Written as a fun piece for the Supernatural Seriously Awesome Christmas Carol Competion on Facebook.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

In the "Supernatural" Bleak Mid-WinterI

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,

Sam and Dean were digging, ground as hard as stone,

"Fugly" had to salt and burn, salt and burn,

So it wouldn't come back, never would return.


Hole at last was finished, Dean pulled out a match,

Spirit flew straight for them, Winchesters to catch,

Sammy fired round on round, round on round,

All fell deathly silent, nothing made a sound.


Sammy looked around him, calling out to Dean,

Groan came from behind him, gravestone in between,

Dean lay injured in the snow, in the snow,

Gash across his forehead, blood began to flow.


Spirit in the distance, still spoiling for a fight,

Sam drew out his matches, quickly struck a light,

Fired up the "fugly's"grave, "fugly's" grave,

Knelt beside his brother, trying to be brave.


"Stay with me," he murmured, deeply worried sick,

He had to get his brother to hospital real quick,

Scooped him up into his arms, into his arms,

Quickly ran to "baby,"trying to keep calm.


Drove as fast as lightning, Dean groaning close beside,

Sam offered reassurance, his fear he tried to hide,

Whispered "take it easy bro, take it easy bro."

In the bleak mid winter, not so long ago.