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"Daddy! Please, help," Bella cried into the phone, just as another, even stronger, contraction hit.

"Bella! What's wrong baby? Where is Jake?"

"The... ba...baby. He's coming."

Charlie started for the door the instant he heard Bella's frantic voice, but he couldn't understand where Jacob could be. He'd been relentless about making sure he hadn't left Bella's side for weeks now. Why Bella was alone at the most important moment bothered Charlie.

"Bella, where's Jacob?" her father asked once again.

"Basement," was all she could reply before another contraction hit. They were coming on top of each other. At this rate she would be having the baby in her living room. She couldn't figure out why the pain was so strong.

"I will be there in a few minutes, baby. Hold on." Charlie quickly got in the car and accelerated towards Bella's house, worry coursing through his body. He'd never heard Bella in so much pain before. He remembered when Renee went into labor with Bella. Even given Renee's low pain tolerance, Bella sounded much worse.

Charlie's words were the last thing Bella heard before she lost all consciousness.


Bella awoke a few hours later disoriented, she knew that she was groggy and that the room she was in had bright lights that hurt her light sensitive eyes. She knew it was nothing like her living room which the last place she remembered being. Her first thought was to place her hand over her swollen midsection, only she was met with a much less swollen belly compared to how it should've been. Panic quickly rose in her mind and heart. Where was her baby? Was he alright? How had she gotten into the bed she was laying on? Why was her son missing? She wanted to see him.

The more the she worried herself the louder the sound behind her became. The heart monitor that she was attached to beeped erratically.

"Mrs. Black, relax. You need to calm down," a nurse ordered.

"Please, where is my son?"

Just then Charlie walked into the recovery room with his new grandson. The little boy in his arms, was one of the most beautiful babies he'd ever seen, even if he was bias. He was almost exactly like Bella as a baby with the exception of his light copper colored hair and the hint of light grey eyes.

"Look who woke up," Charlie coo'd at the baby in his arms.

"My baby!" Bella cried, stretching her arms out to take the little bundle from Charlie.

"Where is Jake?"

Charlie shared a look with the nurse just as he handed Bella the baby. How was he going to tell Bella that Jake left? That he'd said he was going to move everything out of their house and asking for a divorce. At first Charlie wanted to beat the crap out of the man who was leaving his daughter just after giving birth to their son, but, Jake explained that the baby wasn't his. He was the result of an affair, and if Jake stayed he would resent a child who never asked to be conceived, and he couldn't do that to an innocent baby. Charlie couldn't help but understand the man who was willing to walk away instead of hurting his grandson.


With the dawn of a new day, Edward thought of the perfect way to contact Bella, and not make it obvious why he was calling to her to her husband. Edward needed answers and he was determined to get them.

Walking into his office, he asked his assistant, Jane, to get a hold of Ms. Swan - she still used her maiden name at work. He hadn't thought of trying to contact her before, since he thought their Christmas antics was a onetime thing.

"I'm sorry Mr. Cullen, but Ms. Swan's phone keeps going to voicemail. I've also tried her home number but there is no answer there either. Is there anything else you would like me to do?" Jane asked.

"No. Thank you, Jane. I will try to see if someone in her department is able to contact her." Edward nodded dismissing his assistant. Feeling a bit deflated he decided to concentrate on completing some of his own work before looking into another way of contacting Bella.

Edward worked for a few hours pushing all thoughts of Bella and what he was going to do about the situation they found themselves in out of his mind, when Jane buzzed into his office.

"Yes, Jane?"

"Mr. Cullen, there is a gentleman who insists on seeing you. He says he has some very important information that you will want to hear. He says it's in regards to Mrs. Black, I'm sorry, correction, Ms. Swan."

Edward could hear a man's angry voice on the other end of the line. He suspected it was Bella's husband and braced himself for a punch that he more than deserved. "Let him in. Thank you, Jane."

A furious Jake entered a few seconds later. Edward couldn't blame him. He'd be angry as well at finding out about the kind of betrayal Bella and he committed against Jake.

Jake wanted to swing at the man standing in front of him so badly. He wanted to hurt him for taking away the two things he loved most in the world, but he knew it wouldn't do him any good. Instead he decided to speak his peace and leave. He'd only stopped by the office on his way out of town. His bags were packed on in the trunk of his car – packed up with the memories of the last fifteen years of his marriage. He would give Bella her freedom, and try to rebuild the shattered pieces of his own life and heart.

"I just came to inform you, that your son was born last night. EJ was eight pounds thirteen ounces and twenty-two inches long. He was delivered via emergency C-Section when Bella was found passed out on the living room floor by her father. They are both at University Hospital." Jake was numb to everything that happened in the last twenty-four or so hours, and his monotone voice reflected that void.

Edward stared at the man in front of him. He was broken and Edward was partly responsible for that. However, given Jakes news, he couldn't help but smile. Bella had given birth. He had a son, a son called EJ. Edward tried to quell the building smile on his face or else Jake really was going to swing at him. Before he could even say anything in return Jake walked out of his office, leaving a still stunned Edward to look after his retreating form.

"Mr. Cullen?" Jane, who'd been standing next to the door the whole time, asked. She saw her boss hadn't moved, she didn't think he'd even blinked in the last five minutes. She also wondered if she'd heard correctly, had that man just said that Ms. Swan's baby was his?

"Jane, please call Mr. Meyers and inform him that I had to leave the office on a family emergency." Edward snapped out of his stupor and rushed out of his office in the direction of the hospital. He had a son to meet.


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