mae Ern's eyes widen once again but shock quickly left her when she glared at him.

"Damn it Cheng, what's your problem? I'm trying to freaking help you! Can't you just ignore the fact that we don't like each other right now so I can just treat your goddamn injuries?"

"What is your problem? Can't you just accept the fact that I don't want your help? That I don't want you to treat my injuries?"

"Oh my God, you're so stubborn!"

"You're the one who's stubborn!"

"Both of you are stubborn!" Liang shouted, successfully shutting them up.

"I agree." Keung said, nodding.

"Same her and Cheng, if you don't let go of Mae Ern's wrist then your injuries won't be the last one for her to treat." Zhuang said and she gave him a confuse look before she felt pain on her wrist. She looked at her wrist that Cheng still had in his grasp and saw that a bruise was forming.

"Shit." Cheng thought when he noticed it too.

"Sorry." He muttered.

Mae Ern looked at her wrist, "It's fine, it's not that bad." She said before looking at him. "Can I please treat your injuries now? It won't hurt…Okay it will a little but at least it's treated right?" he just made a noise and Mae Ern took it as a 'whatever' kind of answer. She was a little hesitant at first, afraid that Cheng was going to do something again.

"Can you hurry up?" he asked impatiently, his eyes narrowed at the floor.

"R-Right." she gently place the cold cloth on his cheek and he winced. Mae Ern quickly pulled it away, "Sorry."

"It's fine." Mae Ern nodded a bit before placing the cloth on his cheek again, dabbing it a bit. "Do you have any other injuries?" she asked as she put the cloth back into the bowl and proceed to put some medicine on his bruised cheek. Cheng didn't answer but he just shook his head.

"Oh come on Cheng, don't lie." Liang said which earned him a glare from his leader.

"Just tell me Cheng, I need to treat your injuries. You don't want to get an infection do you?" Cheng just let out an annoyed sighed before he rolled up his right sleeve up to his shoulder. Mae Ern's eyes widen when she saw the scars he received.

"Did you guys really have a fight with a maintenance man?" she asked as she used the cloth to dab on his scars. He winced a little but didn't say a thing. No one answered and silence continued to surround them until Mae Ern put the cloth back into the bowl and picked up the bottle of antiseptic.

"Okay well, this is going to hurt but bear with it kay?" Mae Ern said before spraying it on his scars. Cheng's jaw clenched when he felt the pain but he didn't make a single sound. Once Mae Ern was done, she took the rolled up bandage and wrapped up this big scar that was on his upper arm and after that, she covered the smaller scars with sticky bandages.

"There, all done. Does that feel better?" she asked Cheng, who had stayed quiet the entire time.

He just nodded, "Thanks." She just smiled at him.

"You're welcome." She said before cleaning everything up and putting it back to their rightful place in the kitchen.

"Why can't you guys get along like that? I'm sure both of you can be good friends." Keung said, quickly avoiding the glare his friend threw at him.

"Shut it Keung." The said boy raised up his hands in defense, "Just saying. You don't have to get all mad."

"You guys should rest up for a while, watch some TV or something." The brunette said as she came out of the kitchen. "If you need anything, I'll be up in my room." and with that, she went upstairs.

After several minutes, the guys decided that they rested enough and was planning to head back to their homes but they still have to thank Mae Ern for helping them. "Can someone go up and tell Mae Ern we're leaving?" Zhuang asked as he grabbed the remote and off the TV.

"Let Cheng do it." Xing said and the said boy's eyes widen.

"Why me?"

"Yeah Cheng, go do it. You're the only one who doesn't get along with her." Jian Yu said as he stretched a bit, wincing at the pain.

"So what?" he asked with an annoy tone.

"Just do it so we can leave." Keung said and Cheng just let out an irritated sigh before going up the stairs.

"Why couldn't Liang or Zhuang do it? If she's in her room, then it would take me a while to find her." Cheng grumbled under his breath as he took the last step up the stairs. When he was just about to turn, he crashed into something and fell. Cheng managed to save himself from the pain when his left hand touched the floor first.

'That was close." He breathed out.

"Okay, ow…"his eyes snapped open when he heard the voice and his eyes only widen when he saw Mae Ern.

"That just hurts." She said, rubbing the side of her head a bit before opening her eyes.

"Look where you're going Cheng."

He apologized, "Sorry."

"Heh, it's fine. I didn't really hit my head but my shoulder kinda hurts." She said with a slight shrug. "What are you doing up here anyway? You need anything?"

"No, I just came up to tell you that the gang and I will be heading back now."

"Oh alright." Mae Ern said with a nod before her nose scrunch up a bit. "Not to be mean or anything but once you get home, take a bath alright? You stink." She said with a laugh and Cheng shot her a glare.

"Blame that American for dumping that bucket of water on me."

She just laughed so more before lightly pushing him, "Alright alright, just get off. I just took a shower and I don't feel like taking another one." And that's when he noticed her change of clothes, towel around her neck and her wet hair.

"Mae Ern, what is going on?" A voice said that made Mae Ern's eyes widen.

"Oh God." She turned her head to the side and saw her mother standing at the stairs with the rest of the gang behind her.


"I hate you guys." Mae Ern muttered under her breath before letting out a sigh. "Well let's go. I'm sure you guys must be starving." She said before waving farewell to Harry and Dre.

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