NOTES: Setting during the pandemic game.

And then she goes and tells him this, "Oh, I know why you trusted him. His story touched your heart." There was no mocking, nothing of malice, nothing but absolutely sure faith in him. She even smiles warmly, like she understands.

Like he was the good person.

But Akiyama doesn't think so. She couldn't be any farther from the truth. There are facts involved. Numbers. Likelihood. Motives. Outcomes. Scenarios. He believes in evidences, not feelings. Especially not people. He can't even begin to think where Nao possibly had such an idea. "What?" He scowls, "He wouldn't be coming to us if he was infected. That defeats any purpose of coming to our team."

"Oh I understand your logical sense. But more than that, you've got a heart, Mister Akiyama." The head tilts and the motion pulls the few strands of dark hair to reveal the small skin of her neck. How small the girl growing to be a woman is. The girl that believed in him.

"What? Wait, Nao, you-"

She's not even listening. There's a hard glaze in her eyes when her face furrows. "There's four minutes until the end of the second period." Her glance shifts. "I don't want to lose," she admits. "We - We are already so far. I don't want to lose to someone like Yokoya. There are still too many people to save. Do you think we can win?"

"I won't let us lose," Akiyama says, a safe answer for the time being, the half truth. "Because I have a plan to win."

She trusts him.