Hi Guys this is just an idea I have rolling around my head, if people like it I will continue, so please let me know what you think. It's PG13 for now, but might have some adult chapters ahead. I'm pretty sure this is my first Clark Luthor fic so I'll do my best. In this fic Clark isn't quite as bad as the Smallville version he is a vigilante still but hasn't murdered anyone. It will be AU more along the lines of Lois's character. There are a lot of dark fics out right now so I'm going to try to keep it kind of light

Opportunity Knocks

Clark sat in his chair and swirled the whisky in his glass around and around as he tried to focus on his father's dreary lecture.

"You are a Luthor and this family needs someone to take it into the next generation, I won't live forever" Lionel said.

Clark bit from making a sarcastic remark about his glee when that day came. He stayed silent and let his father prattle on.

"You're brother and sister are useless, they are only interested in instant gratification this family needs someone who can see the big picture for now and the future, and that is you Clark."

Clark sighed and tried to not roll his eyes. "While I appreciate your confidence in me, I can't but help but feel the Luthor reigns would be best left in the hands of a real Luthor, like Lex. Besides I have my own project going on right now." Clark said.

Lionel scoffed. "You mean this ridiculous project of you becoming the savior of Metropolis? I tought you better than this Clark. Your powers are meant for something much bigger than that. The people of Metropolis should be able to fend for themselves and if they can't, well that's why they call it survival of the fittest."

"I'm not meant to sit behind a desk and run a corporation either. I have these powers I might as well use them, and throwing a potential rapist or burglar through the air is rather cathartic." Clark said with a chuckle taking a drink and letting the whiskey burn down his throat. Alcohol didn't affect him but he enjoyed the taste.

"There are better things you can do with your powers." Lionel started but was interruped by Clark.

"You mean taking over the world. Driving people into submission while you call all the shots." Clark said bitterly. "No thanks."

"DAMMIT CLARK!" Lionel shouted. "This family is on the verge of being something great. But who would be there to continue the Luthor name. Your brother's obsession with meteor rock has ruined any chance oh him bring in an heir into this world, and your sister is so cold hearted no man is willing to get near her."

Clark smirked at the the thought of Lex. He had been playing with meteor rock when an explosion left him more crazed, and apparantly, according to Lionel, unable to have children. Serves the bastard right to play around with the one thing that could kill Clark. As for Tess he lost some of his humor, she wasn't that cold hearted she just shut herself off emotionally when it came to men mostly due to all the times she waited for Lionel to love her and he shot her down. He could be cruel to her and Clark wasn't suprised she had 'Daddy Issues'.

"So you think I should have a child?" Clark asked with a laugh, he was not father material at all.

"You will." Lionel said after a few minutes. "Clark its time you experienced some 'tough love'."

Clark looked around what the hell had this been all of these previous years.

"You will find a woman, and you will have a child, all the tests done on you show that their should be no problems with conception. To keep out of the gossip colums you should marry her, after the child is born you can kick her to the curb for all I care." Lionel said with a wave of his hand.

"And if I refuse." Clark said looking at his father as if he had lost his mind.

"You will be cut off, no longer under the protection of the Luthor name and if you force my hand your identity will be revealed to the military. I'm sorry Clark but I need to look to the future and I will do anything to secure it."

Clark looked at Lionel stunned, he and the man had a love hate relationship but at this moment it was definitely in the hate column. "You're crazy" he said.

"Possibly but I will follow through you know I will, and Clark if you think I'm not serious." Clark sank back as his father held his hand out and with a flick moved the lead cover from the ring to reveal glowing kryptonite.

Clark felt his chest constrict he thought about killing the old man but he knew if he did Lionel most likely had safe guards in place to 'out' Clark if it looked like he caused his death. He was stuck.

"Fine" he gasped and then sighed in relief as Lionel pulled his hand back and covered the meteor rock.

"I'm sorry Clark, hurting you hurts me." he said. "We will find the right kind of woman for you, Lana Lang is a considerable candidate."

Clark groaned, Lana Lang was a sniveling twit and the last he heard she was following Lex around, he wouldn't touch her with a ten foot poll. No he wouldn't allow for Lionel to pick he is wife out for him, if he did Lionel would find a woman willing to be his puppet, someone to spy and control Clark. No thanks.

