Chapter 1

This is my first fanfic, hope it's good! This is basically a Natsuru/Kampfer Natsuru pairing, much like Harem Master's fanfic.

I do not own Kampfer. All characters belong to Nomad and Yasuhiro Kuroda.

Following the events of the attack of the White Kampfer under Kaede's command, our main protagonist, Natsuru Senou, is left wondering about the Moderators and his unrequited love.

Natsuru ventured home after their battle with Kaede, thinking to himself, "How is she related to the moderators? There must be a way I can save her..."

As he unlocked his door and walked in, he was welcomed with a dark silence, broken by the creaking of the door closing behind him. "I'm back..." Natsuru says in a monotone voice.

He lay in his bed thinking about tomorrow and how things will go when he sees Kaede at school.

He turns to Disemboweled Tiger and asks, "Hey, how come I was chosen out of everyone else to be a Kampfer? Not to mention that I'm also a guy."

"I don't know, the Moderators just do whatever they see fit, I'm just a messenger!", proclaims Disemboweled Tiger. "I wonder myself why the they would even bother with a guy like you!", added Disemboweled Tiger. "Thanks..." replied Natsuru," although I don't think I would mind living a normal life now. Being turned into a girl and being forced to do such uncomfortable things has caused nothing but trouble for me."

He lets out a heavy sigh and stares at his ceiling until he slowly drifts off into sleep.

Natusuru is awakened by the bright light of the morning sun, much to his dismay, it was time to get ready for school. He laid in bed for a few moments where he then looked over to his clock. "8:26", he said out loud.

Sitting up from his bed, he started to notice that the right side of his leg was warm, really warm. Puzzled, Natsuru quickly lifted the sheets to reveal a beautiful blue=haired girl that he was all too familiar with, hugging his leg like a body pillow.

"What the hell? What am's going on!" yelled Natsuru. The blue-haired girl opened her eyes slowly, and sat up to see the confused Natsuru, mouth hanging open, before letting out a ,"Good morning!"

"Good morning my ass!", shouted Natsuru, "Who are you?"

"What do you mean 'Who are you'?" sounding a little irritated, "I'm Natsuru Senou!", she said with a smirk.

"You're my Kampfer form?", asked the confused Natsuru. "Yeeeeup!", Female Natsuru replied. "I can finally move on my own now!"

Natsuru looked at his right arm and saw that he still had the blue bracelet. He then noticed that his Kampfer form's manifestation also had a blue bracelet on her wrist.

"Disemboweled Tiger!", Natsuru exclaimed. "What's going on here?" Disemboweled Tiger hopped up from the desk to Natsuru's yelling. He too was surprised to see the two Natsuru's. "Wow, well this was unexpected!", said Disemboweled Tiger.

Natsuru looked back at his Kampfer form, still confused as to how he was in his body and she in...hers? For the first time, he gets a good long look at his female self, understanding now, why people had obsessed over him...her.

"What is it?", Female Natsuru asked with a chuckle. Blushing, Natsuru recovers saying, "Oh! Uhh! No it's nothing. Just a little confused is all."

"Why do you have your uniform on anyway?", asked Natsuru. "Well you know when you go into your Kampfer mode? Well it's sorta the same thing, except I transformed into...myself? It's hard to explain!" Female Natsuru said.

"The Moderators really do have a uniform fetish!", added Disemboweled Tiger.

"So does this mean I get to stay in my male form?" asked Natsuru. "I don't know! Try it!", suggested Female Natsuru.

Natsuru attempts to go into his Kampfer form, much to his surprise, he stayed the same, and was able to use his Kampfer powers to boot! "This is awesome! I can finally be myself in my Kampfer form!", exclaimed Natsuru with a huge smile.

"Hey-, what's wrong with being me?", interjected Female Natsuru with a frown.

"Oh uhh nothing was wrong! It's just that I felt really weird being someone I'm not. You wouldn't understand!", said Natsuru. Female Natsuru, a little annoyed, replies," Well I kinda do, I was pretty much stuck in your body with no say about it! Although my likeness is based off of you..." she said resting her chin on her hand.

Natsuru laughs nervously, as Female Natsuru stands up and stretches for a moment. "You know, it's not unlikely that your little crush Kaede is the cause for all this." said Female Natsuru with disgust.

"Eh? Do you not like Kaede?", questioned Natsuru. "Of course I don't like her!", exclaimed Female Natsuru.

Natsuru flinched a little at her comment. "Well, how come?", he asks. "Well for one thing, she's a creepy lesbian who has the hots for me. And she pretty much insulted your every being in front of my face at the pool! I don't understand why you continue to chase after her."

The room fell quiet and Natsuru looked down, reliving that memory of when Kaede had chewed him up and spat him out. Female Natsuru felt guilty brining that back up, until she noticed the time.

"Oh crap! We're gonna be late for school!", shouted Female Natsuru. "Hurry up and get dressed!", she said as she left the room.

"I'm surprised you're so calm about this right now", said Disemboweled Tiger. "Well I did wake up one day as a girl, along with the many other things I've seen, I guess it's just another normal occurrence for me.", said Natsuru as he got dressed.

He met up with Female Natsuru who was waiting for him at the front porch. Natsuru had remembered that Keade might be at the bus stop and was freaking out about encountering her.

"Stop freaking out!", said Female Natsuru trying to ease his tension. "I don't think she'll be there today. And if she is, do not, freak out."

Confused as to how Female Natsuru knew what he was thinking, he asked her. "It's probably the bracelets and our association as Kampfers, you being my host after all. Makes sense right? Although I think only your thoughts and emotions are relayed to me." explains Female Natsuru.

"So you know what's on my mind?", asked Natsuru. "Yep!", said Female Natsuru. "I've been aware of everything ever since you got that bracelet. Also when you were eyeing me over."

Natsuru looked down to hide his flustered face as Female Natsuru laughed. "I thought I'd be used to it by now...", mumbled Natsuru.

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