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Okay so it's Christmas here so I'm posting this. I had a much longer fic planned but unfortunately it's impossible for me to do it in time for Christmas because of my other fic: The Parcel taking so long. I hope you enjoy this and carry the Christmas message yourself.

There was a knocking at the door of Babamon and Jijimon's house. Jijimon lowered his stick but Babamon took her chance and smacked him across the head. "Answer the door" she insisted as Agumon stirred from his sleep. He pulled on a Christmas hat and grinned.
"Babamon, Jijimon; its Christmas!" he chirped.
"Yeah, my boy, it is" Babamon laughed as Jijimon opened the door.

"Who is it?" Jijimon asked as the morning light spilled into the small hut.
"It's Santa!" the voice boomed
"Santa isn't real" Jijimon grumbled, slamming the door.
"Who was it?" Babamon called
"Santa" Jijimon grumbled sarcastically.
"Who?" Babamon repeated
"Santa!" Jijimon shouted.
"Who's 'at?" Babamon asked
"Santa!" Agumon chirped, running to the door. He opened the door but quickly became glum as Santa wasn't there. "Meanie, he isn't there" Agumon moaned to Jijimon
"He was there a second ago but it was just some phoney in a fake beard" Jijimon explained.

Babamon looked at Jijimon for awhile before looking at the rumbling fireplace "Do fakes climb down fireplaces?" Babamon asked slowly
"Only if they are robbers" Jijimon replied, readying his stick. Agumon ran to the fireplace, knocking both of them over and was pleasantly surprised as Santa burst out of the chimney in his red glory.
"Hello Agumon, you've been especially good this year!" he chirped, handing him a present
"Thanks Santa" Agumon grinned, running over to his bed he started to open it.
"You've been watching the wrong rookie" Jijimon laughed.
"You've been very naughty, both of you. You need to learn to love the world and have peace on earth. That is my Christmas message, I entrust it to both of you and the rest of the world. Merry Christmas" Santa whispered as he swirled into a miniature tornado of snow and vanished.
"I need to stop smoking that digi-weed..." Jijimon muttered
"I think it's the eggnog..." Babamon retorted.

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