Remember that story I told you I was working on? I'm still working on it, but this isn't it... (Author's notes to be continued at the bottom of the page)


"Down town"

"Don't even start this with me again, Mercedes!"

"Oh please…"

"You know I'm by far the biggest lesbian up in this joint."

"Don't kid yourself, Satan."

"You want a piece of me, huh?"

"Bring it."

Santana swung her fist at Mercedes who lifted her arm to block it. Since neither really had any good fighting moves they both just held on like that for a while, pressing their underarms hard against each other. Santana realized she had another hand available and grabbed a fistful of Mercedes weave.

"Bitch." Was Mercedes response and she pushed Santana away in reflex, before realizing that she'd be tumbling with her, as Santana refused to let go of her hair. Both girls shrieked and grunted, clenching hard at whatever body part or piece of clothing they could reach.

"Stop the violence." A tall, female police officer spoke in an authoritative manner. Where the hell did she come from? Both took a pause and looked at the woman who said it. At the same time they both saw an opportunity as the other was distracted, and soon the fight was in full motion again.

"Hey, hey, hey!" The officer said and stepped between them. Mercedes calmed down pretty soon and walked back to the group of friends by the bar. Santana, on the other hand, was still boiling with rage and attempted to attack Mercedes from behind.

"That's enough!" The police woman continued and grabbed Santana's whole body and carried her a few feet, pressing her up against the nearest wall. When Santana no longer struggled, the strong cop let go off her.

"Could you please tell me what that was all about?" She asked without letting Santana out of her sight.

"We were, uhm, sort of… arguing about which one of us is the biggest lesbo…" Santana said a little embarrassed since it sounded so silly to say it out loud. The police officer chuckled. She looked into Santana's deep brown eyes and Santana immediately felt a tingle in her lady parts as she stared back into the blue ones before her.

"Miss, are you drunk?"

Santana didn't answer right away since she was still lost the blue oceans that were the police woman's eyes.

"Miss, have you been drinking?" She tried again.

"This is a bar after all…" Santana shrugged and found the officer's blue eyes again.

"Okay, miss…?" The police dragged out the 's' indicating she wanted Santana to fill in her name.

"Lopez. Santana"

"Ms. Lopez, I'm gonna have to take you downtown."

"Seriously?" Santana couldn't believe this shit. She tried to give the officer a pleading look but she was pretty sure she just looked pissed off. Santana gasped for air when the other woman stepped closer; leaving their lips dangerously close.

"Uh-huh." The officer breathed against her face.

"Unless you want me to go down…" The woman's blue eyes wandered lower, pausing at Santana's lips, cleavage and crotch in a very suggestive manner.

"… on you." She finished in Santana's ear, causing her to quiver.

"My place is just around the corner." Santana challenged, feeling drunk and cocky as she raised an eyebrow.

"My shift's up in five." The officer accepted without taking her eyes off Santana's plump lips.

"Meet you out front?"

They both nodded and then turned to walk in opposite directions.

Santana struggled to get the key in the keyhole. She had sobered up pretty fast but she was still a little tipsy and there was a sexy cop pressing up against her, breathing in her neck with hands wandering up and down her body. She grunted in frustration.

"Get it open already." The officer said eagerly, taking a mouthful of Santana's neck.

"I'm tryi…" She started to respond but interrupted herself when the key slid in the hole. She turned it and pushed the door open.

"Finally." The officer exhaled; stepping inside and dragging Santana with her, pushing her up against the wall and kissing her neck vigorously. Santana reached her hand out and managed to nudge the door shut. She let her own hands roam over the other woman's body but her uniform was in way and Santana couldn't feel anything other than the thick clothing.

Feeling how she was really not exposed at all, Santana suddenly felt more vulnerable. She didn't know what the night of dancing had done to her hair and make-up and she suddenly became very aware of the alcohol on her breath.

"Hey, uhm…?" Santana stopped herself, realizing she didn't know the other woman's name.

"Brittany." She answered between breaths while also licking Santana's earlobe.

"Right, Brittany. I'm just gonna freshen up." Santana said and felt Brittany shrug back in response. Not wanting to discourage her Santana sucked on Brittany's bottom lip for a second before skipping off. Brittany nodded even though Santana had already walked into what Brittany assumed was the bathroom. She took her big jacket off and hung it on a hanger.

She proceeded to take a little look around in the apartment. The place was very tidy. Brittany was almost afraid to move around in fear of messing something up. She walked into the living room and caught her eye on one of the walls where a very symmetrical line of photos hung. In most of the frames she saw her late night rendevouz with a petite ginger woman. They were smiling and hugging or holding hands in most of them. She was beginning to think that Santana was already committed to someone else. Is that why she rushed into the bathroom?

