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31st December 2011

The dress which Rose had chosen to wear this evening was a dress she had bought herself while in London. It was one of the dresses she was proud of wearing because she had purchased it herself, without permission from her mother or Cal, her overly controlling fiancé.

It was a floor-length, dark red gown with intricate black beading over the material. She wore black stilettos, quite high and unlike her usual taste in footwear but she had fallen in love with them at first sight, although they had a large price tag. Her hair was worn in a bun, scraped back so much she felt as though she'd had Botox. She hated her face, feeling she had chubby cheeks and hated how pale she was, but tonight she forgot all of her insecurities and attended the New Year's Party in London.

She had been to these sorts of dinners before. It was basically an excuse for women to show off their finest clothes and jewellery to others. The people were so narrow-minded. All they seemed to care about was who dressed the finest, who owned the most land, who married the richest man. Her fiancé Caledon Hockley was one of the world's best known lawyers, he had recently just travelled around Europe with Rose as an engagement present and now they were spending the New Year in London.

Gentle music filled the air played by the band, and Rose craned her neck around the room looking for something, anything to amuse her. Ruth, her mother could be seen speaking with some notable faces on the other side of the room while Rose stood beside Cal her fiancé. She nodded a small hello to a familiar face but not quite remembering their name. Her fiancé's words were lost as she became entranced into her own world. He usually spoke of business and his clients. The notable criminals which he defended and got off prison sentences on a daily basis. He rarely lost and when he did, he was in a bad mood. She turned around, glancing to the bar. How badly she wanted to order every drink on the menu and down them all one by one, but she knew she would be allowed no more than a glass or two of wine. Most people her age would be falling out of nightclubs or at the London Eye watching the fireworks not attending some party her family made her go to.

A large crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and Rose glanced as it twinkled beautifully, almost taking her breath away. She clung to her clutch bag which she held directly in front of her stomach feeling bloated from dinner, and maybe wearing clingy satin wasn't such a good idea. But again she tried to forget her insecurities, perhaps no one else would notice except her.

''Why don't you just try smiling just once?'' A voice startled her and her eyes darted around to meet Cal's. They were dark and untrusting, his face like thunder. ''Its embarrassing Rose'' His eyes stared directly into hers. ''You look like a fool.''

Immediately Rose felt tears prick in her eyes. She turned her body to the crowd of people Cal had been making small talk with and saw all pairs of eyes on her.

''Why don't we see a smile on that pretty little face of yours?'' Rose turned away feeling his breathe tickling her cheek. She could remember the evening before. The stench of whisky on his breathe and his half-clothed body had been enough to make Rose attempt to move away from him, but her attempts to escape were useless. When they had reached their hotel room, Cal had ordered Rose to undress for bed, and when she hadn't done as she was told; he had raised his hand to her and cut her lip. It was the first time Cal had ever laid hands on her and the first time Rose had ever been hit. Why was he doing this, to publicly humiliate her? Rose could feel her own heartbeat in her ears. She had never felt so much fear. She just wanted a big hole to swallow her up and take her away from this hell.

''Hey, you look at me when I'm talking to you.'' Cal grabbed her face in his right hand forcing her to look him directly in the eye. He saw the fear and seemed to thrive on it. ''Don't disrespect me.''

Rose felt as though she was slowly been suffocated, she could feel his fingers leaving marks on her face and knew what would come later on. The whole room seemed to whirl around and quickly without even thinking, Rose turned from Cal, escaping his grip. That was it. How could she take much more? Rose glanced at the exit and saw a few more eyes upon her. Everything which society had ever taught her had stopped her from just sprinting out of the room and never wanting to return, but she calmed herself and managed to clear her bleary eyes.

When she reached the exit, Rose ran as fast as she could to the bathroom. She had hoped dinner would go well and that she would be able to retreat to her room by nine o' clock, forgetting about the New Year celebrations. All the year held for her was misery anyway.

