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Morgana paced, her eyes glaring at the door, daring it to open.

Agravaine was becoming more of an inconvenience than a blessing. He had failed her in the most simplest of tasks; he hadn't even been able to locate Emrys.

'My Lady?'

She whirled round, her arm outstretched. The man threw his arms up in surrender, his eyes wide.

'Agravaine,' she snarled. 'I trust you have good news for me this time.'

'Indeed my Lady,' he bowed, his eyes glittering. 'I have devised a cunning plan.'

Morgana's eyes narrowed. 'Don't flatter yourself. What is it you came here to tell me?'

Agravaine smiled. 'We've been approaching our problem with Emrys all wrong. Instead of sneaking around behind our... beloved King's back, we should use him to our advantage.'

It only took her a moment to understand, her eyes going wide. 'That is rather devious, Agravaine. I may just have my uses for you yet.'

'I will arrange everything.' He bowed again, and turned to leave.

'Agravaine,' she called, her face emotionless. 'When it's done, let me know. I want to see for myself.'

Agravaine stared at her, before nodding slightly, and hurrying away.

Morgana watched him go, her mouth curling into a sneer.

Soon, it would all be over.

Soon, Emrys would be gone.

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