"I'll do it but it will be my choice who I marry. Hell the next woman I see, of child bearing age I will marry."

Both men started when the doorbell rang. Clark used his x-ray vision to check the door. He broke into a grin, this was going to be fun.

"Looks like your future daughter in law is here now."

Lois Lane groaned as she got out of her car and her purse snagged on the seat's arm rest and dragged her back. "For freaken sake." she hissed. She was having a crappy day and it just kept getting better. In the offending purse was a letter of eviction from her landlord, the creep got foreclosed on and now she had to move. It didn't help that she couldn't afford a new place and her car was on it's last leg. She got herself untangled from the car and took a deep breath as she closed the door. She started up the sidewalk and felt her self fall against the car. What the hell? She sent a deadly glare to her purse thinking it was the culprit but it wasn't. She swore when she realized she slammed her door on her skirt. Managing to get the door open and freeing herself she sighed in relief. She did the best to regain what dignity she had when her phone buzzed. She looked at the caller ID and closed her eyes, yep the day got better and better. The name Brent lit up on the call screen taunting her. Brent was the guy that Lois had deicated herself to for the last 4 years. He was a doctor and Lois had worked two jobs to help put him through Medical school. He had repaid her when he became a doctor by sleeping with one of his coworkers. She had the wonderful timing to walk in on them in the middle of the act. Not pretty. More ugly was how he blamed her for his cheating, she was never home, she didn't take care of herself the way she used to. He seemed to forget the reason why Lois looked ragged and was never around was because she worked two jobs trying to keep his ass out of debt. Now he lived with his dumpster Barbie and she was getting evicted. If she didn't have bad luck she would have no luck at all.

She hit the ignore button on the phone not really wanting to know what the moron wanted and pocketed the phone. She looked up at the sprawling estate in front of her. the Luthor estate. It was huge and not friendly looking at all. Lois clutched her folder close to her chest, the gates were open so she took a chance and walked through. She was going door to door selling subscriptions to the Daily Planet newspaper. She wanted to be a journalist but with no college education she knew she would have to work from the bottom up. Her other job was a waitress at a diner where she had to deliver food to cars while wearing roller skates. Yup she was thrilled with where her heart was. She looked at the mansion ahead of her and snorted, the people who lived here probably never worked a day in their lives. Not much was known about the Luthor's except for idle gossip. The patriarch Lionel ran LuthorCorp which owned most of the city. The oldest Son Lex had been in and out of trouble with the law, a weird explosuion had sent him into a lifestyle of hiding. Not much was known about the daughter Tess besides a few businesses she ran, she stayed out of trouble. The youngest Clark was the most well known, he had the reputation of being a playboy and the gossip rags loved to follow him around when he was in public.

She looked at her paperwork again, why she had to go to this address stumped her, they were freaken rich if they wanted the paper she was sure they could get it with a phone call but her boss insisted she go and knowing him he would actually call the mansion to check and see if she really went. Her boss had hit on her and when she turned him down that made her his personal punching bag, the worse the project the more she got them. She would complain but she needed the job and had hope one day she would make her way into the bullpen as more than just an unknown minion.

She made her way up the winding sidewalk, she figured the butler would turn her down and she could say she did what she was supposed to. As she made her way closer the heel of her shoe snagged in a crack in the side walk and snapped off. Her stride broken, sent her balance off and she teetered for a second and then fell over into a group of bushes. She laid in the bushes and for a brief moment wondered if she could just stay there forever, don't mind her she just would like to die quietly in the bushes. She sighed and struggled to lift her self from the plants. Her leg brused a branched and she felt her nylons tear. She let out a miserable cry as she finally got back on her feet. Torn nylons, broken shoe, hair full of twigs, she muttered language that would make a sailor blush. She thought about giving up and leaving but her military upbringing yelled in her head. Lane's don't give up!. She shook her head oh well she might as well finish. The butler would just tell her no anyway.

She limped up to the door and rang the doorbell resigned to be sent away. Little did she know her day and life were about to change.

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