After seeing her reflection in the large oak mirror, she felt tears prick in her eyes. Here she was faced with herself, she despised her life, she despised herself and most of all she despised Caledon Hockley. Taking a deep breath she felt the tightness of her dress and she placed her hand over her stomach, she felt as though she was slowly been suffocated. Suddenly, she began to choke. It felt as though her airways had closed and her lungs had stopped working. Throwing her clutch onto the side of the sink, she coughed loudly. Her chokes echoing around the toilets. She thought she was going to vomit but instead all she could do was dry heave. She lifted her head from the sink and saw her pale face, tears rolling down her cheeks. Quickly, she wiped them away. She remembered the time she was an outgoing girl, now she was reduced to this...lonely and frightened, now she was a shadow of her former self. She shook her head as she tried to steady her breathing. She could see her hands visibly shaking. For a few seconds, her ears rang out. She could hear her own voice screaming at her to get out of the relationship and to stand up to Cal, she didn't deserve this.

Something overcame her, something which gave her strength and the feeling of been powerful for just those few seconds. Opening her clutch, she found the Lancôme red lipstick which she had purchased that morning. She applied it quickly and perfectly before pressing her lips together and fastening her purse shut. Taking one last look at her reflection, she felt satisfied for the first time in a long time. As she walked from the bathroom, she felt newfound confidence come over her. She glanced around the room to find Cal or her mother. Sure enough, she found her fiancé chatting to a tall blonde girl. She played with his tie and his face was just inches away from hers. Inside, she blew up. Instead of feeling short and fat next to this supermodel blonde, she felt hatred. Without even thinking, she strutted towards them, neither of them noticing her presence.

''So you're not working the street corner tonight I see.''

Immediately, the blonde pulled away from Cal. Rose saw the look in his eyes.

Immediately, the blonde pulled away from Cal. Rose saw the look in his eyes, but she didn't crumble like a little girl she looked right back at him.

''I'm so sorry.'' Cal apologized to the blonde who looked at Rose like something she had stepped in. Inside, Rose felt her heart beat quickly but she knew she couldn't allow Cal to behave the way he did either. This was a two way street.

''What the hell is wrong with you?'' He gripped her hand and almost dragged her to the exit. She tried to free herself from his grasp but she couldn't. He dragged her outside into the cold December air and she shuddered, not from the cold but from what Cal would do. She struggled to stand he almost pulled her to the ground with his force. ''How dare you disrespect me like that!''

Rose tried to utter a few words but nothing could fall from her mouth.

''Who do you think you are? Who on earth do you think you're talking to?'' Cal continued raging. Before Rose knew it his fist connected with her face and she almost fell to the floor. She felt as though she was numb, she felt no pain. Her eyes travelled for a moment to the waiter who had just exited from the back door and was putting trash in the dustbin. She shook her head, what was wrong with her? She felt nothing; all she could concentrate on was the waiter. As if in slow motion, Cal ranted in front of her face waving his arms around violently but it was almost as though she had muted his voice. The waiters head turned, Rose assumed he had heard Cal's rants. He appeared young, maybe as young as she was. His hair was long and a sandy blonde she guessed from the light shining in the street but the one thing she did see was how blue his eyes were when they connected with hers.

''Hey!'' Everything went back to normal. The waiter grabbed Cal's arm just as he was about to hit Rose again. He punched his stomach, causing Cal to fall back against the wall but it didn't stop him fighting back. For some reason, Rose found herself hoping this waiter took her fiancé down. The waiter punched his face once more before he fell to the ground groaning in pain. Rose felt her heart beat quickly, but her bleary eyes cleared. The waiter wore a white shirt and black pants, his uniform she assumed but over the top he wore a leather jacket and stood next to a motorcycle, she assumed belonged to him.

''Are you all right?'' He asked his voice strong and made Rose feel safe for some reason as she glanced even further into his eyes.

''Yeah.'' She managed, her lips chattering. She was utterly floored by the events. She glanced down to Cal laid out on the London street. The waiter removed his apron from around his waist and threw it on top of Cal. He climbed onto his motorbike and was about to put his helmet on when Rose realised she was still watching him.

