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Suna Happy Sun Kindergarten was a happy place, as the name said. For one, there were always children around which was a good thing to begin with. Secondly, it was a kindergarten so all children were happily playing with the toys provided for them. They got drinks every hour or when they were thirsty and got fed some food every two. And every time you would go there, there were other nice kids playing and wanting to play with you. You'd then spend the entire morning or afternoon running around like a complete loon only to be met with happy parents at the end of it all because you'd fall asleep the moment they laid you down in a bed.

Neji Hyuuga, even at the tender age of six when everything should be exciting and fun, hated the place.

For one, there were lots of other children around and he didn't like that one bit. He'd always been a solitary child, preferring to find things out on his own rather than play with his younger cousins. And the downside of having a lot of other children around was that he had to share things. And sharing things, like with any child around the age of six, was not Neji's strongest point.

So Neji didn't like going to kindergarten. But he had to go, his uncle had even told him to go and have fun with the other kids. He hadn't understood how his uncle could think like that. But here he was, sitting in his tiny bright green seat at a low round table with a single piece of white paper in front of him.

Yet even though he was not being bothered by anyone he was still in a bad mood. He wanted to draw himself a cat. A black cat with white paws and a white nose, because he had always wanted one. He needed a black pencil for that, though. And the black pencil currently laid neatly in line with the grey, brown and dark green pencil next to Sasuke Uchiha's drawing.

"Sas'ke?" Neji asked.

Sasuke looked up with a small frown, having just been intently colouring his drawing of a ferret that he was making for his brother. He blinked at Neji.

"Can I has that pencil?" Neji pointed to the black pencil.

Sasuke blinked again and then smirked. "Have."

Neji frowned and leaned his head to the side, wondering what Sasuke was talking about. "Have what?"

"Have my pensel." Sasuke said.

Neji pouted. He didn't like being told he did something wrong and to have Sasuke tell him was even worse. He then said: "Pencil."

Sasuke looked angry for a few seconds before taking his pencil again and continuing to draw, ignoring Neji.

"Sas'ke!" Neji whined. If he was going to draw a cat, he needed that black pencil!

When Sasuke didn't do anything, though, Neji looked down at his drawing. He pouted angrily.

Then suddenly a pencil – a black one – rolled onto his drawing. He looked up and saw that another boy had sat down next to him.

"Take mine." The boy said.

Neji thought the other boy looked weird. His hair was really strange and spiky, pulled up into a high pony-tail. "Tails are for giwls." He said.

The other boy merely looked at him and shrugged. "You welcome."

"Wut ish your name?" Neji asked, having difficulty pronouncing the S the way his uncle always told him to do.

"Shikamaru." The boy said.

Neji blinked. It sounded like a difficult name, he thought disappointedly.

"It means deer." Shikamaru said and then turned back to scribbling lines onto his drawing paper.

Deer? Neji furrowed his brow in concentration. He knew what a deer was. Bambi was a deer. He loved Bambi! "Oh," he mumbled softly and broke out in a grin. "So, I name you Bambi." He announced happily. Shikamaru's name meant deer, after all, and Bambi was a very cool deer.

"Bambi?" Shikamaru asked, looking annoyed.

Neji nodded with an excited grin. Usually he did not care for others but Shikamaru was nice and he even wanted to share his pencils with him! Maybe they could be friends. "Yesh, Bambi's koowl." He mumbled softly then.

On the other side of the table Sasuke snorted. "Is not."

Neji frowned. "Ish too!" He protested.

"Is for babies." Sasuke said.

Neji pouted. "Ish not."

"Is too. Itachi say it is chwilish." Sasuke crossed his arms in front of his chest, puffing his cheeks slightly.

Neji's pout turned into a downright sad face and he looked down to the table with a frown. Why didn't he have an older brother that could tell him that something was for little kids only?

"I like Bambi." Shikamaru suddenly said, not looking up from his drawing.

Neji's head whirled towards the other quickly and he looked at the boy – his friend? – with hopeful eyes. "He ish koowl, right?"

Shikamaru nodded, clearly amused at Neji's excitement.

Now it was Sasuke's turn to pout and he turned back to his drawing, mumbling to himself: "Not as koowl as Buzz Waityer."

Neji smiled triumphantly and glanced at Shikamaru. "Bambi is way koowler." He whispered, but his whisper was so loud Sasuke could still hear it.

Shikamaru didn't reply, but instead asked: "What's youwr name?"

"Neji." Neji said and when Shikamaru continued drawing he did the same. He now had his black pencil so he could finally draw the cat he had wanted to.

After a few moments he glanced at Shikamaru, almost shyly, and mumbled: "Thank you Bambi."