The Fox, the Crow, and the Cat Chapter one

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Chapter 1: The Mission

I guess you could say that it was a normal day, but when you happen to be ninjas, nothing is really considered normal anymore.

"NARUTO GET THE HELL UP!" at the sound of what the people outside thought was a banshee Naruto shot out of bed, he looked at the clock and after a few seconds of trying to focus he figured out he was late for a mission, again.

"Why are you screaming in my ear Sakura-chan? I was already up" Naruto Said while stretching and yawning, "Hey Kyuu why do people think I like her again?" Naruto asked his closest friend,

"I don't even understand that myself" was the only reply from the demon residing inside of him beforeSakura Threw him out of bed.
"What the hell is wrong with you I was getting up, no need to take out your PMS issues on me you fucking wailing banshee"

After getting to his feet, Naruto regretted what he said almost instantly. Sakura was pissed beyond what he originally thought. The small fact she could break a tree with one punch did not make him feel any better, so he did the one thing he could do that no one would question him for,

In other words, he played the love struck fool.

"Y-you know I-I'm reallyyy sorry r-right Sakura-chan" Naruto tried to say while backing away from her, but Sakura wasn't going to let that happen, because of him she had to go out of her way and lost precious time with Sasuke.

"Naruto your three hours late, and this is the third time this week" Sakura said cracking her knuckles, "he ruined my time with Sasuke-kun, he had better be prepared to pay for it CHAA!"

Naruto being backed into the corner of his room was franticly searching around trying to find the fastest way out.

The first thing that came to mind was his window that he was being cornered to but it was locked, and would take to long to open. His door was the next best thing to pop into his head so he tried to run to it but in the process, he tripped over the desk next to him and landed on the floor face first.

"Ouch" Naruto said looking to his door where he saw his rival and best friend smirking at him.

Sasuke had been leaning on the door the whole time and was trying not to laugh at Naruto's failing attempt to get away from Sakura but he couldn't blame him, when she was pissed things never ended up going well for anyone.

"He doesn't look all that happy at having Sakura in his house," Sasuke thought but before he even started to question it, he had to rile up his favorite blonde-haired boy.

"Having fun down there Dobe?" Sasuke asked sarcastically, he could always find out about it later so he might as well mess with him now,

"SASUKE!" Naruto growled as he started running at him with his fist clenched and ready to fight, but sadly, Sakura intercepted and punched him in the face making him land back on his bed.

Sitting there Naruto couldn't help thinking "Really why do people think I like this freak? She is goo-goo for Sasuke, and all she does is hit me. Am I that convincing about my stupidity?"
"Well personally I think your acting sucks" Kyuubi said, and Naruto could feel him smirking
"I didn't ask you" Naruto said with a mental frown.

"Naruto hurry up were leaving, or will lady Tsunade have to come and get us personally?" Sakura asked grabbing a hold of his shirt and threw him in his bathroom. He had already started stripping down when he heard Sakura bitch,

"You have five minutes". After Naruto washed up and got dressed, thanks to Sasuke for bringing him some clothes, they left for the Hokage's tower.

(Hokage tower) Tsunade had just finished one of the many stacks of papers in her office, if she hated anything about being Hokage it was all the damn paperwork.

"Will this ever end?" she questioned, "I really need a drink right now, if only I could find where Shizune hid my sake"
Tsunade was rummaging around her office when she noticed that a part of the bookshelf wasn't all the way against the wall,
"That's strange" she thought "That wasn't like that before"
and than it hit her. "AHA!" she yelled "I found it!" after she retrieved her beloved alcohol she heard steps coming closer to her office, she quickly stashed her sake in the desk just as the door slammed open revealing The shinobi she had called for hours ago.

"So what's the mission Baa-chan?" Naruto asked practically jumping into the room, he kept walking until he sat on the couch near her desk that clients normally used.

"What did you just call me Gaki!" Tsunade fumed, you could literally see the vain in her forehead pulsing, Naruto noticing this tried to keep quiet when something or better yet someone caught his attention from the corner of his eye.

"Really Naruto your part of ANBU now and you still act like you're in the academy?" Kakashi chuckled coming in the room from the window, he had been sitting outside of it for about five minutes waiting for the rest of his old genin team to get there when he started reading his orange covered book.

"KAKASHI you're even later than Naruto you have no right to be talking about acting your own…." Was all Sakura was able to get out before she was cut off

"Hokage-sama can we just get to the mission already or are we going to have to listen to Sakura scream like a banshee for another minute" Sasuke interrupted coldly "I thought my ears were going to bleed," he thought. You could practically see Sakura deflate at the comment from her crush, but she picked herself right back up after she convinced herself he was just playing hard to get.