''Wait!' Rose called holding up her hand. She glanced down to Cal's body lying in the street. She immediately removed her engagement ring from her finger and threw it down onto the pavement next to him. She made an on the spot decision to go with the waiter, whoever he was. She now felt a slight sting of pain from her cheek. She felt such hatred for the man who had brought nothing but fear into her life, but what was she doing thinking about getting onto a motorcycle in a foreign country with a strange man, he could be a criminal. Cal began to stir breaking Rose's thoughts and quickly she kicked him in the crotch. She heard him cry out in pain but felt nothing.

''Now I'm okay.''

The waiter handed her a spare helmet and she fastened it underneath her chin. Their eyes met and he cocked his head to one side indicating for her to climb on. She struggled with her dress but managed it, not caring what happened to her dress or anything she was wearing and when he revved the engine she felt excitement inside like she was a bad guy in a movie.

The city lights were captivating and beautiful, she almost felt like she was in heaven. She could feel the tight muscles on the mans body beneath his leather riding jacket as she moved her hands lower, wrapping them around his waist. He turned quickly, and when he took his eyes from the road, she didn't panic but simply allowed herself to become lost in his gorgeous face. She grinned, the excitement showing on her face.

Once they reached the more seedier part of town, the man stopped the motorcycle outside a block of buildings. A young man in shell suit walked from a gate of the entrance of the block of flats. He leaned against the gate, obviously unaware of the presence of Rose and the boy she was with. Rose watched as he swayed, before hocking up some spit and carrying on walking.

''All right Jack.'' He nodded to the man, who nodded in return.

Jack? So that's his name. She thought. A small smile fell on her face as she knew she would now have to speak to this man. She thought of a reason, any reason she could think of to prolong her return to reality. Turning her attention to the beautiful starlit sky she instantly became lost at the sight.

''Look, its so beautiful. So vast and endless.'' The boy came beside her and gazed at the sky himself.

''That was quite a kick in the crotch back there.'' He smiled to her, showing his dimples and under the starlit sky she realised just how young he appeared. He broke the ice and Rose broke into laughter. ''It was wasn't it?''

Moments later a shooting star swept across the sky. ''Look a shooting star.'' Rose exclaimed, pointing.

''Wow that was a long one. You know what my father told me? That every time you saw one it was a soul going to heaven.''

''I like that. Are we supposed to wish on it?'' Rose asked and turned her head to face him, not knowing just how close they had become since spotting the shooting star. She could feel his breath near her cheek. She hadn't realise he was such a deep person, but there again she had to tell herself she didn't know this man at all.

''What would you wish for?'' Jack gazed down into Rose's eyes. He could feel the tiny contact between them. Rose gazed back and took a look at his face and his lips. She wondered for a split second what it would be like to kiss him. She then smiled and awakened herself from the unreal moment she had just been in. She realised that she would have to walk and find her way back to the ball sometime soon, she didn't even know what time it was. ''Something I can't have.''

The air turned slightly awkward and Rose felt discomfort. Her reply had obviously indicated she wanted him. Wanted him? She questioned herself. Wanted him how. She began to take quick steps to the ball, wherever it was in an attempt to walk away from the new situation.

Rose could feel her heart thumping against her chest. She felt alive just like a young girl should. Her hands were noticeably shaking. She took one glance at her gaudy, expensive engagement ring and began to giggle hysterically. Tonight, she had rode off with a man she barely knew, he had held her body close to his and she had defied her family and society and she had to admit to herself, it felt good. Settling herself against a wall, she rolled her head backwards before glancing back to the road she had just walked down. Jack still rested against the railings which looked over the River Thames. The history which surrounded this place for some reason made it seem all the more romantic. She knew this man was trouble just by looking at him. The boy who had said hello had appeared to be intoxicated, but why didn't she care?

''Jack.'' Was all she could say. She frowned, confused to why she found herself walking back towards him. Her face became serious, realising she would now not know what to do or say. Nervously, she wrung her hands.

''Jack…I…don't know why…''

''I didn't ask why you're here.''

