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Category: Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas

Title: Santa Baby

Pairing: Edward and Bella

Rating: M

This was my OS for Breath-of-Twilight's Countdown to 2012… I had a great time writing it.

I have to thank Ginnie for stepping in and out of her comfort zone to beta/pre-read this for me. She did a great job even though it is not something she is comfortable with. I hope she knows how much I truly appreciate her for everything she does for me. Thank you sweets.

The office was quiet, completely empty save for two late-working individuals, but Edward looked up when the opening chords to Eartha Kitt's sultry Christmas classic, Santa Baby, filled the air. To his surprise, a beautiful brunette walked into his office wearing a very short and sexy Santa outfit. The low cut rounded neckline gave him a wonderful view of her ample breasts. A black belt sat just under those glorious mounds, accentuating her hips and other curves. The bottom of the skirt ended just below her perfectly shaped ass, and Edward could just make out the laces of the white garter that held up her white thigh high stockings.

As spellbinding as an ensemble as it was, what really caught Edward's attention were the sexy black knee-high Santa boots she wore with it. The heels had to be at least four inches high and the tops were lined in soft, white fur that Edward very much wanted to touch.

The outfit as a whole instantly made his pants feel too tight, but the boots... the boots made his situation damn near painful.

Edward removed one hand from his keyboard, attempting to discreetly adjust himself while watching with rapt attention as Bella swayed her hips and danced to the sultry tone. She moved slowly closer to him as she crooned out then first words "Santa Baby, slip a Sable under the tree..." By the time she was getting ready to sing the next verse she was standing in front of Edward's desk.

Sliding his chair back with her boot covered foot, Bella made enough room for her to fit between him and the desk.

Edward didn't take his eyes off Bella as she perched herself on the edge, legs spread. It was easy to see that she wasn't wearing anything under the garter belt, and he had a delicious view of her bare pussy.

Edward raised an eyebrow. "And what, pray tell, are you doing, Ms. Swan?

"I'm giving you your Christmas present, Mr. Cullen."

Bella answered in a low whisper, leaning forward and allowing him a view of her cleavage. At the same time, she took his earlobe in between her teeth, nibbling and nipping at it.

A loud groan escaped Edward. The feel of her so close was making him impossibly harder.

Bella had always managed to get him completely wound up with little effort. She often walked around the office in tight little skirts and almost see-through white blouses that looked to be about two sizes too small. But now with her touching him in that sexy as sin Santa outfit was going to make him explode.

"What about your husband?" Edward asked, fighting his desire for her.

"What about him?" she questioned back.

"Well, for one, you have one. And, for two, we can't do this." Edward tried to remind her.

"Don't worry about him Edward. We can, and will, do this." Bella was tired of fighting the attraction she had to him.

"You're being very naughty, Ms Swan," Edward hoped that the comment didn't sound too corny or clichéd with it being Christmas and all.

"Hmm... that I am," mused Bella.

Her voice was sultry and breathy, reminding Edward of Marilyn Monroe when she sang for JFK. She barely gave him time to process her words before she leaned over and grabbed him over his pants. She could feel how aroused he'd been getting through their little exchange.

"I guess Santa is just going to have to put a big, thick, hard piece of coal in my stocking."

She stroked his hard cock as she spoke. The groans and moans escaping from his lips did nothing but encourage her actions.

Unable to resist touching her any longer, Edward slid his hands over her soft, smooth, thighs. He slowly and deliberately gripped and massaged them as he moved his hands closer to the area he wanted to touch most.

For Bella, the anticipation of Edward's slow climb was equal parts glorious and excruciating. She prayed that he would just reach under her ass and pull her onto his thick length. Instead, he left her panting and aching with need a while longer.

Edward placed Bella's legs on either side of his own thighs so he could see her arousal leaking from between her pretty pink lips. His mouth filled with saliva and he licked his lips just imagining what she will taste like when he finally ran his tongue up and down her slit.

Bella could see his eyes darkening with desire. A thrill shot through her knowing that he was getting as hot and bothered as she was.