When Santana returned she found Brittany eyeing the pictures hanging on the wall.

"That's my room mate." Santana said carefully to not startle Brittany

"And best friend." She quickly continued because she wanted to explain why there were so many pictures of them together and clarify that they were not a couple.

"Her name is Emma." She added before deciding to not say anything else until she had gotten a response. When Brittany turned around she had a different look on her face than when Santana had left her. It was less 'horny teenager' and more 'sexy cop'. Santana was glad she had dolled herself up a bit again, fixed the hair and wiped some smudged mascara away from under her eyes. She had brushed her teeth too, but without toothpaste. She didn't want to taste all minty because that would be too obvious.

"Is she here?" Brittany wanted to know after a moment of silence.

"No, she's in Ohio visiting her pa…" Santana started ranting but stopped herself midsentence. She wanted to kick herself, she had to stop blubbering or Brittany would know how nervous she was. "… no." She said again. The blue eyed woman smiled. She had moved a lot closer without Santana even noticing.

"Good." Brittany whispered seductively, leaning in closer. Santana reached her hands out to pull Brittany close, but she managed to stop both of Santana's hands before they had even made it halfway through the air.

"Ah-ah-ah!" Brittany said and shook her head. "Assaulting an officer is a serious offence." Santana gave her a questioning look but Brittany just smirked back.

"Hands on the wall. Legs apart." Brittany dominated. Santana was caught off guard but she was more than happy to oblige. She loves role playing. This was role playing, right? Santana turned around and pressed her palms against the white wall.

"Wider." Brittany ordered and tapped between Santana's legs until she was satisfied with how far apart they were. From behind and in silence she let her hands roam Santana's body. Following the curve of her waist and hip, stroking over her stomach, running up and down her arms, placing sensual squeezes on her thighs and ass, scratching her nails up the caramel skin of Santana's back and sliding over her shoulders to the front, massaging her breasts.

Santana moaned and twitched as she found it difficult to keep her position. She wanted to touch Brittany, or at least look at her. When Santana felt the hands leave her body she grunted to let Brittany know she wanted more. Soon she felt Brittany's whole body pressed up against the back of hers.

"I missed a spot, didn't I?" Brittany whispered hoarsely in her ear and Santana nodded. Then the wandering hands first moved up, forcing Santana's head to the side so she could place a lazy kiss on her lips and then moved lower over her chest and stomach.

Santana's breathing picked up when she felt a hand undo the button on her jeans. With each of her fists clenching the pants Brittany pulled them down to Santana's feet, which stepped out of them. Brittany kicked them away and then let her hand return to Santana's panting body. She stroked her fingertips over the smooth ass, feeling the warm, bare skin under them. Brittany's hand slid around to the front and toyed around the hem of the underwear for a while. Then she slipped her hand inside the thong, feeling Santana's smooth mound and moving lower to her soaked folds. Santana's sex was dripping over her fingers and Brittany smirked against Santana's neck.

"Eager much?" She said with a husky voice, lightly moving her fingers in circles over Santana.

"Hhrrmmf-uuh." Was all Santana could respond as she pressed her forehead against the wall and dug what short nails she had into the wallpaper. Brittany teased and slipped one finger inside Santana, careful to not go deeper than to her first knuckle. Santana's throbbing need was growing and her hand shot down to Brittany's, forcing it farther inside.

"Hands on the wall, Lopez." Brittany domineered and waited until a grunting Santana had her palm against the wall again.

Then she continued to move inside the wet underwear. She gently stroke up and down for a while, teasing around the entrance and flicking over the clit a few times. Everything she did was with minimal pressure causing Santana to clench her fists in frustration. She wanted more.

When she felt Brittany pull out of her underwear and heard her suck on her fingers, realising them with a popping sound, followed by a moan, Santana couldn't take it any longer. She turned around in one fast moment, her hands attacking Brittany's belt in an attempt to unbuckle it. Brittany instantly stopped her.

"You leave me no other choice." Brittany said and shook her head as if disappointed. She forcefully turned Santana around again locked her hands behind her back.

"Ms. Lopez, you are under arrest." She said and gave her a push forward. Not letting go of her tight grip on Santana's hands, she let herself be guided to the bedroom.

"You have the right to remain silent." She said with authority, letting go of the hands but twisting Santana's body around to face her.

"But I doubt you will." She finished with a smirk and pushed Santana down on the bed who watched closely as Brittany took off everything but her underwear and then joined on the bed. With Santana sitting on her ass and Brittany on her knees; she remained in power and tugged Santana's shirt over her head. She let her fingertips run over the tan skin and inside Santana's bra, feeling her nipples stiffen at being touched.

