Gathered friends,

It is an age of conflict.

Dark forces clash ruthlessly in pursuit of world conquest. Their advances have been staunched only by the resistance of noble warriors, who fight to reclaim the world in the name of the Great Spirit. Legions of hellspawn have been felled in a War of Light, whole lands salvaged from the clutches of evil and nations rebuilt. Once a mighty and formidable threat, the terror of the Brotherhood of Makuta is no more than a distant smear on the horizon of history.

The sun rises now upon a new renaissance for all the Matoran races. Peace, however, remains elusive.

At the end of the Brotherhood's reign, their wicked ruler was brought to face the finest knight of justice this era has ever known. In a fierce battle, the Wielder of Light sparred against the Master of Shadows in a decisive skirmish. Though he was defeated, with his death this last Makuta made one last play. He placed a curse upon the world, that with his passing the shadows of death would not end: they would thrive.

And they did.

Thus came the birth of a new age, the Age of Vampires. Thousands of members of the Matoran races were turned from their nature, changed into savage beasts that lurked in the night and craved the blood of innocents. They infested the lands like a blight, congregating at the center of the world, in the great city of Metru Nui, under a new guidance known as King.

Terror changed the landscape of the reputed island, once a City of Legends, into a City of Fear. This age lasted for several years, but King grew restless. In time he would summon a battalion of demons and strike at the heart of the last outpost of resistance in an otherwise corrupted land. Hence began the Twilight Battle, a conflict to decide the fate of the world. Yet as their predecessors before them, the wreakers of darkness could not stand against the forces of light. Their leader slain by his own minions, the shadow of plague lifted from the skies and the suns shone once more.

Much time has passed since then. The island of Metru Nui has become a City of Legends once more, its fear expelled, and the Matoran races have been labouring without pause to return it to its past splendour. The shadows still remain. Vampires stalk the alleyways, and many of King's demonic council have escaped capture. Knowing there are monsters in the dark keeps the Matoran united – but they are also united by their hope for a brighter future down the road, and perhaps one day, true peace. They just have to keep walking down that road, together.

The war rages on.

But though the night is long, the sun will always rise.