"Edward... Please,"

"Please, what Isabella?" the smirk playing on his lips made it clean to her that he knew exactly what she was begging for.

She clenched her teeth together and begged. "Touch me. Please, just touch me."

"Is this what you want?"

Edward quickly pushed two thick, long, fingers into her dripping hot core. He enjoyed the moan that came out of her mouth as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. The "fuck" that spilled out when he bit her inner thigh was all the encouragement he needed before leaning forward and licking her pussy. The sweet and tangy taste that teased his taste buds was exactly what he needed to really dive in and make her squirm with his talented tongue.

Bella could feel the tightening building quickly in the lower part of her belly. When he sucked on her clit lightly scraping his teeth on her swollen nub, she fell over the edge and screamed her orgasm out.

Edward enjoyed the flush he saw spreading across her chest and face, he quickly lifted her little Santa dress off of her to see how far down the flush actually went. She didn't have a bra on underneath the little outfit and it gave him an instant view of her darkened, perky nipples.

Before she could fully catch her breath from the exotic high she was enjoying, Edward was positioning her so that he could take her from behind. Bella heard the sound of his zipper bring lowered and felt the slight pressure of his hand pushing her breasts closer to the desk.

In this position he could see her wetness trickling down her thighs. It also helped align her entrance with his erection. He took a hold of his hard cock, pumping it a couple of times before he teased her opening with the head.

Bella just barely had a chance to prepare herself before he pushed himself quickly and roughly. He was so much larger than what she was used to, which caused her a little discomfort, but that didn't matter much to her. All she could focus on was the push and pull rhythm Edward was working them to and how great it felt.

Just as her second orgasm was building, Edward pulled out of her completely. Bella whimpered at the loss she was now feeling.

Edward, however, wasn't ready to be done. She just felt too good around him. He also began to feel the fluttering of her approaching release, and he knew feeling her pulsing would only cause him to lose his load faster.

"On your knees, Isabella," he commanded her in the huskiest voice she'd ever heard.

Complying quickly, Bella dropped to her knees. She promptly parted her lips to allow his cock to enter her awaiting mouth. The moan that she let out was not only because she enjoyed pleasing him orally but also from tasting herself on him.

"Holy... Fuck... Damn, baby your mouth feels so good," he panted out.

Bella sucked him in as deep as she could, and what she couldn't fit in her mouth, she wrapped a hand around, pumping him with the same speed she moved her mouth. She occasionally scraped her teeth lightly against his sensitive skin.

When Bella moaned around him, he knew it was time to pull her back up.

She looked up at him confused, not knowing if maybe she'd done something wrong.

Seeing the look of confusion on her face Edward gently and caringly stroked it. "I want to fuck you against the wall now."

He smirked and it was the same cocky grin he'd given her earlier when he was teasing her. She smiled in answer, a mischievous glint playing in her own eyes. "So what are you waiting for?"


Before Bella could react Edward pinned her against his office window, slamming himself into her with just as much speed and force as he'd done earlier.

Her body was still so worked up that the orgasm Edward had previously denied her, came crashing over her quicker than she thought possible. Within just a few strokes, she was screaming out his name in ecstasy.

Edward's grunts grew in length as he approached his own orgasm and before he knew it, his body was shaking and he was spilling his seed deep inside of her.

"Holy shit that felt..." Bella trailed off not quite sure what to say.

Edward chuckled breathlessly from in front of her. "Yeah, that was out of this world,"

Bella wasn't sure at what point she'd managed to wrap her still booted legs around him, but she lowered them, silently indicating to him that he could put her down now.

Understanding the subtle command, Edward gently placed her back on her feet and stepped away from the glass wall they just defiled.

As Bella bent down to pick up her clothes she heard Edward laughing.

"What's so funny?" She asked him, anger beginning to rise in her body.

All Edward could do is point to the window. When Bella turned to see what he'd found so amusing she almost died of embarrassment. There, smudging the window, was the shape of her back with two spayed out hands at about shoulder height. It was a very clear indication of exactly had just happened there.

