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And baby, let's try not to argue

It started with a phone call. A three in the fucking morning phone call that left Santana wondering what the hell was wrong with him. Of course, she already knew, Finchel had broken up that day. Santana and Finn weren't bestie and what they were, the ex-cheerio thought to her, wasn't good enough for her to be answering the phone. Especially not on second ring at three in the fucking morning.

"This better be good, Finnocence or I am going to kick your ass," Santana said as she sat up on her bed.

She looked toward to her door to make sure that she hadn't woken any one up. Things were still very tense in the Lopez despite the changes within the last six months. Santana didn't want to think about that. So the young Latina just slipped on a silk robe, not that she needed it with the cool summer air but she loved the way that it felt on her skin. Santana exited her room quietly and sat on the patio.

The concrete outside was still warm and gave her body an overall toasty feeling. A smile graced on her lips until she realized it was three in the morning and she had been woken up by Frankendork who still hadn't said anything.

"Okay, I am gonna credit this to you pocket dialing and hopefully I don't ever see you in Lima Park Adjacent."

"I am lost," He blurted out.

"Excuse me,"

"No, I mean I am not lost but I am so lost. I don't understand," Santana could hear his voice breaking on the other side of the phone.

"You're kidding me right," Santana tried not to snap.

"No," He snapped.

This was a bad idea; Finn thought to himself but whom else could he call? He couldn't call Rachel; he couldn't stand the sight of her voice right now. Anyone else and that meant everyone in Glee would have told him that he should have known. He might have even gotten from sympathetic pats on the back but that's not what Finn wanted. He sighed, he shouldn't have called Satan but he knew that he had too. Despite all the shit that happened in the past years, Santana was good for two things. The first one, Finn knew that he blew his chance of. Sure, the former cheerio captain had flaunted the fact that had slept together all over school but Santana made it clear that boat had sailed.

The things that he hated about her, was the very thing he had to call her for. She told him the truth, it didn't matter how brutal it was. There was no doubt in anyone's mind, Santana Lopez was going to tell you the truth about yourself whether you wanted to hear it or not. He needed to hear her insult him, not because he wanted the truth. Finn was to drunk and confused for all that. But he needed the anger that Santana would provoke. It could possibly be the only thing that would give him the strength to drive home.

"I almost wrapped my truck around a tree," He blurted. "I just," Finn couldn't say it but Santana knew what he meant.

"Look," Santana paused before she could blurt out a million Rachel Berry insult. "Berry was never going to stay in Lima. You two were either always gonna to break up or end up in New York together. And what exactly did you have to offer her anyway?"

"I love her," Finn tried to fight back.

"Bullshit, Finnocence. If you loved her, you would be going to New York with her. I am quite sure a greasy monkey of your mediocre talent could have found a job. I don't even know why you keep trying to hold onto that midget anyway. She's selfish, manipulative and only looks out for herself."

"Rachel's nothing like that," Finn yelled through the phone.

"Then what's she like?" Santana snapped back.

What was the point of calling her if he was just going to get pissed off at what she said? Everyone knew what Rachel Berry was like; well it seemed like everyone but her loyal boyfriend. Was she as vindictive as Santana or as crazy as Quinn, no but she wasn't a saint either.

"She's not like that,"

"If I remember correctly, she almost ruined our chances at sectional when she purposely told you about Quinn and Puck. Why did she do that? Oh, so she could get Quinn out of the way. Let's not forget about how she sent that Asian girl to a crack house when she needed new members. But what am I talking about Finnocence, she's a fucking saint. Didn't she also cheat on you?"

Finn opened his mouth and closed. Santana had a point; he and Rachel weren't good for each other. But Finn loved her.

"She's not you, Satan,"

"Excuse me," Santana said.

"All those things that you said Rachel were, are all the things that people say to describe you. You just happen to forget bitch,"

The word pissed didn't even begin to describe how either one of them had felt at the moment. Nonetheless Finn had found the strength through the anger. He reversed and started his drive home.

"I guess by that logic, Finnocence, you must love me too because all those words describe Rachel Berry."

She hung up on him after that. Finn found himself parking the car again; it wasn't what he had meant to happen. He put his head against the cool matter of the steering wheel. Nothing he ever did turned out quite right with Santana.

After a few minutes of sitting there, Finn finally found the will to drive the rest of the way home. It wasn't until he turned the truck over that he realized that he had turned the car off. To make matter worse, the first line of the song on the radio hit him like a slap in the face.

I am in love with the girl I hate.

It was sad to say, that was not the first nor the last phone call Finn made to Santana at three in the fucking morning.