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"Bella," Edward whines and tugs on my sleeve. "Come on! We're going to miss it!"

"Edward! We won't miss it, I promise." I yell over the noise of the crowd as he drags me through the throngs of people. "Edward, this is crazy!" he stops suddenly and I ram into his back. He turns back to me and smiles, his eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store.

"Right here." He tells me excitedly. "Perfect view." He points up to the flagpole with the giant glowing ball on top. "Have I ever told you how much I've wanted to see this in real life before?"

I roll my eyes, but can't help but mirror his smile. He looks so adorable. "At least twenty times on the way over here." I mock. He glares at me playfully and throws his arm around my waist. I smile and snuggle deeper into his chest, trying to ignore the thousands of people screaming and bumping into us. "Is It everything you imagined and more?" I tease. He nods and leans down to kiss me, but I pull away. "You have to wait." I tell him seriously. "It's bad luck to kiss before the New Year."

"You lie." He puts at me.

"Hey," I hold my hands up in mock surrender. "If you want a year of bad luck, then by all means." I make a kissy face. "Pucker up."

He pulls me out of the way of being mowed over by a group of gangly boys running through the crowd and hugs me to his chest. "Have I told you how beautiful you are lately?" he asks seriously, his eyes scorching into mine. I blush and hide my face in his neck.

Truth is, he has. Every day since that night he showed up in New York. He's been staying in my apartment for the past five days, and in that time we've been able to get to know each other again. So much has changed since I… in the years I was gone. We hadn't had sex again since that night, but we didn't have to. We both agreed to take things slow, since neither of us wanted to risk losing each other again. We have yet to label our relationship status, but that's fine by me. Even in just the past few days, he's become more to me than any label can explain.

"You okay?" Edward mumbles against my hair. "You seem to be off in another world."

I nod and smile, pulling back to look up at him. "Just thinking."

"About what?" he rocks us slightly side to side and kisses my forehead.

"You. Us."

"What about us?" he teases and moves to trail kisses down my neck. He pulls back and looks at me seriously, all traces of teasing gone. I step back, confused at his sudden change in demeanor. "Bella," he runs his hands down my hips and grabs my hands. "I- I want you to move to Forks with me." He must see my shocked expression because he smiles apologetically and explains. "I meant to so this a bit more smoothly, maybe when we weren't being shoved by thousands of people in the middle of Times Square," as if to prove his point, someone smacks into him from behind and shoves him closer to me. "But then again, nothing about us has ever really gone to plan, has it?" he doesn't wait for a response. "Bella I can't be away from you anymore, not now that I just got you back." He tells me sincerely. I can feel tears forming in my eyes and he moves to wipe them away. "Whether we stay here or go back to Forks… I just figured, I have a house and our family is there- but if you want to stay here that's fine too, I can get an apartment or something until we're-" I effectively cut him off by pressing my lips against his. He's still for a moment before starting to respond. He moans and pulls me closer to him, sliding his tongue along my lips, begging for entrance. I eagerly grant him access and groan in pleasure as his tongue meets my own.

He's the first to pull back. "I thought kissing before the New Year was bad luck?" he teases, his eyes lightening in mirth.

I shrug, "Eh, I changed my mind."

"So…"he trails off, nervously running his fingers through his hair.

"I don't want to stay here." I tell him truthfully. He breathes a sigh in relief and hugs me close to him. "There's nothing for me here, but there… Being back made me realize how much I've missed." I think back and grin as I realize I'll be able to keep my promise to Emma. "I can get an apartment or condo… and we can see how things go." I tell him reluctantly.

"Or," he cuts in, "You could just… stay with me." My eyes widen and he chuckles. "The house is big," he justifies. "You could have your own room. And besides, Tanya and Kaylee are living with me for the time being… so it wouldn't really be like we were living together living together."

"We'd just be sharing the same house?" I tease and he blushes. "Then you have to let me pay rent." I tell him.

"No." he shakes his head firmly.

"Yes," I cross my arms. "I'm not budging on this."

"You're not paying rent."

"Yes, I am." I argue.



"No!" he raises his voice to be heard over the sudden screams and hollers of the people around us. I glance around Edward and my eyes light up.

"Edward! Look!" I spin him around so he can see the ball slowly making its descent down the pole. He laughs and tucks me under his side, looking onto the scene in amazement. I'd seen the ball drop for the past three years, and chose to watch Edward's face instead.

His green eyes are practically gleaming in excitement and his signature crooked smile seems to be permanently stuck on his face. "It's amazing." He tells me in excitement, never taking his eyes off the scene on front of him.

I remember the first time Jessica and Mike dragged me down here to see the ball drop. It was only a few days after I had moved to New York, and being out at midnight with hundreds of thousands of other people was the last thing I wanted to be doing. I let them drag me though, and the whole time I remember thinking how much better it was in reality than on the flat-screen at home. I also remember wishing Edward was there to see it with me.

I snap back to reality as people begin to count down. I smile as Edward's grip on me tightens. He turns to look at me, his smile growing.

"Three! Two!"

Edward brings his lips so they're just barely touching mine. "I love you." He mumbles and lifts me up for our kiss. I'm shocked. He loves me! I return his kiss as people scream and shout 'Happy New Year' and '2012' and exchange kisses for luck in the New Year. It all fades away as Edward's kiss becomes deeper and more passionate.

"I love you so much, Bella." He whispers in my ear as we catch our breath. "So much." I can't help the tears that stream down my face as I kiss is face, every inch I can reach.

"I love you," I tell him. He wipes my tears away. "Happy tears." He smiles and leans down for another kiss, gently setting me back on my feet. He wraps his arms around my waist and hugs me to him as we watch people dance around in the middle of Times Square. The screen below the ball is flashing with '2012' as fireworks are shot off into the air.

"Is it everything you thought it would be?" I ask again, my tone light and teasing.

His eyes flash to mine holding so much love; it makes my heart stutter in my chest. "And so much more." He pushes my hair out of my face. "You made it so much more."

"Don't ever let go," I snuggle into his chest and watch the firework show.

I feel him smile against my head. "Never again, love."

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