Seeing the look of horror in her eyes Edward quickly assured her that he'd take care of it and offered her the use of his private bathroom to make herself more presentable.

By the time Bella came back out, dressed in her business skirt and white blouse, both the smudge and Edward were gone.

A simple note on a sticky was in the place the smudge once as. All that the note read was "Merry Christmas, Isabella. Go home and enjoy the holiday with your husband and family." Slightly saddened that Edward didn't stay to say a proper good bye Bella walked out of the office and headed home.


Edward walked into his house to be greeted by his wife of twenty years, Tanya. For the first time throughout their marriage Edward didn't kiss her on the lips, choosing instead to peck her quickly on the cheek.

When Tanya questioned him about it, Edward just said he felt as if he was coming down with something and didn't want to give it to her. His wife nodded her understanding and headed back to the kitchen to finish preparing the holiday meal.

It was then that Edward remembered his whole family would be coming over the next morning to open presents and enjoy some family time together. This worried Edward greatly as his twin sister Alice had always been somewhat psychic and was able to pick up on what was going on in her brother's life. Would she out him for the cheater that he was?

That night Edward tossed and turned, his subconscious playing tricks on him and envisioning Tanya overhearing, or seeing him with Bella in the heat of passion. Needless to say Edward was more tired when his alarm went off the next morning than he'd been when he went to bed.

The day passed nicely, Alice didn't look at him differently or anything. The only indication Edward got that she knew, was the cryptic comment she made to him when she hugged him goodbye.

"The truth will eventually come out and you won't be able to deny it."


Bella went on an extended vacation after Christmas and then to a sales conference as soon as she returned to work. In total, her busy schedule kept her out of the office for close to six weeks.

Not long after returning to work Bella found out she was pregnant. She was shocked at the news, but happy- she'd been told she and Jake wouldn't be able to have children- so this baby was a miracle for her.

Due to the dangerous conditions of the environment in which she worked the management thought it best to arrange for her to work from home. Everyone involved fearful of something happening to her or the baby having to be around so many chemicals, especially with her clumsy tendencies. Finding it a wonderful idea to telecommute Bella readily accepted.


The months passed quickly and, Bella nor Edward had seen each other since the day they'd been together, until that fateful day.

It was mid-August and the heat was unbearable for Bella's eight and a half months pregnant body. She could barely breathe and walking was nearly impossible. Still, Bella and Jake were waddling along the beach in hopes that the cool sea breeze would help Bella feel better.

Suddenly, a little girl no older than three came barreling into Bella's legs, laughing and giggling that her daddy was chasing her. Soon the little girl's dad called for her.

"Kaitlin, get back here. Your disturbing those poor people. I'm so sor..."

Edward words trailed off as he saw who his daughter had crashed into. He hadn't seen her in months, not since that wonderful night they'd enjoyed together. Edward noted her swollen belly and tried to recuperate.

"I'm so sorry. Kaitlin apologize to the nice couple," he gently chastised his daughter.

"I'm sorry ma'am," the little girl said in the sweetest voice.

"Bella crouched down as best she could with her round midsection. "That's ok sweetheart. We all make mistakes."

She then turned to Edward, "Hello, Edward. How have you been?"

Edward swallowed hard before answering, "Good, busy... you know." Then before he could stop the words from spilling out of his mouth he said, "I haven't seen you around the office."

Bella fidgeted a little then looked over at Jake to see if there was any indication that he picked up on the underlined meaning of Edward words.

"Yeah, I telecommute from home now," she explained.

"Oh, yeah. I guess with the baby and all," Edward said awkwardly pointing at her bulging stomach.

"Yeah, the little man is due any day now," Jake supplied.

"Oh wow. That far along already?" Edward could feel the tension growing between Bella and him. He could see how badly she wanted out of the conversation, but there was no way he could let it go. Not until he knew.

"So, it's a boy. That is wonderful. Then I take it he was your Thanksgiving surprise?"

Bella's face paled when she realized what Edward was doing. He was trying to calculate if the child could be his. Deciding she might as well tell him without cluing Jake in Bella answered, "No, he's our Santa Baby."


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