'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Of course, of this point, you should well be aware

For we haven't seen Mouser since my dad had hair!

The Toads and the Mushrooms were snug in their beds

While visions of fireflowers danced in their heads

And the Mario brothers in their red and green caps

Weren't even thinking of taking a nap

For up at the castle there was such a clatter

That they didn't even have to see to know what was the matter

Away to the castle they flew and they dashed

Running past the stone, the fire, the ash

The moon was up high, but they went down low

Under the land using pipes, like they know

And as he should have expected, they did appear

One large from a mushroom, the other trembling in fear

The bigger bro looked around for the axe to finish quick

While the frightened one ran, feeling kind of sick

More rapid than a cheetah, across his brother he came

And the older one shouted, calling him by name

"Luigi! Don't worry! You won't be a victim!"

"Oh, Mario, I worry! His fire-balls are blitzin'!"

To the top of the stone, the top of the wall

He dashed away, dashed away, but then was scared he'd fall

As Mario watched, he just rolled an eye

When he saw his brother up in the sky

He turned from the distraction, for what could he do?

And when he turned back to Bowser, he saw he was watching too

And then, as he sprang, he heard from the roof

His brother was falling, landing with a poof

As he brought up his head and turned around

Down a pipe he was falling, landing with quite a sound

He was covered in dust, but was alright from head to foot

Except that a magikoopa put him where he was put

With a groan, Luigi rubbed his back

He swung at the koopa, but couldn't keep track

His eyes, how they burned, his mustache how hairy

His face got so heated, it looked like a cherry

And formed on his mouth was a scowl so low

But it wasn't just looks, he had his fist to show

With the magikoopa gone he grinned with his teeth

Meanwhile, Mario was back to his feat

Despite his small stature and little round belly

He fought and used the axe and turned Bowser to jelly

Mario knew he could never do this by himself

His brother was needed, at least to reach a shelf

With a wink of his eye, he turned his head

As his brother climbed out, no longer needing to dread

They spoke not a word, but went back to work

Running through the castle, past the spiny jerk

They got to the dungeon, anxious for the sack's pose

For it seemed smaller than the princess, and that ending Mario knows

He sprang to the bag, fast as a missile

And opened it up, letting out a relieved whistle

She laughed and exclaimed when the castle was in sight,

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

In case you didn't catch it, all the rhyming sounds match those of the real story… which means it's the exact same length too, with the same first two lines and last line. So, as that last line says, Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed the cute Christmas version of Mario and Luigi's trip to Bowser's castle. Maybe he's gonna take a holiday break for a while now that he was beat on Christmas Eve!