"This mission will take place in Japan.." Tsunade started, no one noticed but she gave Naruto a little signal with her hand making sure that at least Kyuubi saw it through his eyes,

"Remember she said act stupid until you have no other choice" Came Kyuubi's voice "We don't need anymore people trying to find a reason to hurt you.

"Where's Japan?" asked Naruto, "What elemental country is it in?"

He already knew about this mission and had been informed about it a week ago. The two had already discussed about keeping his real self hidden, because he had to hide the fact he was one of the smartest and strongest ninja's in the history of Konaha, probably the whole ninja world.

"We're in Japan Dobe" Sasuke said looking at Naruto like he was trying figure out what was going on with him, "I know you're not this stupid, what are you trying to hide from us or more importantly from me?"

"TEME!" Naruto already knowing Sasuke would make a comment growled, he jumped off the couch and went to punch him when was interrupted yet again.

"ENOUGH!" Tsunade yelled slamming her hands on her desk cracking it down the middle making everyone in the room go silent, "As I was saying you will be going to Japan, but in a different world," She continued while keeping an eye on Naruto and Sasuke.

"You will be heading to Seiyo Academy High School division, and you three will go undercover as students and Kakashi will be the new Gym teacher."

"A different world what are we going there for exactly?" questioned Sakura, "How long is the mission and is it something that really needs the ANBU for?"

However, all she was really thinking of was how long she gets to spend time with Sasuke.

"There has been some students going missing and we believe that it has something to do with the Akatsuki, it will probably last for the whole school year. I want everyone to meet up in one hour to get more information from Kakashi is that clear?" was the last thing Tsunade said before four yes's were heard and she dismissed the ANBU members so they could pack what they would need for the mission ahead.

Right before they left Kakashi told them to meet up at the bridge.

(Time skip to bridge)

The three ex-team seven members were standing at their old meeting spot, and had already been waiting for 2 hours.

"Is Kakashi really going to be late two times in one day" Sakura bitched, not that she was complaining about getting to be with Sasuke she was just getting sick of him and Naruto's habit of always being late.

"It's not that bad Sakura-chan the weathers nice and it's not to hot out" Naruto said trying to convince her. "Does she ever shut up?" he thought, "I'm about two couple seconds away from screaming at her"

"Naruto-baka go away!" Sakura yelled "He's so stupid he should just go away so I can be with my Sasuke-kun alone" her inner voice said.

Sasuke was watching Naruto being yelled at, and was sick of how Sakura treated him,

"I don't know what he see's in her she's annoying, and can't take a hint might as well save him" Sasuke thought before he kicked Naruto off the bridge, "And might as well have some fun with him while I'm at it"

"Dobe lets spar while we wait, might as well pass the time doing something," Sasuke said looking down at Naruto, "We'll probably be here for another hour anyways"

"You're on and when I win, you will see how awesome I am!" Naruto yelled jumping up while making a pose that would make Lee and Gai proud (A/N is that a sunset…)

"Dobe were just sparring not trying to kill each other…" "Was that a sunset" Sasuke sweat-dropped.

Out of sight Kakashi laughed at how the three were doing, he knew that Naruto would notice him so he just sat and watched his old student act like kids again.

"I wonder how they can be so carefree" he asked aloud to himself.

Back to Sasuke and Naruto they had just put all their stuff down and out of the way so nothing would be damaged, they walked out into the open area to fight.

"Anything goes?" Naruto asked making sure his headband was tight, "I want to get this over with quick" "might as well get this over and done with, to long and he will find out I've been holding back" he thought.

"Dobe were ANBU we'll destroy the place if were not careful, just basics" Sasuke said, "I wonder what's up with him, why doesn't he want to spar with me for long?"

"So I guess no Rasengan than?" He said with an innocent face, he was trying to stall so he didn't have to fight with Sasuke the only reason he said yes was that he had to keep up his image of being dumb.

"No Usuratonkachi and before you ask keep it under a hundred clones" Sasuke was now getting frustrated, "What the hell is wrong with the Dobe, he's been acting strange all day and it feels like he's trying to stall our fight." He was going to confront Naruto about it but Sakura pulled him back to reality by screaming

"GO SASUKE-KUN! Kick Naruto-baka's ass!", "And than we can be together forever!"