"So hot." Brittany groaned and gave both breasts a squeeze.

"I want that off." She continued, giving the bra a look and getting off the bed. She looked through her pile of discarded clothes. When she found what she was looking for, Brittany returned and was pleased to find Santana with nothing covering her upper body.

Brittany hovered over Santana, pressing the hot body under her down against the sheets with her own. Santana's hands were eager and didn't stop anywhere, feeling every bit of skin she could reach. Brittany plunged her lips into Santana's and kissed her passionately for minutes until she felt Santana's tenseness ease somewhat under her. She pulled out her hand from behind her back and grinned as Santana saw what she had in it.

"Oh, I don't know…" Santana said hesitantly, her eyes flickering between Brittany's eyes and the handcuffs in her hand. Brittany leaned down and kissed Santana again.

"Trust me." She said against lips swollen from so much kissing. She reached for one of Santana's hands and brought it up over her head. Santana nodded slightly and willingly brought the second one up to join the first.

With a reassuring smile Brittany first locked one ratchet around Santana's wrist and then let the chain wrap around a metal bar of the bed frame. She closed the last ratchet slowly, giving Santana one last chance to protest.

When in place, Santana gave the handcuffs a light tug, letting herself know she could no longer move her hands or arms. Brittany's lips moved closer to hers again, playing around in the air just above hers. Santana reached up to press against them but Brittany moved away. The game continued until Santana's restricting situation forbid her head to reach higher. With a frustrated thud she threw her head back on the pillow. Brittany grinned triumphantly at the sight of the frustrated prisoner

"This is gonna be fun." She said huskily. Santana immediately regretted letting herself agree to this.

Brittany moved lower on the bed, making sure to feel every part of the toned body on her way down. When she was almost by Santana's feet, she settled. With her knees pressing into the mattress and her hips in the air, she stretched her body towards Santana, arching her back and making sure the round mounds of her butt cheeks were clearly visible behind her lowered head, which was hovering over Santana's sex.

She brought her hands up, hooking her fingers securely in Santana's panties and pulling them down as far as she could reach while still being able to kiss the flesh of Santana's smooth pussy. After toying with her lips and tongue on, around and a little bit inside Santana's gushingly wet sex, Brittany sat herself up again. Santana groaned disappointedly at the loss of contact and opened her eyes to see why Brittany had stopped.

She found Brittany discarding of her last articles of clothing, flinging the bra across the room and tossing her soaked underwear so they landed close to Santana's face. After fumbling Santana's underwear completely off as well, Brittany began moving up Santana's body again. Her breasts and stiff nipples stroked and tickled Santana's stomach while Brittany's hand was massaging Santana's outer thigh.

When Brittany's breast reached the same height as Santana's; she pressed her body harder against the woman underneath her and rubbed her center against Santana's upper thigh and hip, leaving a wet, sticky mark.

"Fuck." Santana breathed at the sensation of Brittany's juices on her skin.

Supporting herself with one hand digging into the mattress to Santana's left, Brittany positioned herself closer to Santana's middle and tugged on the thigh she just marked. Santana took the hint and wrapped her legs around Brittany. With her hands still locked in place above her head, Santana was desperate for Brittany's touch.

She bucked her hips and moaned as her sex found friction against Brittany's. In a slow rhythm Brittany started moving between Santana's legs. Their whole centers ground together in a wet mess and the bumping of their clits caused both girls to shudder. Brittany still wanted to tease Santana so whenever she felt her tense up too hard, she came to a sudden stop, earning a more desperate groan from Santana each time.

"Please… please just… more!" Santana pleaded.

"More? You want me to fuck you harder?" Brittany questioned seductively and pressed her pelvis down on Santana

"Uh-huh! Mmm-uh, yes!" Santana nodded and furiously threw her head to the side.

"Faster? You want me to go faster?" Brittany asked while also starting to have trouble controlling her own breathing.

"Yeah, uugh, God, yes! Santana begged before biting down on the pillow. Brittany finally found herself giving in to the pleasure, picking up the pace and rubbing their sopping pussies together with more friction.

Loud moans filled the room as both were getting closer to climaxing. Brittany thrust her pelvis down harder on the other woman in a circular role of her hips and Santana jerked up in response, throwing her head back and letting out a high pitch squeak. Brittany could feel Santana's abs tighten against her own stomach.

"Uh-huh, cum for me baby." Brittany hummed in the crook of Santana's neck.