Rose gazed at his lips and shuddered from the cold. Jack placed his leather jacket around her shoulders and as his knuckles grazed her, he felt something he had never felt before. He gazed into her eyes once more before leaning forward and grazing her lips with his just once.

He awaited a bad reaction but instead something inside her simply exploded. Jack closed his eyes feeling her so close to him, her hair tickling him ever so slightly and her breathe on his skin. He touched her hair and she raised her head back up and was closer to him, he held her face with both of his trembling hands and stroked her cheek. He felt her hands move up his back and stroke the back of his hair softly. He leant forward slightly and closed his eyes for a second feeling their closeness, he opened them to look at Rose and saw her eyes closed and it was then he knew what he had to do. He leant towards her more and opened his mouth slightly and planted a small kiss on her lips, something which sent sparks through both of them. Rose opened her eyes and Jack felt her eyelashes flutter on his cheek and he glanced at her. Their eyes interlocked and they saw the passion they had for each other, nothing could hold them back and Rose kissed Jack with more passion than either had dreamt about. Pulling away, Jack saw how flushed her face was.

''Come on, it's cold out. Let's get you inside.'' He held out his hand and she glanced to him, she took it not even hesitating at all. She could see his eyes sparkle in the dim light and she was sure she had just fallen in love with him. The effects of the alcohol she had drank at the party and the lack of food she had eaten that day, she felt dizzy.

Silently, he pulled her through a gate which led up a path full of weeds and long grass. Oh how repulsed her mother would be seeing this. Grave yards were better tended to. He unlocked a door and it banged shut echoing through the building. Laughing hysterically, Rose's eye sight blurred as she fell against the wall in her pathetic attempt to climb the stairs. Jack grabbed her arm, stopping her from falling anymore. What was wrong with her? This felt wrong but yet so right. He had to laugh at her attempts to play sober and to climb the stairs, as he held her waist tightly so that she didn't fall. Finally reaching his flat, Jack kicked the door open and removed her coat throwing it to the floor. She felt crazy tonight, and she watched as Jack hung her coat up and removed his own. The room was small, beer bottles and newspaper littered the floors. A double bed sat in the centre of the room, the covers a mess. A stack of cupboards was to the left of the room and she glanced around to see the boy had disappeared into the bathroom. She walked towards the open locker, curiosity getting the better of her. She felt the pins from her bun digging into her head and quickly she pulled them out, feeling free at last. Her curls tumbled down her face, and she tossed the pins on the side. She bit her lip, peering inside the locker. She turned to see if the boy had returned but he hadn't. Feeling inside she felt cold metal, gasping, she opened the locker wider. She pulled out the item. A gun. She gasped once again. Her heart skipped a beat.

She felt a hand on her shoulder, but she didn't flinch at the touch. She turned to see Jack, shirtless. His stomach was toned, she had never seen anyone so buff in person, only the likes of Brad Pitt in magazines. Coming towards him, she smiled at him, and Jack seemed confused, he hadn't seen that smile from her before. He had to admit, she looked stunning. Her curls cascading down her back, and she looked amazing. Slowly, she came towards him and leaned forward to kiss him. Both felt the spark between them, as she grew more passionate as she kissed him. He began lost in her as he touched her face, then her hair. He loved her so much, the power she had over him was immense. She backed him against the wall and she could feel their bodies close together, she wanted him she was sure of that. She was intoxicated, and he didn't want to take advantage of her. Shushing him, she kissed him once again. He felt himself throb for her. He wrapped his bare arms around her body, and pulled away from her turning her back to him so that he could unbutton the back of her dress. He moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck as he undid her dress, and it fell to the floor and she kicked it away. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, once she was laid down he removed her stockings before laying on top of her. Neither of them knew what would happen as they continued to kiss. Rose had never wanted anyone more in her life.

Jack kissed her neck, and bit her in places seeing the reddened areas which he had sucked. The passion they had for each other took over and they deepened their kiss, knowing that neither of them could stop what they had started tonight.