(A/N my sad attempt at a fight… I am Sorry)

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" shouted Naruto, making ten clones appear as Sasuke activated his Sharingan. The clones all pulled out two kunais and started running at Sasuke but he already knew this was coming from all the time's he spared with Naruto, and could already see their moves and within a few seconds, all were gone in a cloud of smoke.

"You really don't use anything new do you," Sasuke stated with a smirk "it's like I know what you were thinking".

"Teme" Naruto growled, grabbing 10 shuriken out of his weapon holster "Take this!" he threw all ten and Sasuke easily dodged all of them just in time to see Naruto in front of him but he wasn't fast enough to dodge the fist that connected with his face.

"I thought you could read my mind?" Naruto asked with a giant smile on his face, "You did say we are ANBU, and here I thought you were better than this"

"Good job kit, now if you would just stop gloating you would have noticed he's already back up and running at us"

"Kyuubi stay out of this I'm trying to concentrate"
Naruto said in his head, at that moment he had already stopped focusing on the match.

"Yes because gloating after landing one hit is concentrating"

While Naruto was talking with Kyuubi, he didn't realize that Sasuke was coming up from behind him.

"Dobe what's that about being ANBU?" Sasuke said breathing on the back of his neck, "Because if I was the enemy you would be dead right now", Naruto feeling the warmth on his neck swung his arm around, trying to hit Sasuke but to no avail.

"SASUKE-KUN you're so cool!" yelled Sakura from the bridge

"I forgot the banshee was here," Sasuke thought to himself, "but at least she's been quite"

"What about me Sakura-chan" Naruto whined, "Ugh, I hate pretending to like this freak, give it three seconds I'll get yelled at" Naruto started counting in his head, just before he got to three Sakura yelled

"Shut up Naruto-baka you hit my Sasuke-kun", "Sasuke's so dreamy, the next time that baka punches him he's dead!"
Kakashi watched Naruto look away from Sakura and growl,

"Wonder when they'll catch on he doesn't like her?", than he said smirking behind his mask "and I wonder when he'll figure out he like's him?"

Kakashi had known Naruto since before he was in the academy,

Around Naruto's tenth birthday, he found Naruto unconscious in an ally covered in blood, Kakashi had brought him home, washed him up, and placed him on his bed. When Naruto had woken up the next day Kakashi was waiting to talk to him.

What he had found out was terrifying, Naruto had been through hell throughout his whole life but around his birthday it got worst, some of the stuff he had been through would make most ninja's cringe. After that event he noticed that he could read Naruto like a book, he also noticed he wasn't the only one The Third Hokage, and Iruka could also read his emotions and recently he noticed Sasuke was starting to notice it as well.

"Guess I better be heading over there, don't want to get yelled at to badly" Kakashi chuckled, He jumped from his place in the tree and landed right behind Sakura.

"Hey guys sorry I'm late" Kakashi said while holding up his book "I was helping Jiraiya with research for his new book"

"KAKASHI YOUR TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATE" yelled Sakura, before she went back to fawning over Sasuke.

"So you were peeping on the woman's bath house again?" questioned Naruto, He already knew the answer to this question because he saw Kakashi when he was sparring with Sasuke.

"No we were not; you know Tsunade banned us from there" Kakashi said trying to defend himself, making Naruto laugh while Sakura was walking to Kakashi with her fist clenched,

"Can we just get going already I'm getting tired of waiting" Sasuke said as he started heading off to Konaha's gate,

"Wait up Sasuke-kun" Sakura yelled running up behind him,

(Slight time skip)

"So Kakashi, how are we planning to get to this different world exactly?" Questioned Naruto as they were walking through the woods, it wasn't that he needed to ask he already knew but his teammates wouldn't ask and he could tell they were interested about it.

"We will talk about that in a minute, so before anymore questions do you all have your masks?" Kakashi asked pulling out his silver wolf mask, the ANBU members got out their masks Naruto's being a golden fox, Sasuke's a black crow, and Sakura's a pink cat.

Kakashi spoke while putting his on own mask that they needed to find a special tree that had a seal made just for this mission,

"You will only need to see it once, to know it's the right one," Kakashi said, he than started explaining to the younger ninja's how they were supposed to contact the other when they found the tree.

"Okay does everyone know what to do when you find the tree?"

He asked, already having talked to Naruto before hand he knew what was going to be said next.

"What were we supposed to do again I forget…" replied Naruto as everyone else face palmed, "I hate acting like an idiot, maybe when the mission starts I can just be myself"
"I don't think that such a great idea kit, what if the people over there are the same as the ones here or worst?" Kyuubi said while purring trying to comfort his friend,

"But what if they are different?" Naruto said feeling his depression creeping through his mental mask.

