Chapter Twelve:

Author's Note: I realize something, I loves stories and can't get enough of writing them, till one of two things happens. 1. I get stuck and just can't fight the rut or 2. Another story hits me and I forget everything else to finish that. Yep. House of Anubis caught me in it's trap, but I'm going to finish this Tower Prep thing. I promise.

I yawned, "Anyone have any idea what time it is?" I asked.

Ian shook his head, "No Ceej."

Gabe put his ear to door, "I hate this stupid school."

I rolled my eyes, "I hate my father."

"Who runs this school," Suki said.

Ian came over to me and took my hand, "Don't worry Ceej."

I pulled my hand back, "I can't not worry, we are trapped with my fa-"

"Ah!" Gabe yelped, I spun around, the vent that led into here was being pushed open.

Ian stepped forward ready to kick someone in the face.

"AHHHHHH!" A scream rang out as a girl stuck her head through the vent and Ian's shoe got a half inch from her face. "DON'T HURT ME!"

Ian stopped and set his foot down, "Who are you."

"Help me out," The girl said.

I bent down and grabbed her hand. And pulled her out and then she turned around and held her hand down. Which lead to another girl being pulled up.

When the two girls both turned to face us I gasped.

They were twins.

Identical twins.

The first girl held her hand out to me, "I'm Dalia." (A.N. Doll-E-ah) "This is my twin sister Janet. You must be Ian, C.J., Gabe, and Suki."

"Headmaster has pictures of us?" Gabe asked.

Dalia shook her head, "Your names are on the things, especially Ian."

Ian nodded, "So what's your powers?"

Janet smiled, "We are twins. That has all the powers you need."

Dalia laughed, "Janet cut that out! We can hear each other in our heads. We are telepathic."

Gabe frowned, "I thought all that stuff about twins was lies."

Janet nodded, "It is, we are at Tower Prep. All of us have powers that shouldn't be real. Also I can tell when Dalia is in pain."

"And I can tell when Janet is scared, but not in pain. It's weird."

Suki nodded, "And what do you know about us?"

Dalia smiled, "Everything you guys are famous! Janet and I sleep in your old room Suki and C.J. And your powers Gabe has hyper-suasion. Suki can copy anyone's voice or writing. C.J. you can read people's emotions off their faces and sometimes off their writing. And Ian you can see people's moves before they do them."

"Creepy Stalkers," Gabe muttered.

"No! It's not like that!" Janet cried.

"We want to escape, like you guys did," Dalia finished.

"Do you always do that?" I asked.

"Do what?" They asked at the same time.

"Finish each others sentences?" I asked.

Dalia nodded, "Yes."

"It's part of being twins," Janet said.

I nodded, "Okay, so do you know how to get out of here without being caught."

Janet rolled her eyes, "It's hard, you know that. Harder then when you guys escaped. As soon as you got away they doubled security."

I opened my mouth but Dalia clapped her hand on my mouth, "No one say anything." She hissed

Suddenly I could hear banging in the air vent over our heads.

Janet froze and stared at us, her eyes yelling QUIET!

And then as quick as it came, the banging left.

Dalia removed her hand, "Those are gnomes."

Ian gasped, "Why are they in the vents?"

Janet rolled her eyes, "To catch the escapees, duh."

Suki backed away into the wall as if she could hide, "It's worse."

Dalia nodded, "Yea."

I threw myself in one of the chairs and pulled my knees to my chest, "We have no way out!" I started to cry.

Janet shook her head, "C.J. No. We can get out. You guys did."

"Not with that, stuff," Suki muttered.

Dalia crossed her arms and Janet frowned, "Guys," Dalia started.

"Don't be like this," Janet huffed.

"You are Ian!"



"And Gabe."

"You guys can do it."

I frowned and got up and walked over to Ian, burring my face into his shoulder.

"I'm not sure," Gabe muttered.

"Please?" Dalia asked.

I looked up at Ian, who sighed, "Fine."