"OH GOD!" Santana called out, the cuffs rattling due to her uncontrollable twitching. With another thrust Brittany threw herself over the edge too. She moaned into Santana's ear, smelling the silky, dark hair and loving it. She kept rocking her hips against Santana but slowed down to ride it out and let both of them catch their breaths.

"So fucking amazing." Santana mumbled into the pillow.

When she found the energy to lift her head, Brittany started to place lazy kisses on Santana's collarbone and shoulder. She parted her lips and let her tongue peek out to caress the skin as she moved her head lower towards Santana's breasts. Her hands travelled up along Santana's waist and while kissing between the two boobies she took them in her hands and pressed them against the side of her face.

"Mmmm." She crooned and proceeded to wrap her lips around a taut nipple, flicking it with her tongue and sucking gently on it.

"What are you doing?" Santana murmured, still exhausted from the earth-shattering orgasm she had moments ago.

"You didn't really think we were finished, did you?" Brittany chuckled and glanced up at big brown eyes. Santana didn't answer but threw her head back as Brittany pinched one of her nipples while tending to the other with mouth again. When she had kissed and sucked the nipples to the point when they were a little swollen she massaged both breasts gently for a second before drawing her hands lower, leaving red claw-marks down Santana's stomach. Her mouth traced the marks, moving lower down Santana's heaving upper body.

"Oh fuck." Santana groaned when lips reached her sex and Brittany took as much of it as she could in her mouth. Brittany parted Santana's inner lips with her tongue and teased around her entrance until Santana couldn't control her body any longer and arched into Brittany who darted her tongue inside her. Brittany thrusted her tongue in and out, drinking down the dripping fluids, parting Santana's legs wider to taste more of her.

"Fucking sexy." She mumbled into Santana while also moving her hand to flick over the clit a few times before pressing her palm against it instead and kneading in a circular motion.

Santana tugged on the cuffs again in at attempt to move one hand into blonde locks of hair before realizing they were still locked in place. Brittany giggled at the sound, sending vibrations through Santana, causing the tickle in her lower abdomen to grow greater and her body to stiffen.

Feeling the reaction Brittany thrust her tongue deeper inside Santana and felt her walls tighten as if to crush it. She withdrew her tongue for a second and quickly pressed it inside the tight hole again. She swirled it around inside and licked in all the right places.

"Brittanyyyy!" Santana moaned loudly as she came, and flexed every muscle in her body. When she loosened her grip around Brittany's tongue, she felt a palm harder against her clit; making her orgasm again.

"Oh fuuuh-mmmhh." Santana tried to silence herself, clenching her jaw shut but she couldn't keep her noises inside. She gasped for air, shivering and shuddering against Brittany who was still licking at her pussy. Brittany sat up on her knees and wiped the back of her hand over her mouth, revealing a smirk as the hand fell back down on the mattress. She leaned forward and climbed higher on all fours, stopping when her face was over Santana's. Santana joggled her hands to signal that she wanted out of the cuffs now.

She was burning with desire to touch back. Brittany shook her head slightly and sloped her face closer to Santana's, who parted her lips, ready to taste herself. Just when their lips were about to meet; Brittany's slew in another direction ending up by Santana's ear.

"You taste awesome." She whispered slowly and then swung her whole body off Santana and got up from the bed. She took a stroll around the room, collecting her bra and then bending over Santana's face to grab her panties.

"Wait. What are you doing?" Santana asked confused, opening her eyes wider and lifting herself of the bed best she could.

"I'm leaving?" Brittany answered as if asking and pulled her pants up and buckled the belt.

"No, you can't leave." Santana stated and shook her head back and forth to emphasise it. Brittany couldn't leave, Santana wanted to do things to her. She wanted to fuck her all night and wake up tomorrow with Brittany still beside her. She wanted them to have breakfast together and then spend the whole next day fucking each other's brains out as well. Brittany was now fully clothed in her uniform and walked back to the bed, placing a lazy kiss on Santana's lips. Santana flinched when she felt something cold press against her stomach. She looked down and saw the key to the cuffs under Brittany's finger.

"I can do anything I want to, baby. I ain't the one tied up." Brittany winked and stood up. In the doorway she turned around again and caught a last look on the woman lying naked on the bed.

"Maybe we'll meet again."

Okay, so that was a little... kaboom.. but that's just because this was originally just a sexy-time one shot. Now I have this whoooole storyline worked out. However - I'm still a little torn about whether or not I should continue so I thought I'd check in with you. And don't be discouraged by the sexness, it does get a lot cuter as well. I know it's holiday time and everything so I'm gonna give you some time to decide but if you want to know where this goes please review or send a PM or something. Thank you!