Kakashi seeing Naruto having a slight mental breakdown, tried to think quick before anyone else noticed,
"Never mind Naruto you go with Sasuke, Sakura you're with me when you find the tree, throw this in the air with some chakra in it" Kakashi told Sasuke while handing him a kunai.
And with that they split off into the two groups.

While Naruto and Sasuke were jumping through the trees Naruto only had one thing on his mind, being himself or just keep acting dumb till he dies.
Trying to get the thought off his mind, he decided to try to get his anti-social rival to talk to him.

"Hey Teme, what do you think the tree looks like?" Naruto asked hoping to keep a conversation going.

"Usuratonkachi I'm pretty sure it looks like a tree" Smirked Sasuke, "He looks kind of out of it, wonder if I can ask him about earlier?"

"You know what I mean!" growled Naruto, "Why did I even try? Its Sasuke of course he's going to be an ass", They continued in silence until Sasuke could not wait any longer and tried to ask Naruto about what has been going on,
"Hey Naruto, can I ask you something?" Sasuke asked while stopping on a branch,
"He actually used my name something has to be up" Naruto thought also stopping before he replied,

"Sure what's up?"

"About earlier what was up with you telling Sakura off, and trying to get out of sparring after you accepted it in the first place?"

Sasuke asked while leaning on the tree,
"What do you mean?" Naruto said while starting too sweat a little bit, "Crap Kyuubi I think he's starting to notice my slip ups, what should I do?" Naruto thought with a panic.
"I say play it off as morning grouchiness, and you weren't feeling good, or you could tell him"
was Kyuubi's reply "He is your closest friend."

"You know what I mean, don't even try to play dumb, I know you better than this" Sasuke said starting to get angry, "Does he really not trust me, and here I thought we were best friends?"
He could tell that Naruto was feeling guilty about keeping things from him, but he also knew the only way to get it out of him was to make him feel he could be trusted.

"If you don't want to tell me now, can you at least promise you will tell me later?" He asked standing back up straight ready to jump to another tree.
"No wait I-I'll tell you now so please don't leave me" Naruto cried jumping to Sasuke's currant tree, grabbing his sleeve, "I'm not dumb, I don't smile all the time because I'm happy, every time we have a missions or spar I hold back, and I HATE SAKURA!" he yelled out all at once,

Sasuke had to stop and think for a minute trying to understand what Naruto had said.

"So if you're not dumb why do you act it, if you hold back how strong are you, if you're not happy why smile, and if you hate Sakura why pretend to like her?" Sasuke asked after a few minutes, he could not understand any of it except the hating Sakura part but really, who likes her?

"Well I have to make the villager's believe I'm weak so they can't find more reasons to hurt me," Naruto said with a frown.

"I play dumb so the elder council cant find me a threat and kick me out of the village, and liking Sakura helps me look like an idiot, no one would suspect a genius to like the person that hates them"

By the end of his confession Naruto was sitting with his head down, even thought Sasuke could not see his face he knew he was holding back tears.

"So you don't like Sakura?" Sasuke asked sitting next to Naruto, the blonde shook his head "Well do you like someone else?" Sasuke asked moving closer,

"I-I don't know" Naruto said looking up at the sky, "I don't even know what it mean's to really like someone".

The ninja's sat in silence for a little while Naruto hoping that Sasuke would not figure out there was more to his him than what he had said, and Sasuke was still trying to figure out how he could get Naruto to open up more to him.

"Naruto I want to tell you something that no one else knows" Sasuke started waiting for Naruto to look at him, "I want you to trust me, so I want you to know that I'm bi, meaning that I like guys and girls but I prefer guys". Sasuke was waiting for Naruto to answer when he noticed a blush on his cheeks,

"Hey you okay?" Sasuke asked putting his hand on Naruto's shoulder,

"FINE" Naruto yelped, Kyuubi had been telling him and sending him mental pictures about what guys do with each other.

"So do you want Sasuke to do those things to you, I bet he's really good with his hands" Kyuubi said with a very intimate sounding purr,
"Kyuubi shut the fuck up!" Naruto accidently shouted aloud, making Sasuke jump almost falling off the tree,

"Well someone needs to learn how to take a joke," laughed Kyuubi.

"I think we should continue looking for the tree," Naruto said ignoring Kyuubi, and jumping to the next tree trying to get his mind off the pictures he just saw,

"You know I could always help you find the tree if you want, and there's also the fact you both just passed it," Kyuubi said still chuckling.
"Kyuubi! Why didn't you tell me?" Naruto yelled in his head, he was having a bad day to begin with and Kyuubi really was not all sunshine and rainbows for him.
"In my defense you were ignoring me," Kyuubi said offended,

"Ugh, Sasuke come on we just passed it," Naruto said as he stopped,
"what do you mean?" Sasuke questioned,

"Kyuubi told me, so let's go" Naruto started before going back the way they came, Sasuke followed behind him while still trying to figure his Dobe out.

About five minutes later they found it, the tree was short compared to the rest of them but you could tell it wasn't a normal tree from miles away. The tree was white and covered in cherry blossoms, it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

"How did we miss this?" Sasuke thought, he was not sure how someone could miss something so out of place but he hoped Naruto was at least thinking the same thing,

"So how did we miss this?" Naruto asked Kyuubi in his head,
"That's what I would like to know I saw it from a mile away"
Kyuubi responded with a laugh, making Naruto visibly growl,

"What's wrong Dobe?" Naruto heard Sasuke ask.

"Kyuubi is laughing at us," He said sighing, after standing there for a few more minutes Naruto was getting bothered by the silence and decided to speak up "Well we found the tree maybe we should just throw the kunai already".

Five minutes after Sasuke threw the kunai Kakashi and Sakura arrived at the tree,

"Good you found it, isn't it beautiful?" Kakashi asked staring at the tree they all nodded their heads in agreement, "Now we need to talk about…"

"Let's get going already." Naruto said cutting Kakashi off, Naruto ran up to the tree and after looking at the seal, he could already tell how to perform it.

"Whoa there" Kakashi said while grabbing Naruto's arm "We need to finish the mission briefing, they don't even know what the full mission is yet".

"Than can we just get to it" Sasuke rudely asked, "Cause there seems to be something you two not telling us"

"Your right, we aren't telling you something," replied Kakashi pulling out his newest copy of icha icha paradise, he looked over at Naruto, and the Blonde nodded in return.

"Kyaa Sasuke-kun is so great! He's smart and handsome!" the pink head thought before trying to get closer to him, "So what didn't you tell us Kakashi?" She questioned,

"Well the first is that Naruto is leading the mission and has already been briefed a week ago".

"WHAT" shouted Sakura, Sasuke only gave a slight frown that only Naruto caught a glimpse of before he went back to being indifferent.

"So that was what he didn't tell me earlier," Sasuke thought, Naruto had started fidgeting because he thought Sasuke frowned because of him being in charge,

Sasuke seeing Naruto's discomfort told him with a rare smile "Dobe I know you will do a good job"

"The second is that not only will you be looking for information on the Akatsuki, you will also be keeping an eye on a young man named Ikuto which one of you may be spending your time at his house….",

"And what does he have to do with our mission?" interrupted Sasuke almost growling, the minute he heard Kakashi mention one of them at this Ikuto person's house he could not let it happen, what if he liked innocent little blue eyed blondes? his innocent blue eyed blonde.

"I don't think it's appropriate to involve ourselves with the people we are watching,"

"Well if you would let me get back to what I was saying…" Kakashi tried to finish but was interrupted once again,

"How are we supposed to do our mission if were trying to blend in? If this Ikuto person gets in our way or..."

The smile on Kakashi's face when Sasuke kept interrupting him could not only make children cry, it could also make most sane people wet themselves.

"Will you let me finish!" Kakashi Snapped, "As I was saying," Kakashi looked over at Sasuke seeing if he had anything else to input, Sasuke just looked away,

"Ikuto is being targeted and we can't figure out why as of yet, he seems to be a fairly good student" Flipping through the file he had on him,

"He has good grades, hangs out with well behaved students, and he has no record".

"Is there anything we need to know about his personal life that could help us?" Sakura asked feeling left out.

"Let me see," Kakashi said flipping through more papers, "Oh right here, Ikuto likes to spend time alone on the roof's of building, and even if he skips class he always does the homework, and then there's uhm…. his sexuality". Kakashi handed the file around the group.

Naruto noticing that Sasuke had started growling at the information that was being told had to think quickly,

"I guess since that's all, we should be heading out than"

"Monh mouhhra fing" Kakashi tried saying while rummaging through his bag,

"What did you say?" Asked Sakura,

"Ah here we go" Kakashi said with relief "And I said one more thing, put these on" he threw a small package to each of his former students, "these are your uniforms, now we can get going".


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